My Classmates by yaosaigeng


									 Quotes from
My Classmates
   By: Nawanna Bazile
   Alysha Horton
What was the
last book you                                        What would
    read??                                           you do if you
                                                     won the
   Dr. Seuss,                                        lottery??
  Green eggs                                         Move
  and Ham &                                          away…far
   Sam I am;            What are your                away! Buy
   Favorite            lifelong dreams??             cars, oMg, i’M
  Quote: “Big                                        in love with
  Fish, Little           Graduate high
                        school, have an              cars. i’M a
fish…red fish,                                       fanatic for
                       associate’s degree
Blue fish…i’M                                        cars, i’M 16
                      in petrochemical,
a fish, you’re                                       with 2 cars
                      join the air force
     a fish”           while having my               now!!
                      collegepaid for to
                        become a secret
                        agent in the FBI

                 Do you have any siblings?? if so,
                 tell me something about them

                Half brother and he likes to
                 play football and dance
  Edolia Banks

                  What would you do
                  if you won the

                  I would move
                  and give money
                  to my family
                What are your lifelong

               Graduate and become
                     a criminal
                 investigator and
               succeed in my lifestyle

        Do you have any siblings?? if so, tell me
               something about them

         5 brothers and 1 sister; I rather
        not comment on my brothers but
           my sister loves to be bad and

           What was the last book you read??

she’s My BaBy; it was worth reading Because it shows
     how much you can care for another child
                although it isn’t yours
         Nawanna Bazile
          If you could change anything             What do you do in your free
          about yourself, what would it            time??
          MY NAME and some                         Shop, TEXT, cheer & just
                                                   “chill” around the house
          physical features that can’t
          be discussed! lol

What are some things you dislike??         Where will you be in 5 years??

CHICKEN, dark sodas, my daddy, cheaters,   Attending the University of Texas in
FAILING, Bianca’s Singing, being           Austin working on my Bachelor’s degree in
undecided, guys that smoke, FAKE           biology while trying to get accepted into
HANDBAGS, drunk people, Moriah’s           UTMB in Galveston, Texas

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