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					Makes Perfect Guitar Music
The way to develop a habit is by repeating a set of actions over and over. Anything that you repeat
numerous times becomes a habit and is always the purpose of practice. If you repeat mistakes and
errors when practicing, then they too become a habit. The process of practicing effectively is about
identifying and repeating things you want to be able to play.

Make your practice time count:

1) Concentrate on small pieces of music. Practice only as much material as you have time and
patience to go over multiple times. The more you practice any section of music, the less your will
mind retain. Try 20 to 30 minute sessions to start with and always return to the same point you left
off, (this is a great technique). Slow down and play correctly and smoothly. Go over sections that you
need to repeat to get them right, they typically contain the same mistakes.

2) Trying to record the things you practice is a good idea (you will hear amazing things). Practicing
with a metronome is also helpful to keep the proper time or beat.If you practice errors they become
habitual and they begin to feel like a natural part of your playing.

3) Isolate your mistakes and repeat small portions of difficult parts slowly. You should practice small
parts of a difficult section 3 to 5 times until you can get it.Then play it back in context until you can
play it naturally. Follow this advice about practicing and it will become a solid habit and you will be
able to play your licks quickly and cleanly in no time!

4) Repeat step 3 until you can perform the whole piece (the thing you are practicing) without effort
or mistakes. Be sure you are able to repeat several pieces of material in order and also in the proper
time and beat.

Most of your time in lessons and in practice is spent doing things based on the above concept.
Lessons should be able to provide you the most up to date materials with which to learn the kind of
music you want to play.

It should be affordable. Find a good lesson program. Most of these things you will practice many,
many times, so they better be something you enjoy playing and might even want to share with your
friends and family. When most people hear the word practice they usually have a negative reaction. It
doesn't have to be that way.

Try this: Figure out what you want to learn. Practice three times a week for a half hour, no more. Do
this for two weeks and see if you do not improve.

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