Clich are worn out similes and metaphors

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					                               ENC 1101: College Composition I
                                       Clichés and Trite Phrases
Clichés are worn out similes and metaphors. They were originally intended to convey an image, but overuse
has rendered them useless. They communicate only the most general idea and essentially communicate only
vagueness now. Trite phrases are little truisms. They communicate general bits of truth without any specific
representation. Collectively, these two types of expressions are commonly referred to as worn out expressions
or overused expressions.

                                              Trite Phrases
Ignorance is bliss                            to make a long story short             easy come, easy go

It goes without saying                         a measure of pride                    one way or another

Easier said than done                         now or never                           sad but true

In the final analysis                         last but not least                     slowly but surely

All work and no play                          better late than never                 from bad to worse

After all is said and done                    sadder but wiser                       few and far between

A stitch in time saves nine.          wolves in sheeps' clothing             at the end of my rope

By the sweat of his brow              grass will not grow under my feet      pain in the neck

Busy as a bee                         keep the ball rolling                  dead on my feet

Thin as a rail                        get the ball rolling                   apple of his eye

Growing like a weed                   keep our heads above water             drop in the bucket

Nose to the grindstone                up the creek without a paddle          bored to tears

Can't see the forest for the trees    turn over a new leaf                   come out of his shell

Clear as crystal                      pull the wool over our eyes            under the weather

Born with a silver spoon in his mouth don't count your chickens              ace in the hole

The grass is always greener           blue in the face                       burn the candle at both ends

Take the bull by the horns            lay my cards on the table              put all your eggs in one basket

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