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					                       World Without Me – Privacy in the Digital World

Today, netizens live very public lives. With Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Google+, Flickr and many
other social networks it has become difficult to keep your personal life out of the public eye. Also,
the privacy settings on these websites can be very confusing.

World Without Me offers a solution in one simple word – “Percial”; very simply put, Personal +
Social. “Percial” is the basis of some cool features on the Digital Afterlife planning website – World Without Me tools like Discussions and Dispatches help make
your web experience percial – i.e. perfect blend of personal space while still giving an option to be
selectively social.

World Without Me Discussions are closed private conversations which are perfect for talking about
an important issue or planning a secret event with your close friends and family. Only the people
you invite to a Discussion can view and participate in that particular Discussion. For example, you
want to throw your best friend a surprise birthday party. you may start a Discussion on World
Without Me inviting a few close friends to discuss the details of the party in secret out of sight of
party poopers.

 Dispatches on World Without Me is a cool way to schedule messages for future delivery. You could
set a future message to be delivered next week, or next year or even after a decade! You can also
set Dispatches to be forwarded to your loved in your Digital Afterlife.

Moreover, you can personalize Dispatches by attaching audio or video clips or any file you would
like to share with the recipient. For example, you want to send a future message to your spouse
on your anniversary, containing a video montage of your last vacation together. You can create
and attach the video montage to your Dispatch and schedule it for delivery on the date of your

To add to your Percial experience, you can create a Digital Autobiography on the go by archiving
your Digital Footprint at World Without Me. You can add important emails, upload documents,
archive your Tweets and Facebook updates to your Digital Footprint and share it with your close
friends and family during your lifetime and also after death.

The percial experience at World Without Me is a relief from the otherwise increasingly creepy
social network scenario present today. Don’t think social networks are creepy? Well you surely
have another thought coming after this app experience.

About the Author:

Bhaskar Thakur is Entrepreneur, Social Media Evangelist.and founder of World Without Me, world's
first Percial (Personal - Social) platform with solutions for Digital Afterlife and Private Internet. empowers users with tools to plan their Digital Afterlife and Live Digitally
Forever, Create autobiography on the go from their digital footprint and participate in Private

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