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									        April 2003
   Muharram / Safar 1424                                                                                          Volume 9, No. 4

                    Published by The Muslim Community of Western Suburbs of Detroit
                                    40440 Palmer, Canton, MI 48188
                         , (734) 721-9273

                                                                                                  Islamic Relief Dinner
          Ask Him (SWT). He (SWT) Listens: Dua
                                                                                                        For Mali
  Turn each anxiety, each fear and each concern into a Dua
  (supplication). Look at it as another reason to submit to God and be                              Saturday, April 12
  in Sajdah (prostration), during which you are closest to Allah. God                                    7:00 PM
  listens and already knows what is in your heart, but He wants you                            50$/family, 15$/individuals, 10$ /students.
  to ask Him for what you want. The Prophet said: Allah is angry
                                                                                            Contact: Ayesha Arrine for
  with those who do not ask Him for anything (Tirmidhi).
                                                                                           more information...734-454-1195
  The Prophet once said that in prayer, he would find rest and re-
  lief (Nasai). He would also regularly ask for God’s forgiveness
  and remain in prostration during prayer praising God                                          MCWS Monthly Dinner
  (Tasbeeh) and asking for His forgiveness (Bukhari).
  Allah wants you to be specific. The Prophet advised us to ask Allah                               Saturday, April 19
  for exactly what we want instead of making vague Duas. Dua is the                                      7:00 PM
  essence of worship (the Prophet as quoted in Tirmidhi).                                  Members $30, Non-Members $35
    [Taken from "25 Ways to Deal with Stress and Anxiety" by Abdul Malik Mujahid]

                                                                                                      Important Dates
                                                                                           •      Shura Meeting        April 2
   Demanding Professionalism in our Masjid                                                 •      Daylight saving time April 6
  Yahiya Emerick compares American mosques to the                                          •      Fund Raising Dinner
 well organized way churches and synagogues are run                                               for Islamic relief   April 12
               and finds them wanting.                                                     •      Islamic Quiz Bowl April 15
                                                                                           •      Monthly Dinner       April 19
Where do you go if your son is re-         you would expect to get it: the Mas-
belling? What do you do when your          jid. Perhaps you called or paid a
daughter wants to marry someone            visit to the Masjid office in the                                   Inside
against your wishes? Your uncle is         hopes of finding a sympathetic ear,             Vol. 9, No. 4                   April 2003
feeling depressed lately. Who can          or maybe you met with the Imam or
                                                                                           2      Demanding Professionalism
help him recover? Your spouse is           director to discuss what's ailing
                                                                                                  in our Masjid
too materialistic and is neglecting        your life.
                                                                                           4      Youth Voice
the spiritual life of your family?         But if your experience is like most                    The Pragmatic Need for Unity
Who can help? If you have ever             people in most places, you wound                5      Sisters Corner
been faced with issues similar to          up having to look elsewhere for as-                    Position Paper on Islamic
these, then you have probably tried        sistance. You just couldn't find the                   Inheritance
to get help in the one place where         support you needed in your local                6      MCWS programs
                                           house of worship. Maybe no one an-              8 Islamic Relief in Mali, Africa
     Congratulation to                     swered the phone; maybe your calls              9. Young Adults
Sr. Shaheen Masood on becoming             were never returned or, if you did                 ALIM: Reviving Islamic Roots of
the Shura Member of MCWS. She              manage to get a personal meeting,                  Critical Thought
will be leading the Sisters and Edu-       perhaps the Imam or director spoke              10 Community News
                                           little English or merely used the               16 Prayer Times
cation Committees.
                                                                   (Continued on page 2)
Zul—Hijjah, / Muharram 1423 / 1424                         MCWS Newsletter
    MCWS Executive
      Committee                                 Demanding Professionalism in our Masjid
Sajid Siddique              (734)420-3647    (Continued from page 1)                 ated by immigrant Muslims. (With
                                             opportunity to lecture you on fiqh      the exception of a large number of
Vice President
                                             issues. Hardly a solution to real       African American Masajid.) After
Yusuf Hai                   (734)678-3657
                                             life problems!                          extensive interviews with immi-
Secretary                                    If we say the Masjid is the focal       grant Muslims, it seems the per-
M. Mashood Rabbaig          (734)981-6004    point of the community and open         ception of the Masjid "back home"
                                             its doors five times a day for          is of a place to make salah, do
Jabir Baig                  (248)960-0921    prayer, shouldn't the Masjid be         janazah, 'Eid celebrations, etc...
                                             open for other needs the believers      Family and personal matters ar e
SHURA MEMBERS                                have as well? But what I've seen        handled through other channels:
M. Saleem Qureshi           (734)397-7139    all too often is that those who build   relatives, friends, youth clubs,
Shaheen Masood              (734)397-8545    and operate the Masajid have little     etc... After all, everyone's a Muslim
Ihtesham Shahid             (734)397-5566    expertise in organizing a life-         so the Masjid is just a small fea-
Sayeed Siddique             (248)553-7782    giving institution. Just because        ture in the spiritual and social life
Mohammad Usman              (248)347-6681    someone can make a million dol-         of the community.
                                             lars living off medical insurance       Enter the new world: the immi-
                                             billings doesn't mean he can run a      grant builds a Masjid with the
Tariq Abbasi                (248)626-7694
                                             spiritual and communal project!         good intention of having a place for
Shahid Khan                 (248)738-5607
Abdul Zahoorullah           (248)661-2525    What I'm telling you is not the dis-    the community to gather and make
                                             gruntled ramblings of an emo-           Salah and do Eid, etc... But when
                                             tional person. I'm quite happy be-      members of the community have
                                             ing Muslim no matter what the           needs that only a Muslim would
   MCWS Newsletter                           strengths or weaknesses of my           know how to deal with, bingo!
                                             community are. After having vis-        There are no Muslim relatives in
Editor                                       ited countless Masajid across the       great abundance. The few Muslim
Mohammad Usman              (248)347-6681    country, I wish merely to call your     friends one may have are all busy                          attention to a most pressing issue;     making money and there are no
                                             that of the need for professional-      Muslim youth clubs or community
Youth Editor                                 ism in the Masajid.                     activities beyond dinners once a
Mariem Qamruzzaman
                                             I don't know how many of you are        month or fundraising events. So
Community News                               converts to Islam, but if you are       where does the community me m-
Saleem Qureshi                               reading this, do you remember           ber go? He or she seeks out non-
                                             what going to church or the syna-       Muslim help at best or leaves the
Editorial Advisory Board                     gogue was like in earlier years?        problem unsolved at worst. The
Sheikh Ali Suleiman Ali                      Put aside for a moment the faulty       Masjid has no place in their life.
Meena Khan                                   theology and mistaken notions           Even if the Masjid has a few pitiful
Noor Mohammed                                that were taught in those places.       programs to enhance the life of its
Asim Hussain                                 Remember what the structure was         members, more often than not,
Subscription: Free                           like. If you needed counseling, the     they're staffed only sporadically by
Submit request for new subscription          minister or rabbi was well quali-       people who just came from a vil-
and address changes to Dr. Shahid            fied and available. If you had chil-    lage back home. They are not pro-
Khan at                   dren there were fun and interest-       fessional in their manner accord-
                                             ing youth activities throughout the     ing to Western standards- they
MCWS newsletter is published monthly by      week. If you were poor you may          may not even show up on time to
MCWS organization. The opinions expressed    have received help. If you merely       anything- and they are not
in this newsletter are solely those of the
authors.                                     needed a good book on your relig-       equipped to deal with the issues
                                             ion, there was a wonderful, staffed     confronting the Muslim minority
Jamil Ahmed   (734)495-1575                  library on premises. Do you see         experience. I'm not saying all vol-
                                             where I'm going?                        unteers in the Masajid are similar
  R       1/4 Page: $ 45 / issue             Nearly every single Masjid built        to this description. Don't get me
  A       1/2 Page: $ 90 / issue             and operated in North America           wrong. But in all my time as a fre-
  T                                          has been built, funded and oper-                            (Continued on page 3)
          Full Page: $ 150 / issue
                                                                                   (734) 721-
Zul—Hijjah, / Muharram 1423 / 1424                                       MCWS Newsletter

(Continued from page 2)                                  and given respect and listened to.                     away from the faith when he lives in
quenter of Masajid, I've only met                        But in every Muslim community I've                     a mansion and drives a Mercedes.
about nine or ten truly competent                        been in, the Imam has no authority,                    He'll say to himself, "I made a for-
people.                                                  little respect and merely leads the                    tune, therefore, I know what's best
Contrast the above scenario with the                     prayers and recites some du'as. At                     for the local Muslim community."
average church or synagogue. The                         the most he may teach some classes                     Meanwhile, all around him, the
institution is built to serve as a com-                  here and there on Qirah or Aqeedah.                    youth are becoming kuffar, the
munity center right from the start.                      Even if he is a hafiz the situation is                 women are forgetting Islam, the eld-
Youth programs are a priority and                        still pretty much the same.                            erly are being abandoned in homes,
are well-planned and fun. Women                          If this is your definition of what an                  the people who want to convert are
are represented on the board and on                      Imam means, then you need to re-                       disillusioned and the men are 'Eid
all committees. Volunteers are cho-                      member all the complaints we have                      Muslims only, if that. Everyone
sen for their trustworthiness and re-                    about why the Muslim world has de-                     turns to the non-Muslim society for
liability. They are made to feel that                    clined in the last five hundred years.                 support, help, entertainment, money
their job means something and they                       Islam was relegated to the Masjid.                     and even spiritual meaning. Until
are well-coordinated and friendly.                       Imams were prayer leaders and lit-                     and unless we inject professionalism
The minister or rabbi speaks Eng-                        tle more. Islam had little hold over a                 in our Masajid, then our community
lish fluently, even if they are an im-                   person's personal or social life. This                 will continue to shrink even though
migrant, and knows Greek, Hebrew                         is how Islam is viewed in Muslim                       pundits cry about there being six
or Latin on the side. In order to be                     countries; this is one reason why the                  million of us.
the leader of the community, the                         immigrant Muslims had to leave                         We need trained staff, even if you
minister or rabbi had to undergo ex-                     their countries to begin with. Their                   have to pay them. We need Imams
tensive training which included, be-                     homelands are, by and large,                           with professional training in many
sides the religious subjects, counsel-                   screwed up.                                            subjects related to human relations
ing, administration, management,                         So why do we want to set up our Ma-                    and we need a process of inclusion
music and singing, public speaking,                      sajid here on the same model that                      that would make women, the youth
research, etc.... culminating in the                     caused our destruction over there? I                   and the luke-warm Muslims feel a
award of a D.D. (Doctorate of Divin-                     can't figure it out. Ministers and                     part of the over-all life of our Masjid.
ity).                                                    Rabbis are considered authority fig-                   In short, the Masjid is not just a
I'm sorry, but the little certificates                   ures in their respective communities                   place of prayer that we can build to
from madrasahs (schools) all over                        and generally have the allegiance of                   heal our guilty feelings of doing
the third world do not prepare an                        most members. Our Imams are usu-                       haram business dealings- it's a place
Imam for the task of leading the                         ally under-educated and have no au-                    for Muslims and their lives. By its
Muslim community in North Ame r-                         thority with little backing from any-                  very nature and what it must mean
ica. Before you take offense at this                     one. Some wealthy patron, pretend-                     for the community, it must be run
statement, consider this: what is                        ing he knows how to be a Masjid di-                    professionally, and not like a club.
your definition of an Imam? Islami-                      rector, is almost always the real
cally, the Imam is supposed to have                      power in the Baitullah. And it's real
some authority over the community.                       hard to tell such a director that his
He is to be elected by the Muslims                       local Muslim community is drifting                                 Recuperating
                                                                                                                 Sr. Shahinda Alim is recuperating from
                   The Events of the Month of Muharam, 24 A.H.                                                   illness at Harper Hospital. Please pray
  Uthman bin `Affan assumes caliphate The choice of `Uthman bin `Affan:                                          for her speedy recovery.
             `Umar appoints the Shura council to                    After long meetings and discussions,
 choose the new caliph. The assassination of Caliph      there appeared two opinions concerning the choice                   Condolences
 `Uma r bin Al-Khattab (may Allah be pleased with        of the new caliph: some were in favor `Ali bin Abu
 him) marked the beginning of a wide scale dissen-       Talib, while the other were in favor of `Uthman bin
                                                                                                                 We extend our heartfelt condolences to:
 sion in the Muslim community. He was the first          `Affan. However, `Ali bin Abi Talib, Sa`d bin Abi       • Br. Nasir Lukmani on passing away
 caliph to be assassinated; an act which shook the       Waqqas, and Al-Zubair bin Al-`Awwam supported             of his father-in-law, Br. Kalim.
 newly emerging strong Islamic s      tate. Before his
 death, `Umar established the Shura council, which
                                                         the choice of `Uthman. In the fourth day following
                                                         the death of `Umar bin Al-Khattab, `Abdul-Rahman
                                                                                                                 • Br. Madsad Alahbadi on passing
 was composed of six Companions: `Ali bin Abi            bin `Auf also voiced for `Uthman. The common              away of his elder brother, Mansoor
 Talib, `Uthman bin `Affan, Sa`d bin Abi Waqqas,         people pledge allegiance to `Uthman. The people of        Siddiqui, in India.
 `Abdul-Rahman bin `Auf, Al-Zubair bin Al-               Medina pledged allegiance to `Uthman bin `Affan
 `Awwam and Talhah bin `Ubaidullah (may Allah            (may Allah be pleased with him). Thus, the first day      May Allah SWT rest their souls in
 be pleased with them). Later, he added his son          of `Uthman’s caliphate coincided with the burial of
 `Abdullah to this council in order to give his deci-    `Umar bin Al-Khattab on Muharram 1st , 24 A.H.             peace, and give patience to the
 sive voice in case of equal voting for a new caliph.                                                                      families. Ameen!

                                                                                                             (734) 721-
Zul—Hijjah, / Muharram 1423 / 1424                                      MCWS Newsletter

 The Pragmatic Need for Unity
 By: Hassan Gulam
                                                                                                                      Youth Voice
          In a Red Sea resort town in Egypt       that line that makes the “superpowers” an-
 on March 1st several Arab leaders from 22        gry. They have too much hatred towards
 nations attended an “Arab League” summit         one another. They have too much pride and
 intended to issue a joint statement calling      it’s not hurting them, its hurting us, the
 on the U.S. to tone down its war rhetoric on     common Muslims. Our leaders actually
 Iraq. A day before the summit, Arab              encourage us to be disunited; they encour-
 League spokesman, Hisham Youssef, said           age us to support their childish conflicts
 it will be a display of “Arab Unity.” He         with one another. As the leaders of our
 couldn’t have been more wrong. Shortly           Muslim nations fight and argue, the West
 after Egypt’s opening address, a shouting        takes advantage of them, and in turn Mus-         It is He Who has let free the two bodies of flow-
 match of insults between Libya’s Moam-           lims are exploited. This can obviously be         ing water: one palatable and sweet, and the other
 mar Gadhafi and Saudi Arabia’s “Crown            seen in the Middle East where U.S. troops         salt and bitter; yet has He made a barrier be-
 Prince” Abdullah started, then the summit        are welcomed in almost any “friendly
 became divided into various camps; some          Arab” country to invade Iraq. The leaders
                                                                                                    tween them, a partition that is forbidden to be
 supporting war (Qatar, Bahrain), some ut-        of these nations go against their own peo-
 terly opposed to it (Syria), and some sup-       ple, who strongly resent U.S. military pres-
 porting U.N inspections and disarmament          ence on their land and oppose war on                      Youth Upcoming Events
 (Saudi Arabia, Egypt). I didn’t get to see       neighboring Iraq. It has arrived to the point
 much of the summit, which was being in-          where the West says “Muslim countries”
 ternationally broadcast, because apparently      instead of “the Islamic World” because we                        Islamic Quiz Bowl
 they stopped broadcasting shortly after          are so disunited that we carve out separate
 “Prince” Abdullah said “Damn your mus-           nations to belong to and the only thing that       Insha-Allah on April 5th, there will be an Islamic
 tache” to Ghadafi. Less than a week later,       is common among those nations is that they         Quiz Bowl for the youth in Ann Arbor. Two teams
 Qatar hosted a conference to show                happen to be ‘Muslim.’ They aren’t even            from each community will participate (one guys
 “Muslim Unity” with officials and                Islamic nations anymore, scrapping the             team and one girls team). If you are interested in
 “dignitaries” from 56 Muslim nations at-         sharia as mere backwards nonsense. This is         joining please contact Br. Muhi or Sr. Abir.
 tending, and this time Iraq’s Vice president     the height of ignorance and we cannot, we
 called Kuwait’s delegate a “monkey”, and         must not allow those leaders to destroy the                  Basketball for Brothers
 the plug had to be pulled for this meeting       Islamic faith of our brothers and sisters.
 too so, again, I couldn’t watch it. After I               It is imperative, for the survival and    Every Friday, brothers are playing basketball from
 got over laughing at these meetings of           the expansion of Islam, to ignore the biases       5:00 pm to 8:00 pm, at the Canton Masjid. Those
 “Unity” I began to seriously think of Mus-       of those corrupt rulers in Muslim lands and        brothers interested, just show up!
 lim Unity and if it can ever be achieved. If     unite with one another and to help one an-         Please contact Br. Muhi for further details.
 we have these leaders in the Islamic world       other. Although we live in the United
 can we ever rise to the point of unity or will   States and undoubtedly call America our                       Youth Weekly Halaqa
 we lack this imperative aspect of Islam          home, it is in our best interest to unite with
 forever?                                         the Muslims in the Islamic world and stop          MCWS is planning a youth weekly Halaqa.
          As the Bush administration contin-      their suffering if we are to bring Islam to        Please contact Tariq Hafeez at (734) 451-3549 for
 ues its imperial expansion into the Islamic      America. A popular hadith by the Prophet           further details.
 world, Muslims have been frantically             (PBUH) once stated “The Muslims are as
 scrambling to stop further exploitation and      one man, if the eye hurts, the whole body
 invasion of their brothers and sisters by the    hurts, and if the head hurts, the whole body
 Western powers. Thousands of protests            hurts.” Right now this ‘body’ is in extreme       before us, we must bring new Muslims into the fold of
 around the world by Muslims and non-             pain and is sick, how can we invite non-          Islam, all while helping our Muslim brothers and sisters in
 Muslims alike have resulted, but to no           Muslims in America to join this ‘body’ if it      the Islamic world physically, financially and spiritually.
 avail. However, after I saw the conferences      is the most hurting body in the world? No         We must encourage unity, and keep pressuring all Mus-
 I knew why the protests had no effect.           one would want to join it, and only a select      lims to be united in all countries despite what their lead-
 Muslim leaders, Arab leaders in particular,      few, by the grace of God, will see through        ers’ biases may seem to encourage and maybe then this
 are frightened and intimidated by the West-      this disease, but most won’t. We, as Mus-         ‘body’ the Prophet (PBUH) lauded as his Ummah, can
 ern powers, and they won’t ever dare cross       lims in America have a monumental task            finally be cured.

                                Young Muslims for Faith and Action (Y.M.F.A)
                                                         EXECUTIVE BOARD MEMBERS
               Ameer                                                   Secretary                                       Executive Members
 Abdul Lateef Muhiuddin (734)397-9237                          Shad Siddiqi (248)344-0349                          Adnan Ahmed (734)478-3969
                                                                                                                   Hassan Gulam (734)397-8058
                Ameerah                                               Treasurer                                              Advisor
       Abir Alhumdi (734)467-6169                             Ayesha Arrine (734)454-1195                          Kashif Siddiqi (248)344-0349

                                                                                                                  (734) 721-
Zul—Hijjah, / Muharram 1423 / 1424                           MCWS Newsletter

     Position Paper on Islamic Inheritance                                                    Sisters Corner
           A source of significant      the deceased child is survived by a
controversy both inside and outside     child of his or her own. In that in-
the Muslim community is the Is-         stance, the division is equal be-
lamic law of inheritance. This "law"    tween the mother and the father of
is in fact a continuing process of      the deceased. The verse then states
interpretation of Quranic rules and     what the mother shall receive if the
principles to form the complex          deceased left no children or if the
"laws" of inheritance under Islam.      deceased left siblings. Presumably,
It is a dynamic process which,          the father and the mother inherit
based on specific text in the Quran     equally in those situations. The ra-
and traditions of the Prophet Mu-       tionale behind a brother receiving
hammad, continues to be discussed       double his sisterÕs share, on the
in each Islamic age by Muslim           other hand, is based on the Islamic
scholars addressing changing issues     legal presumption that he has an
and times.                              obligation to provide for her sup-
           Before delving into this     port. Bearing in mind that these
complicated and controversial area,     verses were revealed in Arabia over
one must first realize that Islam       1400 years ago, when women had
revolutionized womenÕs inheri-          no financial security other than
tance rights. Prior to the Quranic      what was provided by men, these
injunction -- and indeed in the west    verses demonstrate the care and
until only recently -- women could      respect given to the family unit, and
not inherit from their relatives, and   ensured that women rights would
in the case of Arabia at least, were    continue to be protected. Hence,
themselves bequeathed as if they        brothers with sisters were given          Allah will not call you to account for what is futile in
were property to be distributed at      larger shares than their sisters, to-     your oaths, but He will call you to account for your
the death of a husband, father, or      gether with the legal obligation to       deliberate oaths: for expiation, feed ten indigent per-
brother. Thus, Islam, by clearly        spend a portion of this wealth on         sons, on a scale of the average for the food of your
stating in the Quran that women         those sisters.                            families; or clothe them; or give a slave his freedom.
have the right to inherit for the m-              Within the field of Islamic     If that is beyond your means, fast for three days. That
selves, changed the status of           scholarship, there is much discus-        is the expiation for the oaths ye have sworn. But keep
women in an unprecedented fash-         sion on the topic of inheritance.         to your oaths. Thus doth Allah make clear to you His
ion. The Quran states: "Men shall       There are scholars who argue that         Signs, that ye may be grateful. Al-Maidah 5/89.
have a share in what parents and        these rules apply only if no will was
kinsfolk leave behind, and women        left by the deceased and that the
shall have a share in what parents      division can be changed by a will.              Sisters Quranic Classes
and kinsfolk leave behind." (Quran      Presumably, the will would be             Location: Canton Masjid
4:7). Thus, whether women can in-       analogous to a debt and would be
herit at all is not the controversy.    paid prior to any other disburse-
                                                                                  Sr. Shazia
Rather, the dispute centers around      ment of property. (See Quran 4:11;            Tuesdays           10:30 - 12:30
the "share" that is to be inherited.    Fathi Osman, Muslim Women in                  Thursdays          10:30 - 12:30
           The same chapter o f the     the Family and in the Society, at         Sr. Aaqila
Quran goes on to state in detail the    24-25.) Furthermore, a tradition of           Wednesdays
division of property based on the       the Prophet Muhammad states that
number of relatives and the level of    a person can will up to one-third of
                                                                                      Please call Sr. Shahwana Noor at (734)
kinship of the inheritor. (See Quran    his or her property in any manner,            397-3877 prior to coming.
4:11) The injunction that a male        thus allowing equalization of gen-
relative receives a share equal to      der-based default presumptions. (It       Location: Rotation
that of two females applies only to     should be noted that a majority of
the inheritance of children by their    the Sunni schools of thought state        Sr. Meena
parents. Parents who inherit from a     that the one-third share cannot be            Tuesdays Noon - 1:00 PM
deceased child, for example, each       bequeathed to natural heirs; how-             Call 248.738.5607 for confirmation &
inherit one-sixth of the property if                      (Continued on page 8)       location.

                                                                                               (734) 721-
Zul—Hijjah, / Muharram 1423 / 1424                 MCWS Newsletter
   MCWS Program Committees
Masjid Operation                             MCWS Programs and Activities
 M. Saleem Qureshi       (734)397-7139
  Jabir Baig             (248)960-0921                               Sheikh Ali’s Schedule
Education                                Salah
 Shaheen Masood          (734)397-3845   Three to four salawat daily except Tuesdays.
Programs & Activities                    Counseling
  Sajid Siddique         (734)420-3647   Thursday:      Maghrib to Isha
                                         Saturday:      12 PM to 4 PM
Dinners & Community Picnics
  Ihtesham Shahid    (734)397-5566
                                         Note: Based on need, counseling can be provided on any day between 8
                                         AM - 10 PM. Appointment is preferred.
Social Welfare
  Shaheen Masood         (248)960-0921
                                         Programs & Teaching Activities
Fiqh                                     Monday: Quranic Vocabulary class, Asr to Maghrib.
  Sh. Ali Sulaiman Ali   (734)398-6804   Tuesdays: Day off.
Membership and Check-o-Matic             Wednesday: Arabic Language Class for young adults.
 Ihtesham Shahid     (734)397-5566                    From Maghrib to Isha.
Gift Certificate                         Friday: Lecture after Isha Salah.
 M. Saleem Qureshi       (734)397-7139   Sunday: See Sunday School on page 7.
News Letter & Communication                     Phone: (734)398-6804 (Home)
 Mohammad Usman      (248)347-6681                         (734)604-7780 (Cellular)
Sisters Interface
  Shaheen Masood         (734)397-3845
YMFA and Young Adults                                                  Recreational
 Yusuf Hai          (734)678-3657
Community Outreach                       •   Brothers plays volleyball on Tuesday and Thursday after Isha prayer and
 Yusuf Hai               (734)678-3657       Sunday after Magrib prayer but this schedule varies between winter and sum-
Dawah                                        mer. Please contact Br. Mashood (734) 981-6004.
 Sh. Ali Sulaiman Ali    (734)398-6804   •   MCWS is planning a Brother Basketball League. Please contact Br. Nau-
                                             maan Mallhi at (734)397-3877 for details.
Joint Secretariat
  Sayeed Siddique        (248)553-7782   Sisters
                                         •   Sisters recreational evenings will take place on Mondays between Magrib
MCWS / MEC Contract                          and Isha. Please contact Sr. Shaheen at (734)397-3845.
 Sajid Siddique     (734)420-3647
  M. Mashood Rabbaig     (734)981-6004                       The Family Issues Halaqa
Constitution                             The Family Issues Halaqa will be held on the first Sunday of every month from
 Hameed Balbale                          Maghrib to Isha. The topic to be announced.
Moon Sighting                            For more information, call Tariq Hafeez or Mona Youssef at (734) 451-3549.
 Sajid Siddique          (734)420-3647

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 Please help raise funds for your Masjid. Buy Gift Certificates for your shopping needs. MCWS will get 5 %
                                 of the amount you spend. JazakAllah Khair.

     Contacts: Br. Noor Mohammaed (734) 397-3877 or Br. Azfar Qamar (734) 326-9210

                                                                               (734) 721-
Zul—Hijjah, / Muharram 1423 / 1424                   MCWS Newsletter

                        MCWS Programs and Activities
             Adult & Youth Sunday Islamic School                                     MCWS Children
Subject                    Instructor                Time                            Sunday School
                                                                                     (School Year 9/8/02 to 6/8/03)

                                                                                 Ages:        4—13 Years
Advance Arabic             Sheikh Ali Sulaiman Ali   11:00 AM -12:30 PM
                                                                                 Time:        10 AM—2PM
Beginning Arabic           Sheikh Ahmed Jebril       10:00 AM - 10:50 PM              Muhammad Muizuddin
                                                                                         (734) 397-9237
Tafseer-ul-Qur’an          Sheikh Ali Sulaiman Ali   12:30 PM -1:45 PM
                                                                                  Principal and Teachers
Tilaawah of Qur’an         Sheikh Ahmed Jebril       11:00 PM -11:50 PM          Needed For MCWS Sum-
                                                                                 mer Sunday School 2003
                                                                                 The MCWS Summer School is
Intermediate Arabic        Sheikh Ahmed Jebril       12:00 AM -12:50 PM
                                                                                 looking for individuals who are
                                                                                 interested in becoming the Prin-
                       Friday Lecture Series                                     cipal or are available for teach-
                                                                                 ing. We are looking for moti-
                                                                                 vated and enthusiastic people. If
     By Sheikh Ali or guest speaker         Time: After Isha prayers             you enjoy working with chil-
                                                                                 dren and are available.
                  Young Adults Family Halaqah                                    Br. Muizuddin 734-397-9237
                                                                                 Sr. Shaheen 734-397-3845
  Topics:        Social, marriage and other issues
  Moderator:     Sheikh Ali Suleiman Ali
  Ages:          18 - 40 years                                                              Want to
  Time:          First Sunday of each month after Asr prayers
                                                                                 •   Be a member of MCWS or renew
                  MCWS Monthly Dinners                                               your membership.
                (3rd Saturday of every month)                                    •   MCWS IQRA Library is in need
                                                                                     of funds. Please donate books and
MCWS has a monthly fund raising dinner on the 3rd Saturday of every                  money.
month. The purpose of the dinner is to give everyone an opportunity to meet      •   Sponsor a Monthly Dinner.
and socialize with other Muslims in the community and to make new friends
with those who have moved into the area recently.                                    Contact Br. Ihtesham Shahid
                                                                                          at (734)397-5566
The sponsors cover the cost of the food. All contributions collected at the
dinner are tax-deductible donations to MCWS. Please consider sponsoring a
dinner.                                                                          •   Donate a laptop computer.
Please avoid scheduling personal parties or other special events on the 3rd      •   Join hands to donate a copier
Saturday so that everyone can attend the dinners. For further information,           machine for MCWS.
please contact:                                                                       Contact Br. Saleem Qureshi
                    Br. Sajid Siddique (734) 420-3647                                     at (734)397-7139

                                                                             (734) 721-
Zul—Hijjah, / Muharram 1423 / 1424                                  MCWS Newsletter

                                    Islamic Relief Activity in Mali, Africa
                                                Salar Rizvi, Islamic Relief Organization

The poor and needy people of the world          has charitable projects in almost 30 coun-
should not be deprived of their human           tries around the world, including: Kenya,
dignity. This was one of the principles on      Mauritania, Somalia, Ethiopia, Madagascar,
which Islamic Relief was founded. It may        Sierra Leone, Jordan, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan,
seem as though working to give people           Kashmir, Lebanon, Yemen, Turkey, and
what is rightfully theirs is not large task.    Salvador.
Unfortunately, we have seen more pov-
erty, devastation, hunger, famine, and illit-  Currently, one of the projects that Islamic
eracy in Muslim countries today that we        Relief is working on, is the famine in Af-
can bare.                                      rica. Imminent famine and mass starva-
                                               tion is threatening millions of people
Islamic Relief’s worldwide operations be- across Africa. According to the World
gan with a donation of 20 British pence in Food Program, 39 million people in 19
1984, which was given by a young boy to countries are currently facing exceptional
relieve the starving victims in Sudan at the food shortages. These figures are ex-
time. Since then, Islamic Relief, with the
                                               pected to rise further in 2003. In both
continued support from its generous do-
nors worldwide, has grown tremendously southern and western regions, erratic
and ha been able to help and support mi l- rainfall, massive death of livestock and
lions of people worldwide. Our objects         decreased annual harvest has put the
are: 1. To strive to alleviate suffering, hun- weakest of people, mainly children and
ger, illiteracy and diseases worldwide with- the elderly, at risk of starvation.
out regard to color, race, or creed and to
provide aid in a compassionate and digni- One of the countries in Africa where Is-
fied manner, 2. To provide rapid relief in lamic Relief has a field office and operates
the event of man-made or natural disas-        several relief and development projects is
ters, and 3. To establish development pro- Mali. Mali is among the poorest countries
jects in needy areas to help tackle poverty, in the world, with 65% of its land area
illiteracy, and diseases at a local level.     desert or semi -desert. Islamic Relief be-
                                               gan operations in Mali in 1997 and in the
Islamic Relief works in two general areas: past four years has contributed towards
It collects money on the one hand, and         the growth of many sectors which affect
implements projects on the other. Islamic everyday life in Mali. Projects imple-               It is not righteousness that ye turn your faces
Relief therefore maintains two types of        mented include the Graduate Training            towards East or West; but it is righteousness to
offices; fundraising offices, and field of-    Center and the Community Reintegration          believe in Allah and the Last Day, and the An-
fices. Islamic Relief has nine fundraising     Project in partnership with the World           gels, and the Book, and the Messengers; to
offices, which are situation in the follow- Food Program and co-funded by
ing countries: United States, United King-
                                                                                               spend of your substance, out of love for Him,
                                               UNHCR. One in five children in Mali die         for your kin, for orphans, for the needy, for the
dom, Belgium, France, Germany, Holland,
Sweden, Switzerland, and Mauritius. Its        before they are five. This is due to short-     wayfarer, for those who ask, and for the ran-
field offices are spread across fourteen       age of food, lack of medical care, and          som of slaves; to be steadfast in prayer, and
different countries where it works, includ- many children die to water-related dis-            practice regular charity, to fulfill the contracts
ing: Albania, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan,         eases. Islamic Relief is urgently seeking       which ye have made; and to be firm and pa-
Bangladesh, Bosnia, Chechnya, Egypt,           help from donors to help alleviate the          tient, in pain (or suffering) and adversity, and
India, Iraq, Kosova, Mali, Pakistan, Pales- suffering of the people of Africa during           throughout all periods of panic. Such are the
tine, and Sudan. In addition, Islamic Relief this famine, and to help support existing         people of truth, the God-fearing. Al-Baqarah
                                               projects in Africa.

(Continued from page 5,Islamic Inheritance )        only in an Islamically-based legal system        true where Muslims are a minority, as in
ever, others, including the Shiite school,          and government where a woman would               the United States. Muslim scholars, legis-
disagree with this limitation.) Moreover,           have recourse against a relative who was         lators, and researchers must -- and are
transfers of property can be made during            obligated to provide for her but failed to       beginning to -- boldly address this issue
the life of the testator.                           do so. One may argue that in the absence         to focus on these challenges. The Islamic
          The majority of schools argue             of a complete application of Islamic law,        laws of inheritance are, like all issues in
that the verses provide guidance as to              where the rights of women will have no           Islamic law, a dynamic process that must
who should be provided for and at what              teeth, Muslims should turn to the spirit of      respond to the many challenges and op-
level. Furthermore, there are scholars who          that law, which is justice, and find ways        portunities that world changes present.
maintain that these laws are applicable             to accomplish this goal. This is especially
                                                                                                       (734) 721-
Zul—Hijjah, / Muharram 1423 / 1424                             MCWS Newsletter

 ALIM: Reviving Islamic Roots of Critical Thought
          Hadia Mubarak (Two-year ALIM participant)
          Like many American Muslims, I         misconceptions that have rendered it inop-      to their jurisprudic variations based on the
had long been in search of a clearly de-        erative in this culture. The second front is    respective methods of early Islamic schol-
fined sense of identity. Could I be both        internal, as Muslims struggle to consoli-       ars. Their cursory glimpse into the world
American and Muslim? This dichotomy             date an American Islam. This is an Islam        of ‘ulum al-hadith heightened their pro-
created a rift in my mind that left me in a     that is relevant and functional in this soci-   found appreciation for their earlier com-
state o f mental uncertainty; I was lost in     ety, yet based upon authentic sources           pilers, who devised such an accurate, sci-
the waves that brought me closer to both        rather than the cultural baggage that many      entific system of categorization; thus,
shores, swimming underneath the ocean’s         Muslim immigrants have carried to U.S.          commonly recited ahadith appeared in a
undercurrents in a perpetual struggle to        shores. In this regards, the Muslim creates     whole new light for ALIM alumni. The
find my American Muslim identity. My            a sieve, beginning a filtration process that    knowledge they gained at ALIM, although
search for an elusive identity seemed           will revive Islam’s essence and decon-          limited, expanded their judgment of the
never-ending, stretching beyond the hori-       taminate it from cultural distortions and       controversies that plague the Muslim um-
zons of the stars, the galaxies and the mi-     limited understandings that have only           mah beyond their face value. Their com-
croscopic atomic particles that composed        served as barriers in the Muslim ummah.         prehension of hadith classification, meth-
our existence.                                             For me, ALIM signified the           ods of jurisprudence, Islamic history and
          The American Learning Institute       death of fallacy and the birth of reality.      the emergence of ideological movements
for Muslims (ALIM) phenomenally trans-          Islamic law is not a homogeneous system         restored some objectivity to Islamic dis-
formed my identity as an American Mus-          that had been established with the birth of     putation, which has been seriously under-
lim. I no longer felt like I was in the midst   Islam, but rather has developed over time       mined.
of a battleground, fighting two conflicting     and continues to develop with great intel-                ALIM unlocked a hidden treas-
ideologies and lifestyles. I had found a        lectual exertions to preserve its legitimacy    ure, unearthing a rich, complex tradition
median where my faith and culture could         and applicability within societal circum-       that empowered American Muslims and
co-exist. I was no longer riding the crest      stances and various cultures. ALIM taught       strengthened their respect and apprecia-
of the waves, hanging onto the periphery        me that from its onset Islam embraced           tion for Islam beyond description. Noth-
of American culture. I had fully emerged        intellectual diversity, academic freedom        ing could re-create that sense of peace that
from the ocean as a solid entity, shedding      and scholarly disputation, which form the       filled the air as I spent an entire month in
off remnants of perplexity that had created     basis of western academia today.                the company of sisters and brothers whose
a void in my faith.                                        ALIM armed the bedraggled            sole objective in life was gaining the
          In one month, my conception of        Muslim with the necessary artillery to up-      pleasure of Allah. It was during those still
Islam, my understanding of its roots and        lift Islam from a path of Western on-           moments of early dawn when we awoke
developments and my appreciation for its        slaught by immersing him/her with               for Fajr that a haze of tranquility would
rich intellectual history left a permanent      knowledge and re-connecting him/her             overcome us; for the first time, our vision
imprint on my life. Like a plant that has       with the Islamic heritage of academic rea-      was as clear as the moon’s illumination
been stripped from the soil, the American       soning and disputation from which the           against the pitch-black sky. No experience
Muslim lives in a constant struggle to de-      average Muslim has been severed. The            had been more humbling, yet eternally
fine his or her identity. Whether one em-       thought provoking, spiritually indulging        rewarding as I devoted one month during
braces Islam by conversion or by lineage,       and academically intensive classes created      two different years towards drinking a sip
there comes a point in the life of an           a bridge that could - for the first time -      of the endless oceans of Islam knowledge.
American Muslim when he/she is forced           reconcile the two divergent roads between       Without knowledge, Muslims will pass
to come to terms with that aspect of his/       religious compliance and academic defi-         their life as if in a coma, unaware of their
her identity. What does it mean to be a         ance, between belief and reason and be-         own history; their ignorance paralyzing
Muslim? What role does Islam play in            tween modernity and tradition.                  our ummah from seizing its fate and
defining who they are? Regardless, a                       Pieces of a puzzle began coming      changing its conditions. By reviving I -  s
Muslim in the West fights an eternal bat-       together as one’s outlook of Islam became       lamic academia, ALIM awakens the Mus-
tle on two fronts. One front is with the        far more comprehensive and optimistic.          lim conscience.
external society in his/her attempt to vali-    ALIM alumni could trace classical argu-
date Islam’s authenticity and eradicate         ments among contemporary Muslims back

                American Learning Institute of Michigan                                 Islam, Fundamentalism, and the Media
                       Summer 2003 Program                                    There will be a lecture on Islam, Fundamentalism, and
ALIM will hold its sixth annual summer program from July 21st to August 17t h the Media on Wednesday April 2nd 2003, 4:30 – 6:00,
at Madonna University in Livonia, MI, Insha-Allah. Please see www.            CASL Building Room 1071 at University of Michigan or call Shirin Khan at 202.271.4753 for more information.     Dearborn. Speaker is Saeed Khan.

                                                                                                (734) 721-
Zul—Hijjah, / Muharram 1423 / 1424                                                MCWS Newsletter

                                  COMMUNITY NEWS AND EVNETS

              Defend Affirmative Action and Save Brown v. Board of Education!
                                    Civil Right March                                                    Heartiest Congratulations
              Join The Detroit City Council on March 1st. 2003 &
             On The Supreme Court, Washington DC April 1, 2003                                                           Wedding
 -the day the University of Michigan affirmative action decision is challenged
                                                                                                     Congratulations to Br. Sami Alim and Sr.
  Please contact Br. Masood Rab (734)464-1208 or visit http:// for details on attending the march or signing a                                        Romana Aziz on their wedding. May Al-
 petition to defend affirmative action before the U.S. Supreme                                       lah SWT grant them a happy and blissful
                             Court.                                                                  marriage

                Michigan Muslim Network Group (MMN)
 Is a non-profit organization created to help single Muslims meet their                                      MCWS Community Out -Reach
potential spouses. MMN is hosting its dinner event on April 12, 2003 at
Novi Civic Center at 7:30 pm. For further information, email at MImus-                               •    MCWS community raised $2,500 for Canton Li- or contact Najeeba Siddiqui at (248)528-9678 or Asra                                       brary Endowment. This contribution is a part of
Hamzavi-Quader at (734)397-3907.                                                                          our community reach-out.
                                                                                                     •    MCWS supported Sabeel Conference, “Ending
                            Upcoming Conferences                                                          Israel’s Occupation of Palestine” held on March
                                                                                                          14-15, 2003 at St. Mary’s Orthodox Church,
•      2003 Education Forum: Islamic schools: Developing the                                              Livonia.
       Emerging Muslim American Character                                                            •    MCWS community raised funds to support con-
•      Fourth Annual Community Development Conference                                                     struction of Muslim Center, Detroit.
•      Fourth Annual Conflict Resolution Conference                                                  •    MCWS community participated and supported
•      Fourth Annual Islamic Perspectives on Counseling                                                   “Emergency Convergence On The White House
•      Third Annual Muslims Against Domestic Violence                                                     To Stop The War On Iraq” on March 15, 2003.
•      Third Annual Imam Training Seminar                                                            •    MCWS supported Interfaith Round Table's 17th
All the above noted conference will be held on:
                                                                                                          Annual Symposium. This interfaith event was
Friday, April 18 - Sunday, April 20, 2003                                                                 held on Sunday, March 23rd, at Marygrove Col-
The Westin O'Hare                                                                                         lege. "The New Genetics: Feast and Famine," is
Rosemont, Illinois                                                                                        the second in a 3-year series entitled Genetic
For registration and further information visit:                                                           Frontiers: Challenges for Humanity and for our                                                                                       Religious Communities.

    We will be changing the name (and look) for the “MCWS Newsletter ” in an effort
    to improve the publication. You being the creative youth of our community, we are
    asking YOU to think of a new name that reflects the core of the newsletter, and
    design the name plate. The winner will receive $50 from the sponsor of this contest,
    and will be announced in the May 19th monthly dinner.
                                                                                               Name Plate Design
    Rules:                                                                                         Includes
             Children and youth of Metro Detroit Muslim Community                             • Newsletter name         Turn in your inquiries, the MCWS
           Ages less than 18 years old                                                        •   Address, phone &    newsletter name,and nameplate design to
           Submit at least one name and the design of the nameplate                               website address,  
           Name cannot be from any copyrighted or established publication (past or present)       Vol, #, Date, Or-
    Entry Identification:
           Your name, age, phone number and e-mail address                                    •   Logo and design

                                                                                                                   (734) 721-
Zul—Hijjah, / Muharram 1423 / 1424          MCWS Newsletter

           Now serving the M.C.W.S community

   33226 West 12 Mile Rd. (12 Mile and Farmington)
                                     Farmington, Michigan

                                     Ask for Nadeem
                                       2 4 8 -5 5 3 - 8 5 8 4
                        n a d e e m @ d e l t a

                                                    (734) 721-
Zul—Hijjah, / Muharram 1423 / 1424                   MCWS Newsletter

                                                                       Immediate Opening
          COMPASSIONATE CARE                                                 for an
           Do you need a family doctor or a doctor for
                          your kids?
                                                                     Administrative Assistant
                  Call for Appointment                        Mercy-USA for Aid and Development (M-USA),
           (248) 442– 3700, (248) 320-6252                    a dynamic nonprofit international relief and development
                    (248) 910-1616                            organization, has immediate opening for full-time
                                                              Administrative Assistant.
                                                              Minimum Qualifications: Minimum one year of
               Board Certified Internist                      experience. Must be well organized, with strong oral and
             ADEELA BEG, M.D., P.C.                           written communication skills, team player, motivated and
                                                              pleasant. Must have working knowledge of MS Word &
             Board Certified Pediatrician                     Excel 2000. Knowledge of Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop,
                                                              QuarkXPress, PowerPoint and WordPerfect a plus.
  23900 Orchard Lake Road, Farmington Hills, MI 48336
                                                              Responsibilities: Donor relations, typing, filing,
  ( We are conveniently located at the crossing of Orchard
                                                              receptionist duties, data entry and general administrative
       Lake road and 10– mile next to MacDonald's)
                                                              support. Salary commensurate with experience. Benefits
  *MCWS Members: Mention this Ad for a Free Exam and          included. Send resume with salary requirements to:
               Consultation at your first visit                       Mercy-USA for Aid and Development
                    Taking new Patients                                     44450 Pinetree Dr., Ste. 201
 Same day Sick visits, Early morning, late evening, weekend                  Plymouth, MI 48170-3869
               appointments also available.
                We accept most Insurances

                       Attention: Women & Children

                   Introducing Muslimah Dentist practicing Family & Restorative Dentistry
                                     in beautiful downtown Plymouth

              A Focus on All Areas of Dentistry:                      We Welcome
              • Consultation & Exam • Cleanings                       • Emergencies
              • Crowns & Bridges • Whitening                          • New Patients
              • Extractions • Fillings                                • Apprehensive Patients
              • Root Canal Therapy •Denture
              • Implants • Pediatric Dentistry
                                             Ask to be scheduled with:

                                 159 South Harvey • Plymouth, MI 48170
                                             (734) 455-8686
               • Evening & Saturday appointments available • Most dental insurance accepted
                          • Private atmosphere for women available upon request

                                                                              (734) 721-
Zul—Hijjah, / Muharram 1423 / 1424        MCWS Newsletter

    Opening a Second Pediatric Office
   Tariq Mahmood, M.D.                            AKHTAR & ASSOCIATES,PLC

         Routine Checkup. Sick Visit               Attorneys and Counselors at Law
       School Physicals. Immunizations
          Sports & Camp Physicals
                                                         Sher M. Akhtar
                                                            Attorney at Law

      Counseling for Pediatric Problems              89 W. South BLVD.
        Multi Years of Experience in
         Child & Adolescent Care
                                                     Suite 600
                                                     Troy, MI 48085
      Mirage Medical I Dental Building
         23304 Orchard Lake Road                     Phone: (248)828-7900
    (Between Grandriver & 10 Mile Road)
          Farmington Hills, MI 48336
                                                     Fax: (248) 828-8666
       Phone: 248-919-0006

                                               MAMNOON A. SIDDIQUI, DDS, MS
                                                       Specialist in Orthodontics for
                                                           Children and Adults

                                                  Is pleased to announce the opening of his
                                                    orthodontics practice in Dearborn, MI.

                                                  We are now accepting children and adult
                                                   patients for orthodontic consultations
                                                               and treatment.

                                                         22190 Garrison, Suite 101
                                                           Dearborn, MI 48124

                                                          Phone: 313-565-0880
                                                           Fax: 313-565-2305

                                                 Please call for a complementary exam and
                                                 consultation to begin the process of lifetime
                                                              spectacular smiles.

                                                         (734) 721-
Zul—Hijjah, / Muharram 1423 / 1424                MCWS Newsletter

                          M. AMIN JAFFER, DDS
                         FAMILY & COSMETIC DENTISTRY
                             State-of-the-art facility
      * Intra-Oral Video Imaging                            * Root Canal Therapy
      * Teeth Whitening (Bleaching)                         * Oral Surgery (Wisdom Teeth)
      * Veneers, Orthodontics (Braces)                      * Implants, Crown & Bridge
      * Nitrous oxide sedation (laughing gas)               * Pediatric (Children) Dentistry
                         Evenings and Saturdays also available
                           Most Insurances Accepted
                  2509 S. State Street, Ann Arbor, MI. 48104
                                (734) 663-1262

          Residential & Commercial
                                                        NOOR TAX SERVICE, INC.
                Real Estate
   Single F amily, Apartments, Office Buildings,           Mohamed Anees Siddique M.B.A.
       Shopping Centers and Vacant Land                  20 years of Experience as an Accountant

                                                        Accounting        Income Taxes         Payroll
                                                        Electronic Filing Business Setup Notary Public
                                                        Individuals        Partnerships   Corporations
           Muhammad Saleem
             248 -719 -0559                             3044 Caniff Ave. – Hamtramck – MI 48212

                Rashid Abrar                                     OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK
                734 -834 -6597                                   10:00 A.M. TO 7:00 P.M.

                              100                                 Fax: (313) 874-9004
               248-348 -3000
  39500 Orchard Hill Place, Ste 130 - Novi, MI 48375        Telephone: (313) 873-5338
                                                                (734) 721-
Zul—Hijjah, / Muharram 1423 / 1424           MCWS Newsletter

                      INDIAN & PAKISTANI CUSINE
                         DINE IN & CARRY OUT
                         CATERING AVAILABLE
                         Buffet on Weekends
                            (HALAL MEAT )

   44284 C h e r r y Hill
   Canton, MI 48187
   (Corner Of Cherry Hill & Sheldon)                              Tuesdays thru Sundays
   Inside Canton Village Plaza                                    11:30 AM to 10:00 PM
   Ph: (734) 844-1111

                                     Baig Dental Group, P.C.
                              Mirza M. Baig, D.D.S.
                       Excellence in General & Cosmetic Dentistry

   23800 Orchard Lake Rd                  15 E. Kirby St        4225 W. Jefferson Ave.
        Suite 215                          Suite 118
   Farmington Hills, MI 48336             Detroit, MI 48202         Ecorse, MI 48229
     (248) 755-5700                          (313) 871-1165           (313) 381-7770

                           *By Appointment Only
               *Evening and Weekend Appointments available
                      (Farmington Hills location only)
               *Available for Emergencies @ (248) 755-5700
          *All Major Insurance Plans Accepted, Including Medicaid
      *MCWS Members: Mention this Ad for a Free Exam and Consultation at
                               your first visit.

                                                       (734) 721-
Zul—Hijjah, / Muharram 1423 / 1424                          MCWS Newsletter

           DETROIT AREA PRAYER TIMINGS                                                                   April
                                                                                                  Muharram / Safar 1424

                                 April, 2003                                                 SU   M      T      W       T      F       S

 Date      Fajr     Sunrise          Zuhr          'Asr      Maghrib          'Ishaa                      1      2       3     4       5
                                                                                                         29     30      SF     2       3
   1       5:57A      7:17A         1:43P          5:17P        8:03P          9:19P
                                                                                             6     7        8   9       10    11       12
   5       5:50A      7:10A         1:41P          5:19P        8:07P          9:24P         4     5        6   7       8      9       10

  10       5:40A      7:01A         1:40P          5:22P        8:13P          9:31P         13   14     15     16      17    18       19
                                                                                             11   12     13     14      15    16       17
  15       5:31A      6:53A         1:39P          5:24P        8:18P          9:38P
                                                                                             20   21     22     23      24    25       26
  20       5:21A      6:45A         1:38P          5:25P        8:24P          9:45P         18   19     20     21      22    23       24

  25       5:12A      6:38A         1:37P          5:27P        8:30P          9:53P         27   28     29     30
                                                                                             25   26     27     28
  30       5:03A      6:31A         1:36P          5:29P        8:35P         10:00P                       May
                                                                                                       Safar / Rabi I
                  Iqama Times at Canton Masjid                                               SU   M      T      W       T      F       S
                                 April, 2003                                                                            1      2  3
                                                                                                                        29    30 RA
       Jumma’ Prayer: 1st 12:40 pm & 2nd 1:40 pm
                                                                                             4     5        6   7       8      9       10
  DAY        FAJR         ZUHR            ASR         MAGHRIB             ISHA               2     3        4   5       6      7        8
   1-5       6:15 A        2:00 P         6:30 P           8:10 P         9:35 P
                                                                                             11   12     13     14      15    16       17
  6 - 10     6:10 A        2:00 P         6:30 P           8:15 P         9:40 P             9    10     11     MN      13     t       15

 11 - 15     6:00 A        2:00 P         6:30 P           8:20 P         9:50 P             18   19     20     21      22    23       24
                                                                                             16   17     18     19      20    21       22
 16 - 20     5:50 A        2:00 P         6:45 P           8:25 P         9:55 P
                                                                                             25   26     27     28      29    30       31
 21 - 25     5:45 A        2:00 P         6:45 P           8:30 P         10:05 P            23   24     25     26      27    28       A

 26 - 30     5:35 A        2:00 P         6:45 P           8:35 P         10:10 P        S        M     T       W      T      F         S

Fajr Iqama time based on 50-minute minimum before sunrise where applicable.              SF - Safar          MN—Milad Un Nabi
Isha Iqama time based on ISNA, plus 7 – 10 minute minimum where applicable.              t - Total (Umbral) Lunar Eclipse
                                                                                         A—Annular Solar Eclipse

MCWS Newsletter                                                                                                      Non Profit Org.
7033 Lakemont Cir                                                                                                     PRSRT STD
                                                                                                                      U.S. Postage
W. Bloomfield, MI 48323-2097                                                                                             PAID
                                                                                                                      Canton, MI
                                                                                                                     Permit # 214


                                                                                              (734) 721-

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