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									                                                                                     Social Studies Writing Rubric

                                                       4                                          3                                           2                                             1
                                             Exceeds Standards                             Meets Standard                          Approaches Standard                          Does Not Meet Standard
                                               100 – 96 - 92                                89 – 86 - 82                             Must be revised                               Must be Revised
                                                                                                                                       79 – 76 - 72                                   69 – 66 - 62

Critical Thinking:                  Complexity of the question is              Question is addressed                     Attempts to address the question            Displays limited understanding of
Integration of knowledge             explored                                   Selects and interprets evidence           Minimal evidence and/or inconsistent           question
                                    best evidence selected and interpreted      accurately                                 interpretation of evidence                  Inadequate evidence
of ideas                             insightfully                               Synthesizes evidence to create a          Argument is limited; understanding of       Argument is unclear; understanding
                                    Synthesizes information to create a         persuasive argument                        evidence is superficial                        of evidence is erroneous
                                     compelling argument                        Thesis supported throughout paper         Thesis not consistently supported           Thesis is insufficiently supported
                                    Sophisticated support of writer’s                                                      throughout paper
                                     thesis carried throughout paper

Content Mastery:                    Insightful and sophisticated               Accurate understanding of historical      Subject knowledge is limited; may           Displays major factual errors that
                                     understanding of historical subject         subject matter                             display factual errors                         confuse interpretation
Key ideas                            matter                                     Adequate analysis of sources              Inadequate analysis that tends towards      Ineffective or inaccurate analysis
                                    In-depth analysis of sources               Considerable historical evidence           description and summary                     Poor use of evidence
                                    Historical evidence is abundant                                                       Exhibits insufficient historical

Presentation of                     Thesis is clearly stated near the end      Thesis is developed, focused, and         Thesis answers the guiding question         Thesis attempts to answer the guiding
                                       of introduction and answers the             answers the guiding question             but is limited and/or unclear                  question but is poorly developed
Work:                                  guiding question                           Adequate topic sentences relate back    Topic sentences poorly constructed             and/or unclear.
Craft and structure                   Strong topic sentences clearly relate       to thesis                                and/or missing for one body paragraph         Topic sentences are missing
                                       back to thesis                             Transitions between paragraphs are      Transitions poorly constructed and/or         Transitions are missing
                                      Seamless transitions between                included                                 missing for one body paragraph                Paragraphs are poorly developed
                                       paragraphs provide continuity              Paragraphs are adequately developed     Paragraphs are not fully developed or          and/or organized
                                      Paragraphs are well-developed and           and organized                            organized                                     Quotes are not introduced and are not
                                       organized                                  Quotes are introduced and cited         Quotes are inadequately introduced             cited
                                      Quotes are thoroughly introduced            correctly                                and/or cited.                                 Paper is poorly written; many
                                       identifying its author, his/her            Writing demonstrates some fluency       Writing lacks fluency;                         mechanical/technical errors
                                       credentials and the source; cited           but could be strengthened; few           mechanical/technical errors distract the      Audience is not addressed
                                       correctly                                   mechanical/technical errors              reader
                                      Writing is fluent and demonstrates         Awareness of audience is not            Audience is not appropriately
                                       impressive clarity; no                      consistent                               addressed
                                       mechanical/technical errors
                                      Audience is addressed throughout the

Area of Emphasis:                                                                                                                                                   
This row will be used to
highlight specific writing skill
goals for an assignment

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