FLPC – China’s Suspension of Rare Earth Production Makes xtremepicks Focus on Domestic Lithium Base Producing Company by associate6


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									FLPC – China’s Suspension of Rare Earth Production Makes xtremepicks
Focus on Domestic Lithium Base Producing Company

It is xtremepicks strength and expertise to find sectors that members
have a significant advantage over other investors, and they have it with

Belize City, Belize, October 31, 2011 -- Publishers of daily newsletter
xtremepicks.com (http://www.xtremepicks.com) looks at First Liberty Power

FLPC’s wicked action today is setting up for a monster week ahead and
following in the same footsteps of xtremepicks.com's last mega pick,
IFHR, which jumped from pennies to $0.25 in the days following their
initial alert – they expect no less from FLPC.

China’s Rare Earth Production cuts driving prices sky high!

This week China producing Rare Earth Metals announced a temporary
suspension of production at its processing plants – that’s close to 50%
of the world-wide supply of rare earth metals.

This triggered xtremepicks.com to pay close attention to huge profit
potential Rare Earth companies close to home, and FLPC has the best
risk/reward to offer any investor.

Xtremepicks.com anticipates Lithium prices will increase over the next
few weeks and can see FLPC prices move much higher in the coming days
(Lithium is HOT again).

Suspension set to make rare earths even rarer

China’s biggest producer of rare earths is set to impose a temporary
suspension of production at its processing plants.


This suspension from China definitely focused xtremepicks' analysts
efforts in finding a pick that can make members solid profits and
companies that can benefit big time on soaring Rare Earth prices.

Just like when oil production and supply were disrupted, oil prices
skyrocketed earlier this year. Now with China’s cut in rare earth supply,
it will put huge upward pressure on Rare Earth Prices.

Now more than ever, the US seeing the importance of moving from reliance
of international producers to domestic companies, and FLCP is the company
that can deliver – you can’t get any more American than this!.

Lithium and lithium resources are making a monster comeback and is locked
and loaded for a major bullish run that can see prices past historic
FLPC is located in the heart of America’s Lithium industry and in close
proximity to the Lithium brine rich, Clayton Valley, Nevada which has
been tapped on for decades.

FLPC closed at $0.095 on 1.43 Million shares traded, bouncing big time
from xtremepicks.com's 3pm alert. IFHR, closed at a similar level on our
initial alert as well, and jumped to high of $0.25 in the days following.

With historic highs of $0.50, FLPC is on its way to a solid bullish
reversal back to these historic levels and as much as 1,000%+ gain

With domestic Rare Earth companies making a big comeback after China’s
announcement this week, FLPC is your ticket to mega gains.

“The most recent Resource Investing News 2011 Network Audience Survey
revealed that the majority of respondents that focus on lithium consider
energy to offer the greatest potential for investment in the future ”

FLPC has been relatively quiet on the news front, but expect this to
change pretty quickly here and expect some major announcement ready to be

With FLPC on the way to tapping in on the Lithium brine rich, Clayton
Valley, and demand for this rare metal mineral increasing, investing in
FLPC can make members serious $$s!

About First Liberty Power
First Liberty Power Corp. is an innovative and aggressive U.S. based
exploration and development company. Headquartered in Nevada, First
Liberty Power, Corp. is positioning itself to be at the vanguard of the
United States efforts to free itself from foreign oil and achieve its
goal of clean sustainable energy self sufficiency.

First Liberty Power Corp. holds the rights to an 84 claim, 12,800 acre
property located in close proximity to the Lithium brine rich, Clayton
Valley, Nevada. The Clayton Valley Lithium deposits has been known and
even tapped on for decades. The Chemtall Lithium Silver Peak facility,
the largest Lithium brine production facility in the U.S, was opened in
1967 and has been producing lithium carbonate from brines ever since.

Our objective is to develop these opportunities and to seek other
strategic mineral resources to capitalize on the anticipated explosive
demand for sustainable clean power that will allow us to tap into the
rapidly growing green energy movement that is revolutionizing and
recasting the way the world is powered.

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