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									Anatomy of the Commercial Broker
• Visions of Inventory
The Residential REALTORS® see this:
The Commercial Brokers see this:
              The Public Persona

Who’s from Texas?   Who’s the Commercial Broker?
              The Public Persona

Who’s having fun?       Who’s making money?
   Typical Residential
      REALTOR    ®

Typical Commercial Broker
       Typical Residential
          REALTOR           ®

median age - 51 years old
gender- female
marital status- married
 Typical Commercial Broker
60% over age 50 (24% over age 61)
gender- male (79%)
marital status- married (81%)
  9 out of 10 members of the NAR had
some college education according to the
  2005 NAR member study, with 46%
  holding at least a bachelor’s degree.
The commercial study indicated that 69%
   hold at least a bachelor’s degree.
    Who Works Harder?
  The average # of hours a week a
Residential Agent says they work is 40.
     Commercial Agents are split.
 55% say they work 40-60 hrs. a week
 20% say they work 20-39 hrs. a week
20% say they work over 60 hours a week
Whose Making More
A typical REALTOR  ®

has a gross personal
 income of $52,200.
Commercial respondants
17% - $150,000-$250,000
21% - $100,000 - $149,999
 15% - $75,000 - $99,999
More Commercial Survey
   Speaking the
Commercial Language
Tools Of The Trade
     presentations ♦ proposals
   business plans ♦ market data
   public relations and the media
networking ♦ business resources
and organizations ♦ branding an
The 3 Key Objectives of the RCA
•Delivering Value Proposition
•Building Out Network of
    Commercial Members
•Creating a Commercial Voice
How Can You Get
 Your Members
Effective Marketing !
The Baby Boomer
•Show Me The
•Make It Unique
   “Been There - Done That
Want to do something different.”
Generation X
•Wants no debt
•“If you want it you can have it”
•Home and family
    •Marketing to The
Commercial Woman Broker
“Helps me think like a man,
 conduct myself as a lady
   and work like a dog”
  “It’s tangible, it’s solid, it’s
beautiful. It’s artistic, from my
 standpoint, and I just love
          real estate”
RCA - Thank you

         JoAnne Leone
         River Rock Real Estate

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