The Hedgehog, Lavender, and the Republic

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       Told and illustrated by Naira Roland Matevosyan
          Copyright @ 2011-2016, ISBN 978-1463692834

     To my son Richard and all, who care for Mother - Nature


    Chapter 1:     The Vetoed Green-Bill            Page 2

    Chapter 2:     Lavy                             Page 8

    Chapter 3:     The Elections                    Page 16

    Chapter 4:     The Spiny Republic               Page 21

    Chapter 5      The Velvet Revolution            Page 24

    Epilogue                                        Page 26
                      Chapter 1: The Vetoed Green-Bill

     Be      that as it may, one fine springish Thursday the hedgehog Gehog`s

hibernation was disturbed. He climbed out of his hibernaculum unduly hungry, after

he burnt all his fat

reserve      during   the

winter sleep. But the

vacant stomach was not

the main cause of his

incomplete hibernation.

The peace and habitat

of the 4th District of

Forest    Greenoble was

strikingly    interrupted.

Gehog barely put on his

coat and boots when his

heartbeat increased

from 20 (winter mode) to 200 beats per minute after the cuckoo's evacuation alarm:
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                          Chapter 3: The Elections

      Way back once upon a time, the Greenoble square of the 4th District was full
of voters. Estimates ranged between 1,000-2,000 hog-mobs who turned out to this

demonstration in despite of the heavy snow. The coalition, called 'Green-bill-gray-

deal' was assembled by Gehog from green-interfaith, non-profit, and civil-libertarian

groups. The agenda was to develop a green-message to be delivered for the second

reading. The guitarist hedgehog opened the event with inspiring hymn, La

            "My Green Country thee; Land of the noble free;

      Let trees their silence break; Let all that breathe partake!"

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                       Chapter 4: The Spiny Republic

      Be that as it may, one snowy spring Sunday the votes of the ecosystem were
counted. The first full study of the cone-ballots was noteworthy to call a tight race

between second and third cabins with a great margin toward the first one. Early

evening it was clear that the election hinges on the fourth cabin. The Forest-

Greenoble Supreme Court ordered manual recounts of the absentee cones.

      The next morning the coalition 'Green-bill-gray-deal' met to tally electoral

college results. The votes were astonishing. The majority of the forest voted for a

Republic. The fourth cabin was sworn in as the office of the Spiny Republic.

                                       The     guitarist   hedgehog    opened    the

                                       coronation with inspiring second part of the

                                       hymn, La Greenellesa:

                                        "Mine eyes have seen the glory of the

                                                       planet Earth;

                                         I can read His righteous message and

                                                  feel His tired breath;

                                        Lands and oceans full of garbage spoilt;

                                         Today, his truth is marching on us all!"

Description: On top of its purple humor and political plot, this book is bound to describe the consequences of the anthropogenic stress, and also presents some win-win scenarios. In other words, it is for the reader who is concerned about the chronic ecosystem stress.