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                                        Residential Real Estate Trends, Issues and News for Consumers
                                        The National Association of REALTORS distributes Home Delivery every month to real
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Single and Looking – For a Home            Going Green Saves Green                            A Steady Pulse for Housing
Studies show that women are more           According to NAR research, 65                      Americans remain convinced that
financially and socially independent       percent of new home buyers see                     buying a home is a good long-term
than ever before, and that more than       their home’s energy efficiency as                  investment. Nearly nine out of 10
half of all adult women live without       an important consideration.                        consumers believe that buying a
a partner. And for more and more           However, the initial cost of                       home is a good financial decision,
of these single women, it’s house          “going green” is still a significant               according to the 2007 National
before spouse.                             factor in many people’s decisions                  Housing Pulse Survey, released
                                           to purchase energy-efficient                       earlier this month.
According to NAR’s 2007 Profile            home features.
of Home Buyers and Sellers,                                                                   The survey, which measures how
released in November at the annual         Today’s green-savvy home                           affordable housing issues affect
REALTORS® Conference & Expo,               buyers and sellers have many                       consumers, also shows that 59
one-fourth of all recent first-time        options. Sellers whose homes                       percent of respondents think that now
home buyers were single women.             meet the EPA energy efficiency                     is a good time to buy. That number is
Single women also represented 20           standard have a valuable                           even higher at 64 percent in areas
percent of all home buyers, up 2           marketing point – EPA studies                      where home prices have recently
percent from 10 years ago.                 show that these homes deliver                      declined. For more information, visit:
                                           $200-$400 in savings on utility          
In contrast, the percentage of single      bills per year.                                    ffairs/housing_opportunity/index.html
men buying homes is decreasing.
Nine percent of all recent home            Buyers can use green mortgages                      Story Springboard
buyers were single men, compared           that will help them make                             It’s a nice place, but I can’t
to 11 percent 10 years ago.                environmentally friendly                              afford to live there
                                           improvements to their home. One                     NAR research shows that
With more choices for investing            example is an FHA-insured                           affordable housing continues to
and saving, many women are                 Energy Efficiency Mortgage                          be a greater concern than jobs,
choosing homeownership as a way            (EEM) offered by HUD – for                          crime, terrorism or the
of building wealth over the long           more information, visit                             environment. What are Realtors
term.                                               in your area doing to promote
                                           h/eem/energy-r.cfm.                                 affordable housing? What other
Story Springboard                                                                              initiatives exist to ensure that
 Who are the women buyers                 Story Springboard                                   area residents have access to
  in your neighborhood?                     Is going green growing on                         affordable housing? To learn
Talk to your local Realtor                  home buyers and sellers?                          about some successful local
association about buyer                    Interview Realtors in your area                    programs, visit
demographics in your area –                about how they are marketing              
how do they compare to the                 green features in homes. What’s                     nt_affairs/housing_opportunity/p
national picture? How are                  the demand for green? How are                       rograms/ambassadors_for_cities/
Realtors in your area serving             homeowners making their homes                       ambassador_designees.html
single women buyers? What                  more energy efficient? For more
differences do they see                    information on green homes,
between the genders when it                visit:                                             Please contact Meredith Dunn,
comes to buying a home?                            202/383-7515, or via e-mail at
                                           /pages/fg313                             , for additional
                                                                                              ideas, sources, data and resources.

                                                                                                                     Home Delivery
                                                                                                                    November 2007
                                                                                                                Volume VI, Issue 11