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					Green Meetings
Now More Than Ever!

     Nancy J. Wilson, CMP
  Meeting Strategies Worldwide
Why is it important?
•   Cost Savings
•   Image and Risk Reduction
•   Competitive Advantage
•   Delegate Satisfaction
•   Employee Retention
  Destination is Key

Choose the right location and
  most of the work is done
  The most important
green features of a host
• 86% - the ability to walk between the meeting
  venue and accommodations/off sites
• 64% - transit accessibility, particularly between
  airport and the conference venue
• 51% - availability of recycling
                                             McKinley 2006
Cutting costs by choosing
      greener cities

• A walkable conference neighborhood makes a
  big difference!
• Choose hotels, venues and off-sites that are close
  to each other
• Reduce or eliminate the need to provide shuttles.
 Example : Oracle saved $60,000 by reducing shuttle service in
 September 2008
            Consider the Issues
• What is the purpose?
  -Annual meeting
  -Board retreat
 -Special event

• Where will the attendees come from?
  - Minimize the amount of air travel and ground
  - Do they have to rent a car?
     Consider the Meeting

•   Start the conversation with the RFP
•   Weigh each venue’s policies
•   Conduct a site inspection
•   Ensure practices are occurring
           Ask for Recycling
• Do they recycle glass, paper, aluminum,
  plastic, cardboard, grease?
• Is composting available?
     Ask about Energy and
      Water Conservation

•   Is there an energy-saving program in place?
•   Are lights turned off in meeting rooms when not in use?
•   Are toilets in restrooms low-flow?
•   Are hand dryers or recycled content towels available?
•   Are large containers of drinking water available?
 Ask about Responsible Purchasing

• Are cleaning products environmentally
• Are bathroom supplies recycled products?
• Minimal packaging on all supplies?
• Are vendors required to have environmental
             Fast Fact

•   85% turn out the lights
•   67% don’t heat/cool home
•   60% recycle
•   60% turn off water while brushing teeth
•   59% use more energy efficient bulbs
•   53% take short showers

Travel Industry Association Survey of 2,296 travelers, August 2007
 Ask About Sleeping

Do they have…
• Linen and towel reuse program?
• Amenity donation?
• Paperless check in and communication?
• Occupancy sensors?
           Why is it important?

 Request a linen and towel reuse program
Towel/sheet reuse - 150 room hotel saves 6,000 gals.
 of water and 40 gals of detergent
                         Source: Sustainable Lodging Program website
Fresh, healthy food and
   first class service
What To Ask For…
           Local, seasonal and organic
           Sustainable seafood
           Vegetarian options
           Reusable service ware,
            linens and decorations
           Biodegradable/
                compostable products
           Bulk condiments
           Food donation
     Economic Savings Example
Serving water in pitchers instead of plastic water
bottles - $46,000
                                         Source: Agile 2007 Conference

Bottled water costs between 250 and 10,000 times
more to produce. A plastic bottle takes up to 1,000
years to biodegrade.
                                       Source: Plenty Magazine 4/27/07
                 Local and Organic
 First preference – local and organic/natural

 Second preference – local, non-organic

 Third preference – organic, non-local

Local =product grown
within 100 miles
          Sustainable Seafood
        Use responsible seafood guides
 Monterey Bay Aquarium
 Blue Ocean Institute
 Similar program
              Vegetarian Options

Meat consumption per person/year
India = 11 lbs
USA = 271 lbs
         Serving Bulk Items
 Request condiments served in bulk such as
  sugar, milk, etc.

Caterers report a 50% - 62% savings
    Negotiate Green Practices
 Know what is negotiable
 Tell them why it’s important
 Include green practices in contract language:
       Convention center
       Hotel
       Caterer

                                Meeting Strategies Worldwide
              Measure Results
   Track green practices
   Capture measurements:
      Waste
      Percentage local/organic products
      Reduced paper usage
      Economic savings
   Evaluations from attendees

                                  Meeting Strategies Worldwide
      • Cost Savings
• Image and Risk Reduction
 • Competitive Advantage
  • Delegate Satisfaction
   • Employee Retention
Tools and Resources

                Meeting Strategies Worldwide
…want more?
•   Help getting started
•   8 planning categories
•   Sample contract language
•   Checklists
•   Helpful resources
•   Glossary of green terms


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