Turtlarium by Naira.R.Matevosyan


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             Naira Roland Matevosyan, M.D
Copyright © 2011- Naira Matevosyan, ISBN: 9781463655440
 To my son Richard and all, who care for the aquatic turtles

Chapter 1:              Genesis                    Page 2

Chapter 2:              Omeo                       Page 6

Chapter 3:              Courtship                  Page 8

Chapter 4:              Family                     Page 10

Chapter 5:              Disaster                   Page 11

Chapter 6:              Great Depression           Page 18

Chapter 7:              Onuka                      Page 21

Chapter 8               Ocean War VIII             Page 23

Chapter 9               Triumph                    Page 28
Epilogue                                           Page 30
                                Chapter 1: Genesis

                                                               April 4th, year A.D 234

       Be    that as it may, one fine

spring day the sun was far to set.

Mama Turtlemma emerged from the

Atlantic gyre and ascended the beach

searching for a suitable nesting spot:

somewhere dark and quiet. She was

tired, but full of curiosity.

      Yet, she had to detect the Earth's magnetic field. This was the secret message

that her 136-year old Turtle-grandma forwarded before her wedding:

                                          "Emma, laying eggs is the bravest thing to do

                                         in marriage. But in order to lay eggs, you

                                         first   need   to   locate    your   natal    beach,

                                         Turtlarium. For that you have to detect and

                                         utilize the angle and intensity of the Globe's

                                         magnetic   field    that     would   help    you   to

                                         determine the latitude and longitude for your

                                         navigation of hundreds, or even thousands of

                                         miles. You may also use the hatchling imprints

that your sisters left, or the features of the offshore currents and celestial cues.

Don't worry: you can, and you will!"

      Turtlemma could not lay eggs underwater. The eggs breathe air through their
membranes and cannot survive if continuously covered with water. She hurried to avoid

being disturbed. If scared back to the ocean, Emma would abort her eggs, the precious

eggs that she carried for several months. Once she read in a bestseller-papyrus

'Everything you need to know for the best natural turtle-hatch' (122-nd edition;

Turtlepress, Inc.) that turtles nest in a sandy shore. She tuned her innate senses to

locate the magnetic field. The beach was enormously big and consisted of 47 counties-

Reptilariums. Emma was lucky: after walking for 22 miles she suddenly noticed the

entrance. It was Turtlarium!

      On April 20, A.D 234 the sunset was close. Emma chose her nesting spot with the

help of www.classified-turtlenest.com and began body pitting. Using all four flippers she

got rid of dry surface sand beneath her which would otherwise fall into her egg chamber

forming a depression. Following body pitting she commenced digging her nest by using

                               rear flippers (hands). She scooped out the right flipper

                                 full of damp sand and rested that flipper on the

                                 surface, before throwing sand from her left flipper to

                                 her side. She could reach no deeper already.

                                                           It was time to pause.
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                               Chapter 3: Courtship

        Be that as it may, it was June 9th, A.D 306.    Omeo was a 72 years old young

                                                                 college student. He

                                                                 and Astor dated for

                                                                 67 years. They were

                                                                 devoted friends and

                                                                 made a strong team:

                                                                 they liked to bike,

                                                                 and dive together

                                                                 for jellyfish hunting.

                                                                 Astor was brave,

laser-eyed, and gifted. No one else in greater Turtlarium could compete with her in

holding breath longer than Astor did. But there was someone with different qualities...

Her name was Turtlella, as in Ella. She had the coolest carapace (shell) in Turtlarium.

a 72 years old bachelor. Omeo decided that Turtlella could be the one. They could make
a celebrity-couple, be published in prestigious papyrus, even in Turtle-Runway, as they

both were quite popular in Turtlarium.

      But the fashion was Ella`s main strength. She couldn't dive deep and hold breath

for couple of hours. "So what?" pondered Omeo. "Ella is beautiful, top pedigree, and

well-mannered. Perhaps, I will marry her."                                   vs.

      Omeo spent two years wondering whom to choose: Ella, or Astor?

While he felt comfortable in Astor`s company, he felt something else

each time he saw Ella. He could not decide whether it was love or his keen

sense for fashion. Suddenly he recalled his grand-granny's message:

                                                       "My sweet grand-granny used to

                               The clue is in          tell: 'when the time comes to

                                turtleneck !           choose a wife, look at her neck!"

                                                             At last all became crystal-

                                                       clear. Ella belonged to the group

                                                       of     aquatic-turtles      called

                                                       Cryptodira, who draw their necks

                                                       in while contracting it under

                                                       their spine. Whereas, Omeo

and Astor belonged to the same group called Pleurodira, who contract their necks to the

side. "That's it," decided Omeo. "Tomorrow I am going to meet Astor`s father." And

that's way they got married.

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Astor`s spouse Omeo was unavailable: after the college he was appointed as a Naval

Commander in Chief and his combat was too far, in Arabian Peninsula. He was in charge

of pre- and post-hurricane intelligence and environmental cleanup litigation projects.

      Astor carried an evacuation toolkit containing a thermometer, piece of magnet,

M-sized life-jacket, bandage, carapace-glue, oxygen-bag, can of jellyfish cream-

chowder, salty sea-soda container, her mother's picture, and her passport. But she had

nothing to protect her eggs in case the hurricane would wash them up from the shore.

Her scarce savings, three freshwater pearls, were not enough to hire an excavator, dig

the send, and securely lay eggs between the lithosphere and asthenosphere.
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                              Chapter 8: Ocean War VIII

        Be that as it may, August 3rd, A.D 345 was only the third day of Onuka`s
commandery combat in the Central Hexagon-office (CHO) of submarine Turtlagon. His

battalion 'Caretta' was working on the budget of the fiscal year A.D 346, proposed for

testing new sonar and undersea warfare technologies. Suddenly, the carbon dioxide

                                                        detector alarmed the cut of

                                                        the   oxygen   supplying     the


                                                              "That`s the dirty work

                                                        of Pirates from Madeira, that

                                                        whitetip requiem sharks!" said

                                                        Onuka.       "They         posed

                                                        torpedoes toward the East

                                                        wing of Turtlagon. Turtlemen,

there is a secret exit from the CHO leading to the tunnel to the West-wing bunker of

  the     underwater       castle.

  There, we`ll have enough

  time and security to run a

  swift    SWOT analysis on


          "Yes,    Sir!"   replied

  the battalion      and moved

  to the castle.
Onuka called a conference:

      "Turtlemen of Caretta, I need you to feature the Pirates. Admiral Choka, as the

first military adviser I want you to start."

      "Well, Sir," said Choka, "I have served for 20 years in Indo-Pacific coral reefs

 and know well those requiem sharks. Their

 primary   strength   is in their formidable steak-

 knife teeth. Next: unlike other sharks, which

 rely on ram ventilation and have to constantly

 swim to breathe, these whitetips can pump

water over still on the bottom for hours. Also, they have a state-of-art depth vision.

They can see their gills and lie even in dim light. Special cells (tapetum lucidum) located

                                  under their retina act as mirrors. The light striking

                                  these cells is immidiately reflected to other cells,

                                  multiplying the visual effect.

                                        Next: the phenomental smell is the shark's

                                  most acute sense. They locate tiny particles of flesh

or blood in the water. About 70 % of their brain is used for olfactory functions. In fact,

they detect prey solely by smell, and the hungrier the shark, the less stimulant needed

to elicit a reaction."

      "That's too bad," said Onuka. "What else? Describe me their opportunities."

       "This species is viviparous," continued Choka, "the developing embryos sustain by

a placental connection to their mother."

      "Are you suggesting that we cannot take any eggs for hostages?" asked Onuka
with sorrow.

       "That's correct, Sir," confirmed Choka.

      "How long lasts their gestation?" asked Zeika, the strategy-adviser.

      "Females give birth to 1-6 pups every year after a gestation period of 10-13

months," clarified Choka.

      "Can they detect the Earth's magnetic field?" asked Onuka.

      "Oh, yeah. They're great on that one," continued Choka. "With the help of a

special sensory organ, ampule of Lorenzini located in the pores of their frontal head,

they are able to detect minute fluctuations in the minute of bioelectrical fields."
      "Let's discuss their threats," the strategist made another entrance. "Can we use

humans against them?"

      "My guess is no," continued

Choka. "Whitetip reef sharks are

rarely aggressive towards humans,

though they may investigate them

closely. The International Union

for Conservation of Nature has

assessed the whitetip reef sharks

as Near Threatened."

      "All I hear is turtle-fear,"

commented Onuka. "Turns out,

they don't have any   weaknesses?"

      "Sure they do!" said Choka. "They hate yellow and green; they are glaringly

irritated from these colors. Also, punching them on their nose and gills is a pretty good

way to ward them off."

      "Right to the point! You should have started from the core!" exclaimed Onuka.

      "What do yo mean, Sir?" asked Zeika.

      "Turtlemen, the stake is too high. It will cost us our submarine-Turlagon, not

mentioning our lives. The jellyfish torpedoes are well-positioned and Pirates are ready

to push on the 'fire' button. There is no time for further debates. I am going to reverse

one of their primary strength, their acute vision, into their fatal weakness !"

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