1 Old English Cemetery Wyatt_ Arthur Lee b Aug. 22_ 1875 d. Oct by dfgh4bnmu



                                    Old English Cemetery

Wyatt, Arthur Lee     b Aug. 22, 1875       d. Oct. 23, 1877      son of N.C. and N.E. Wyatt
Wyatt, Henry          b. July 9, 1855       d June 30, 1862
Wyatt, N.C.           b. Jan 5, 1842        d. May 18, 1912
Wyatt, Nancy E.       B. June 7, 1837       d Nov. 4, 1903        wife of N.C.Wyatt

                       Fork Baptist Church Cemetery, Davie Co., NC

Infant son of W. (William) A. (Albert) Wyatt and Ruth Foster Wyatt, b. June 17, 1917
Infant son of W. A. Wyatt and Ruth Foster Wyatt b. April 7, 1928
Wm Wyatt               b. Feb. 4, 1802      d. July 27, 1867
Hiram A, Wyatt         b. Nov. 9, 1837      d. Aug 4, 1858 Son of Wm. and Susannah Wyatt
Wyatt, Sarah Pauline b. Jan 26, 1921        d. Aug. 2, 1957
Wyatt, Lewis Caesar b. March 31, 1898       d. Oct. 7, 1955 father of Sarah Pauline Wyatt
Bailey, Wiley S.       b. June 17, 1872     d. April 11, 1904 (son of Sanford and Emily Bailey)
Bailey, Coleman M. b. July 28, 1867         d. April 12, 1931 “ ”         “
Bailey, Albert S.      b. Dec. 28, 1862     d. Nov. 26, 1871 son of S. and E. Bailey
Bailey, Sanford        b. about 1820        d. Dec. 11, 1872 ae about 52 y (husband of Emily)
Bailey, Emily (Foster) b. 1825              d. Nov. 26, 1880 ae 54 yrs. Wife of Sanford Bailey
Brinegar, Melony       b. Nov. 17, 1851     d. Mar. 22, 1934 wife of W. H. Wyatt
W. H. Wyatt            b. May 30, 1833      d. Feb. 20, 1905
Susan, wife of Wm. Wyatt and daughter of John and Elizabeth Cope died of small pox
                       b. May 2, 1806       d. Feb. 22, 1863 aged 57 y 2 mo 10 d


                                         Bible Record

                Bible belonged to Samuel A. Bailey and wife Mollie Jane Bailey

Copied from old Bible that was in the possession of Mrs. Bessie Wyatt Williams in Winston-
Salem, NC Oct. 1963. Bible is still in the possession of family members.

Samuel A. Bailey and Mary J Sheets were married the 16th day of March 1893. Witnessed by
John N. Wyatt, Martha M. Foster and Josie A VanEaton

Samuel A. Bailey son of Sanford and Emily Bailey was born Sept 29, 1860.

Mary J. Bailey (Mollie) wife of Samuel A. Bailey was born Oct. the 15th 1877

Samuel A. Bailey died May 10, 1901

George W. Sheets died Feb. 23, 1914
Susan M Sheets died Oct. 20, 1907 (she was Susan Wyatt, half sister to John N. Wyatt)

James P. Burton and Lelia V. Peel

James P. Burton was born March 1860
Lelia V. Peebles born Nov. 26, 1857
Lelia V. Burton died April 7, 1905

On one of the front fly- leaves was written: S. A. Bailey
                                              Moley Bailey Bible

In small writing under the above on same page:
Samuel A. Bailey
Mollie Jane Bailey
May the 28th 1895


              Story of Sarah Bryan(t), wife of Samuel Bailey from Halifax, Va.

 The following story was found in the McCubbin records in the Rowan County, NC Library, in
                                  the N. C. Genealogy room

A very interesting romance could be made of the life of Samuel Bailey. As told me by one of his
descendants by his first wife,--- name with held by request --- who is not only highly educated
but strictly conscientious. Samuel Bailey of Halifax, Va. went to Philadelphia as a nineteen year
old boy, and met Sarah Bryan-- (or Bryant--) somewhat younger still, and they -- feeling that life
would be more delightful if spent with each other -- had the ceremony performed and notified
his parents. The springtime of their lives must have fled, for they considered the marriage a
most injudicious proceeding and disinherited the couple. So, hand in hand with love and God’s
blessing, our happy lovers tripped their way to N.C. by “Walker’s Express”. Their home, a
pinelog hut, may or may not have shielded their bodies from the shrill north winds, but it at least
preserved them until the arrival, on horseback, of her brother with a little bag of gold--
presumably her portion of her father’s estate as he had gone to rest.

With this little nest egg, their fortune was made and the comforts of life were theirs. His
parents may have regretted their disloyalty to flesh and blood, at any rate they came to share his
affluence and remained until both were prematurely removed by death-- he by an untimely
attack of pneumonia at the age of 110 years and she died, slightly younger, upon hearing that he
was no more. Both were interred at the same time-- probably in the same grave-- in the old
Dutchman’s Creek Church yard a few miles from Mocksville, Davie Co., N.C.

Sarah was a brave woman-- facing frontier life with only Cupid as a guarantor would find little
favor with maidens of our day-- but she again showed her mettle during the Revolutionary War.
Samuel being absent upon one of his many tours-- he hauled merchandise from Philadelphia and
elsewhere for the merchants in N.C.-- two armed strangers arrived at her home and demanded
arms and money. Very suavely she asked them to have breakfast with her and went out to give
the extra orders for her guests. Quite probably too, this breakfast was more tempting than was
usual during this unsettled period-- at any rate, they stacked their arms against the wall and fell
to. Being absorbed with the business at hand, they failed to notice that some Negro men had
tipped close enough to get the guns through the aid of the hostess, and we can imagine their
chagrin when interrupted by orders of “Right Face”. Through the fore-thought of Madame
Sarah, these gentlemen finished their conversation-- if not their meal-- in that ladies’
smokehouse carefully attended by colored slaves. Later some armed men with sufficient
authority escorted the guests to other entertainment, which may have (?) stopped their calls upon
defenseless ladies forevermore-- they were Tories.


                                Notes made, written in long hand, in the 1960's .

Aunt Betty Redw ine was Sanford Bailey’s sister. Betty married Johnny Redw ine, a preacher.
Who was Coleman Foster’s wife? She was Aunt “Nervy” (Minerva?). She was a “Call”. (I think he was a
brother to Sallie Foster Bailey, wife of Sanford Bailey).

Grandmother Bailey’s ( Emily Foster, wife of Sanford Bailey) mother was a Taylor and married a Foster .

Grandmother Sally Bailey Wyatt (wife of John Noah W yatt) used to speak of Uncle Nimrod (Bailey).

Grandmother Sally had two cousins Phillip and Mumford Bailey

Martha Anderson, nee Foster, daughter of Coleman Foster and Aunt Nervy Call. Martha had a sister
Emma who never married and one named “Nattie” who married a Stafford. She is the grandmother of
Florence Stafford. Eliza Sheets, sister of Martha (Anderson) - she married Tom Sheets.
William W alker W yatt gave ea of his childrem either 150 A or the equivalent. He built a house for his
dau Mary Martin. She had a dau in show biz of whom she was ashamed.

                                                  Other misc notes:

Elizabeth B ailey d Sept 20, 1815 aged 24 years
Bailie (Bailey) John, Row an County A 219 North Carolina Wills. Will probated 28 July 1775

Thomas            William            Alexander        John    Robert

Margaret            Marey               ean       Rebecca
Email from Peggy Hall <phall@primeNet.com>
Subject: Re: Bailes/Bailey/Bales/Bayless
Date: Sat. 20 Aug 1994
>> I have a John Bailey (prob. S/o Stephen Bailey) m Elizabeth C ARR (d/o W m. And Sarah ___CARR ) in
Virginia in the very early 1700's
Peggy wrote: With my Bailey line, Elizabeth d/o/John (above) m John Shumate (de la Chaumette - a French
Hugenot turned tobacco farmer.) Their daughter Jemima m Clemt Norman. From there I have a long Norman
line. These families resided in Stafford, Prince William and Fauquier Counties, Va.
Elizabeth B ailey Shumate had a brother Carr Bailey, who gave rise to a line of Carr Baileys.


          Marriage Bonds from Rowan County, NC sent by a Mrs.W. C. Taylor
Bailey Grooms

1809 Daniel                  Elizabeth Phelps             Hampton and Clarke
1811 Daniel                  Sally Utzman                 Drider Allemong
1818 Hubbard                 Polly Welmon                 Nelson and March
(Elizabeth March of Tenn a retired maiden lady was here recently in Davie Co.)
1806 Richmond                Eliz March                   March and March
1816 Thos                    Jenny Owings                 Cheshire and March
1786 Thos                    Jean Bailey                  Bailey and Macay
1764 Wm                      Mary Jones                   Vassery and Long
1774 Wm                      Isebell Benson               Reed and Osborn
1816 Wm                      Margaret Hendricks           Tomlinson etal
1860 Wm                      Margaret Valentine           Tunstall and Wilkinson

Bailey Brides

1810     Ann                   Jesse Alberson
1804     Betsy                 Thos foster                     Wm Garwood
         Carrie X              Wm A Fries
1813     Eliz. H               Harred B. Pruitt                Jn March and Gillespie
1818     Frances Ann           Wm Worsham                      Miles Washaum and Chump
1785     Hanna                 Mark Dedmon                     Wm Bailey and Chambers
1774     Jane (dau chas)       Hugh Cathey                     Brandon and Ad. Osborn
1786     Jean                  Thos Bailey                     John Bailey and McCay
1798     Joanna **             John Bailey                     Garwood and Rogers
------   Judy                  Ellis Anderson                  ---
1828     Mahatable             Christian Frank                 Bradshaw and Hardie
1766     Margaret              James Reed                      John Bailey and Frohock
1883     Margaret E.           John Henry Tibbet               Long, Reid, and Shemwell
1789     Mary                  Joseph Holde                    Faust
1872     Mattie M              Wm S. Brown                     Woodson and Denny off.
1828     Nancy *               Geo W. Dooling                  Glasscock and McNally?
1821     Nancy                 John Clement                    Clement and Jones
1899     Nancy A               Wm. A. Clark                    Clark, Talbert, Williams
1796     Rebecca               Ebenezer Frost                  Bayliss and Troy
1834     Rebecca               Washington Scott                Scott and Foster
1814     Sally                 Wm Garwood                      Craige and Dunn
1817     Sarah                 Wm Drake                        Spy and Jones
1824     Sarah                 Giles Foster                    Kerr Foster
1824     Sarah                 Anderson Swinny                 Swinney and Rinegar
1849     Tabitha               John Foard                      Jno Shaver
1792     Tabitha               Nicolas W, Gaither              James and Gaither
1771     Mary                  James Hamilton                  Wm Bailey and Frohock

*This is probably Sanford Bailey’s sister, Nancy, who married a D ulin
** Possibly Johanna, dau. of Samuel and Sarah Bryant, and, if so, she married a Bailey ENDFIELD

                                               Sanford Bailey’s Bible

This was Sanford Bailey’s Book “about the Bible.” I wish he had told who is parents were. The first writing
says, “Sanford Bailey’s Book bought May the 25th AD 1868.” And under that is written “Sanford Bailey’s
Book bought of Rev. George Hunt.” The next pages lists Sanford’s and Emily (Foster) Children: (That which
is in brackets is my addition.)

R. C. Bailey was borned July th 20th 1853 [Radford]
L. K. Bailey was borned December the 16th, 1855 [Lewis Kerr]
G. F. Bailey was borned April the 13th, 1858 [George and (I think) Franklin]
S. A. Bailey was borned Sept. the 28th, 1860 [Samuel]
Albert S. Bailey was born Dec. 28th, 1862 [d Nov. 6, 1871]
Sarah E. Bailey was born April the 8th, 1865 [she was known as Sallie Elizabeth- the only girl]
Coleman Bailey was born July the 28th, 1867
[Written] Sons and daughter of Sanford and Emily Bailey --- [end of page]

[On the next page the last child was recorded. Sanford died before the birth of this child.]
Wiley Sanford Bailey, son of Sanford and Emily Bailey was born the 17th of June A.D. 1872
Albert S. Bailey Departed this life the 26th day of November A.D. 1871
Sanford Bailey Departed this life the 1st day of February A.D. 1872
Emily Bailey Departed this life the 26th day of November A.D 1880
[End of any written information in this Bible]
[The first page of this Bible follows: ]
                                              ORIGIN AND HISTORY

                                                            of the

                                           BOOKS OF THE BIBLE,
                                       The Canonical and the Apocryphal,

                                                      designed to show

                            WHAT THE BIBLE IS NOT, WHAT IT IS, AND HOW TO USE IT.

                                            BY PROF. C. E. STOWE, D. D.

                                                  (The NEW T estament,)

                                                 I L L U S T R A T E D.

                                          PUBLISHED BY SUBSCRIPTION ONLY, BY
                                  H A R T F O R D P U B L I S H I N G C O M P A N Y,
                                                     HARTFORD, CONN.

                                                 J. D. DENISON, NEW YORK
                              ZEIGLER , M cCU RD Y & CO ., PHILAD ELP HIA, PA .; CINCINN ATI, O.;
                                   AND ST. LOUIS, MO. J. A. STOD DAR D, CHICAGO, ILL.



This letter was written by Genie Reinhard to John Noah Wyatt, the only child of William Wyatt and
Martha Shelton Wyatt. Martha was the second wife of William. The “Mary” that she refers to was
a child of William Wyatt and his wife, Susanna Cope Wyatt. After Susannah’s death William
married a young girl, Martha Shelton, and by her had John Noah Wyatt. Hence, Mary was a half
sister to John Noah Wyatt.
Camden, NJ
August 7, 1938

Dear Uncle John,

My uncle has asked me to write you the news of my grandmother’s death, your sister Mary. She
died July 27th, it was sad to loose her. Yet she is so much better off. She died very quietly. Was
only in bed about ten days. She just seemed to get weaker all the time. And simply slept away.
No one is ever ready to give up our loved ones. But she was nearly 98 years, all but a few weeks.

Goodness knows she was a good woman and ready to die. I loved her dearly. She had a good
son and daughter-in-law, and had the best of care. Yet as I say all hands are better off. As you
would know it is a great care to stay year in and out with anyone. Yet no one complained. But
she realized she was a care on her son. But no one wanted to spare her. He burried her
beautifully. Wish you could have seen her.

If there are any particulars you care to know write me and I’ll be glad to write you. Or if you
want to write to her son that she made her home in you may do that. You know his address. I’ll
give you mine, I wrote a letter to you not long ago for her.

Sincerely, Genie Reinhard
845 Penn Street
Camden, NJ


                                      Taylor Bible Records

Copied from an old Bible that was owned by Mrs. Thelma (Tom) Griffin in Winston-Salem, NC.
She has since died, and her daughter, Mrs. Ann (Barry) Driggs, in Vestal NY, now owns that
Bible. (CWP 2003)

Seperated this life George Foster August the 6, 1863. Aged 70 years and six months [father of
Emily Foster Bailey, wife of Sanford Bailey]

Allmon Taylor was born August the 3rd, 1812
Sarah (I think) Taylor was borned June the 4th 1824
Lewes F. Taylor was bornd October the 6th, 1841
Murur A. Taylor was bornd September the 18th 1844
Julius A. Taylor was bornd April the 14th 1855
Catharine Emily Taylor was bornd August the 19th 1857

In the back of this Bible is this note:
Sally Taylor this is a present for you You must never give it away while you live nor sell when
you are done with it give it to your nearists relation
 (dated) November 11th 1820 (signed) Benjamin Taylor

In the front of the book is: Sarah Foster This Book November 18?? [1820?]
On the other fly-leaf is “Sally Foster” written big as if the book belonged to her.

Inside on another fly-leaf are the words “Sally Foster book ____?July the 9th 1865

On the back cover was Sally Foster book      1816 ?

(From CWP: I think it is safe to assume that this is the Sally Taylor who married George Foster
and gave birth to my Emily Foster who married Sanford Bailey.)

(At the time I copied this information there was a Mrs. Van Zimmerman, Rt. 10, Lexington, NC
who was a descendent of the Taylors.)


                             Bible Records of (Big) Robert Foster

                         Family Bible of Robert and Jiles (Giles) Foster

Copied from old Bible in my Uncle Bill’s possession (William Albert Wyatt, son of John Noah
Wyatt, brother to my mother Ella Wyatt Williams.) He married Ruth Foster, daughter of Robert
Foster. There were two Robert Foster’s, one was known as Big Robert Foster (must have been
the senior) and the other as simply Robert Foster.

Mary Foster, daughter of Robert and Sally [Sarah] is wife was born November 19, 1784
Samuel Foster of         “       ”    was born August 4, 1786
Sally Foster was born Sept. 13th 1788
Lucy Foster “     ”    Dec. 14, 1790
Thos. Foster “      ” Feb. 19, 1793
Sally Foster “‘ “ August 8, 1795 (Yes, another Sally. Wonder if the first one died?)
John Foster           November 19, 1797
Betsy Foster          July 25, 1799
Robert Foster         March 6, 1802
Karr Foster           June 4, 1803
Anderson Foster       Nov. 9, 1806

Giles Foster was borne Dec 5th 1806 son of Samuel foster and Elizabeth Foster
Samuel Foster, son of Giles Foster and Sary foster his wife was born Oct the 5, 1825
Henery E. Foster       b July 21, 1827/8
John R. Foster         b Oct. 12, 1830
Elizabeth Foster       b June 3, 1832
Robarte Foster         b July 8, 1834
A.E. Foster            b July 7,1836 [Anderson Ellis?]
Thomas T. Foster       b May 3, 1838
?reshman?__Foster b Aug. 16, 1839
K(arr).B.Foster        b Jan 16, 1842
Sara ?riker/rinca? Foster b.April. 16, 1845
?Mary Jane? Foster b Jan 18, 1848

Mary ___ Foster was bornd April 16, 1845
G.D. Foster b Febery 5, 1826
S___ ____ Foster was b Nov 19, 1810, departed this life July 27th 1846
J. N. Wyatt was born ____
Giles foster, Jr. was born ___ 1806
Mary ___ Foster was bornd April 16, 1845
Thomas Foster
James Foster
Contributed by Christine Barneycastle Wyatt, Bible bought at Wm A. Wyatt sale in 1984


                              Misc. Notes written in Long hand

Deed Book (did not note WHAT deed book!!) 56, Page 434, 1879 Division of land of Jacob
Wilhelm, lists children:

1. Sarah C. Hudson
2. John C. Wilhelm
3. William Wilhelm
4. Sarah J Wilhelm
5. James R. Wilhelm
6. George W. Wilhelm
7. Jessey Wilhelm
8. Laura Stiller
9. Delilah Eller
10. Margaret Waggoner
11 Adolphus Shuping

                                Randolph Co. Marriage Bonds

Clark, David L                Ellizabeth Alston             15 June, 1854
Clark, John                   Caroline Fentress             23 Sept 1826
Clark, Joseph                 Sally Johnston                24 July 1815
Clark, Thomas                 Mary Shepherd                 17 May, 1813
Clark, William                Patsy Gray                    31 Jan 1821

                                Old Lutheran Cemetery
Wilhelm, Henry            Died July 11, 1857 aged 5 mons & 15 days
      son of W. M and M. L. Wilhelm

                                                  In the war of 1812
Jacob Williams, p 3, 45 63
Daniel Williams p 30, 76
DEATH              William J. “Bill” Wyatt died unexpectedly Tues Jan 24, 1995. Born Oct 28, 1814
in Cooleemee, son of Emma Delphia Clawson and Jefferson A. Wyatt. Educated in Guthrie
Okla Schools . Served in the WWII, and Korean War. His son William J. “Billy” Wyatt, Jr/ died
July 3, 1964. Survived by wife Mary Waters Wyatt, married May 19, 1942 and three daughters,
Mary Grey, Kathy and Beth .

                    More Misc. Notes from Aunt Minnie Williams Turner

Sarah Frost daughter of Ebenezer Frost born July 19, 1779

Samuel Garwood, son of James and Sarah Garwood was born the 8th day of Oct. 1803


Dover Meeting House Cemetery in Colfax,             d4 mo 24 d 1895 - ae 73 y 8 m 18 d
NC .
Collected by Catherine and Tom Pitts in 1962        Gayer Starbuck
3 pages                                             b 9d 11 mo 1744 - d 12 d 3 m 1814

Sarah Moore                                         Rachel Starbuck
5th Mo. 1813 aged 13                                b 20 d 12 mo 1748 - d 30 d 8 mo 1842

Sophia Moore                                        Mary L.-- Dau Daniel & Betsian Cain
d 16 d 7 mo 1821 ae 65 yrs                          b 1 Mar 1855 d 12 Dec 1855

Preston Rich                                        James S. Poe
1813 in line with the Moores                        b 13 Jan 1808 - d 19 Oct 1869

Mary Starbuck                                       Julia E. Kyle, d/o Chas & Mary Benbow
b 31 d 10 mo 1852                                   b 24 d 7 mo 1825, - d 25 d 12 mo 1894
d 15 d 6 mo. 1886
                                                    Thomas J Benbow
Sally Dwiggins                                      b 11 mo 25 d 1817 - d 6 mo 9 d 1899
b 4 Aug 1794, d 13 July 1870
                                                    Kittie L Benbow - w/o Thos J
Orast Amna Rochel                                   d 9 d 7 mo 1887 ae 63
d 20 d 9 mo 1827
                                                    Mary Kittie - d/o W.S. & L.A. Benbow
Henry H. Root                                       d 10 mo 27 d 1886
b 7 d 3 mo 1808, d 30 d 6 mo 1881
                                                    Sarah L. w/o Elwood Stanley
Asa Stanley                                         d 3 Mar 1881 - 26 y 3 m 13 d
b 8 Jan 1805, d Apr 1874
                                                    Elwood R. Stanley
James H. s/o John & L Stanley                       d 1 mo 29 d 1885 ae 50 y 3 mo
b 8 Feb 1832, d 28 Apr 1840
                                                    James Edwards
Noble Shaw                                          b 3 d 9 mo 1806 - d 5 d 7 mo 1868
d 25 d 12 mo 1855, ae 69 y 8 mo
                                                    Cyrus A. s/o James & J Edwards
Delphina M wife of M L Cude                         b 9 d 5 mo 1849 1 yr 2 d
d 5 Sept 1875, 38 y 4 m 27 d
                                                    Lureny - consort of John Stanley
I H C d 1862                                        b 30 Dec 1801 d 9 Dept 1849

Hulda Worth                                         Melinda Starbuck
d 27 Jan 1889 - 79 y 7 m 6 d                        b 11 m 17 d 1812 - d 12 m 12 d 1846

Oliver C s/o M L & D M Cude                         Lewis Starbuck
d 17 Aug 1868 - ae 3 mo, 6 d                        b 2 mo 9 d 1822 - d 8 mo 28 d 1879
                                                    ae 57 y 6 m 19 d
Elias Perkins                                       ENDFIELD

Charles Pidgeon                                 Flora J Benbow
d 3 mo 1854 ae 84 yrs.                          b 1 d 4 mo 1850 , d 20 d 1 mo 1903

                                                Uriel Starbuck
                                                b 7 mo 3 d 1814, d 11 m 23 d 1844
Page 2 Dover Meeting House
                                                Matilda Starbuck
Catharine, 2nd w/o Charles Pidgeon              b 1 mo 4 d 1834, d 7 mo 14 d 1844
d 1 mo 1854 ae 72 yrs
                                                Mary Elizabeth d/o Jesse & Anna Benbow
Elizabeth - w/o Charles Pidgeon                 b 2 d 7 mo 1845, d 25 d 5 mo 1851
d 8 mo 1841 - ae 69 yrs
                                                McKay, s/o T.J.& K. L. Benbow
Susannah Pidgeon                                b 1 mo 22 d 1857, d 11 mo 19 d 1883
b 1809 d 1830 ae 21 y                           ae 26 y 9 mo 27 d

To the memory of Cyntha Rose who                Mary Starbuck
decesed----- (unreadable)                       b 9 mo 28 d 1789, d 7 mo 17 d 1849

A--oyd Polson                                   Jeffrey H. S/o Charles & Catherine Pidgeon
Aug 25 1823 d June 0 1824                       d 8 mo 26 d 1845 , ae 2 mo & 2 d

L Taylor d 1853                                 Levina Nelson
                                                d 2 mo 1845 ae 19
J Rufin ----?
                                                Annie M w/o Charles Root
Elizabeth Bowman - consort of Richard           b 4 mo 2 d 1857, d 1 mo 14 d 1881
Bowman, b Oct 16 1774--d Nov 13 1820
                                                Milton S. s/o James & J. Edwards
Elizabeth Bowman d/o Richard & E. Bowman        b 12 d 2 mo 1840, d 14 d 12 mo 1865
b 2 Mar 1803 - d Nov 11, 1821
                                                Camm Moore
Sarah Bowman - d/o R. & E Bowman                d 3 d 6 mo 1845, ae 92 yrs.
b Oct 8 1810 - d Oct 16 1821

Charlie T & Jessie K Benbow                     Thomas C. Moore
b 1 mo , 11 d 1884                              d 6 d 1 mo 1823 , ae 41
d 7 mo 4 d 1884 7 mo 7 d 1884
                                                Margaret Moore
Mary - wife of Charles Benbow                   d 11 d 1 mo 1824 , ae 10 y 9 mo
b 12 d 9 mo 1790 -- d 21 d 2 mo 1875
                                                Lucy M Deen
Charles Benbow                                  b 19 d 4 mo 1835, d 18 d 8 mo 1836
b 12 mo 6 d 1787, d 7 mo 24 d 1868
ae 81 y 4 mo 12 d                               Fred OK Dean
                                                b 25 d 9 mo 1786, d 11 d 8 mo 1839
Charles Tristum Benbow
b 11 mo 7 d 1853, d 9 mo 2 d 1881               ENDFIELD

Thomas Starbuck                                      In about 1990 I sent a copy of this to the
b 10 m 25 d a806, d 7 mo 11 d 1884                   Guilford County College Library and found that
ae 77 y 9 mo 6 d                                     they had another copy donated by someone
                                                     else,which may be more complete than the one I
Samuel Dwiggins                                      have. Interested people could write to the
b May 10, 1786, d Jan 10 1862, ae 75 y & 8 mo        Guilford College Library and ask for a copy of
                                                     the special printing for Guilford College Library
Lucinda, w/o Thomas Starbuck                         (Carol Treadway) from J. W. (Woody) Atkins in
b 12 mo 19 d 1814                                    the year of our Lord October 8th, 1990 (CWP)

Page 3 Dover Meeting House-- Final Page

Milton H. Starbuck
b 2 mo 16 d 1837, d 10 m 3 d 1885

Sally Dwiggins
b Aug 4 1794 , d July 13, 1878

T. G. Milton Starbuck
b 10 m 26 d 1885, d 8 mo 2 d 1886

Celia J. w/o Elihu Starbuck
b Aug 20 1842 , d June 26, 1916

Elihu Starbuck
b May 30 1816, d Ssept 11 1889

Edmund Blaine, s/o O.A. & J. A. Starbuck
b July 1, 1886, d July 27 1888
Ogden Craig, s/o O. A. & J. A. Starbuck
b Aug 3, 1890, d July 2 1892

George W. Bowman,
b Oct 24, 1808, d Feb. 27, 1883,
ae 74 y 4 mo 2 d

Nelson P., s/o O. A. & J. A. Starbuck
b Sept 14, 1897, d Dec 14 1900

Olga Montrose, d/o O. A. & J. A. Starbuck
b Dec. 8, 1899, d. Oct 14, 1900

Jane, w/o James Edwards
b 15 d 9 mo 1809, d 30 d 4 mo 1849

 From a Private Graveyard in Guilford Co.,
 NC known as the Bud Stafford Farm. 1962

Andrew Lindsay
15 Oct. 1786 2 Nov. 1844
58 yr 17 d

Elizabeth Lindsay
 Nov 16, 1792 April 12, 1845
52 y 4 m 26 d

Elizabeth Lindsay
13 May 1871 87 y

William Lindsay
d Oct 4 1841 64 y

Martha Elizabeth Lindsay
b Mar 31 1814, d June 16 1821

Susanna Wood
b Feb. 14 1789, d Sept 13 1857

OLD BOOK                       1837 Isaac Parker               1838 James F. Martin
I have in my possession an     Reason Thompson                 1838 Nathel Wyatt
OLD book that belonged to      Elizabeth Foster                1840 Howard Walker 11/13
Big Robert Foster. This                                        Jefferson Hartley
was a book in which he kept    Robert Foster, son of Big
his business transactions.     Robert Foster and Sarah his     (June 26 1828 Karr B. Foster)
He must have owned a           wife was born 6 of March        (1838 Enock Spry md widow
general store and people       1802                            F. Booe)
bought on credit.                                              Hubbard Bailey
Purchases made and paid        Catharine SRF Peebles,          1838 TMSmith
for were in this book. The     daughter of Nathl (?) Peebles   Jerrimiah Barring
book is falling apart; the     and Elizabeth F. Peebles was    1839 Hubbard Bailey
first date I found is 1818.    born the 11th of Sept 1800      (1839 Mar 11 Harrison
Inside the front cover: Rote                                   Pruitt)
by me Robert Foster Senr.      Robert Foster was married       (1839 Radford Foster Manen
He also had a page of          July 15 , 1823 to Catherine     for boy)
births, which I am             SRF Douthit                     1839 Giles Foster for son
assuming were births of this                                   Robert Brinkle
slaves. I am listing the       Nov. 9 1829 Priney Douthit      1841 Giles Foster
names I found. The only        (1830 Due Priney Douthit        1839 John Garwood
way this would benefit a       June 1)                         1839/40 Hubbard Bailey
genealogist is just knowing    William March                   1841 June 11 Jane Foster
they were alive at the dates   Jacob March                     1840 Giles Foster
on the pages.                  1836 Wm Garrwood                1840 Haney Blaylock
                               1838 John Garwood               1840/41 John Banks
Wm. Wilson                     1833 Ellis Foster Aug 1833      (Sept 31 1841 John D
Kerr B. Foster                 1833 March Wm Garwood           Candell)
George Foster                  Ebenezer Garwood                1841 Elizabeth Nesbitt
Hutson Freeman                 1829 John Robertson             Howard Walker
Big R. Foster                  Oct 28 Ishmael Bringer          1841 Sandy Doughit
Ishmael Caudle                 John Winkler
Alpha Peebles                  1836 John W. Robinson           How hard it is to find a friend
Dany (Drury) Peebles           (Wm March Senr by Esquire       on hume we mite
Robert Foster Junr             March)                          depende.Sometime we think
Daniel Sain                    1836 Giles Foster               tha are treasures got til nater
H. Hendrix                     James Smith                     proves we have it not. RM
W Wyatt                        1836 Aquiller Cheschire
Alexanda Oaks                  1836 Elizabeth Foster           1820 D. Mcguire
1818 A Peebles                 John Banks                      1828 Karr B. Foster
Alpha Peebles                  1837 Richmond Foster            May 27 Jamees Owing
John Caucell                   1838 Ellis Foster               L(?)ury Peebles (Drury)
Seth Peebles                   1837 William Wyatt Senr         Pehu ? Peebles (Jehu)
Ebenezer Garwood               Alph Wyatt                      (Sept 18 1840 Sarah
Elizabeth Foster               1838 Blaylock                   Garwood)
Hanner Jackson Gilley          1837 Phillip Howard             Anderson P Bailey
Hanner                         1839 Henry Blaylock             Robert foster Jr
1842 Howard Walker 3/11        (1837 George Middoe
1838 Samuel C. Eastep Senr     (Muldoe?)                       ENDFIELD

Wm Franks                         Also. In this book was a list
Wm Garwood                        of names and births. I
Samuel Easlip                     suspect they are the names
A C Bailey                        of the children of his slaves.
Thomas Walker
Lawrence Owing                    From Big Robert Foster’s
jacob March                       ledger book:
Ishmael Caudell
Jacob Crots                       Sarah was born May 9, 1806

(Continued OLD BOOK)              Ginny was born the 12th
1839 Catherine Caudell            April 1811
Thomas Foster
Phil Howard                       Leny was born 11 Oct. 1812
Thomas foster
(1840 Samuel Foster for son       Thursey was born Sept 20
  Thos)                           1824
Sandy Dauthit
Giles Foster                      Nuracy -July 10 1825

                                  James T??- October 12 AD
I do not know what the            1826
following list means
but here it is:                   Lorye Ann March 17 AD
William B. Wilson                 Vice- March 26 AD 1827
Williams Frank
Thomas Brackin                    Liliz, dau of Ginney, Aug 15,
Lussy Tume                        1828
Mary March
Joseph Hans                       Sandy Madison - Mar 5 1829
Big Robert Foster
Ishmael Caudell                   Anderson born 20 Mar 1829
Jonathan walk
John A Morony                     Hanner was born Mar 7, 1833
Jesse Hugrave
Isaac Parks                       Bets - 28 July 1834
Jack March
John Frank                        July 25 George 1834?

Please realize that all of this   1835 Bill or Murph Jan 20
was faded, very difficult to       End of OLD BOOK
read, and was at least 175
years old. I am sure there
are many errors, but I did
the best that I could. CWP

                         Bible of John Radford Williams, his wife and children
This is the Bible of John Radford Williams and his children and families, submitted by Catherine Williams
Pitts, dau. of Edgar Reynold (Ray) Williams and Ella Wyatt Williams. 812 Knollwood Street, Winston-
Salem, NC 27103-4133. The front page notes that “William Clark were raised in Randolph County.”
William Clark was the father of Sarah Prascovia Clark Williams, wife of John Radford Williams. Sarah’s
mother was Margaret Maria Stockinger, who first married an Andrew Owen, and by him had 4 children.
Upon Owen’s death she married William C. Clark. Margaret’s father was Christian Stockinger and his wife
was Catharine Crotts Stockinger. Christian’s father was Andrew Stockinger and his wife was Barbara.

On a page titled FAMILY RECORD is this list of the children of John Radford and Sarah Prascovia Clark:
(John Radford Williams, son of John Rufus Williams, son of Jacob Williams (wife Leah Bost), son of
Daniel Williams of Cabarrus County. They were Lutherans. Jacob anglicized his name from Wilhelm to

John Radford Williams                 born Sept 14th, 1854
Sarah Prascovia Williams              born March 25th, 1852
Louis Malcoms Williams                b Dec. 19th, 1872
Minnie Silveria Williams              b Jan 11th, 1875
Lillie Octavia. Williams,             b Oct. 10, 1877
Lemanus F. Williams                   b. May 23rd, 1881
Frederace Eustace Williams b Oct. 5th, 1883
Flora Ida Williams                    b May 6th 1886
Floy Edna Williams                    b Feb 26th 1889
Edgar Reynold Williams                b Nov. 27, 1891
Cary Virgil Williams                  b Apr 24th 1897
John Rufus Williams                   b Dec. 21, 1828, died July 31, 1915 ae 86 y 7 mo 10 d, was a JP, known as
“Squire”--         m 20 Oct. Elizabeth Foster, d/o R.& M Foster. They had 2 ch.. John Radford, & Chalmus
         John Rufus Williams married a second time to Susannah Bailey Clark.. No children.
Elizabeth Williams                    d Apr 7, 1881 (1st wife of John Rufus Williams)
Louis Malcomb Williams                died Apr. 12, 1927 age 54 y 3 mo and 23 days
John Radford Williams                 died July 29, 1928 age 73 yrs 10 months and 15 days
Sarah P Williams                       died Jan 8th, 1940
Minnie Silveria Williams               d 15 April 1966, m the Rev. Escar Turner, 24 Dec. 1899. Had 3 children.
Lillie Williams Garwood                d. Aug 23, 1959, m Spurgeon Baxter Garwood, Sept. 15, 1907. 1 ch, Peggy
Lamus Franklin Williams                d. 3 July, 1938, m. Maggie Joyce, no. Children
Frederick Eustace Williams d 29 Dec. 1962, m Nannie Alexander, 13 Sept 1905, 7 children
Flora Ida Williams,                    d                     m Kelly Lee Jones, 25 Dec. 1906, 3 children,
Edgar Reynold (Ray) Williams : d June 10, 1968, m Ella Mae Wyatt, 17 May, 1914., She was the dau of
          John Noah Wyatt and Sallie Bailey Wyatt. She d. 22 May 1945. They had 2 children. Ray then
          married Ella’s spinster sister, Bessie Gertrude Wyatt.
Cary Virgil Williams d 20 Aug 1989, m Notie Minor, 15 Oct., 1916. No issue. He remarried- no ch.
William C. Clark                       died Feb. 28th 1893- husband of Margaret Stockinger Clark
Margaret Stockinger Clark died Feb. 1900 Age 92 years
J. R. Williams, Jr. and S. P. Clark were married Feb. 22nd 1872
L. M. Williams and Nota Garwood were married Marcy 29, 1894
E. W. Turner and Minnie Williams were married Dec. 24, 1899
Cary Williams and Notie Minor were married Oct. 16, 1916                    ENDFIELD

                             Williams Family in Cabarrus County, N.C.
                                             Bible Record:
(Information sent to me by Eugenia W. Lore, Concord, NC on May 23, 1964)
John Williams and Elizabeth Barbary Bostian were married on the 29th August in the year of our
Lord 1821
Elizabeth B. Bostian was born into this world in the year of our Lord
       (Organ Lutheran record: b July 28, 1799, dau of Phillip Bostian)
John Williams was born into this world in the year of our Lord the 28th day of September 1798.

My daughter Elizabeth Katherine Williams was born July 11, 1836
Polly Caroline Williams born January 25, 1824
Jacob Calvin Williams born May 3, 1826
Ishmael Voiley Williams born January 25, 1830
William Allen was born March 28, 1849
Cir ? blalock born February February 28, 1851
deama blalock born September 10, 1856
John Williams Franklin Pierce born Feb. 22, 1858
Mary Alizabeth born Sept 21, 1859
Julyan Clementine born Feb 5, 1863
Sary Emeline born July 17, 1862
John Henry born June 28, 1866
Charles rufus born September 6, 1868

Polly Caroline Williams died 17 April 1844
Jacob Calvin Williams died Nov. 24, 1855

A true copy with spelling and capitals as in Bible

                                    Marriages in Cabarrus County

Ishmael Williams and Peggy Light      12 July 1824 Sp. Jacob Misenheimer
Jacob Williams and Leah Bost          15 May 1828 Sp. Dan Coleman
Joseph S. Williams and ?              May 1795     Sp Jesse Pitman
Joshua Williams and Elizabeth Clay    30 July 1803 Sp. Isom Clay
Robert Williams and Barbara Uty       16 July 1798 Sp. George Hise
Wiley Williams and Crissa Blalock     Feb. 1856 by N. Lefler, J.P.
Mack Williams and Katy Winecoff       30 Jan 1867 James harris


                                Baptisms at St. John’s Lutheran Church

Birthdate                    Parent                           Child’s name
Oct. 12, 1817          Henry Williams                         Merey
Aug. 16, 1820                “                                Rebecca

Jan 15, 1830           Jacob Williams                         Jacob Wilson
Mar. 17, 1831                “                                Daniel L.
Aug. 9, 1833                 “                                Cyrus Gillum ?
Jan. 4, 1835                 “                                Neel Henry Calvin
April 15, 1836               “                                Solomon D. F.

Jan. 25, 1824          Betsy Williams                         Polly Caroline
May 3, 1826            John Williams                          Jacob Calvin
Jan 25, 1830                  “                               Ishmael Wiley

The following records were found among the papers of Mrs. Minnie Williams Turner, wife of the
Rev. Esca White Turner. Aunt Minnie was a daughter of John Radford Williams and Sarah
Prascovia Clark Williams. This was written on a piece of grocery bag paper. Aunt Minnie was
very conscious of history.

Grandpa Williams (John Rufus Williams) father and mother were Leah Bost Williams and Jacob
Williams (died 1852). They were my great grandfather and mother died in Davie County.

Jacob Williams father and mother of were __________Litaker Williams and Daniel Robert Williams .
My great,great grandfather and mother. All born in Cabarrus County.

Under that, she drew a line and listed two names, Nat Garwood
                                             Angeline “

And to the right she noted Tillman Foster first one buried in Fork Cemetery.
In a book “Cabarrus Reborn” by James Lewis Moore it stated that about 1755 the German settlers
in Pa. Headed south. Maybe our Wilhelm’s were from Pa. Since Cabarrus Co. was formed from
Mecklenburg County I got the Williams from that County.

Mecklenburg Co. Marriage bonds:

“Williams” Grooms                     Brides                         Date
Andrew J                       Elizabeth Walls                12 June 1837
Henry B                        Susan E. Boyd                  22 Jan 1845
Jacob                          Sarah Wood                     8 Feb 1820
James J                        Elizabeth Hartis               15 Feb 1837
John J                         Clementine A Biggart           m 8 Dec 1864
John R                         Mary McComb                    7 Nov 1815             Jones Clark
Rufus                          Cornelia Allen                 20 March 1855          m 5 Apr 1855


T.F.                        Mary Ferguson            6 Dec. 1865          m 7 Dec. 1865
Thomas                      Eliza Brem               11 Nov 1861
Thomas B                    Catharine Hatch          26 July 1815
Thomas W.                   Mary Wallace             5 Aug 1835
William P                   Mary Muse                15 July 1841

Did not get the Brides who were Williams

                                  Cararrus Co. Marriage Bonds

Wilhelm Grooms              Brides                   Date of Bond                Witness
A. M.                Eliza M Bost                    29 Feb. 1860 J. M. Kesler w / N Slough
George               Catherine Shaffner              26 Mar 1798         (Ger) John Kesler
George               Polly Page                      23 Jan 1830                 Aaron Lefler
James                Sarah Leeta Vanderburg          8 Sept 1864                 Tos A. Suther
John                 Elizabeth Bost                  14 May 1822
Michael              Hepsy Rogers                    4 Dec. 1866
Samuel               Christena Stough                20 Apr 1830

Wilhelm Brides              Grooms                   Date of Bond                Witness
Catherine            Thomas A Suther                 18 Mar 1858
Clementine           M. B. Leslie                    24 Nov 1858
Elizabeth            Freeman G. Logan                14 July 1830
Eve                  George Smith                    24 April 1804
Katy                 John Reed                       20 Oct 1807
Mary Jane            Watson M Smith                  15 Sept 1859               J. M Kesler
Milly                Daniel Waggoner                 14 Aug 1830
Polly                Elias Petrea                    4 July 1835                 Eilson Propst
Sally                Lee Hathcock                    21 June 1817
Teny                 John Klutts                     26 Nov 1810

Williams, Brides
Adaline P            Edmund Harsell                  22 Oct 1845
Beda                 G. A. Green                     m 11 Sept 1855
Matilda              Henry Thompson                  25 Mar 1866
Mary                 Elias M Carter                  m 24 April 1851

Williams Grooms             Brides

Ishmael              Peggy Light                     12 July 1824        Jacob Meisonhamer
Jacob                Leah Bost                       15 May 1828               Dan Coleman
Joseph S.            ------------                    -- May 1895               Jes Pitman
Joshua               Elizabeth Clay                  30 July 1803              Isom Clay
Mack                 Katy Winecoff                   30 jan 1867               James Harris
Robert               Barbara Uty                     16 July 1798               George Hine
Wiley                Cressa Blalock                  m Feb 1856



Stogner, Ezehiel     Margaret McNulty                  28 Feb 1837
Stogner, John        Athaline Nichols                  16 May 1840                  Thos Stogner
       (Could they be Stockinger?

In Mechlenburg Co. Marriage Bonds I found:

Stockinger, John C.   Mariah Alexander                 26 June, 1818

                             Marriage Bonds from Davie County, NC

Williams Grooms                    Brides                     Date

Andrew                      Mirian Brinegar                   25 Dec. 1858
D. L.                       Emily E. Rice                     10 Jan 1862
Daniel M                    Amanda Haneline                   8 Jan 1866
Ezehiel                     Mary C. Thomasson                 14 April 1857
Isac                        Nancy Spry                        4 Sept 1856
Jacob Wilson                Elizabeth Dwyre                   26 Jan 1853
James                       Sarah Black                       24 Mar 1855
James                       Virginia Ellen Ward               21 Dec. 1859
John R(ufus)                Elizabeth Foster                  8 Oct 1853
Milton                      Rachel E. Clifford                18 Dec. 1860
N.H.C.                      Sarah Foster                      27 Apr 1859
N.H.C.                      Sarah E. Rice                     28 July 1861
Rush F.                     Mary F. March                     27 May 1862
Wm.. Williams               Sarah Jane Williams               16 Aug 1858
Wm A                        Caroline R. McDaniel              29 Jan 1859
Wm J                        Sarah Daywalt                     18 May, 1854

Memo: A lot of Williamses in Rockingham Co.
      Four pages in Randolph Co. Including four Jacobs!
Williams Brides                    Grooms               Date of Bond          Date of Marriage

Adeline                     Jacob Graves                1 Feb 1860            2 Feb
Cornelia V                  Wm A. Clark                24 May                 27 May 1862
Sarah                       Alfred McDanel             26 Nov                 26 Nov 1852
Elizabeth J.                Ningey Hendrix             5 Jan 1860             same date
Nancy                       Nenry H. Hanes             2 Sept 1862            4 Sept
Icy                         James Pennington                                  28 Oct 1860
Jane                        Levi Van Eaton             26 Dec. 1866           27 Dec.
L.M.A.                      Henry Call                 20 Dec. 1862           25 Dec.
Mary A.                     James H. Foote             28 Jan 1854            1 Feb
Mary E.                     William Hendrix G.C.       25 Jan 1860            same date
Sarah A                     George hartman             4 Feb 1862             6 Feb
Sarah Jane                  Wm Williams                16 Aug 1858            17 Aug
Susannah                    George McDaniel            29 Dec. 1859           same date

                                A 1850 census record from Davidson Co., NC

William Williams                  52      Farmer           1000             Maryland
Mary                              43                                        NC
James A                           24
Jonathan                          22
Wm. A                             20
Hiram S                           19
Andrew M                          14
Albert                             7
Cammillia I                       16
Elizabeth                         10
Mary                               4
Louisa                             2
Clemtine                          ½
Mincy Napier                      33
Susan Williams                    46

                                         Pasquotank Historical Society
                                             1124 Riverside Ave.
                                            Elizabeth City, N. C.

                                                    Jan 20, 1963
Mr. W. C. Taylor
494 W. Kerr Street
Salisbury, NC

Dear M r. Taylor:
         The Rev. Geo. F. Hill turned your letter to him over to me asking that I make a reply. I took the liberty of
inserting it in a column I edit for our Society. I am inclosing a clipping of your query.
         I suggest that you get in touch with Mr. B. F. Folger, Executive Vice President of the bank of Elkin, P. O.
Box 590, as he is a descendent and is tracing the same family. Speaking of President Zachary, there is a Zachariah
Taylor’s W ill recorded in W B 3 of Currituck County in 1815; also a Zachariah mentioned on pages 66 and 95 in
New Norfolk County, Va., just over the line of Currituck County in the book: “Cavaliers and Pioneers - Abstracts
of Va. Land Patents and Grants 1623 - 1800" by Nell Marion Nugent under the dates of 1637 and 1638. He
figured in the Patent of George White. Also there is a Thomas Taylor, clerk of Pasquotank County whose name
appears on deeds back in 1751 and 1761. On Dec. 15 1959 James Taylor who resides at Maple in Currituck
County is a letter to M rs. Ervin H. M idgette (now deceased) said “I regret I did not ask my father and preserved it
in writing but I have never taken such a turn. As father told me my great-great grandfather came here from the city
of Einburgh, Scotland, in the 1790's or early part of the next century. He brought a leather bound almanac which
was printed in Cambridge, London in 1663. The Taylor’s have preserved it. It rests in the Archives and History,
Raleigh. I sent it away after papa died for fear of it getting lost.” His father also was a Zachariah Taylor and had a
brother Thomas.
         One of my gr-grandfathers was a sea captain named Mager Everton. During the Civil War he sank his
ship in the deep waters of Little Narrows, near Poplar Branch, Currituck County to save it from the Yankees. He
married Elizabeth Taylor, b. 1 Feb 1804, d 24 Feb 1850, dau of Jonathan Taylor, d 1807 and whose will is
recorded in the WB 2 of Currituck County-- sons Zachariah, Benjamin, Willoughby, Jonathan; daus Betsy
(Elizabeth) Bridget (under age).
Sincerely yours,

Jack Baum, (J.O.Baum.ENDFIELD

From M rs. W. C. Taylor of Salizbury (excerpted)

Jonathan Taylor, November 16, 1807; December 9, 1807 Will Bk #2
Sons: Zachariah Benjamin, Willoughby, Maxey, Jonathan. Daughters: Betsey Bridgett (underage) .
Grandsons: Jesse, son of Zachariah Taylor. Executors: sons of W illoughby and Maxey. Wit: Lovey Taylor, Lydia
Taylor and Hosea Ball.

Bridgett’s Will is also in the Currituck Bk. She married a White.

From a Jan Polson came this info on the 1800 census of Wiatt’s of Delaware, Kent Co.
                                             Free White males                                         Free white female
Page       Head of Family         under      10-         16-        26-        45 &        under      10-        16-        26-         45 &        Slaves
                                  10         16          25         45         older       10         16         25         45          older
61         Wiatt, John            0          1           1          0          0           0          0          1          0           0

61         Wiatt, Moses          1          2           0          0          1          0           3          0          0          1

133        Wiatt      Samuel 2              0           0          1          0          1           0          1          0          0              03

63         Wiatt, Samuel         2          1           0          1          0          1           1          1          0          0

132        Wiatt Samuel          2          0           0          1          0          1           0          0          1          0              03

61         Wiatt, T hom as       0          1           0          0          1          1           1          0          0          1

63     Wiatt, W illiam 2     0      1      0       0      2      1      1       0      0        20

From Janie M artin, retired school teacher from R.J.Reynolds High School in Winston-Salem, and
Historian in Davie County, NC.

Pleasant Rowan M artin, son of Benjamin and Elizabeth D eadmon, married Mary Wyatt, dau of W illliam W yatt
and his wife, Susannah C ope:

At one time Pleasant was a merchant in Mocksville, NC. He built the home at 1105 North M ain Street, in
Mocksville. Trees were cut from Mary’s farm, and Elijah F. Martin helped haul the lumber to build the home.
Mary was the daughter of Willliam Wyatt, prominant early Davie County citizen. She was one of the 10 charter
members of the Mocksville Baptist Church, which was organized in 1864.

Pleasant Rowan Martin, b Sept 10, 1834
Wife: Mary Wyatt, b Sept 11, 1840, d Aug. 2, 1938

Children, next page:


Children were:

Avery J. Martin, d. May 17, 1939, m Bessie ?, Buried in Locust Cemetery, Camden, N.J.
Thomas M artin
Archie H. M artin
Samuel T. Martin
William R. Martin
Jessie Martin, m Gillie Rawls
Genie M artin

Addresses in 1938:
Avery J Martin, 1506 Baird Ave., Camden, NJ.
Archie H. M artin, Los Angeles, California
Samuel T. Martin, Boyton, Florida
Mrs. Gillis Rawls, Laurinburg, NC
William R. Martin, Manheim, Penn.

The following graves are in a private cemetery, surrounded by a pretty little rock wall in a cow pasture on
the land now owned by John Gobble, located on Highway 64 on the south side of the road about 2 miles
outside of Fork Church community, on the road to Mocksville, N C. I have been trying to get permission
from the courts to move the graves to the cemetery at Fork Baptist Church so that the stones will be
preserved. At any rate, the following is the information that I got from the cemetery:
                                                            Alexander Nesbett
Jacob Williams          (My gr-gr grandfather)              Born Mar 26, 1784
born Aug. 29, 1800                                          Died Dec. 23, 1829
died Nov. 15, 1853                                          aged 45 yrs. 8 mos. and 27 days
ae 53 years, 2 months and 16 days
                                                            Sarah L. Nesbett, daughter of
Leah, wife of Jacob Williams ( My gr-gr grandma)            Alexander and Elizabeth Nesbett
born Sept. 4, 1804                                          Born Dec. 23, 1825
died April 9, 1856                                          Died Oct. 31, 1826
aged 51, 7 mo, 5 days                                       aged 10 mos. And 7 days

Henry Call                                                  I do not know what relation the N esbett’s had with
born Aprl 11, 1824                                          Jacob and Leah Williams. Possibly neighbors?
died July 23, 1879
Aged 55, 3 months, 12 d’s

Leah M . A. , wife of H. Call
Born Dec. 21, 1837
died June 22, 1874

Mary E., wife of C. F. Van Eaton
died July 20, 1862
aged 24 yrs., 6 m and 9 days
(Born Jan 13, 1838 ??)

Allice V., dau of C. F. and M. E. Vaneaton
died May 22, 1858
1 yr. 3 mo. 21 days                                         ENDFIELD

                                        From O ld Turner Bible

Mahlon A. Hensley and Mattie A. Tompkins were married Dec. 24, 1857 at Meadsville,
Halifax Co., Va.

Alexander W. Turner           Mattie A. Hensley              m. Oct. 1, 1867
Mary Jane,            dau of A. W. and Mattie A Turner born 10th Sept, 1871
Esca White Turner                                            born Aug 23, 1874
Lucy Finley Turner dau of A.W. and Mattie A. Turner b Sept 22, 1880
Mattie A. Thompkins                                                 b May 7, 1838
Mahlon A. Hensley                                           b March 31, 1832
Mahlon Tompkins, son of Mahlon A. and Mattie A. Hensley             b Oct. 1, 1861
Alexis Uba Turner, son of Alexander W. Turner & Mattie A, his wife , b. Jan 1, 1869
Mahlon A. Hensley died in Lynchburg of Typhoid Fever --- July 26, 1861
Mahlon Y. Hensely died Dec. 2, 1864, age 3 yrs 2 mo and 2 days
A Uba Turner died Nov. 20, 1891 of Typhoid Fever in his 23rd year
A. W. Turner Died July 27, 1916 of dropsy.                          b Dec. 3 1836
Mamie J. Turner Died July 21, 1918 of cancer
M. A. Turner, wife of A. W. Turner                          b May 7, 1837
Mary Jane Turner      d July 21, 1918 of cancer of the breast, b Sept 10, 1871
Uba Turner                    D Nov. 20, 1891,              b Jan 1, 1869

                      The Stockinger, Stuckinger, & Crotts Families
                                and its variations in spelling.

                          From the Davidson County N. C. Marriage Bonds:

Melinda Crotts       m G. H. Shurlock              2-25-1865

Amos Fritts          m Pauline Stuckinger          1-20-1866

Katherine Crotts     m Phillip Helmstetler         2-4-1834

Susan Crotts 25      m Jesse Jones 22              7-10-1877

Jane Gordon          m George Stockham (Stockinger???)           9-23-1869-- J. S. Sowers, JP

Sarah Stuckinger     m       David Myers           5-11-1963     Peter Riley

Hulda Stuckinger     m Issac Rhodes                9-11-1862


                                 From the 1870 Davidson County , N.C. Census

Emmons Township

Page 14          131-131 Stockenger, James                    25                MW                NC
                         Julia                                25                FW
Page 15                Stotker, Aaron                         46                MW
                       Rebecca                                47                FW
                       John                                   19                MW
                       William                                15                MW
                       Mary C                                 13                FW
                       Rebecca                                11                FW

                                      Cabarrus Co. Marriage Records (NC)
Groom                                           Bride
Stogner, Ezekiel                                Margareth McNulty                                 28 Feb 1837
Stogner, John                                   Athaline Nichols                                  16 May 1840

                                                Mecklenburg Co, NC

Stockinger, John C                          Mariah Alexander                                      26 June 1818

                      From the McCubbin Records in the Rowan County NC Library

A brief explanation about the McCubbin Records, as it was told to me:
Many years ago a Mrs. McCubbin, who was childless, spent her life gathering information about the NC
settlers. When she died, all of her records were donated to the Rowan County Library. They are filed, and
we find they are a great source of information. Frequently they cannot be verified, but they give us a
starting place for research. The following is from a file marked “Stokinger.”
Book 10, Pg 18 Oct. 27 1784 Andrew Stokenger and wife Barbara let Nicholas Reimer -- all of the
Rowan County, have 100 acres on Dutch-Buffaloe Creek next to George Henry Berger for 42 pounds.
Part of land which the Earl of Granville let Geo. Henry Berger have on July 1762.

The Will of Lewis Stokinger Book 5 Page 6 made while weak in body on Feb. 2, 1806 wife Barbara her
choice of household things and stock. The rest to be sold . Parents Andrew and Barbara . Brother
Christian (whose son must be educated) all get $10.00 each.

Book 18 Pg 975 Feb. 25 1803 Philbird Wright lets Lewis Stokinger have 20 acres on the Uary on the
SW corner of the Old Tract granted the now deceased Richard Wright Sr. for 20 lbs.

1807 May Henry Tarr (a Ger, ad. Of the dec’d Lewis Stokinger’s will) lets Peter Sumy of Rowan have
for $300 several tracts witnessed by Darr and Wright.

Book 22, pg 118 - 1808 The State grants #2948 at 50 shillings the 100 A to Christian Stuckinger 200 A
on Jacobs Creek next Abrham Beanblossom entered 1799.

1809 Christian Stokinger let Martin Beyrer have 50 A on Jacob’s Creek next Barbara Smith

     From N.C. Bible Records, church Records and Genealogies by Alex, Martin Chap. DAR,
                                        High Point, 1936
Beck Chruch Cemetery, W.E. Lexington, Row 9
                          1804 Andrew Stockinger
                          1st gesterben den 7 Sept
                          Er wahr geboren d 3 October 1801

                                     Ludwig Stockinger           20 April 1776 - Jan 5 1806

(Editor: go to Lincolnton, NC for old Andrew Stockinger)

Book 3, pg 537, Deed Book, in basement of Davidson County NC Courthouse, Lexington, NC
Copied April 29, 1964
State of North carolina, Davidson County. Know all men by these present that we the heirs of Jacob
Crotz dec’d do hereby these presence bind ourselves our heirs, executors, Administrators, and assigns
held and firmly by these presence that I Lewis Crotz and Andrew Crotz to Caty Stokinger, Jacob Crotz,
Elizabeth Leonard, Valendine Crotz, John Crotz, Legatees of the estate of Jacob Crotz, dec’d. That we
will free and acquit them from maintaining of the widow and Frederick Crotz and Molly Crotz as long
as they live as we have hereunto set our hands and seals - We both above named bind ourselves in the
just sum of two thousand dollars good and lawful money of North Carolina and we will maintain the
above named parties according to the will of the dec’d. The conditions of the above obligations is such
that if the above bounden Lewis and Andrew Crotz doth well and truly maintain these above named,
Eve, Frederick and Molly Crotz - according to the said will direct this obligation to be void and of no
force otherwise to remain in full force and virtue in the year 1826, June 21st.
Registered 1824                                        Andrew (X) Crotz
                                                       Lewis (X) Crotz


Book 3, pg 500

-----”We the legacees of Jacob Crotz, dec.----”

----”That we will never claim or demand or inherit the parts or parcels the part of their estate belonging
to Eve, Frederick, and Molly Crotz -----”

------” bond to Lewis and Andrew Crotz the sum of $2000---- Signed
                                                          Jacob Crotz
                                                          Nicholas X Bolenbock
                                                          John Crotz
                                                          Caty X Stokinger*
                                                          Michael X Easter
                                                          Elizabeth X Lenard
                                                          Caty X Easter


                                   Peter Yountz’s Will. Excerpted

                      Daus “my girls viz Caty owen, Betsy Kepley,
                                  Molly Sapp, Rachael Lookabill
                                  and Margaret Stockinger”

                     “Daus-- Emily and Susanna be made equal to the other girls when of age”
                                   sons Samuel & John P
                                   Wife Elizabeth
                                          June 28, 1833
*This was Catherine Crottz who married Christian Stockinger

                                   1850 Davidson Co. NC Census

Page 273      Stockinger     Sarah          45
                             Catherine      16

Page 384      Stockmer       Mathias        49
              (Stockinger)   Margaret       40
                             Samuel         18
                             Huldah         16
                             Elizabeth      14
                             Catherine      12
                             Polly          10
                             Margaret        9
                             Pauline         5
                             Rachel          3

Page 670      Stuckinger              Sarah              45
                                      Catherine          16
        From minutes of the Court of Pleas & Qyarter Session, Rowan County, NC 1775 - 1789

John Berger to Andrew Stockinger 100 Acres                 1 August 1781
      proved by George Han Berger [9:128] Page 73


                                      1860 Davidson Co., NC Census

Page 23       Stockinger      Polly          40
                              Catherine      22

Page 220      Stockinger      Tice (Mathias-cwp)     59
                              Margaret               50
                              Margaret               19
                              Paulina                16
                              Rachel                 13

248           Fritts          Amos           30
                              Polly          20
                              James M.       01
                              George W       6/12
              Stockinger      Catherine      22

263           (With the Hedrick Family)
              Stockinger    Hulda            26

(End of Stockinger in the 1860 Davidson Co.Census)

                                             Misc. Records

Communicants           April 10, 1803        Ludwig Stockinger, wife Barbara

“      ”               April 30, 1804                “               ”

“                      Aug 19, 1837          Christian and Mathias

“                      April 1839            Christian

Catechism              Oct 1818              Christian and Johannis Stockinger

Page 44      L. M Craver m         Rachel Stuckinger    (27) 2 July 1876
“    173     Davy Myers m          Sarah Stuckinger     19 May 1863 Bondsman A.G. Hamilton
“    190     Margaret Stockinger m Andrew Owen 14 Aug 1828          Bondsman Andrew Owen
“    29      William Clark m Margaret Owen              9 Aug 1846 Bondsman J. H. Davis
“    236     George Stockham       m Jane Gordon        23 Sept 1869
“            Ludwig (Lewis) Stockinger and wife Barbara communicants Apr. 10, 1803 and
                                                                       Apr. 13, 1804
Candidates & Catechats     2 June 1822 John Stockinger
Catechumins Oct. 1818      Christian Stockinger and Johanns Stockinger

Communicants Oct 3, 1819 Johan Stockinger

Between 1829 and 1835 Communicants:
      Matais Stockinger
Aug 19, 1837 Christian Stockinger (2) (second list)
             Mathias “              ” “
Communicants of Pilgrim Church April 1839 Christian Stockinger (2)

Marriage records of Davidson Co., NC

Page 219      Stockinger, Mathias m         Margaret Younts Sept. 18, 1830 by P Hedrick, JP
              Bondsmen Eli Younts
“    213      Rhodes, Isaac          m      Hulda Stuckinger, 11 Sept 1862, by Bennett Nooe, JP
                       I K Perryman, clerk
“    138      Mary Stuckinger        16 March 1837 Bondsman David Everhart (who did she marry?)
“    65       Fritts, Amos m         Pauline Stuckinger 20 Jan 1866, Bondsman Geo. Musgrave

Pilgrim LutheranChurch records

Page 62       Hulda (Holte) Stockinger    b       Mar 12, 1834
              Samuel Stockinger b         Oct 3, 1831
              Noa Stockinger       b      Nov. 18, 1833
              Hannes Stokinger wf Ivi (Eva) son Daniel b       Mar 17, 1820

George Stockham      m        Jane Gordon 23 Sept 1869

                                     From Henry Reeves records
Folder # 226 Stockinger/Crotts
1822 at Synod meeting June 2, 1822         attended by John Stockinger

Communicants April 10, 1803                Ludwig Stockinger and wife, Barbara

Christian Stockinger had 4 people taking communion on 27 Sept. 1834

In 1839 Christian had 2 people

Between 1829 and 1835        Matais Stockinger

On Oct. 3, 1819              Johan Stockinger

Catechimens Oct. 1818 Christian and Johannis Stockyer


                                   Letter from Eva Neel, Boggstown, In-- 46110

   Excerpted from a letter dated Nov. 22, 1993: When David A Stockinger came to Ind. there was a man
   and a woman with him whose names were John and Julia Ann (Brindley) Stockinger. They were
   approx. 18 years older than David. According to the census they were all from N. Car. I do not know
   what relation they were to David. I’m hoping they were his parents. All that the history of Orange
   County, Ind. Says is: “Then came John and David Stockinger.” John and David both bought property at
   the same time in Ind.
            I found a Will of a man named Henry Brindley which named Julia Ann Stockinger as his sister,
   which helped me to learn her maiden name. David named one of his daughters Julia Ann and he named
   one of them Margaret. Maybe the name Brindley will help. I have also seen it spelled Brindle.
            My grandmother was Della Stockinger and her father was James Buchannon “Buck” Stockinger.
   David was the father of Buck “Buck” Stockinger married Sarah Ellen Wood. Her mother was Sarah
   Leonard and her father was Martin A. Wood. Both of them were from N.Car.
            David was born in 1813 and John and Julia about 1795. Also I wanted to tell you there was a
   Catherine Stockinger here in Ind. who married John Riley in 1844. At one time there were many
   Stockingers here in Ind.
                                                   Eva Neel
   Dec. 28, 1993 (From Eva Neel) I found that Christian Stockinger was born in Berks Co., Richmond
   Twp., Philadelphia, Pa. Dec. 24, 1770 Zion Moselem Church. He was born 7 years after Andrew
   arrived in America.

   Also, she sent the following copy:        (Our thanks to Eva !!)

                              ORANGE COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH
                                                   PAOLI, INDIANA 47454
                                                   Certificate of Death
   This certifies, that according to the records of O range County Health D epartment :
   Name of Deceased -         Stockinger, David
   Date of Death -            Sept 5, 1891
   Sex - Male -------- Color of Race -         White ---------- Age - 74 --------------- Widowed
   Cause of Death-            Heart Failure,    Certified by W m. Brent, M D.,             French Lick, Ind, Orange Co.
   Date of Buriel 1891 Record was filed: 1891, Book # H-18, page # 122, Issued Feb. 12, 1990

                                             Stockinger Family Group sheets

David Allen Stockinger          b Mar. 18, 1819         NC       m Aug 31, 1837 in Orange Co., Ind.
        Died. Sept 5. 1891      Jackson Twp     Orange Co., Ind.         Bledsoe-Parks Cem, Ind.
        Lived in N.C. and Ind. Farmer           Mother’s maiden name- Eliza Kellams Sept 11, 1870
Wife: Elizabeth Bledsoe         b Aug 9, 1815           Orange Co., Ind. Jackson Tw p. D 1869
        buried same cemetery as husband. Housewife      Parents: Ptolemy Bledsoe & Margaret Allen
Children: Stockinger
(M) Elias       b Aug 11, 1838 Elon     Ind
        Spouse Talitho Pinnick m Oct. 7, 1857,          2nd m / Taretho W illiams,      Aug 4, 1867
(F) Julian      b 1840          m Aug 12, 1857          Orange Co.       To: Peter Newton
(F) Nancy       b 1842          Elon    Jackson Twp     Ind.     1st m to Isaac Eastridge        Nov. 26, 1863
        2nd mar. To W illis McIver              Orange Co., Ind
(M) Jacob       b 1844 Elon     Jackson Twp     Ind     m        Oct. 15, 1863 Orange Co. To: Roseann Luttrell
(F) Margaret- b 1847, d Sept 24, 1893 Elon Ind - m. June 21 1866         Orange Co. To: James W. Carroll
(F) Eveline     b 1850 Elon, Ind.       m Apr. 13, 1865          To: George Graham ENDFIELD

(F) Parthena    b 1854 “ d. 1845, m June 3, 1874 Orange Co., To. Hiram Thompson, bur. Ames Cemetery
(F) Susan       b 1852, d. June 14, 1875, m Aug 19, 1869   To: Benjamin Carroll, Jr.
(M) James B. b. Mar 25, 1857, d June 9, 1918, m Aprl 1, 1880. Jackson Twp, Ind., Bur Cane Creek Ceme
        m. Sarah E. Wood

James B. Stockinger b March 25, 1857         Elon, Ind. d June 9, 1916, parents David A and Elizabeth Bledsoe.
       m Sarah Ellen Wood, b 1859, d 1926, m Apr 1, 1880, parents Martin A. Wood and Sarah Leonard

Children Stockinger
(F) Cora ,          b 1881 Elon, Orange Co, Ind               m Millard Bradshaw , April 16, 1900, Jackson Twp, Ind.
(F) Della           b Dec. 9, 1883 “           d Jan 5, 1963, Bur. Cane Creek Ceme. --- m Sherman Cox 1903,
(M) Jesse           b Nov 1891          “ Never married
(M) Fred                                  “       m Emma Edgell
(F) Hattie                                “ M Oct. 14, 1811 Jackson Twp, In, m Chas Ivan Dillard bur Ames Chapel
(M) Ralph           b Jan 18, 1886 “ d April 1963, m Dora P. Eastridge Dec. 17, 1912
                                            Abstracts from Becks Church, Davidson Co., NC

Christian Jan Stockinger and his wife , their son Fallathin was born 24 M arch 1803, baptised 28 April following.
Witnesses at baptism w ere falatin Crotz and Susana his wife

Christian Stockinger & his wife - their daughter, Catharina born 21 Jan 1808 baptised 27 Mar 1808 .
Witnesses were Johannes Beck and his wife

Christian Stockinger & his wife, their daughter Maria Margaret Born on 15 Jan 1810,
was baptised 18 Feb 1810, Witness at baptism was Barbara Stockinger (editor’s note, she was grandparent.)

1830 Davidson County, NC Census

                                                    Free white males                  (Females in Parenthesis)
Page    Head of family       Under      5/          10/        15/        20/         30/        40/        50/
                             5          10          15         20         30          40         50         60
216     Stuckinger
        Christian            (2)                                          (1)         1

        Adam                 2          1 (1)       1                                 1 (1)
        Daniel                                                            1 (1)
        Solomon              (1)                               (1)        1
        Jacob                1 (2)      1           (1)                               1 (1)
        Daniel               2          1           1 (1)                             1 (1)
        Phelix               (1)                    (3)        1                      (1)        1

234     Stuckinger
        Christian                       1 (1)                  2 (1)                                        1 (1)



Supplement-Records of Pilgrim Lutheran Church, arranged by Family



No. 211- “Christian Stockinger and his wife - their daughter Elizabeth born Dec. 10, 1811. Sponsers are Peter Eberhard
and his wife, Elizabeth”
No. 283 - “Christian Stodinger, wife Catarina - a daughter born Mar 11, 1819"
No. 311 - “Christian Sokinger’s son was born M ar 14, 1824 and was bapt. Aug 7 by the name Georg.”

JOHN STO CKINGER and wife EV A m, n _____.
No. 292 “Hannes Stokinger, wife Iva - a son Daniel born Mar. 17, 1820
STOC KINGER - (No indication on records as to first name of parents (H.R.)

No. 382 “Samuel Stockinger was born Oct. The 3 in the year 1831"

No. 385 “Noa Stockinger was born Nov. 18, in the year 1833"

No. 391 “Holte Stockinger was born Mar 12, 1934"

(From the G enealogical Society of Davidson County,

In January, 1964 I Copied the following from a book in possession of Miss Mae (Senora) Wyatt in
Salizbury, NC (now deceased) . (CWP)

Elizabeth Hendrix, (daughter of William Wyatt and Susanah Wyatt his wife) and wife of Henry Hendric died from
Typhoid Fever 19 July, 1871

Stephen Hendrix, s/o Henry and Elixabeth Hendrix d Aug 19, 1862.

John Myers, b June 6, 1804 and d Dec. 2, 1993

Jane Myers, b Apr 7, 1811, and d Dec 2, 1879

Jefferson A. Wyatt, s/o W. H. Wyatt and Maloney E, his wife was b Sept 11, 1882

Senora Mae Wyatt, d/o W. H. Wyatt and Meloney E, his wife was b Oct. 9, 1884

Infant son of W.H.W yatt and Maloney E. His wife was b 22 Apr 1888 and d 8 May 1888.

W. H. W yatt was b May 20, 1833, d Feb. 20, 1905

Maloney E. Wyatt b Nov. 17, 1851 d Feb. 20, 1934.

Henry Hendrix d from Cancer of the stomach 25 June, 1872

Margaret E Wyatt wife of W.H.Wyatt d 16 June 1881

William Livingston Wyatt, s/o W. H. Wyatt and Margaret E. Is wife died 13 Feb 1870, b 4 Feb. 1870

R. E. Wyatt was b 13 Apr 1878

Hiram W. Wyatt and R. E. Bost m July 23, 1893

Olla Wyatt d 14 Dec. 1851 in Sentinel, Okla.

John N Wyatt, Concord died 10-16-1949

Mary Wyatt died Aug 5, 1938

John N. Wyatt d Sept 16, 1938 (this was my grandfather, who lived between Fork and Mocksville, in Davie Co., NC.

John W. Wyatt b Jan 25, 1886 d Oct 16, 1949, bur. In Chestnut Hill Ceme. in Salizbury, NC

Meloney W. W yatt born Nov. 17, 1851 Mocksville died Feb. 20, 1934

W. H. W yatt and Margaret E. Myers were m Feb. 6, 1855

W. H. W yatt and Maloney E. Brinegar were m Dec. 1, 1881.

Hiram Olla Wyatt b Sept 15, 1867

Junis Preston Wyatt b July 16, 1874

Curtis L Wyatt, s/o W. H. Wyatt and Maloney 3 his wife was born July 3, 1890

Page 2 of Mae (Senora) Wyatt’s book

Rebecca Foster, d/o William and Susaner his wife and wife of John Foster d in Missouri June, 1854

Hiram A. Wyatt s/o Williams and Susanah d from Typhoid Fevor 4 Aug 1858

Sarah Hendrix d/o William Wyatt and Susanah and wife of Daniel Hendrix died 10 Aug 1869 from Typhoid Fever

Bettie Hendrix, d/o D. Hendrix and Sarah his wife d of Typhoid Fever 28 July 1869

Elizabeth Wyatt d Oct. 27, 1887 of old age, 85 years.

Susanah Wyatt w/o William Wyatt and d/o John & Elizabeth Cope -- d from Small Pox 22 Feb. 1863

William Wyatt died from Typhoid Fever 27 July 1867

William Wyatt s/o William Wyatt and Sarah his wife -- b Feb. 4 AD 1802

Susanah Wyatt dau of John and Elizabeth Cope was b May 2, 1807

William Wyatt and Susanah Cope was married in the year of our Lord Aug 26, 1823

Elizabeth Wyatt d/o Wm and Susanah was b Nov. 5, 1824

Sarah Wyatt, d/o Wm and Susanah b Sept 10, 1826

Rebeca Wyatt, d/o Wm and Susanah b April 17, 1829

W. H. W yatt, s/o Wm and Susanah b May 30, 1833

Hiram A. Wyatt, s/o Wm and Susanah b Nov. 9, 1837

Mary Ann Wyatt, d/o Wm and Susanah b Sept 11, 1840

Susan M Wyatt, d/o Wm and Susanah b May 22, 1844

                                     And M ore Misc. Info from Davie County, NC

Davie County was cut off from rowan county in 1836. Information about people prior had to come from the Rowan
County, NC Records.

This Indenture made 27 -- 1849 between Melton Hobbs of the ___ and Emily Foster of the county, state aforesaid of the
___ to me executed by Almon Taylor of the county and ___ therein mentioned and in which promises the said A. Taylor
and ___ thereon and the said M Hobs in pursuance a ver___ into his hands and custody a certain piece or parcel of ___ on
the waters of Duchman’s C reek ___ land auctioned. (Seems to be very incomplete!!)

Coleman M Bailey deed to Sallie E. Wyatt Sam Fosters H eirs, Matha Anderson, Geo Carter, W ill Said, Josie Brinegar,
Sam Drake ---------------------------------

Note: brothers Cap (C.M ) Bailey (this had to be Coleman)
               Braxton Bailey
               Alex Bailey

Robert Carson, executor of John Taylor, dec. Vs. William Taylor, James Taylor, Rebecca Taylor, Zachariah Gaither and
wife Sally, Milton Gaither, Elijah Gaither, Noah Gaither, Asbury G aither, Margaret Gaither, and Casper Kinder and wife
Dispute between William March and Jacob Williams over line dividing land. William Wyatt was there as witness to new
Samuel Taylor, guardian of Sarah L. Taylor -- 1847
Lamb Taylor guardian for Benjamin F. Taylor 1848


Allmon Taylor -- 1841 bought land on Dutchman’s Creek of George Foster at auction for $25.00. Wm B. March was the
high Sheriff of Davie County. Allmon Taylor was dead, I thin, bu 1849. Emigly foster got land then, in 1849. 60 acres.

In 1820 I think Maxey Taylor left a will naming his two sons Alderman (Allmon?) And Geprge and his pregnant wife.
Executors were W illa Taylor and John Ellis.

Land Grant to Benjamin Kelly for 207 acres surveyed 1784 on Dutchman’s Creek. Registered in Rowan County.

From Row an county Wills: Devisor, Nancy Taylor. Devisee is Alexander D. Kelly, Thomas, William, Leonard, Samuel.
1832. Book H . Page 553, I think.

Email from John Duling <jouling@delphi.com> Jan 3, 1995. Seeking information about the family of Benjamin Taylor.
He was the son of John Taylor and Alice Gascoyne. He was probably born about 1680 and lived in Northumberland Co.,
Va. His wife’s name was Elizabeth W aters. I know nothing else about her except her father may have been John W aters
and mother may have been Katherine Young. Children of this family were :

Hanna           m       John Basye                  Winifred            m        Edmund Basye
Joseph          m       Elizabeth Fishback          Mary                m        Joseph Hudnal
Frances         m       James Bashaw                Richard             m        Judith ???
Elixabeth       m       James Morgan and Henry Mayzy.

John Duling     2715 D el Mar Dr,       Grand Junction, Co. 81506


                                        TAYLORS AND WYATTS
                                           A Word from Catherine W. Pitts:
I started my search into families in the 1960's. At first I was searching my husband’s family, the Pitts family, and, of
course, that led me to search my own family tree. I met a lady from Salisbury, named Mrs. W. C. Taylor, and she mailed
me info,on post cards, about her search, She used every square eighth of an inch on that post card. Nine of these post
cards have survived the 40 or so years since, and I am entering each post card below. This first card was not dated, nor
was it cancelled by the Post office. I do not where it fits in with the rest of the cards. Also, do bear in mind that the
typewriter that Mrs. Taylor used was apparently old, for the letter “o” was filled in, so you could not distinguish between
an “e” and an “ o” . Later she must have bought a new typewriter, for the letters were clearer. She begins:
We’re excited again. Mrs. Swalm sends us a Will from the same Del. Mispillion Hd. John Taylor, 1796, youngest son:
George. She says we need a copy of “Calendar of Kent Co. Probate records 1680 - 1800.” She gives me the address to or-
from and the price $12.50.
          You do not have one, do you? If not I think I’ll order one right away. Then you and I can both use it. No telling
what we may be able to discover. I sent her a lot of Wyatt data, all I could find that involved John Wyatt (from early
records). I think she probably is from the same family, don’t you?
          Let me know whether or not you have one of these books so I can rush my order in. That way we’ll probably get
all there is about our Wyatts and Taylors all the was back to the emigrant.
          I’m just getting over Flu. Hope you have escaped. Love,
Mrs. W. C. Taylor
406 W. Kerr St.
 Salisbury, NC

(This card postmarked Dec. 5, 1962)
Thank you for the material. The file make me believe the Taylors and Wyatts came here from Currituck or N orfolk
together just after the Rev. Unity Was the sister of your Wm. See Bk. D. P. 268 for will of Wm.Sr.., Cornelius was older
bro. Some of the Taylors and Wyatts settled in S. Rowan and Davidson, others in Fork. Records show that the Taylors,
Wyatts, Osborns, etc. continued to move W est to W ilkes, Ashe, and Tenn. John and Nathan W yatt must have settled in
South Rowan, Aaron and Wm. in forks. “Colonial Surry Co. Va.” a new book by Boddie tells of a Wyatt gov. of Va. And
others; the names repeat themselves in Currituck records ditto, Taylors. Many ties show connection between old Rowan
Taylors and Currituck C. Baxter Wyatt, 420 Wiley Ave., Salisbury is of the S.Rowan branch, distant cousins of your
branch. He tells me he will lend me a Wyatt History written by a cousin somewhere as soon as he can get it. I’ll let you
know when I get it; I know he’ll let you have it, too, if you have not already read it. It takes them back to Normandy and
Wm, the Conqueror. No wonder they like the name W m. His wife told me of the family castle in Eng. or Scotland/ More
later. Thanks again, Mrs. W. D. Taylor, 404 W. Kerr Salisbury, NC

(This is postmarked Aug. 6, 1963)
I am working now when I can find an hour on my husband’s mother’s people. If you see anything in the Danbury records
concerning Benj. Howard, of the set that came here from M d. In the 1750s and 60s, w e’ll get over there and study same.
Also, I’ll never stop scanning every record for Geo. Taylor hoping I’ll get his ancestry and point of origin. Since you are
working on the Wyatts I’ll depend on you for that. We hope when the weather cools off to spend a few days in S.E. Va.
and N.E. N.C. studying county records of Isle of Wight, Charles City Ce. , Bedford ?? And others. I suspect that by
tracing Christopher Stokes whose family is in-terwoven with the Edward Taylor, Sr.s of South Davidson Ce., I may find
out more about our Taylers. I find Stokes his will in the Pearson file and must investigate the relationship there. The
Kinchens of the Edgecombe, Northampton, and southern Va. are also intermarried with these Taylers and Stokes..so I’m
full of plans but too busy to do much investigating right now. After Geo. sold on Giles Mill Cr. in 1808 we can’t find him
and family in the 1810 census. He could have moved into Stokes, later to Wilkes by 1820. Love, Mrs. Taylor

(This card is postmarked Aug 30, 1963)
I finally got around to calling M iss M ae W yatt yesterday. She says her sister-in-law, Mrs. Curtis (ed. Wyatt), had a stroke
in May and is still in the Hospital. If and when you come to visit her, or the Library, I surely want to exchange note with
you. Did the original (N.C.) W yatts settle near Forks C h. on the Yadkin? She says one of the very early ones in buried in
the old Moravian Cemetery in Winston-Salem. I’d like to have the data on the stone if you have it. The Will of the original
Wm. (that we know) was dated August 6, 1804; but I h ink he lived to 1806; the land division took place in 1807 (Bk 20,
p6) Wm and Cornelius got the land. I guess the note dated Dec. 19, 1814 was a payment to the other heirs, the girls, from
Wm., sometimes spelled Williams. He was living in 1822 when he sold the homeplace to Peter Hairston of Stokes Co.
Wonder if that is still a part of the Hairston holdings or who ones it. We would love to visit it. George Taylor who married
Unity, aunt of Wm. Walker (ed. Wyatt) lived adj. He went on to Wilkes Co. soon after the division. Have not yet found
our his parentage or land of origin. I think he must be a relative of the lowe (?) Davidson Co. Taylors, Edw. Sr. who was
father of W m. Who married Amy Brock, live near Farmington. Love, M rs. Tayler
(And in writing– Thanks so very much for all-)

(This card was postmarked Nov. 2, 1963)
Dear Mrs. Pitts, Thank you so much for your continuesd interest in me and my problems. So far we know nothing beyond
1791 - 19795 concerning George Taylor but since Wm. Wyatt came from Del. I am hopeful to sometime find a way to
research the Del. records. He perhaps came here in the group with his father-in-law -to-be. I called Miss M ae. She is very
pleased you are coming. Curtis wife is still in the hospital, almost paralyzed.
          She says the grave they found at W-S was near an entrance, was a plain slab, the inscription eligible: “William
Wyatt, member of the Church of England” and she says the date was in the 1700s but she does not remember the exact
date. She nor Curtis remember the name of the street the entrance was on but I don’t suppose there are many entrances and
since the date is 17– it is surely in an early section of the place. I hope you can find a w ay to get that info. for us. I’m
looking forward to seeing you. Sincerely, Mrs. Taylor

(This card was postmarked April 15, 1964)
D.K Shaver, Rt. 2, Albemarle, N.C. who seems to be an U.S. employee, I met in the library. He was saying something
about the Biles; I told him I think you are interested in them. He knows Eben, older, also Isaac, Julius, and Amos, seemed
to be working on their tree. You could write him. I am presently working on estab. connections between the Samuel
Smith, who had a son James, who m Eliz Job, dau of Samuel Job, of Davie, Samuel Bryans Mill Cr. Area. It is thought
that these Smiths came via Va. from Md. after the Rev. War. and I am trying to find the connecting link between N.C. and
Md. (via Granville, Co, it is thought.) Smiths are so numerous... do you know any thing about this Smith group?
         We have never got off to Winston-Salem yet. I have plans but we stay too busy; we have sold this big old apt.
house and will move next month into the duplex at 406 West Kerr, just across a narrow strip of lawn. Will have to sell
some furniture or give it away. Let me hear fr. you when convenient.Sincerely, Mrs. W.C. Taylor

(This card was postmarked Sept.25, 1964)
I have researched very little since early spring. W e moved the last wk in M ay into the duplex next door, sold the big apt.
house. Then last wk in June I broke down, internal hem... have had difficulty regaining strength. But I have gone back to
L. a few times recently. Saw your name, glad you are still working. Have you found any thing of interest concerning the
Wyatt’s before they came to N.C. fr. Del.? Do you know which cr. was called Giles Mill Cr. where Wm Settled? I want
to study at Salem as soon as I am strong enough, also Danbury. M ama’s Elrod’s and Soelle’s are very interesting. A
descendant in Ind. has sent me a lot of info. Will it cost me much to study in Salem Archives? Have you ever found the
Wyatt in God’s Acre, the one M iss Mae told me of. Let me know if there is anything I can look up for you here. I really
think it is good therapy for me at this point.
Thanks again for all the data you have given me. Mrs. W.C. Taylor, 406 West Kerr Street, Salisbury, NC 633-2206,

(The postmark is May 9, 1965)
I have looked thru the Taylor and the Wyatt files several times first and last. I feel sure the Allmon and Maxey Taylor line
are part of your Davie Co. – Currituck Co. line There is a Currituck Co. abstract book in the library and I am pretty sure
they are in it. I’m shut in with a cold or I’d go get the proof right now. Clyde is having me send an order for one of those
Kent Co. Del bks. Hope they are still available. The address is : Goodspeed’s Book Shops, Inc., 18 Beacon St., Boston,
Mass. Order: #3626-Kent Co.,Calendar of, Probate Records, 1680 - 1800 by Leon deValinger, Jr. Pub. 1944. Listed at
$12.50 in Genealogy Catalogue #520. Do you know Mrs. Van Zimmerman, Rt.10, Box 370, Lexington, NC. (Just north
of Welcome, just off Hwy 52) They have a dairy farm. I’m sure you and she are descended from the same Currituck
Taylors; she is quite a genealogist herself, possibly 45 - 50 years old. You’ll like her. This book from Del. may show the
Currituck Taylors are from K ent Co. D el. Call me when you come over. Love, V Church Taylor.

(This last card is postmarked Jan 28, 1966)
Thanks for your Christmas message. Just reading about your so varied activities makes me dizzy. We retired (finished
retiring) in May 1964 and none too soon for me. Clyde’s sister from Wyo. Has been with us since Oct., will be leaving
soon; then I’ll try to take up where I left off. Have negrlected my hobby. Gen. Helper (Sept 1965) lists Mrs. S.G. Polson,
P.O.Box 8, Helendale, California, 92342. She lists info on Andrew Pitts to exchange. He may be yours. You perhaps
know her already. We took Annie to Old Salem. While I studied in Archives they visited restored bldgs., then we
searched cemeteries for Wm Wyatt grave Miss May Wyatt saw there once, but failed to find it. Hope you can come over
soon. I want your reaction to the Del. Book. Where did your Williams come from? Were they ass’d with the Davie Co.
James from Pa.? M iss Clark on phone says she has filmed H inshaw records (Quaker) also some films of some Pa. County
histories. My husband’s James seem to have come from Doylestown, Pa. Think that’s Buck Co. It will be good to see
you. Mrs. Taylor, 406 W. Kerr, Salisbury, NC

THAT’S ALL, FOLKS. I hope this helps someone. CWP

From another genealogist, bobandbarbara1@juno.com is the following :

Do you have any information on Matthew Taylor, Jr?? I have a Matthew Taylor, in Surry Co with a documented land
grant 18 May 1789. I am supposing (hoping) this is my Matthew Taylor, Jr's father.

Also a person offered me the following information, but I have not obtained documentation:

Matthew Taylor, Sr lived in Goochland Co VA ca 1750. He moved to Surry Co NC in his old age ca 1780 with a son,
Matthew Taylor Jr., and possibly other children.

Matthew Taylor Sr born before 1755, listed in 1790, 1800 and 1810 census. On Surry NC tax list in 1775. Deed from
Matthew Taylor Sr. to Mark Taylor 10 Apr 1819 Surry Co NC. Wit. Matthew Taylor, Jr. Deed Book Q, pg 441

Luke Taylor, psble son of Matthew, Sr., under 16 in 1790 census, then head of household or in another household in 1800
and 1810 Surry Census. On 1813 tax list - no land. m. Mary Ann Taylor 8 Aug 1799, Surry Co NC

Mark Taylor, psble son of Matthew Sr., under 16 in 1790 census, 16-26 in 1800 census, 26-45 in 1810 census, then head
of household or in another household in 1820 and 1830 census. On 1830 tax list - m. Susannah Mathews 10 Nov 1813
Surry Co N C, wf Susannah Mathews on 1836 tax list beside Matthew Taylor.

Matthew Taylor, Jr., son of Matthew, Sr., not on 1790 census, under 10 on 1800 census, 16-26 on 1810 census, 16-45 on
1820 census, 40-50 on 1830 census. On 1840 tax list beside Susan Taylor - neither in 1840 census.
m. Frances Martin 14 July 1816, Mark Taylor bm.

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