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					                               Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship
                                                         DATA SHEET

      TOP MAJORS                                                         The Millennium Scholarship Program
 The following shows the top five                                                   2000-01 to 2006-07 Comparison
majors or degrees selected by new,
degree-seeking freshmen who are                                                                                     Class of Class of Class of Class of
       Millennium Scholars.
                                                                                                                     2000     2001     2006     2007
             UNLV                       Nevada public high school graduates                                            12,953       13,467      16,367      17,080
       Biological Sciences              Millennium eligible graduates                                                      7,362       7,947     8,727       8,160
            Education                   % of graduates who are eligible                                                    56.8%    59.0%       53.3%       47.8%
           Engineering                  Activated scholarships                                                             5,651       6,038     5,745       4,856
                                        % of eligible scholars who activate the scholarship                                76.8%    76.0%       65.8%       59.5%
          Engineering                   Source: Nevada State Treasurer’s Office 9/5/2008; Nevada Department of Education

           Education                 Increased eligibility
            Biology                                                                          DISBURSEMENTS VS. ENROLLMENT
           Journalism                requirements, the limit
                                                                                             Over a four-year period, NSHE Millennium
              NSC                    on the number of credit
                                                                                             Scholarship disbursements decreased 12.5
             Nursing                 hours covered (12 credits
            Education                                                                        percent, hitting a low of $26.0 million in 2007-
             Business                per semester) and the
                                                                                             08. NSHE Millennium Scholar enrollment grew
           Psychology                declining value of the
             Biology                                                                         to 21,635* students in 2007-08, a 3.7 percent
                                     scholarship, are resulting in                           increase for the same time period.
              CSN                    fewer activated Millennium
        Associate of Arts                                                                    (Source: NSHE Institutional Financial Aid Data Collection)
        General Studies              Scholarships.                                           *Duplicate student count.
            Nursing                                                     g
                                                                   College Continuation Rates
           Education                                    Since Implementation of the Millennium Scholarship
              GBC                                           Recent Nevada High School Graduates Enrolling in College
       Associate of Arts                                                                                   2000              2004        2005        2006
            Nursing                      Nevada HS Graduates (public & private)                            13,521             15,583     16,131      16,979
        General Studies                  % of NV HS Graduates Attending College                            45.3%              56.1%      51.7%       53.2%
      Associate of Science               % of NV HS Graduates Attending In-state                           33.7%              45.7%      42.5%       40.4%
                                         % of NV HS Graduates Attending NSHE                               32.9%              43.1%      41.0%       38.3%
        Associate of Arts                Source: Nevada Department of Education, WICHE, IPEDS

        General Studies
            Business                 The implementation of the Millennium Scholarship in 2000 was intended to
            Nursing                  increase the number of Nevada residents who enroll in and attend an NSHE
                                     institution (Chapter 536, Statutes of Nevada 1999). Initially, the Millennium Scholarship
              WNC                    was successful as the rate of students attending an NSHE institution increased from
        Associate of Arts
             Nursing                 32.9 percent to 43.1 percent in 2004. Since 2004, the college continuation rate
        General Studies              at NSHE institutions declined to 38.3 percent due to the same reasons that fewer
         Criminal Justice            scholarships are activated by eligible Nevada high school graduates.
The Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship Data Sheet

                                         First-time Freshmen Retention Rates
                                       Millennium Scholars vs. Non-Millennium Scholars

                                                                                                                                        Millennium Scholars
                        79.8%                                 77.9%                                                                     are more likely
                                                                                                                                        to return and
                                                                         50.1%                                  52.4%                   enroll in another
                                                                                                                                        semester than
                                                                                                                                        Scholars. The
                                                                                                                                        assurance of
                                                                                                                                        financial assistance
                                                                                                                                        makes a difference
                 2004-05                               2005-06                                 2006-07
                                                                                                                                        in students’ success.
                                      Millennium Scholars           Non-Millennium Scholars

                   Source: NSHE Data Warehouse

                                                 Recent NV High School Graduates Enrolling in at Least One Remedial Mathematics or
                                                                 English Course Immediately Following Graduation
 Millennium Scholars are                                                       Millennium Scholars vs. Non-Millennium Scholars

 better prepared for the                                  49.6%
 rigors of college-level                                                                                                                         45.6%

 coursework, evident by                                                                            36.0%                        35.7%
 the lower remediation                            33.4%                                                                                                   33.5%

 rates of Millennium                                                               28.1%                         27 2%
 Scholars compared
 to non-Millennium
 Scholars. Over time,
 the remediation rate for
 Millennium Scholars has
                                                          2005                             2006                         2007                     2008
 declined.                                                Millennium Scholars              Non-Millennium Scholars          Total (all recent HS grads)
                                                 Source: NSHE Remedial Report and NSHE Data Warehouse

                                       University Graduation Rates                                                                      Students receiving
                         Millennium Scholars vs. Non-Millennium Scholars                                                                a Millennium
                                                                                                                                        Scholarship are
 Cohort: First-time, full-time, degree seeking                                                         Non-
 freshmen, entering Fall 2002 and graduating                                   Millennium           Millennium
                                                                                                                                        more likely to
 with a bachelor's degree                                                       Scholars             Scholars           Total           graduate within 150
 Graduating by August 2008 (6 years)                                                 47.0%                37.7%         44.1%           percent of the time
 Still Enrolled Fall 2008                                                            19.3%                 9.5%         16.3%           than non-recipients
 Non-Completers                                                                      33.7%                52.8%         39.6%           of the Scholarship.
Source: NSHE Data Warehouse
                                                                                                Nevada System of Higher Education
                                                                                                Office of Academic & Student Affiars

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