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                              Minutes of the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
                                     Held on Monday 26 April 2010
                               At Marco’s Bar, Eastwood Road, Rayleigh

The meeting commenced at 5.30 pm.

1.     Present:
       Martin Hodson – Peak Security, Carl Watson – Squires, Ken Wickham – Wickham
       Engineering, Grant Maton – Essex WildlifeTrust, Donna Adams – Adams Funeral Directors,
       Keith Fullick – Weave-a-Web, Michael Hoy – Michael Hoy Ltd, Edward Byford, David
       Sperring, Margaret Spencer, David Geach – RTC, Ian Ward – Nostalgia Works Ltd, Karen
       O‟Dowd – Bou-Chic, Peter Negus – Gallardo Sections UK, Jenny House – RDC, Alan
       Simpson – Alan Simpson & Co, Mark Worship – Marco‟s Bar, Victor Shepherd – Park Printing,
       Wyn Sharp – Essex Police, Paul Wilkins - Azzurro

2.     Apologies:
       There were apologies from PC Emma Chambers – Essex Police, Jackie Wellman – Courts,
       Jeff Stanton – Hockley Chamber of Trade, Carol and Mike Barrett – Barrett Lettings, Alan J
       Harvey - Consultants, Bob Stone - Acorn Bookkeeping, Mike Davies – Rayleigh Through the
       Looking Glass, Claire Relf – RDC, Mark Francois MP, Ian Poulton – Barclays, Lawrence
       Cantle – Rayleigh Hi fi, Lesley Dunne – Feathering your Nest, Barry Williamson – A&C

3.     Previous Minutes and Matters Arising
       The Minutes of the previous meeting were agreed as a true record and there were no matters

4.     Reports from officers of the Chamber
       President’s Report

       The President thanked everybody for attending. Last year had been challenging with global financial
       problems and local gas works. The chamber could only become stronger and more professional by
       increasing membership and with key volunteers taking on specific roles.
       August will see the return of our Family Fun Day, held for the first time in 2008, which establishes the
       Chamber as a positive influence within the Town.
       We have continued to build on our good relationship with Rayleigh Town Council and he specifically
       thanked David Sperring, the outgoing Chairman, and looked forward to working with Margaret
       Spencer and wished her well in her new role.
       He also thanked RDC with whom we have worked well and Jenny House and Claire for liaising
       between businesses and the Council.
       As a Chamber we have had greater awareness within the town through local media. On 8 March we
       held the first joint meeting of Rayleigh, Hockley and Rochford Chambers of Trade, which was
       productive and attended by approximately 70 people. This will become an annual meeting with topics
       affecting all three towns being discussed.
       His special thanks went to:
                Edward Byford who has retired from his business in the High Street but continues to support
                the Chamber in his role as Recruitment Officer. Membership is steadily increasing and he
                was sure Edward would agree that we must keep up the momentum to ensure the continued
                growth and efficiency of the Chamber. Edward also supports the Family Fun Day committee
                looking after the charity stalls, for which we are most appreciative.
                Bob Stone for his professionalism in maintaining the Chamber‟s accounts and all of our
                monetary transactions. This involves a great deal of time and effort.
                Mark Worship for allowing us to use Marco‟s for our meetings, which creates a very relaxed

               Martin Hodson for his continued role as Secretary and Vice President. He is an integral part
               of the Chamber and constantly updates the website, sends out agendas etc and copious
               administration behind the scenes.
               Gillian who makes sense of my ramblings and writes them up.
     The President felt that the Chamber had forged ahead and has a stronger presence within the wider
     There have been some enjoyable occasions along the way, in particular the recent trip to the Houses
     of Parliament as guests of RTC, which was popular and enjoyable evening.
     He was honoured to have represented the Chamber in sponsoring the Inter School Quiz in March and
     enjoyed watching the final and presenting the award to Our Lady of Ransom School.
     Carl also thanked those on the Family Fun Day Committee who are already hard at work planning,
     booking and cajoling people, companies etc into becoming involved in the event.
     He thanked all members and welcomed new members and would be appreciative if anybody would
     like to take on more active roles.
     The Executive Committee consists of Barry Williamson, Lesley Dunn, Jackie Welmann and Mark
     Worship, a group, which can get together and meet if emergencies come up. To have this in the
     background is very important.
     Treasurer – Bob Stone
     Bob sent his apologies. The books are fine and there is nothing major to discuss at the moment. He
     will bring them to the next meeting.
     Secretary - Martin Hodson
     Martin thanked everybody involved with the Chamber of Trade and gave special thanks to Carl who is
     the hub of what we are doing and has been instrumental in developing the relationship between the
     three chambers.

5.   Nomination and Election of Officers
     Carl had to step down as President. He was proposed for re-election by Martin Hodson, seconded by
     Edward Byford. Carl asked if any new nominees could come forward. Mark W was happy to be a
     member of the Executive Committee but could not always get away for evening meetings.
     The Committee is as follows:
             President                      Carl Watson
             Secretary and Vice President Martin Hodson
             Membership                     Edward Byford
             Treasurer                      Bob Stone
             Executive Committee            Lesley Dunne
                                            Jackie Wellmann
                                            Barry Williamson
                                            Mark Worship

6.   The date of the next AGM
     The proposed date is Monday 28 April 2011.

     The AGM was closed.

                   Minutes of the open meeting held on Monday 26 April 2010
                           At Marco’s Bar, Eastwood Road, Rayleigh

1.    Present and Apologies
      Present: Martin Hodson – Peak Securities, Carl Watson – Squires, Ken Wickham – Wickham
      Engineering, Grant Maton – Essex WildlifeTrust, Donna Adams – Adams Funeral Directors,
      Keith Fullick – Weave-a-Web, Michael Hoy – Michael Hoy Ltd, Edward Byford, David
      Sperring, Margaret Spencer, David Geach – RTC, Ian Ward – Nostalgia Works Ltd, Karen
      O‟Dowd – Bou-Chic, Peter Negus – Gallards Sections UK, Jenny House – RDC, Alan
      Simpson – Alan Simpson & Co, Mark Worship – Marco‟s Bar, Victor Shepherd – Park Printing,
      Wyn Sharp – Essex Police, Paul Wilkins - Azzurro
      Apologies: PC Emma Chambers – Essex Police, Jackie Wellman – Courts, Jeff Stanton –
      Hockley Chamber of Trade, Carol and Mike Barrett – Barrett Lettings, Alan J Harvey -
      Consultants, Bob Stone - Acorn Bookkeeping, Mike Davies – Rayleigh Through the Looking
      Glass, Claire Relf – RDC, Mark Francois MP, Ian Poulton – Barclays, Lawrence Cantle –
      Rayleigh Hi fi, Lesley Dunne – Feathering your Nest, Barry Williamson – A&C Investments

2.    Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising
      The minutes of the meeting held on 25 January 2010 were approved and there were no matters

3.    President’s Report
      Carl reported that it has been a busy month. We have had different things happening with the Quiz.
      Holy Trinity Church has commissioned the work on the Tower (this started on 21 March and will last
      for approximately six months). Flyers were available outlining what they are trying to achieve and we
      are linked with the Church website.
      We had a Three Chambers‟ Meeting on 8 March, which was extremely successful. The speakers
      were Janette McCarthy from the Bank of England, a Director from Thames Gateway, Alastair Welsh,
      the MD of Southend Airport and Paul Warren, the CEO from RDC.
      It is something to build on as each year goes by and it brought home what is actually relevant.

4.    Neighbourhood Action Plan
      Wyn said that with the support of RTC they are getting more people attending these meetings. The
      main problem currently being nuisance youth and anti-social behaviour within the town. There is a
      particular alleyway which has been identified and Brooklands continues to be worked on and there are
      also problems with youths at Grange Community Centre. There is a new operation now in place,
      which involves working with Rochford, Eastwood and Leigh on the usual summertime problem of
      mopeds. They can use Section 59 and may give warnings and if necessary confiscate vehicles which
      are used antisocially..
      NAP hold their monthly meeting at the RTC offices on the second Tuesday of each month,
      commencing at 7.30 pm. There is an Essex website but information is also available in Somerfields,
      Rayleigh Library, Civic Suite etc and advice can be given to elderly people.
      One of the well know PCSOs is returning to work in the town after having a baby.
      They are specifically working on £500 shoplifting in Boots.
      The statistics relating to Rochford District have now been issued, which indicates Rayleigh‟s crime
      figures went down by the greatest percentage.
      Carl congratulated Wyn and asked if anybody would like to take on a role of being able to go to the
      NAP meetings from the Chamber.

5.    Shop at my Local (SAML)
      Jenny reported that this has been going for 18 months with the official launch nearly a year ago. It is
      moving in the right direction and 326 businesses have signed up and 231 shoppers have pledged their
      support. We need to focus on getting residents and shoppers involved, and have a number of
      projects on the website.
      They have run three training courses on retail, tax and marketing for traders in conjunction with Anglia
      Ruskin University, and these are free if you are signed up. If anybody has staff that would benefit
      from a customer service course then please contact Jenny.

     They want more footfall to town traders with high level of customer service and initiatives. Events are
     a good way to get footfall into the town but resources are an issue. At the moment this project has
     some money but they need to sort out what events to put on in the town. With the Chamber and other
     partners they are looking to have a “Big Lunch” possibly in July. The Eden project - local website -
     local produce and local traders. We should plan ahead and do this next year. Members can support
     the project by using advertising for £20/£50, which gets reinvested on training etc and can continue to
     support SAML.
     She had various handouts but suggestions to promote the message would be gratefully received.
     RDC are looking to support the Young Entrepreneur event again with the three local secondary
     schools, which will subsequently generate income. RDC will fund the project and any money made
     will go back to SAML. Every student and every school will be invited to work on this project and they
     hope that the number of shoppers signing up will rocket. Hopefully the youngsters will come up with a
     good project that we will be able to sell to the retailers.
     There is a communications team that Keith sits on who will do a monthly prize draw where you may
     win a month‟s free advertising.
     Following her recent presentation to the local government sector, the FSA and Audit commission have
     shown interest. The legal team at RDC are now working to trademark the design, model, mission
     statement and aims, which they hope they can sell to other councils etc. at a cost of £3,000/£5,000.
     Carl said that the VAT training course was very informative. The next course will be on marketing is to
     be held on 24/26 May. Please let Jenny know if you have any required training needs so that she can
     create suitable courses for the future.
     Edward asked if participating members receive an Email to keep them informed. Often the older
     population is not happy that everything is on-line and is it feasible to have a magazine or use the
     Yellow Advertiser or RDM? Jenny responded that at the moment they are due to do an update but a
     long term solution could be to include this information in a magazine called Who Can You Trust.
     SAML has an automated response for traders generated by the website reminding them that their
     voucher is due to run out.
     Karen said that voting is currently taking place on line for Miss Southend with 4,000 hits being
     recorded last week. This takes the audience to SAML which will increase awareness.

6.   Rayleigh Town Council
     David Sperring said that they have added to everything done in previous years and continue as a
     successful council. It is a fair reflection that five years ago the Chairman of the Council undertook 30
     outside engagements and this year it has risen to 150. They have gone out into the community and
     the community has responded.
     The Christmas Lights event was a roaring success but sponsorship is a big issue. RTC received a
     Silver Gilt Award from the Anglia in Bloom competition, which was fantastic in view of the fact that
     Rayleigh does not have a river, monastery etc.
     They are looking for sponsorship for 25 hanging baskets in Websters Way car park and have had a
     good response so far. Please get in touch if you would like to sponsor.
     RTC has and will continue to support SAML.
     With Wyn they have gone from strength to strength with NAP. It has been successful and worthwhile
     and 30+ people attended the last meeting with potential hotspots being highlighted.
     He would like to thank the Chamber for their sponsorship for the School Quiz. The enthusiasm has
     been overwhelming and the standard extremely high. The knock-on effect is that, hopefully, Hockley
     and Rochford schools will be participating next year, while the winner of this year‟s event was Our
     Lady of Ransom.
     A couple of months ago they were looking at the next project for King Georges Field and decided that
     the skateboard area needed updating. RTC highlighted that funding from the Essex Youthbank may
     be a source of funding but that any application has to be made by the youths involved. RTC then sat
     down with about 15 youths at the skatepark and together with a youth worker put a bid together.
     £78,500 was obtained which is phenomenal.
     Another project is to look for more allotments. Currently we have about 138, but there is a waiting list
     of 80. The Woodland Trust may have some land at Lower Wyburns.
     Regarding the winter and the snow, Marc Francois was approached and Carl now has copies of
     letters from the Health and Safety Executive and Ministry of Transport indicating that you may clear
     the areas in front of your shops without running the risk of being sued.

7.   Family Fun Day
     Carl - This is moving along a great speed and he would like to thank everybody involved.
      Paul at Azzuro is undertaking the marketing and the flyers are being printed and can be Emailed so
      that they can be linked in with SAML. The website will soon be operational and we will then be
      looking at posters. The response so far has been successful. Solar Radio are happy to compare the
      event and Barry has assistance with another Solar Radio DJ. We will also have new bands, a sports
      theme, classic cars and different stallholders. If anybody has additional ideas and can help, please
      contact Carl.
      The event is at the end of August and we will need volunteers on the day and people will be badgered
      at the next meeting. Legacy have a number of volunteers who can help and we should have bouncy
      castles etc.
      Edward thanked Paul who had put a really professional edge on it. Martin was very impressed with
      the poster and website which are excellent.
      The Echo will be on board to give us lots of publicity in the next couple of months.

8.    Recruitment Drive
      We have four honorary members and have membership of 56 with potential for further new members.
      Edward said that this is a project on his „to do‟ list and he has recruitment forms and information packs
      for new members and Certificate of Membership to display. We now have a complete package but
      have to get this out to people.

9.    Website
      The website should not be forgotten. Mike Davies has put a lot of work into this and included a lot of
      before and now photographs.
      Keith reported that this now includes a historical section with help from Mike from Through the Looking
      Glass, with photos going back to 1890. It is interesting to see how Rayleigh used to look with
      landmarks and texts through the ages and we have identified buildings, which are now occupied by
      In the last year we have had 9,000 visitors to the site and it is worth keeping your pages up to date.
      With SAML he can advertise shops etc for free. He welcomes feedback and ideas and will revamp
      using Facebook/Twitter and will enhance our event calendar. His contact details are at the bottom or
      every page.
      Chamber listing and Google. If you search for a service provided by our members they will be found
      via the Chamber site as well and the more information you put on your page the more likely you will be
      There is a commercial benefit of being on the Chamber and Shop at my Local sites. It makes a
      practical difference and is free.
      Keith was thanked for doing a tremendous job.

10.   Any Other Business
      Proposed event for 2012 at Rayleigh Mount. Medieval England in 14 century
      Ian Ward spoke regarding a proposed event at Rayleigh Mount in 2012. He would like to develop a
      unique and historical event at the Mount to at the same time as the Olympic Bike Riding at Hadleigh.
      He has spoken with the Heritage Lottery Fund who is prepared to give funding but he will also need
      the help of RDC. While this would have to be looked at as a commercial venture, RTC are willing to
      support the event but without financial resources.
      Martin will put relevant information which on the website and Carl hopes that members from the
      Chamber will join a committee in due course.

      Jenny reported that RDC had started business breakfast meetings, and had one on 10 March
      regarding Going Green. She had flyers.
      Starting project re carbon economy – retail businesses are able to apply – hopefully to make you more
      productive and profitable. Contact Jenny or Claire to make referral.
      There is another breakfast meeting on 10 June – Skills for Businesses - where they will look at
      employment and skills needed in the area. The public sector agency will try to ensure the right skills
      are available within the area but there is already the opportunity for potential apprenticeships in
      maintenance skills with the development of the Airport. Job Centre Plus have been invited to speak at
      the forthcoming business breakfast.

       Martin mentioned proposals for travellers‟ sites in this district at Rawreth Lane, Swallow Nurseries and
       Hullbridge Road.     People were worried about the effect these sites will have around the
       neighbourhood. Two families will be on these sites.
       David S reiterated that there was an awful lot of misinformation going out about this at the moment.
       He has been talking to RDC. Over 200 sites have been put up but these include residential, industrial
       and travellers. Swallow have put their land up for all three. The consultation finishes on 30th April
       and RDC will have looked at people‟s comments. Full details can be obtained in due course from
       RDC Planning Office, but no doubt further proposals will be submitted.
       Once further recommendations are proposed by RDC Jenny will organise someone to visit the
       Chamber to discuss specific concerns.

       Grant added that a few weeks ago he attended an RDC meeting for Friends of Cherry Orchard
       Country Park. RDC have compulsorily purchased some land and are looking at a car park at the end
       of Grove Road and Toomeys Garage. With Cherry Orchard County Park they will work with Southend
       Council and all woodland areas etc will be linked up with the Wildlife Trust. Jenny said there is an
       area action plan.

       Regarding Car Parking charges, Jenny will try to provide Carl with details in the next few days.

       Mark asked about the clamping situation. A member of staff had a car clamped and taken, with a
       fine of £500. Carl said this was still ongoing. Complaint letters are forwarded to Mark Francois but
       until legislation is changed clampers are operating within the law. People are now aware of the
       clampers and they are not such high profile. Some of the shops in Websters Way have pulled out.
       Dave S said that clamping signs have been removed at ATS and he believed legislation was put in
       during the Parliament “washing up” period. He and Mark have attended meetings with the clampers
       and Mark will do his utmost to limit their powers if Conservatives get in.

       Carl thanked everybody for coming. The next meeting will focus on the Family Fun Day.

11.    Date of next meeting
       The next meeting is to be held on Monday 26 July at 5.30 pm in Marco‟s Bar.

The meeting closed at 6.55 pm.

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