For when am weak then am strong by liaoqinmei


									          The Messenger                                        September 2008
                         “For when I am weak, then I am strong. 2 Corinthians 12:10

                                        STRENGTH IN WEAKNESS

Strength is an admirable quality. Everyone wants to be strong; no one wants to be weak. The physically
strong always have an advantage over the physically weak. The world relies on such strength. Nations vie
with each other for military might. They depend on the strength of arms to secure supremacy in the world
and often use their strength to suppress the weak. Athletes train strenuously to develop strength, because the
strong are the winners; the weak the losers.

What could Paul possibly mean when he says, “When I am weak, then I am strong”? How are these two
opposites compatible? It is another of Paul’s profound paradoxes. Just as he found joy in his sufferings, so
he finds strength in his weakness. What an amazing display of God’s grace!

It is the grace of God that makes us forget whatever human strength we may have and depend entirely upon
the strength supplied by the Lord. The strong think they have no need of help and do not seek it. The weak
know their need and lay hold of the Almighty’s grace!

The accomplishments of the great heroes of faith were not the result of the human strengths these
individuals possessed. Moses could only point to his weaknesses, the abilities he lacked when the Lord
called upon him to lead His people out of Egypt. Never did Moses say, “I have led you out of slavery.” It
was always, “The Lord with His strength, with His mighty hand has brought us out of Egypt.”

The Gospel did not prevail because it originated in the great powers of the first century, in the learning of
Greece and in the strength of Rome. It originated in the weakness of Palestine and Galilee. As Paul
declared, “God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” The weakness of God is
stronger than man’s strength. In the weakness of His sufferings the strength of Christ was made perfect.
His cross is the strength of Christianity.

The Lord manifests His strength in our weaknesses, too. The trials we endure, the sufferings we experience,
the crosses we are called upon to bear display the grace of Him who invites us, “Come to Me, all you who
are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” May we cast all our anxiety upon Him because He
cares for us, and when we suffer according to His will, commit ourselves to our faithful Creator and
continue to do good, then in our weaknesses we are strong.

Your Servant in the Word,

Pastor Thompson
Romans 8:28
                           THOSE SERVING IN SEPTEMBER


            Early                                    Late
Dan Adams/Roger Ruff/                          Scott Davidson/ Cliff Stein/
Bradford Pigors/Bob Barnes                     Bob Davis/ Duane Borski

              Early                                              Late
9/7           Rick Mericle & Cal Meisner              Helmut Kropp
9/14          Rick Mericle                            Mike Brown & Helmut Kropp
9/21          Cal Meisner & Rick Mericle              Mike Brown
9/28          Cal Meisner                             Helmut Kropp & Mike Brown

              Early                                                Late
9/7           Nicholas Solusod & Xander Solusod       Sylas Boniek & Geoff Boyd
9/14          T.J. Williams & Matthew Bopp            Austyn Acker & Tyler Glaubitz
9/21          David Robey & Colten Young              Nicholas Solusod & Xander Solusod
7/28          T. J. Williams & David Robey            Geoff Boyd & Draven Thompson

Altar Guild               Shirley Ehlers & Kathy Anderberg
                          “SET YOUR MIND ON THE THINGS ABOVE”
                                                         (Colossians 3:2)

Dear Fellow Saints:
    A new adult Bible study began on Sunday, August 24th that is devoted to the Biblical doctrine of HEAVEN
as God explains to us in His Word. This new series of 15 lessons from the “Good News” publication is an
insightful study about our eternal home and the joys that we can expect when we meet our Savior in the glories
of HEAVEN! The following article was the first lesson in this series and we highly encourage everyone to join
us at 9:15 am in the Fellowship Hall. Your faith will grow in these foretastes of paradise!

                                               (“Good News” / Issue #17)
                              HEAVEN “I Go to Prepare a Place for You” (John 14:2))
   Over 43 thousand radio stations broadcast their message each day throughout the world. The result is 290
million hours of programming each year, including a staggering 35 million hours of advertisements!
   Using every manipulative power known to man, these advertisements are designed to persuade listeners to set
their minds on obtaining earthly goods so that their lives can be happier and more fulfilled. But this advice for
living is totally opposite from what God says: “Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on
earth” (Colossians 3:2). Jesus cautions: “not even when one has an abundance does his life consist of his
possessions” (Luke 12:15).
    The apostle Paul says there are many whose “god is their appetite, and whose glory is in their shame, who
set their minds on earthly things” (Philippians 3:19).
                               Take the High Road in Life: Set Your Mind on Heaven
    Don’t let the devil tempt you to set your mind on earthly matters or seek earthly goods. Instead, take the high
road: “Set your mind on the things above” (Colossians 3:2)
    According to Bible scholars, your heavenly Father has arranged that no less than one-sixth of His New
Testament is filled with references to the joy of heaven and the reappearance of Christ.
    This issue of GOOD NEWS presents key references to the blessings God promises to those who set their
minds on heavenly things and not on things that are on earth. Just as a person can come out of a dark and dingy
cave into fresh air and sunlight, so, also, as you learn about God’s constant references to the joy of heaven, let
your mind and soul emerge from the dark and dingy cave of worldly lusts and enter into the bright light of
God’s Son. As St. Paul declares, “Keep seeking the things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of
God” (Colossians 3:1)
    As you will learn from this issue of Good News, the blessing of setting your mind on heavenly things is for
all, not only for the aged or the dying. The blessings God promises to all those who set their minds on heavenly
things are for all ages, including children and teenagers.
                                      God Will Help You Reprioritize Your Life
    As you look toward knowing more of the joys of heaven, always remember that, on your own, you cannot
reprioritize your life (Romans 7:19), or put heavenly thoughts before your earthly thoughts. However, God can
and will set your heart and mind aright for you (Romans 12:2; Ephesians 1:17-18).
    Search the Scriptures for even more of God’s references to heaven. Launch into your new life in Christ with
God’s living Word, and say: “I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in
me; and the life which I now live in the flesh [as I, by faith, contemplate the joy of heaven] I live by faith in the
Son of God, who loved me, and gave Himself up for me” (Galatians 2:20).
    Be prepared to be surprised with joy as this issue of Good News leads you to the Word and promises of God
regarding His many blessings that result from “SEEKING THE THINGS ABOVE, WHERE CHRIST IS,

Prayer: Dear heavenly Father, by Your Spirit, direct my eyes and thoughts toward heaven. Fill my mind with the joyous
conviction that, as I look up to You, You will set my feet on a solid path through this uncertain world. Give me the joy of living on
earth, serving others and praising You for the marvels of Your creation. Set my mind on things above, In Jesus’ Name! Amen.

                                  Your fellow servants in the Lord - The Board of Elders
                                                   A Painless Way to Give
                                             Did you know that in our challenging
                                      economic times you can still make your dollars serve
                                      two purposes?

September Birthdays
                                                   Our school has been selling grocery
                                      certificates for many years. The grocers return a
Sept. 1     Joey Bopp
                                      portion of the money back to the school, but you
            Ava Mericle
                                      still get full value of your certificate, and the
      2     Bob Barnes
                                      school benefits from the extra operating cash. For
      8     Travis Little
                                      example: for every $100.00 spent, $5.00 would be
      9     Devon Howard
                                      returned to our school.
      10    Ann Grossmann
      11    Donavon Buss                       We all need to buy groceries, so why not
            Dan Schasny               help the school by buying grocery certificates? In
            Angel Urban               doing so, we nourish our bodies, as well as our souls.
      12    Bailey Murphy                      The grocery certificates are sold on Sunday
      17    Clementine Clyker         morning in the narthex and on weekdays at our
            Deann Davidson            school office.
            Ken Feemster                       Please consider this opportunity to increase
      18    Marge Buss                our mission opportunity, and may God bless your
            Esther Carpenter          giving!
                                                               The Board of Christian Living
      19    Quinn Clyker
            Carl Sylvester
            Christine Young
      20    Charles Pope
      22    Shauna Yanke
      23    Bob Akmenkalns
      24    Amanda Warner
      25    Sydney Grossmann
      26    Jennifer Sanchez          Rocky Mountain Highs
      27    Brandi Arke
            Nicole Arke               The highest paved road in North America is the
            Lori Murphy               road to Mt. Evans off of I-70 from Idaho Springs.
            Mike Murphy               The road climbs up to 14,258 feet above sea level.
            Roberta Nigon
                                      The Great Sand Dunes National Park near
September Anniversaries               Alamosa contains the highest dunes in the U.S.
Sept. 4     Jeff & Brenda Davis       They are 700 feet high.
      6     Shan & Kristi Ziel
      7     Gene & Wyonne Sylvester   Leadville is the highest incorporated city in ther
            Larry & Kim Larsen        United States at 10,430 feet.
            Tony & Janet Coraggio
      12    John & Angela Davidson    The highest suspension bridge in the world is the
      28    Jim & Gayle Phillips      Royal Gorge Bridge near Canon City, which is
            Brian & Enea Hempelmann   1,053 feet above the Arkansas River.

                                      At 11,112 feet above sea level, the Eisenhower
                                      Tunnel is the highest auto tunnel in the world.
                            FALL ROAD RALLY

Mark your calendars now for September 28th at 2:00 pm! We will be having a family
road rally for any interested members of the church, school families and guests.

What is a road rally? A road rally is basically a race where teams drive from point to
point following clues to try to arrive at the final destination first. The clues will take you
to some various public places throughout the North Metro area. We will all end up at a
restaurant to enjoy dinner and tell tales of the journey. The first place team will win
dinner and there may be some other prizes.

                     What do I need? All that is needed besides some drivers is people to
go with them and figure out the clues. Any required reference material will be provided.
It is helpful if at least one person in each car has a cell phone. We ask that people bring
$5 for an individual or $10 for a family so that we can cover the winner’s dinner at the

Please sign up on the bulletin board outside of the church office or school office if you
are interested. Please also list if you are able to drive and how many people you can
take so we can plan the teams. This is a great opportunity for everyone young and old
to get together, spend some time with old friends, and meet some new friends and have
some fun.

If you have any questions, please contact the church office at 303-469-1785.

Look forward to seeing you on the 28th.
                                               I saw Jesus this morning.
                                               He was in my kitchen making my breakfast
                                               And fixing me a special lunch.
                                               For just a minute
                                               He looked like my Mom,
                                               But it was Jesus.
                                               I could feel the love from His heart.

                                               I see Jesus everywhere,
I SAW JESUS                                    Taking food to the sick,
                                               Being friendly to a newcomer,
I saw Jesus Last week.                         And for just a minute
He was wearing blue jeans and an old shirt.    I think he's someone I know,
He was up at the church building.              But it's always Jesus.
He was alone and working hard.                 I can tell by the way He serves.
For just a minute
He looked a little like one of our members,    May someone see JESUS in me and you today.
But it was Jesus.
I could tell by his smile.

I saw Jesus last Sunday.
He was teaching a Bible class.
He didn't talk real loud or use long words,
But you could tell he believed what he said.
For just a minute
He looked like my Sunday School teacher,
But it was Jesus.                              Roller-skating/ Rollerblading Party
I could tell by his loving voice.

I saw Jesus yesterday.                         Calling all youth in 5 th –12 th Grades! We
He was at the hospital visiting                are going to kick off our first youth
A friend who was sick.                         event of the year with a roller
They prayed together quietly.                  skate/ blade party         in the gym
For just a minute                                             th
He looked like my preacher,
                                               September 12 from 6:30-9:00.
But it was Jesus,                              We will start the evening with a
I could tell by the tears in his eyes.         devotion and information meeting and
                                               then have fun skating.
I saw Jesus the other day.
                                               Please remove all brakes from roller
He was bringing a covered dish over to me
Because I had been sick.                       blades before using them in the gym.
Just for a minute
I thought it was my sweet neighbor's
Gentle hands stroking my shoulder,
But it was Jesus.
I could feel Him in my soul.

An informative meeting regarding the Altar Guild will be held the evening of September 10, at 7:00
p.m. in the Fellowship Hall. All members of the Altar Guild and all women of Beautiful Savior
interested in this special service to our Lord and Savior are invited to attend.

This is a wonderful way to serve our Lord and to assist and support Pastor Thompson. We look
forward to seeing you on the 10th.

                       CALLING ALL SINGERS AND RINGERS

It is that time of year! The days are getting shorter, school is back in session, and the
weather is thinking about cooling down. That means it is time to start our practices for the
choirs of Beautiful Savior. Choir practice for both the Senior Choir and the Handbell Choir
will begin on Sunday, September 7 at the following times:

Senior Choir          1:00 pm

Handbell Choir        2:00 pm

The time commitment is one hour per week for practice and singing/ringing during church
services (mostly on Sunday mornings).

No prior experience is necessary, only a desire to make a joyful noise for the Lord!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact either the church office at 303-
469-1785 or Marc Bower at 720-272-1115 or
                                                         “The Lutheran Hour”
                                                 Message Schedule for September 2008

Lutheran Hour Ministries produces and airs radio and TV programming around the world in more than 80
languages. The Lutheran Hour reaches millions over more than 800 North American radio stations and is the
world’s oldest continually broadcast Gospel radio program.

“The Lutheran Hour” will air the following messages in September. Please tune to 850 KOA (AM) at
6:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings or go to anytime and select your choice of
listening options.

*Sept. 7th       “Who is Greatest?” (Matthew 18:1-20)
                     It’s human nature to want to be “first” among peers. Jesus shows us what true greatness is.
                      (Speaker: Rev. Dr. Ken Klaus)

*Sept. 14th      “What God Has Done” (Jeremiah 9:23-24)
                     Human wisdom boasts of its accomplishments. Faith looks humbly to Jesus Christ and all that
                     He has done for us.
                     (Speaker: Rev. Dr. Ken Klaus)

*Sept. 21st      “God’s Ways Aren’t Our Ways” (Isaiah 55:6-9)
                     God doesn’t always fit our image of Him. That’s good, too.
                      (Speaker: Rev. Dr. Ken Klaus)

*Sept. 28th          “TBA”

The Lutheran Hour is also available to our military personnel at:
Please contact Mike Brown or Bob Barnes with any questions or other concerns you may have regarding “The
Lutheran Hour” or Lutheran Hour Ministries. Thank You!!
                          (Also, see the Web Site: for all resources)
Each of the Boards at Beautiful Savior has specific duties as stated in our Constitution. The Board of
Christian Education is featured this month.

C.     Board of Christian Education

       1.     The Board of Christian Education shall consist of five or more voting members, who
              shall be elected annually for a term of three years. Such terms shall be staggered so that one
              or more members of this Board are elected each year. The Pastor(s), the Principal of
              the Elementary Christian Day School, the Director of the Early Learning Center, and
              the Superintendent of the Sunday School and the Weekday School of Religion shall be
              advisory members of this Board. The Board shall elect a Chairman from among its
              members annually.

       2.     The Board of Christian Education shall:

              a.     Operate a Sunday School for the youth of the Congregation through college age,
                     a Weekday School of Religion, an Elementary Christian Day School, and an
                     Early Learning Center.

              b.     In conformity with Article IV of the Constitution, recommend for approval, by
                     the Voters’ Assembly, individuals to become employees of the Congregation to
                     work in the School and Early Learning Center in the positions of Principal,
                     Director of the Early Learning Center and teacher. Any individuals who are
                     approved by the Voters’ Assembly to occupy and carry out the duties and
                     responsibilities of said positions shall be employees of the Elementary Christian
                     Day School or Early Learning Center and of the Congregation.

              c.     (1)     Develop a call or contract of employment with any employee of the
                             Elementary Christian Day School or Early Learning Center and submit
                             such call or contract to the Voters’ Assembly for approval.

                     (2)     Any other offers of employment that do not fall in the above categories
                             shall be made in writing.

              d.     Develop duties and job descriptions for every employee of the Elementary
                     Christian Day School and Early Learning Center in conformity with Article IV
                     of the Constitution.

              e.     Ensure that each employee in the Elementary Christian Day School and Early
                     Learning Center is qualified pursuant to Articles III and IV of the Constitution.

                                                                          Continued on next page >
f.   With the assistance of the Pastor(s), Principal of the Elementary Christian Day
     School, and the Director of the Early Learning Center, and consistent with their
     areas of responsibility, set up adequate educational objectives for every age level
     receiving instruction in the Sunday School, Weekday School of Religion,
     Vacation Bible School, Elementary Christian Day School, and Early Learning

g.   Ensure that the curriculum used in the Sunday School, Weekday School of
     Religion, Vacation Bible School, Elementary Christian Day School, and the
     Early Learning Center shall conform to the Confessional Standard of Article III
     of the Constitution, shall meet the objectives established pursuant to
     subparagraph C.2.f. of this Article, and shall be comprehensive, balanced, and

h.   Encourage a Parent/Teacher organization for the Elementary Christian Day
     School and Early Learning Center.

i.   Bring to the attention of the Board of Trustees the need for facilities and
     equipment necessary for education purposes.

j.   Recruit a Sunday School Superintendent whose responsibility shall include the
     recruiting of Sunday School teachers who shall be communicant members of the
     Congregation, and who shall accept and profess the Confessional Standard of
     Article III of the Constitution.

k.   Meet monthly or as often as the Board deems necessary to carry out its duties,
     but at least once before each regular meeting of the Voters’ Assembly. Special
     meetings of the Board may be called by a Pastor, the Chairman of the Board, the
     Principal of the Elementary Christian Day School, the Director of the Early
     Learning Center, or by agreement of two members of the Board.

l.   Report to the Voters’ Assembly at each regular meeting of the same.

m.   Prepare a proposed budget for its annual activities and areas of responsibility for
     submission to the Financial Committee by February 1st of each year, which
     proposed budget shall include compensation packages for every employee of the
     Elementary Christian Day School and Early Learning Center.

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