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					MD Real Estate Education Foundation Inc., t/a Partnership for Housing Foundation (PHF)
Maryland Home Makeover®

Key Partners: Local Realtor® associations, Local Chambers of Commerce, Social Services,
Veteran’s organizations, local builders, lenders, and community organizations

Program Type: Education; Financial Assistance

Association Size: 29,000

Award: $100,000

Approved: January 2009

Target Market:

Individuals, households, or surviving families of Police, Firefighters, EMT, Veterans,
Community/Everyday heroes, and developmentally-disabled or physically challenged
homeowners with homes requiring work or retrofitting or new homeowners.


This program is needed in Maryland because the portion of the population who are disabled,
first-responders (police, firefighters, EMS technicians, etc. who may become injured in the line
of duty), veterans and community heroes typically drop out of our range of vision for
maintaining/sustaining housing, even with the current focus on workforce housing and

The program addresses the need for affordable, sustainable housing in the workforce in the
event of family crisis and unexpected hardships. There are many deserving families for
community services; however, the services are not always available to stabilize the conditions
of their living environment. Without security of their home, a physical disability or traumatic
hardship, even death of a loved one, can become a complete upheaval in their lives.


Maryland Home Makeover is an existing program that completes necessary home repairs and
improvements to ensure the comfort, safety, health, security, and long-term affordability of the
dwelling for individuals, households, or surviving families of Police, Firefighters, EMT, Veterans,
Community/Everyday heroes, and developmentally-disabled or physically challenged. This
program is modeled after the American Home Month project of Frederick County Association of
The benefits of the program include completing necessary home repairs and improvements to
insure the comfort, safety, health, security and financial viability of the dwelling for the selected

The Partnership for Housing Foundation (PHF) program has identified qualified, priority
beneficiaries, including individuals, households or surviving families.

There are three models that can be used to meet the specific needs of the beneficiary:

     Model 1: Renovation of Existing Occupied Dwelling
     The Foundation hires a General Contractor to work with volunteer/reduced-fee contractors
     using discounted materials to complete the upgrades or code requirements of an existing
     property. The household is temporarily relocated if necessary during work on structural,
     electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems.

     Model 2: New Construction
     The Foundation partners with a local community ‘Steering Committee’ and builder to
     construct a new home on a lot that has been gifted or is already owned by the recipient

     Model 3: Renovation of Vacant Structure
     A joint State/Local Foundation Partnership is formed with a local nonprofit developer for

There are three underlying principles within each model:
     1 – Flexibility and affordability of the financial assistance provided, including grant terms
         and repayment options;
     2 – Energy-efficiency/Green Building, and Accessibility/Visit-ability; and
     3 – Financial viability/Sustainability and Credit Literacy.

           Generate community interest, response, and impact on issues surrounding
            affordable workforce housing;
           Promote Realtor® involvement and impact of program in their local communities;
           Improve Realtor® image in the community; and
           Raise awareness for the needs of workforce housing.

PHF will continue to partner with local Realtors®, community group, churches, schools and
charities. PHF intends to sustain the program beyond the grant funding period with a goal to
achieve the completion of four homes per year. PHF is planning a fundraising gala for 2010
(date to be determined) which is expected to raise over $100,000. PHF is also increasing our
Endowment Fund which will begin to contribute interest income to our budget in the next 5

For more information
Fern Dannis, Director of Housing Programs
Maryland Association of Realtors®
(800) 638-6425