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The people have recognises the anguish experienced by involuntarily childless couples.For such couples, surrogacy would provide an opportunity solution.Surrogacy have several forms. Surrogacy also risks the exploitation of some in order to meet the needs of other people.The evolution of legal procedures to implement and ratify the intent of the parties to surrogacy contracts across the United States has been patchwork, at best.What documentation style does she use when citing sources?

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									"In contrast to spontaneously conceived or NON DONOR IVF pregnancies,
in egg donor pregnancies the embryo is immunogenetically completely
unrelated to the mother unless the egg is donated from a relative.

Previous studies have demonstrated that egg donor pregnancies are at
increased risk of hypertensive complications. Additionally, there are significant
histological (cell) and immunological differences between placentas of egg donor
and non egg donor IVF pregnancies The increased immune activity and fibrinoid
(fibrin is solid material ) deposition at the maternal-fetal interface
of egg donor pregnancies and could represent a host versus graft rejection-like

(Fertility and Sterility 2010;93:397-404)

In English, the above is saying that donor egg recipients are at a higher risk of pre-
eclampsia, eclampsia (toxic condition characterized by convulsions and possibly
coma during or immediately after pregnancy) and immunological rejection of
the embryo than the non donor egg IVF patient or spontaneous conception

Acupuncture and herbal medicine have a positive (regulating)
effect on the immune system. Thus, donor-egg-IVF-patients would do
well to receive acupuncture and herbal medicine before and after transfer for a
period of time not less than 3 months post transfer and up to 3 months before
transfer where possible. This type of intervention, would, based upon my clinical
experience, possibly help to reduce the event of pre-eclampsia, eclampsia and

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