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					                                N E W S F R O M T H E N E W J E R S E Y S TAT E B A R A S S O C I AT I O N

                                                                                                                  VOLUME 3 | NO. 2
Bar Communiqué
                                   Hair Today,
                                 Gone Tomorrow
                 For 13 years Richard I. Miller lived with a secret few people knew.
                 Every morning he spent a considerable amount of time in front
                 of the bathroom mirror making sure his true identity would not
                 be discovered by his wife and children.

                     Outside his West Orange home he worried                               on Bravo. An hour-
                 a single wrong move might tip off colleagues,                             long program, Queer
                 clients and acquaintances. Over the years he                              Eye’s team of five gay
                 even gave up regular dental visits, fearing the                           experts   in    fashion,
                 dentist’s close scrutiny might expose him.                                food and wine, interi-
                     No, the mild-mannered attorney wasn’t                                 or design, grooming
                 working as a spy or an undercover cop. And he                             and culture transform
                 wasn’t hiding out from the law. At 36, his                                a different style-defi-
                 secret was far more personal — for years                                  cient straight guy each
                 Richard I. Miller had been concealing his         week. Known as the Fab Five, the gay men tack-
                 severely receding hairline with a glue-on hair-   le everything from purchasing a new wardrobe
                 piece.                                            for the fashion-needy guy to cleaning and
                     “Every morning I would shut myself in the     redecorating part or all of his home or apart-
                 bathroom and re-glue my hair system,” Miller      ment. At the end of each episode the new and
                 said. “It was so time-consuming and so stress-    improved straight guy is introduced to family
                 ful. My wife hadn’t seen me without it in 13      and friends at a social gathering he helped plan
                 years. My three kids didn’t even know I wore      and prepare.
                 one. And while I had been considering getting         “We’ve watched the show since it first
                 rid of it, the problem was how to go about        went on the air, and always enjoyed it,” said
                 making such a major change.”                      Miller, a partner in the Parsippany firm of Bray
                     The solution presented itself one evening     Chiocca & Miller, LLC. “Then my wife said I
                 in August, as Miller and his wife sat watching    should have the Fab Five come out to help me,
                 the hit TV show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy                                   Continued on page 7
N E W S F R O M T H E N E W J E R S E Y S TAT E B A R A S S O C I AT I O N                                                               VOLUME 3 | NO. 2

                      Bar Communiqué
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        Annual Meeting Will Highlight New Technology . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
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        Calendar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22

                                                                                                                     BAR COMMUNIQUÉ | VOL. 3 | NO. 2                3
PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE                                            New Jersey Lawyer Magazine
                                                               Debuts on Website
Although the NJSBA cannot do your
                                                                   New Jersey Lawyer Magazine will be accessible to NJSBA
work for you, we have always been                              members on the association’s website at In
committed to making it easier for you                          addition to the latest issue of the magazine, members will
                                                               be able to view articles from past editions dating back to
to practice law. I believe that you will                       August 2002. All articles for issues dating from 1996
find our latest member benefit — NJ                            through the present will be listed and available for reprint
                                                               orders. Attorneys can search an index of articles published
CiteLineSM — serves this goal                                  in issues dating back to 1996, order reprints of articles, view
admirably.                                                     the editorial calendar and contact the publication’s editori-
                                                               al board through the web link.
                         A customized online legal research
                                                                   To access New Jersey Lawyer Magazine, click on the yel-
                   tool powered by LexisNexis™, NJ Cite-
                                                               low rectangle New Jersey Lawyer Magazine link at the top of
                   LineSM will provide you with unlimited
                                                               the website.
                   access to basic New Jersey law at your
                   fingertips. The new service — free to all
                   NJSBA members — can be accessed
                   directly through the association’s web-
site, at, and includes a comprehensive list
of primary New Jersey legal research sources, such as New
Jersey Supreme Court and superior court decisions back to
the late 1700s; New Jersey Tax Court decisions beginning in
1979; and the state’s statutes, constitution, administrative
code, and court rules.
    NJ CiteLineSM will undoubtedly be a service you will
turn to again and again as your primary research tool. Con-
sistent with my theme — “NJSBA — Inclusive of you, your
                                                               Deep Discount Available on
practice and your community” — it is my pleasure to intro-     Devils vs. Flyers Tickets
duce this new member benefit to you.
                                                                   A special ticket offer is available to NJSBA members for
                                                               the 2003 Stanley Cup Champion New Jersey Devils game
                                                               against the Philadelphia Flyers at Continental Airlines
                                                               Arena in Rutherford on Tuesday, March 9, 2004, at 7:30
                                                               p.m. NJSBA members can watch the two rivals face off at the
                               Karol Corbin Walker             reduced price of $35 per ticket, a 30-percent discount off the
                                    PRESIDENT                  box office price of $52, for second-level seating.
                         New Jersey State Bar Association          To join in the fun, print out a ticket order form at
                                                      under the special Devils hockey ticket offer.
                                                               For questions, contact Vincent Occhipinti at Devils Group
                                                               Sales, 201-935-6050. Orders must be received by March 1.
                                                                   Join your NJSBA colleagues, family and friends for a
                                                               night out to cheer on the New Jersey Devils. Of course, Fly-
                                                               ers fans are welcome too!

4     BAR COMMUNIQUÉ | VOL. 3 | NO. 2

    “NJ CiteLine is one                                                                             legal research and licens-
of the most useful bene-                                                                            ing agreements and a law
fits the NJSBA has been                                                                             librarian from Rutgers-
able to offer, and is con-                                                                          Camden.      Keeping    in
sistent with our mission                                                                            mind the make-up of the
to our members — to                                                                                 membership, and what
assist them with their                                                                              small law firms would
practice,”    said   NJSBA                                                                          need to use in terms of
President Karol Corbin                                                                              content and features, we
Walker.      “The    online                                                                         put together a wish list in
research tool will enable our members        contact your LexisNexis sales represen-   terms of our objectives. It was impor-
to have unlimited access to basic New        tative.                                   tant that New Jersey practitioners
Jersey law at their fingertips.”                                                       could use this product for a large part
    NJ CiteLine will provide free            A Year of Development                     of their legal research needs,” Tu said.
access to primary New Jersey legal               Plans to offer NJSBA members an       “After careful review, we chose Lexis-
research sources, including New Jersey       electronic research tool were devised     Nexis, as we felt that they are a com-
Supreme Court decisions from 1790            in January 2002, when then-president      mitted partner not only to provide a
and superior court decisions from
1792; New Jersey Tax Court decisions
from 1979; New Jersey Statutes; New
                                             A key focus of NJ CiteLine is to provide a resource
Jersey    Constitution;       New   Jersey   for NJSBA members who do not currently access
Administrative Code; and New Jersey
Court Rules.
                                             online legal research.
    NJSBA members can purchase a
12-month subscription to Shepard’s®          Daniel Waldman and the NJSBA board        quality product to members, but to
Citations Service at a 15 percent dis-       of trustees created the Online Legal      participate in other bar programs to
count through the links from NJ Cite-        Research Committee. Trustee Peter Tu      enhance the value of membership to
Line, or purchase individual searches        was designated chair of the commit-       the bar. We have mutual goals that
or weekly search plans at the standard       tee, which included Paris P. Eliades,     will benefit both parties in the long
pricing. Bar members using NJ Cite-          Brett Harris, John Joergensen, Marilyn    run.”
Line also can link to LexisNexis’ broad      L. Kline, Jonathan M. Korn, Peter J.
selection of legal research, some of         Pizzi, Steven M. Richman and David        A Service to Every Member
which will be priced according to the        B. Rubin.                                     A key focus of NJ CiteLine is to
NJSBA Member Benefits Program and                “Our committee consisted of a         provide a resource for NJSBA members
can be conveniently purchased using a        good cross-section of bar people in       who do not currently access online
credit card. For additional informa-         corporate practice, small firms and big   legal research. According to the com-
tion, please visit or          firms, attorneys with experience in       mittee’s report, the least expensive

                                                                                       BAR COMMUNIQUÉ | VOL. 3 | NO. 2       5
single user price for a LexisNexis sub-    word slowly got out to local bar associ-   bers can touch and feel,” said Trustee
scription, for a single-state primary-     ations, and members of the board of        Allen Etish.
law database, typically costs over $100    trustees were questioned about the             The online legal research product
per month.                                 potential membership benefit and           will also be very easy to use.
      “NJ CiteLine will enable our mem-    when it would start.                           “It would be [accessed] entirely
bers to access a high-quality legal            “I had a lot of comments from          through a web browser with a very
research product at no cost, and in        our local county bar,” said Trustee        intuitive user interface, like the cur-
that sense dues would be less than         John DeVincens. “This is a benefit         rent experience with any other Lexis-
what you would pay for a comparable        that our members can get their hands       Nexis product, so there is no need to
                                                                                      learn a new interface or new procedure
                                                                                      for the legal research tool,” said Tu.
“This is going to be a tremendous advantage and                                           The NJSBA partnered with Lex-
                                                                                      isNexis to create this product after
benefit for solo and small firm attorneys who will                                    an extensive, yearlong evaluation
now be introduced to a valuable legal research tool                                   and development process. Lexis-
                                                                                      Nexis provides a high-quality prod-
by virtue of the bar’s partnership with LexisNexis.                                   uct, which NJSBA is proud to be
The bar association is very cognizant that our                                        involved with. The NJ CiteLine pro-
                                                                                      gram joins InCite from the Pennsyl-
strength lies in our solo and small firms, and we                                     vania Bar Association and IowaCite
will continue to work hard to deliver what they                                       from the Iowa State Bar Association,
                                                                                      and IllinoisCite from the Illinois
want and need…”                                                                       State Bar Association. All are compa-
                                                                                      rable products geared to the practi-
                                                                                      tioners in those states and powered
product. This product will satisfy basic   on. Especially for the small firm prac-    by LexisNexis.
legal research needs, and allow easy       titioner and solo, this is a great way         Training sessions will be provid-
access to more comprehensive Lexis-        for the solo practitioners to sample       ed for members on March 16 in Fair-
Nexis services, some of which will be      and learn about the benefits of using      field, March 17 in New Brunswick
at preferred pricing.”                     LexisNexis’ online research tool.          and March 18 in Cherry Hill, with at
      Membership Committee Co-Chair        With the exception of the lobbying         least one additional session to be
Richard DeMichele Jr. feels the new        done by the bar, for efforts with          held at the NJSBA Annual Meeting in
online legal research product levels       respect to the quality of life and pro-    May.   Members      should       look   for
the    playing   field   for   attorneys   motion of the practice, this is the sin-   announcements with the exact times
throughout the state.                      gle largest benefit the bar has provid-    and locations.
      “This is going to be a tremendous    ed as far as a tangible thing our mem-         “The online legal research is a
advantage and benefit for solo and         bers will able to utilize.”                benefit that our members said they
small firm attorneys who will now be           Other board members agreed the         would like the NJSBA to provide. I am
introduced to a valuable legal research    savings and benefit to NJSBA members       delighted that we have been able to
tool by virtue of the bar’s partnership    could be significant. NJ CiteLine will     meet their needs. We will continue to
with LexisNexis. The bar association is    provide basic New Jersey case law and      explore offering other benefits, includ-
very cognizant that our strength lies in   statutes which will be an aid in the       ing additional LexisNexis products
our solo and small firms, and we will      practice of law in New Jersey.             and services that our members can use
continue to work hard to deliver what          “The negotiations have produced        to assist them in the practice of law,
they want and need,” he said.              a valuable product that will save          and that will save them time and
      Following the creation of the        NJSBA members time and money. This         money,”    said   Executive       Director
Online Legal Research Committee,           is one concrete savings that our mem-      Harold Rubenstein.

6       BAR COMMUNIQUÉ | VOL. 3 | NO. 2
HAIR TODAY,                                 we’d never been away except when we         doubts, it was absolutely the right
GONE TOMORROW                               would go to the hospital to have the        thing to do.”
Continued from Page 1                       next kid. We really needed someplace              Although    the    transformation
and I thought no way was I going to         special, just for us.”                      appears to take place in a single day,
go on that show and be a spectacle for          With the show set to film in mid-       Miller spent three days with the Fab
the whole world. But when I thought         October, Miller began letting people        Five having his hairpiece removed and
about it I realized there were some         know he would be putting himself in the     head shaved, learning how to take
positive aspects of going on the show.”     hands of the Fab Five for a makeover. But   proper care of his newly exposed skin,
     The thought of turning his con-        as prepared as he thought he was, when      being outfitted with a new wardrobe,
templated transformation into an            Jai Rodriguez, Thom Filicia, Carson         visiting a topnotch caterer to select
event was appealing because he could        Kressley, Kyan Douglas, Ted Allen and       the menu for his coming out party,
prepare people for the fact that he was     their 40 crew members descended on his      selecting furnishings for his house and
planning a big change. Being able to        home it was instant chaos.                  spending an unexpected afternoon
confer about his new image with the             “Suddenly we were invaded by 40         backstage at the Broadway production
Fab Five might give him the needed          people worried about makeup, light-         of Taboo!, where culture guru Jai
confidence to shed his hairpiece. And       ing, camera angles and food for the         Rodriguez had arranged for the theater
as an added bonus, the family’s home        crew,” Miller said. “On top of that the     enthusiast to meet Rosie O’Donnell
of more than two years might finally        five guys are asking questions, drag-       and Boy George.
be furnished — and for free.                ging me from one place to another,                At the same time, with his wife
     By morning Miller had decided he       and moving at such a wild speed, espe-      and three children staying in one loca-
would at least check into the show’s        cially Carson, who is so full of energy     tion and Miller in another, the fami-
application     process,   but   actually   he’s bouncing all over the place. Really,   ly’s home was being transformed from
applying for a makeover seemed high-        he’s like having a kid with ADD. But I      a collection of virtually empty rooms
ly unlikely.                                have to say that you very quickly form      to a warm home designed with their
     “If it took as much effort as get-     a bond with all of them. You’re sharing     individual tastes in mind.
ting up to change the channel on the        something very personal with them                 “Our house was almost completely
TV I was not about to do it,” Miller        and they are really wonderful guys.”        empty when they arrived,” Miller said.
recalled. “But when I checked on the            As Miller became more relaxed           “We had the basics — beds, TVs, etc. —
website I was surprised that I just had     with the Fab Five he began to voice his     but most of the place was empty and
to fill out a short questionnaire and       fears about going topless, but all five     none of it was decorated. They turned
send a digital photo. I even had a          of the experts encouraged him to stop       the place into something amazing. I
photo already on the computer, so it        hiding behind his hairpiece. When the       was overwhelmed by their effort and
took no time at all.”                       moment came for the hairstylist to          how they really worked to capture our
     Within hours Miller received a call    remove his hair in front of the cam-        personalities and make the place ours.”
from the show’s producer, and a few         eras, he was both nervous and excited.            And the response from friends,
weeks later learned his application had         “It took a lot because I was putting    family and colleagues when Miller’s
been approved.                              myself in their hands — trusting them       new     home     and    new   look   were
     “I was surprised by how quickly        to do the right thing and not make me       unveiled?
they contacted me,” he said. “But they      look like a fool,” Miller said. “I worked         “Everyone said it was great,” he
apparently were taken by the fact that      hard for 13 years building an elder law     said. “Everyone has been very support-
I was a professional and was thinking       practice and I worried about how this       ive of me. Everyone, that is, but my
about getting rid of the hair system,       would affect it and what people would       mother. If you get to see the show
that we had a house that was pretty         think. I made Kyan promise at the           you’ll see that she’s someone who
much unfurnished and a clean slate          very beginning that he would look out       doesn’t hide what she’s feeling, and
for them, and that I really wanted to       for me and do what would look best,         she wasn’t feeling very good about the
create a romantic bedroom — a retreat       not what would make the best TV             whole thing. For me, it’s the best thing
— for my wife. In 13 years of marriage      show. And even though I had my              I could have done.”

                                                                                        BAR COMMUNIQUÉ | VOL. 3 | NO. 2        7
Annual Meeting Will Highlight New Technology
THIS YEAR’S ANNUAL MEETING,               sponsored by the Class Actions,            Accidental Addict or Criminal Defen-
SCHEDULED FOR MAY 19–21 AT                School Law, the Securities Litigation      dant” will be sponsored by the Drug
BALLY’S ATLANTIC CITY, WILL               and Regulatory Enforcement and the         and Alcohol Abuse Committee and the
FEATURE DOZENS OF EDUCATIONAL             Automobile Reparations committees.         New Jersey Lawyers Assistance Program
PROGRAMS AND SOCIAL GATHERINGS,           Additionally, the Municipal Court          (NJLAP). The program will take a look at
AS WELL AS AN OPPORTUNITY TO              Practice, General Practice and Crimi-      how professionals between the ages of
BECOME FAMILIAR WITH THE NEW              nal Law sections, as well as the Young     30 and 60 are increasingly caught in the
JERSEY STATE BAR ASSOCIATION’S            Lawyers Division, will host “Recent        grip of accidental addiction to prescrip-
NEW WEB-BASED LEGAL RESEARCH              DWI, Drug and Criminal Cases and           tion drugs like OxyContin, Vicodin and
TOOL — NJ CITELINESM. POWERED BY          the New Alcotest Breath Machine,”          Lorcet. NJLAP also will host “Managing
LEXISNEXIS™, THE CUSTOMIZED               and the Health and Hospital Law and        Transition: Shifting Gears in Your Legal
ONLINE DATABASE IS AVAILABLE              Elder and Disability Law sections will     Career,” helping participants take the
EXCLUSIVELY TO NJSBA MEMBERS              sponsor “Prescription for Pain? What       first step in contemplating a positive
AND PROVIDES FREE ACCESS TO NEW           the New Medicare Bill Really Means         career change. Additionally, the Young
JERSEY CASES, CODES AND STATUTES.         for Patients and Providers.”               Lawyers Division will hold a career
                                              Several programs will focus on         clothing drive to collect gently used
    More than 20 sections and com-        improving your basic skills, such as       men’s and women’s professional cloth-
mittees are already slated to provide     the Civil Trial Attorneys Section’s “Hot   ing and accessories for donation to the
educational programs at this year’s       Tips for Hot Litigators”and the Corpo-     Hire Attire Boutique in New Brunswick,
Annual Meeting, covering topics rang-     rate and Business Law Section’s “How       which works with individuals needing
ing from animal rights to workplace       to Avoid Later Arguments by Drafting       assistance re-entering the workforce.
injuries. The following preview pro-      Better Settlement Agreements.”                 With an election looming, this
vides a glimpse at some of the substan-       Professionally, everyone will ben-     year’s Annual Meeting programs will
tive programming scheduled during         efit from attending the Insurance Law      also focus on some political aspects of
the three-day event. CLE credit will be   Section’s session on “Protecting Your      the law. “Recent Developments in
offered for those sessions cosponsored    Practice: What Every Attorney Must         Electoral Policy: EEO or Disenfran-
with the Institute for Continuing         Know About Lawyers Professional Lia-       chisement of the Economically Disad-
Legal Education.                          bility Insurance.”                         vantaged and Minority Communi-
    New trends and updates in the             Several personal issues will be        ties,” will be hosted by the Diversity
law will be discussed at programs         addressed this year as well. “OxyContin:   and Public Sector Lawyers committees

8     BAR COMMUNIQUÉ | VOL. 3 | NO. 2
and the Women in the Profession and
Minorities in the Profession sections.
                                                    Mid-Year 2004
Additionally, the Election Law Com-
mittee will conduct “Election Law
                                            Set Along the Scottish Coastline
Update Since Bush v. Gore.”
    Several more specialized programs
are also slated for the convention. The
Animal Law Committee will host “A
Call to Compassion: Putting Your
Legal Skills to Work for Animals.” The
Bankruptcy Law and Civil Trial Bar
sections will discuss the issues affect-
ing personal injury attorneys and the
                                           THE MEDIEVAL VILLAGE OF ST. ANDREWS BAY, SET ALONG THE PICTURESQUE
prosecution of their clients’ claims
                                           SCOTTISH COASTLINE, WILL BE THE LOCATION OF MID-YEAR MEETING 2004
when a party files for bankruptcy pro-
                                           FROM OCTOBER 31 THROUGH NOVEMBER 6. GUESTS WILL STAY AT THE ST.
tection. The Workers’ Compensation
                                           ANDREWS BAY RESORT, FEATURING PANORAMIC VIEWS, A WORLD-CLASS SPA,
Section will focus on workplace head
injuries and the Family Law Section
                                           ACCESS, AND 24-HOUR ROOM SERVICE.
will conduct “Divorce Styles of the
Rich and Famous,” focusing on the              The village of St. Andrews measures just a few square miles, but the former
methods of determining lifestyles,         religious seat of the nation is home to many historical sites. Key among the
child and spousal support of extreme-      attractions is St. Andrews Castle, which includes the ruins of a 13th century cas-
ly high-income cases.                      tle whose solid rock-walled dungeon imprisoned Protestants. The site of many of
    The association will also hold its     the bloodiest episodes of the Reformation, the castle also houses rare examples of
second annual Bench Bar Conference.        medieval siege techniques.
This must-attend series of seminars            St. Andrews Cathedral, begun in 1160, houses the remains of what was once
will focus on the courts in New Jersey,    the largest cathedral in Scotland and a collection of early Christian and medieval
with sessions covering the Appellate,      monuments, Celtic and medieval carved stones, and other relics original to the
Civil, Criminal, Family and Municipal      site, while the visitor’s center is home to the famous St. Andrews Sarcophagus,
Court divisions.                           said to be the finest example of Pictish carving in existence. The town is also
    Ticketed events this year will         home to the oldest university in Scotland, St. Andrews University, founded in
include the NJSBA’s annual dinner          1413 and currently attended by Prince William.
and installation of officers, a drinks         Opportunities also exist to explore the region’s surrounding farms, fishing
and hors d’oeuvres gathering spon-         villages, cliffs and beaches, take in magnificent views, attend a show at the local
sored by the Young Lawyers Division,       theatre, visit the St. Andrews Aquarium, and enjoy a wide variety of tax-free shop-
and luncheons hosted by the Diversi-       ping opportunities.
ty Committee, the Public Utility Law           Mid-Year Meeting attendees will likely find St. Andrews’ ancient golfing con-
Section and the Labor and Employ-          nections thrilling as well. Boasting the British Golf Museum, St. Andrews has
ment Law Section.                          been a golfing center since 1754, and is home to the 170-year-old Royal and
    To register, contact the NJSBA         Ancient Golf Club. Although the clubhouse is not open to visitors, and women
Meetings Department at 732-249-5000.       are welcome only on St. Andrews Day, golfers needn’t worry — the region boasts
To reserve a room at Bally’s call 1-800-   over 45 different golfing venues. Interested golfers should visit
225-5977. We look forward to seeing        and click on Mid-Year Meeting to read a letter from President-Elect Edwin
you at the association’s premiere event    McCreedy on St. Andrews golfing.
for the legal community.                       Educational programs are still being finalized, but mark your calendar for a
                                           trip to bagpipe country for Mid-Year Meeting 2004.

                                                                                     BAR COMMUNIQUÉ | VOL. 3 | NO. 2        9

     “The savings realized through         dental insurance, and anticipates they       malpractice insurance carrier decided
renewing our firm’s legal malpractice      will be available sometime in 2004.          not to renew our policy and did not
insurance coverage more than covered           According to NIA group representa-       even give us a reason,” said Lynn
my bar association dues,” said Richard     tive Robert M. Long, the company             Miller of Miller, Miller & Tucker, PA, in
A. DeMichele Jr. of DeMichele &            offers expertise in the insurance market-    New Brunswick. “We contacted NIA
DeMichele, PC, in Cherry Hill. “As         place without being too big to be imper-     and they found us very good replace-
members see that their policy expira-      sonal, or too small to not respond.          ment coverage in a very short period
tion is approaching, it’s definitely           “I think we’re the right fit as a bro-   of time. They were helpful, responsive,
worth looking into.”                       kerage firm for the NJSBA member-            reasonable, prompt and service orient-
     NIA, founded over 75 years ago        ship,” he said. “The cost savings to         ed. They worked with us and genuine-
as one of the first organizations to       members is variable depending on the         ly wanted to provide us with service.”
provide professional insurance serv-       size of the firm and the product.”                 Within the marketplace, NIA rates
ices in New Jersey, offers a full range        In some cases, Long estimates the        high as well. Business Insurance ranks
of products and represents most            cost savings could be significant and        NIA Group, LLC, 29th amongst the
major carriers. They place and serv-       in others, moderate. “In the case of         top 100 insurance brokers in the Unit-
ice virtually all types of insurance to    one very large law firm, we saved them       ed States. The Hales report ranks the
protect law firms, various types of        close to 50 percent on their premium,”       firm 11th among the privately held
businesses and handle personal             he said.                                     insurance agencies in the United
insurance needs as well. Their expe-           According to one NJSBA member,           States and Crain’s ranks NIA 13th in
rience and knowledge covers all            when the time came to review expir-          the tri-state area in terms of employee
facets of insurance and risk manage-       ing policies, NIA offered the perfect        benefits.
ment, including property and casu-         solution.
alty insurance, marine coverage,               “NIA provided low cost legal mal-        Check NIA Out for Yourself
employee benefits, life, health, dis-      practice insurance coverage for our                Through   the   NJSBA     website,
ability, and estate planning, as well      firm at a savings of over 10 percent         members can access a Lawyers Profes-
as risk management and loss control        compared to last year’s premiums,”           sional Liability NJ Market Summary
services.                                  said DeMichele. “Everything was done         and an application form to obtain
     NIA Group, LLC, has programs in       over the phone and over the fax, and         quotes from NIA Group, LLC. From
place for group long-term disability       the entire process took a couple weeks       the home page at,
and group life insurance. They also        from initiation to the policy being          click on the Membership Information
have a personal line VIP to offer exclu-   issued. It’s great to get insurance at a     button, select Benefits and then Mem-
sive personal insurance coverages for      reduced rate in an environment where         ber Insurance Programs. Be sure to log
NJSBA members and member firms’            things are always going up.”                 on with your NJSBA Member ID num-
employees that would provide auto,             Another firm found itself in a sit-      ber and password to access the down-
home, valuable items and umbrella          uation where its carrier would not           loadable documents and links to the
coverage with high-caliber insurance       renew its policy. NIA was able to step       NIA website. Members can also call 1-
companies at competitive prices. The       in quickly so the law firm’s insurance       888-890-4650 to find out more about
firm is in the process of developing       could be continued.                          the    insurance   products    available
group products for long-term care and          “At the last possible moment, our        through NIA Group, LLC.

10    BAR COMMUNIQUÉ | VOL. 3 | NO. 2
                  Member Benefits
                                                                              NJSBA OFFERS
                   at a Glance                                                ROUNDTABLE
                                                                              “OPTIMIZING THE POLICYHOLDER’S
    In addition to checking out NJ CiteLineSM, keep in mind that as a NJSBA   MANAGEMENT AND COLLECTION OF
member you can take advantage of the following services and discounts:        LONDON COVERAGE, ESPECIALLY
                                                                              INSURANCE AND REINSURANCE SOLD
   • Discounts of up to 30 percent on continuing education seminars and       AT LLOYD’S BEFORE 1993.”
      products offered by the Institute for Continuing Legal Education
      (ICLE).                                                                        Slated for March 2, 2004, at the
   • Advocacy for lawyers before the Legislature and Court.                   Kirkpatrick & Lockhart Conference
   • The ability to exchange information, news, events of interest and        Center in Washington, DC, this sub-
      other items through section online communities.                         stantive, all-day, interactive round-
   • Networking and educational opportunities through sections, divi-         table is the most detailed and author-
      sions and standing and special committees.                              itative program available on the poli-
   • A subscription to New Jersey Lawyer Magazine, the bi-monthly NJSBA       cyholder’s management and collec-
      journal, and Bar Communiqué, the NJSBA’s quarterly newsletter.          tion of valid claims at Lloyd’s-Equitas.
   • A discounted subscription rate on New Jersey Lawyer, The Weekly          The program, which runs from 9 a.m.
      Newspaper.                                                              to 5 p.m., will address the specific
   • Discounts on ABA law office practice management books.                   data, due diligence and decision-mak-
   • A variety of insurance products offered through NIA Group, LLC.          ing needs of in-house counsel of U.S.
   • Discounts from Lexis, MBNA America, Airborne Express, Avis and           corporations insured or reinsured at
      National car rental.                                                    Lloyd’s, and is presented by Bartsky
   • Discounts on magazine subscriptions, floral services and clothing        Publishing in association with Astor
      from Jos.A.Bank Clothiers and the Men’s Wearhouse.                      Law Firm and Kirkpatrick & Lockhart
   • Retirement plans offered through Equitable Life.                         LLP.
   • Discounted copying services from Kinko’s.                                       Further details are available at
   • Law office management software review information.             
   • Access to the area’s largest online Legal Career Center.                 net/. NJSBA members must quote dis-
                                                                              count code NJ3 to obtain the $100 dis-
    More detailed information about these member benefits is avail-           count on the roundtable’s $550 regis-
able on the NJSBA website at You must log on with              tration fee.
your member ID number and password to view the complete informa-
tion and links.

                                                                              BAR COMMUNIQUÉ | VOL. 3 | NO. 2      11
ADMINISTRATIVE LAW                         2003,” with commentary by three dis-       ings on March 10, April 21 and May
The section cosponsored “Ethical           tinguished U.S. bankruptcy court           26 at the New Jersey Law Center in
Issues Facing Government and Public        judges. The section also cosponsored       New Brunswick. Previously the sec-
Sector Lawyers,” with ICLE, the Gov-       with ICLE “Bankruptcy Basics.”             tion has held meetings addressing
ernment and Public Sector Lawyers                                                     “Developments     in   Condominium
Committee and the Criminal, Individ-       CASINO LAW                                 Construction Claims,” and “Develop-
ual Rights, Federal Practice and Proce-    The section hosted its 19th annual hol-    ments in AIA Contract Documents.” A
dures, Local Government, Minorities        iday party and toy drive, at Angelo’s      breakfast meeting was recently held
in the Profession, Municipal Court         Fairmount Tavern where section mem-        with guest speaker Joseph A. Valenti,
Practice, and Women in the Profession      bers collected more than 214 gifts for     chief of the Bureau of Local Manage-
sections.                                  the Atlantic City Rescue Mission and       ments Services.
                                           the Atlantic County Women’s Center.
BANKING LAW                                They also held a reception and dinner at   CORPORATE AND BUSINESS LAW
On March 3, the section will sponsor       the Ram’s Head Inn in Galloway with        On February 25, the section will
the 2003 Banking Law Update, a dis-        guest speaker Linda Kassekert, chair of    cosponsor with ICLE and the New Jer-
cussion of recent decisions, legislation   the Casino Control Commission.             sey Corporate Counsel Association the
and regulations impacting litigation by                                               2004 Corporate Counsel Institute,
or against banks and financial institu-    CERTIFIED ATTORNEYS                        designed to prepare participants to
tions conducting business in New Jer-      During the NJSBA Annual Meeting in         handle a wide variety of issues that
sey. The section cosponsored with the      May, the section will cosponsor with       confront in-house counsel. On March
Corporate and Business Law Section,        ICLE “Hot Tips for Hot Litigators.”        9 the section will sponsor “Drafting
the Intellectual Property Section, the                                                Buy-Sell Agreements.” During the
Taxation Law Section, the Internet and     CIVIL TRIAL BAR                            NJSBA Annual Meeting the section
Computer Law Committee, the New            During the NJSBA Annual Meeting in         will sponsor “How to Avoid Later
Jersey Corporate Counsel Association       May, the section will cosponsor with the   Arguments by Drafting Better Settle-
and ICLE the fourth annual Business        Bankruptcy Law Section “It’s a Mad, Mad    ment   Agreements.”     The   section
Law Symposium, offering more than          World: The Intersection of Bankruptcy      cosponsored with ICLE “Small Busi-
20 seminars on various topics.             and Tort Law.” On May 22, the section      ness Survival Strategies in a Tough
                                           will cosponsor with ICLE “Third-Party      Economy” and “The Soup to Nuts of
BANKRUPTCY LAW                             Practice: Adding the Deep Pocket.” The     Opening a Restaurant in New Jersey.”
On March 12 the section will sponsor       section cosponsored with ICLE “Emer-       The section cosponsored with the
the sixth annual Hon. William H.           gent Relief: OTSCs, TROs and More.”        Labor and Employment Law Section
Gindin Bankruptcy Bench-Bar Confer-        The section cosponsored with ICLE and      and the New Jersey Corporate Counsel
ence. On April 24, the section will        the Class Actions Committee “Class         Association “Restrictive Covenants:
cosponsor with ICLE “Attorney Liabil-      Action Law and Procedure in New Jer-       Impact of the MAW Decision.” The
ity: Representing Clients, While Pro-      sey.” The section cosponsored with the     section cosponsored with the Banking
tecting Yourself.” During the NJSBA        Family Law Section, the Administrative     Law Section, the Intellectual Property
Annual Meeting in May, the section         Office of the Courts and ICLE “Inter-      Section, the Taxation Law Section, the
will cosponsor with the Civil Trial Bar    viewing Children as Witnesses in Civil,    Internet and Computer Law Commit-
“It’s a Mad, Mad World: The Intersec-      Criminal, Family and Other Matters.”       tee, the New Jersey Corporate Counsel
tion of Bankruptcy and Tort Law.” The                                                 Association and ICLE the fourth annu-
section cosponsored with ICLE and          CONSTRUCTION AND PUBLIC                    al Business Law Symposium, offering
the Professional Education Group,          CONTRACT LAW                               more than 20 seminars on various top-
Inc., “David G. Epstein on Bankruptcy      The section will hold section meet-        ics. The section also sponsored “The

12    BAR COMMUNIQUÉ | VOL. 3 | NO. 2
Role of the Audit Committee in the          sored with ICLE and the New Jersey         Cervino spoke on “Using Cleanup
21st Century” with the New Jersey           Association of Professional Mediators      Stars and Triad Approach to Expedite
Chapter of Financial Executives Inter-      “Developing a Dispute Resolution           DEP Approval.” The section also held a
national.                                   Practice.” The section held a joint        dinner meeting where Department of
                                            meeting with the inn of court and          Environmental Protection Commis-
CRIMINAL LAW                                New Jersey Association for Profession-     sioner Brad Campbell discussed cur-
On March 2 the section will sponsor         al Mediators (NJAPM) titled “Accredi-      rent issues at the DEP and where Lisa P.
“The U.S. Department of Justice Inter-      tation and Quality Assurance – Should      Jackson, NJDEP assistant commissioner
pretation and Enforcement of the            We Adopt it and How.” The section          of Compliance and Enforcement, pro-
Patriot Act.” The section cosponsored       also cosponsored the 2003 Conference       vided an enforcement update.
with ICLE “Handling Violent Crimes,”        on ADR and Insurance Issues with
designed to provide practice tips and       ICLE, the inn of court for ADR and the     FAMILY LAW
trial techniques for prosecuting and        NJAPM.                                     On February 28, the section will
defending cases involving violent                                                      cosponsor with ICLE “Hot Tips in
crime. The section cosponsored with         ELDER AND DISABILITY LAW                   Family Law: 2004 — 40 Tips from 40
ICLE “Search and Seizure Law: Update        The section will host roundtable meet-     Experts in 4 Hours.” Executive com-
2003.” At two recent section dinner         ings on February 23 and May 3 and          mittee meetings will be held March 9
meetings the topics were “Reflections       business meetings on March 17, April       and April 13. On March 20 and April 3
on the New Jersey Criminal Code as it       14 and June 14. During the February        the section will cosponsor with the
Approaches 25 Years” and “Recent            23 roundtable members will discuss         Young Lawyers Division and ICLE
Developments in White Collar Crimi-         the new domestic partner legislation       “Alimony Basics.” From March 24 to
nal Investigations.” The section also       and its impact on elder law and estate     March 28 the section will sponsor the
sponsored the 2nd annual Criminal           planning. On February 24, the section      Family law Section Retreat at the
Law Institute and a program titled          will cosponsor with ICLE “Guardian-        Monte Carol Resort and Casino in Las
“Leading New Jersey Supreme Court           ship Training for Lawyers.” On March       Vegas. On April 17, the section will
Criminal Cases. The section cospon-         25 and March 26 the section will host      cosponsor with ICLE “What Tax
sored “Ethical Issues Facing Govern-        a retreat in Red Bank. On April 20 the     Returns Really Tell You: A Primer for
ment and Public Sector Lawyers,” with       section will cosponsor with the Health     Family Law Judges and Practitioners.”
ICLE, the Government and Public and         and Hospital Law Section and ICLE          The section cosponsored with ICLE
Sector Lawyers Committee and the            “Prescription or Pain? What the New        the 2004 Family Law Symposium,
Administrative, Individual Rights, Fed-     Medicare Bill Really Means for Patients    exploring cutting-edge topics in fami-
eral Practice and Procedures, Local         and Providers.” The section previously     ly law and “What Tax Returns Really
Government, Minorities in the Profes-       cosponsored with the Young Lawyers         Tell You: A Primer for Family Law
sion, Municipal Court Practice, and         Division and ICLE “Building a Prof-        Judges and Practitioners.” The section
Women in the Profession sections.           itable Trusts and Estates/Elder Law        cosponsored with the Civil Trial Bar
                                            Practice.” The section also sponsored      Section, the Administrative Office of
DISPUTE RESOLUTION                          “Sophisticated Elder Law Concepts”         the Courts and ICLE “Interviewing
From March 5 to March 7, the section        and   section   meetings      discussing   Children as Witnesses in Civil, Crimi-
will host its first annual retreat at the   HIPAA; trusts and Medicaid; and the        nal, Family and Other Matters.” The
Cranwell Resort, Spa and Golf Club in       status of litigation, legislation and      section cosponsored with ICLE and
Massachusetts. On March 17, April 7,        actions in the coming year.                the division, “Beyond the Family Part:
8 and 10 the section will cosponsor                                                    What Matrimonial Lawyers Need to
with the Justice Garibaldi ADR Inn of       ENVIRONMENTAL LAW                          Know About Bankruptcy, Immigra-
Court and ICLE, a four-session Civil        The section hosted a breakfast meeting     tion, Personal Injury, Taxation, Estate
Mediation Training Course. The sec-         where guest speakers Kenneth Kloo of       Planning and Disability Issues.” The
tion will host an advanced mediation        the Department of Environmental            section also cosponsored with the Jus-
class on April 8. The section cospon-       Protection,   and   attorney    Daniele    tice Marie Garibaldi ADR Inn of Court

                                                                                       BAR COMMUNIQUÉ | VOL. 3 | NO. 2      13
“Mediation Training: Family Law            developments and cutting-edge issues.      sey fraud prosecutor Greta Gooden
Cases.”                                                                               Brown and a program on increasing
                                           IMMIGRATION, NATURALIZATION AND            competition and attracting insurers to
FEDERAL PRACTICE AND PROCEDURE             AMERICANISM                                the state.
The section will cosponsor with ICLE       On March 3 the section will cosponsor
on February 23 “Case Management            the fourth annual Immigration Confer-      INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY
and Electronic Filing in the U.S. Dis-     ence: First Anniversary of DHS, with       The section cosponsored with ICLE
trict Court.” The section cosponsored      the American Immigration Lawyer’s          and the New Jersey Corporate Counsel
with ICLE “Practice Before U.S. Magis-     Association-New Jersey Chapter, the        Association “Legal Issues Affecting
trate Judges” and “Ethical Issues Fac-     New Jersey Corporate Counsel Associa-      Pharmaceutical and Biotech Compa-
ing Government and Public Sector           tion and ICLE. The section also cospon-    nies.” The section cosponsored with
Lawyers,” which was also cosponsored       sored with ICLE “Advanced Immigra-         the Corporate and Business Law Sec-
by the Government and Public and           tion Practice: Strategies and Solutions    tion, the Banking Law Section, the
Sector Lawyers Committee and the           for Specific Occupations” and “New         Taxation Law Section, the Internet and
Administrative, Criminal, Individual       Systems: New Challenges for Immigra-       Computer Law Committee, the New
Rights, Local Government, Minorities       tion Attorneys, In-House Counsel and       Jersey Corporate Counsel Association
in the Profession, Municipal Court         Human Resource Personnel.”                 and ICLE the fourth annual Business
Practice, and Women in the Profession                                                 Law Symposium, offering more than
sections. The section also sponsored       INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS                          20 seminars on various topics.
several sessions throughout the state      The section cosponsored “Ethical Issues
where participants could learn the         Facing Government and Public Sector        INTERNATIONAL LAW AND
procedures for filing documents in the     Lawyers,” with ICLE, the Government        ORGANIZATIONS
U.S. District Court and a trip to Wash-    and Public Sector Lawyers Committee        The section cosponsored with ICLE
ington, D.C., for those wishing to be      and the Administrative, Criminal, Fed-     “International      Litigation”    and
admitted to the U.S. Supreme Court.        eral Practice and Procedures, Local Gov-   “Advanced     Immigration     Practice:
                                           ernment, Minorities in the Profession,     Strategies and Solutions for Specific
GENERAL PRACTICE                           Municipal Court Practice, and Women        Occupations.” The section also spon-
On March 1 the section will host a         in the Profession sections. The section    sored “Conducting International Busi-
membership meeting at the New Jer-         also cosponsored a candidates’ night       ness Transactions” in cooperation
sey Law Center. At an earlier section      with the Minorities in the Profession      with ICLE.
meeting the topic of discussion was        Section, the Women in the Profession
“Selling Your Practice in the Most         Section and the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual     LABOR AND EMPLOYMENT LAW
Unlikely Places,” addressing client        and Transgender Rights Committee, as       On March 16, the section will cospon-
development.                               well as a dinner meeting to discuss        sor with ICLE the 2004 Labor Law
                                           pending legislation.                       Forum, an annual case law update and
HEALTH AND HOSPITAL LAW                                                               three panel discussions related to labor
The section will hold dinner meetings      INSURANCE LAW                              law practice. An executive committee
on March 25 and May 27. On April 20,       On March 20, the section will cospon-      meeting will be held on April 2 and an
the section will cosponsor with the        sor with ICLE “Insurance Law: Update       Italian wine tasting dinner on April 1.
Elder and Disability Law Section and       2004,” offering a concise review of        The section held a silver jubilee cele-
ICLE “Prescription or Pain? What the       recent case law developments and a         bration, the 25th annual (NLRB) Labor
New Medicare Bill Really Means for         discussion of a wide range of insur-       Law    Conference     featuring   three
Patients and Providers.” The section       ance related topics. The section will      dynamic panel discussions of interest
cosponsored with ICLE the 2003             host dinner meetings April 6 and June      to attorneys, union and management
Health and Hospital Law Symposium,         22. Earlier section meetings addressed     representatives and other professionals
featuring a panel of leading practition-   insurance issues and legislation facing    involved in the area of labor relations.
ers in the field presenting recent         New Jersey, a presentation by New Jer-     The section cosponsored with ICLE

14    BAR COMMUNIQUÉ | VOL. 3 | NO. 2
and the New Jersey Corporate Counsel      MINORITIES IN THE PROFESSION                Lawyers Committee and the Adminis-
Association “Restrictive Covenants:       On February 24 the section will spon-       trative, Criminal, Federal Practice and
Impact of the MAW Decision.” The sec-     sor a Black History Month celebration,      Procedures, Individual Rights, Local
tion also sponsored with ICLE “Do’s       while on March 11 members will              Government, Minorities in the Profes-
and Don’ts of Hiring Employees,”          cosponsor the Specialty Bar Summit,         sion, and Women in the Profession
“Using Courtroom Technology in            featuring a keynote address focusing        sections. Section meetings were also
Employment Law Cases,” “Public            on the 50th anniversary of the land-        held, focusing on topics such as con-
Employment Litigation,” “Ethics for       mark decision Brown v. Board of Educa-      tempt of court, the 7110 opinion on
Employment Lawyers,” “Employment          tion. A section meeting will be held on     new breath test machines and restrict-
Law for General Practitioners,” “Dis-     April 15, while on April 29 the section     ed use driver’s licenses.
ability Discrimination,” “Client Selec-   will cosponsor a program and recep-
tion and Case Evaluation in Employ-       tion recognizing the contributions of       PRODUCT LIABILITY AND TOXIC TORT
ment Discrimination Cases” and “Use       trailblazing women of color in the          On March 18, section members will
and Abuse of Model Civil Jury Charges     legal profession in New Jersey. The sec-    meet to discuss “Employer Liability
in Employment Cases.”                     tion cosponsored “Ethical Issues Fac-       and the Workers’ Compensation Bar
                                          ing Government and Public Sector            Post   Laidlaw    Crippen   Mull     and
LAND USE LAW                              Lawyers,” with ICLE, the Government         Tomeo.” On May 15, the section will
The section cosponsored with ICLE         and Public Sector Lawyers Committee         cosponsor with ICLE “Product Liabili-
“From Fairshare to Growthshare …          and the Administrative, Criminal, Fed-      ty 2004 Extreme Makeover: A Fresh
How the New COAH Regulations              eral Practice and Procedures, Individ-      Look at Key Issues and Trends in the
Affect Developers, Municipalities and     ual Rights, Local Government, Munic-        Law.” On June 3 the section will hold
Affordable Housing.” The section          ipal Court Practice, and Women in the       a meeting focusing on “Evidence
cosponsored with the Local Govern-        Profession sections. The section also       Issues in the Product Liability Case.”
ment Law Section and ICLE the 2004        cosponsored a candidates’ night with
Redevelopment Law Institute, offering     the Individual Rights Section, the          PUBLIC UTILITY
three authoritative panels exploring      Women in the Profession Section and         The section sponsored “Recent Devel-
up-to-the-minute developments relat-      the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Trans-       opments in Public Utilities Law,” and
ed to redevelopment projects. Board of    gender Rights Committee. The section        held a pre-winter section meeting.
directors meetings were held monthly      also cosponsored the Minority Judges        Real Property, Probate and Trust Law
from September through December.          Reception with the Diversity Commit-        On March 31, the section will cospon-
                                          tee and the Government and Public           sor with ICLE the 2004 Real Estate
LOCAL GOVERNMENT LAW                      Sector Lawyers Committee.                   Conference. Board of consultors meet-
The section cosponsored with the                                                      ings will be held on March 31 and
Land Use Law Section and ICLE the         MUNICIPAL COURT PRACTICE                    June 16.
2004 Redevelopment Law Institute,         On February 23 the section will hold a
offering three authoritative panels       meeting to discuss municipal court          TAXATION LAW
exploring up-to-the-minute develop-       appeals. On April 17, the section will      The section will cosponsor with ICLE
ments related to redevelopment            cosponsor with ICLE “DWI Defense            “Family Limited Partnerships It’s a
projects. The section cosponsored         Advocacy    Training.”    The     section   Whole New Ballgame” on February 25.
“Ethical Issues Facing Government         cosponsored with the Young Lawyers          The section cosponsored with the Cor-
and Public Sector Lawyers,” with          Division and ICLE “Representing             porate and Business Law Section, the
ICLE and the Administrative, Crimi-       Clients in Municipal Court” and             Intellectual Property Section, the
nal, Federal Practice and Procedures,     “Municipal Court — Winning Strate-          Banking Law Section, the Internet and
Individual Rights, Minorities in the      gies.” The section cosponsored “Ethi-       Compute Law Committee, the New
Profession, Municipal Court Prac-         cal Issues Facing Government and            Jersey Corporate Counsel Association
tice, and Women in the Profession         Public Sector Lawyers,” with ICLE, the      and ICLE the fourth annual Business
sections.                                 Government      and      Public    Sector   Law Symposium, offering more than

                                                                                      BAR COMMUNIQUÉ | VOL. 3 | NO. 2      15
20 seminars on various topics. The sec-    Government and Public Sector Lawyers        Calculating How Much Your Case is
tion cosponsored with ICLE the 50th        Committee and the Administrative,           Worth.” The section will hold execu-
Semi-Annual Tax and Estate Planning        Criminal, Federal Practice and Proce-       tive committee meetings on April 7
Forum, offering a full day of program-     dures, Individual Rights, Local Govern-     and June 15. The section cospon-
ming related to tax and estate plan-       ment, Minorities in the Profession, and     sored with ICLE the 14th annual
ning, and “Hot Tips in Taxation VII.”      Municipal Court Practice sections. The      Workers’ Compensation Bench-Bar
The section held its 11th annual NJ        section also cosponsored a candidates’      Conference, addressing a wide vari-
Tax Court Judges Reception.                night with the Minorities in the Profes-    ety of recent developments and relat-
                                           sion Section, the Women in the Profes-      ed issues. The section also cospon-
WOMEN IN THE PROFESSION                    sion Section and the Gay, Lesbian, Bisex-   sored with ICLE “Trial of a Workers’
On March 11, the section will cosponsor    ual and Transgender Rights Committee.       Compensation Case: Second Injury
the Specialty Bar Summit, featuring a      The section also hosted a dinner meeting    Fund.”
keynote address focusing on the 50th       with a presentation by Michael Roglen, a
anniversary of the landmark decision       management and marketing consultant         YOUNG LAWYERS DIVISION
Brown v. Board of Education. The section   with Innovation Architects.                 On March 6, the division will cospon-
will hold meetings on March 16, April 20                                               sor with ICLE “A Complete Guide to
and May 17. The section cosponsored        WORKERS’ COMPENSATION                       the Criminal Trial Process: From
“Ethical Issues Facing Government and      On March 4 the section will sponsor         Arrangement to Appeal.” On March
Public Sector Lawyers,” with ICLE, the     “Workers’     Compensation        Math:     11, the section will cosponsor the Spe-
                                                                                       cialty Bar Summit, featuring a keynote
                                                                                       address focusing on the 50th anniver-
                                                                                       sary of the landmark decision Brown v.
                                                                                       Board of Education. On March 20 and
                                                                                       April 3 the section will cosponsor
                                                                                       with the Young Lawyers Division and
                                                                                       ICLE “Alimony Basics” The division
                                                                                       hosted “Introduction to Protecting IP
                                                                                       Assets” and “Retainer Agreements for
                                                                                       Litigators” with ICLE. The section
                                                                                       cosponsored with the Elder and Dis-
                                                                                       ability Law Section and ICLE “Build-
                                                                                       ing    a    Profitable     Trusts   and
                                                                                       Estates/Elder Law Practice.” The sec-
                                                                                       tion cosponsored with the Municipal
                                                                                       Court Section “Representing Clients
                                                                                       in Municipal Court.” The division
                                                                                       cosponsored     with     the   Municipal
                                                                                       Court Practice Section and ICLE
                                                                                       “Municipal Court — Winning Strate-
                                                                                       gies.” The division cosponsored with
                                                                                       the Family Law Section and ICLE
                                                                                       “Beyond the Family Part: What Matri-
                                                                                       monial Lawyers Need to Know About
                                                                                       Bankruptcy, Immigration, Personal
                                                                                       Injury, Taxation, Estate Planning and
                                                                                       Disability Issues.”

16    BAR COMMUNIQUÉ | VOL. 3 | NO. 2
           FRANK D. ALLEN, of       Capehart Scatchard, participat-    dress cases for the association’s   joined Hill Wallack as a
         Archer & Greiner,          ed as panelists addressing vari-   website.                            partner.
         was named co-chair         ous legal topics at the Munici-
                                                                       KELLY ANNE HICKS has joined         DENISE M. KEYSER, of Ballard
         of the Camden              pal Clerks’ Association of New
                                                                       Hill Wallack as an associate.       Spahr Andrews & Ingersoll,
         County Bar Associa-        Jersey’s Annual Fall Confer-
                                                                                                           spoke on labor and employ-
         tion’s Personal            ence.                              RICHARD M. HLUCHAN, of Ballard
                                                                                                           ment law issues at several
Injury Committee.                                                      Spahr Andrews & Ingersoll,
                                    MICHELE M. FOX and PATRICIA A.                                         events, including the second
                                                                       was elected to the board of
JEFFREY A. COHEN, of                SMITH have joined the New Jer-                                         annual Tri-State Human
                                                                       governors of the Georgetown
Flaster/Greenberg, joined the       sey office of Ballard Spahr                                            Resources Management Associ-
                                                                       University Alumni Associa-
American Inns of Court for          Andrews & Ingersoll as part-                                           ation Community Outreach
                                                                       tion. He also was recognized
Intellectual Property and was       ners.                                                                  Program and the association’s
                                                                       by the New Jersey Business
recently appointed by the                                                                                  Human Resources — Business
                                    JOHN GEANEY, of Capehart           and Industry Association for
Southern New Jersey Chamber                                                                                Partners & Beyond 17 Annual
                                    Scatchard, participated in “The    his role in a brownfields rede-
of Commerce to serve on its                                                                                Conference. She was also cho-
                                    Fundamentals of Workers’           velopment project known as
State Affairs Committee.                                                                                   sen as a leading U.S. labor and
                                    Compensation in New Jersey,”       Seaboard Point, a 96-unit,
                                                                                                           employment law attorney by
JAMES H. COLEMAN JR., recently      sponsored by the Council on        high-end residential commu-
                                                                                                           Chambers USA, America’s Lead-
retired New Jersey Supreme          Education in Management.           nity under construction on an
                                                                                                           ing Business Lawyers Directory.
Court justice, has become of                                           abandoned landfill in North
                                    ROCHELLE GIZINSKI, of Abazia &
counsel to Porzio, Bromberg &                                          Wildwood.                           J. PHILIP KIRCHNER, of
                                    Gizinski, was elected vice-chair
Newman.                                                                                                    Flaster/Greenberg, participated
                                    of the Rutgers Board of                       EDWARD A. HOGAN, of
                                                                                                           as a panelist in a seminar
PATRICK T. COLLINS, of Norris,      Trustees.                                     Norris, McLaughlin
                                                                                                           titled “Recent Developments
McLaughlin & Marcus, spoke                                                        & Marcus, discussed
                                    JACOB L. HAFTER, JANET S. KOLE                                         in New Jersey Law on Restric-
on the topic of anti-harass-                                                      the new Cleanup
                                    and VINCENT J. NOLAN III have                                          tive Covenants” at Laurel
ment training in the work-                                                        Stars program at a
                                    joined the firm of                                                     Creek Country Club.
place at a seminar sponsored                                                      seminar sponsored
                                    Flaster/Greenberg. Hafter
by Fleet.                                                              by the Environmental Business       MICHAEL J. KLINE, of Fox Roth-
                                    recently presented a three-
                                                                       Council of the Commerce and         schild, spoke on the Sarbanes-
JOHN C. CONNELL, of Archer &        hour continuing medical edu-
                                                                       Industry Association of New         Oxley Act’s impact on non-
Greiner, was elected chair of       cation seminar for emergency
                                                                       Jersey, and chaired an environ-     profit boards at the second
the Camden County American          medical service providers titled
                                                                       mental roundtable sponsored         annual Mid-Atlantic Health-
Red Cross Board of Directors.       “EMS & The Law,” at the
                                                                       by the group.                       care Compliance Conference
                                    Atlantic City Medical Center’s
WILLIAM A. DREIER and STEVEN A.                                                                            in Atlantic City.
                                    Life Support Training Center.      MICHAEL D. HOMANS, of
KARG, of Norris, McLaughlin &
                                                                       Flaster/Greenberg, spoke on         JAMES A. KOZACHEK, of
Marcus, participated in a semi-               ROBERT HAGERTY, of
                                                                       “Avoiding Employer Liability        Flaster/Greenberg, has been
nar titled “Important Strate-                 Capehart Scatchard,
                                                                       for Workplace Harassment            promoted to shareholder.
gies for Product Manufacturers                led a seminar titled
                                                                       Claims” at a meeting of the
and Distributors — Methods                    “Selected Topics in                                          BENJAMIN A. LEVIN, of Ballard
                                                                       American Business Women’s
for Reducing Products Liability               Land Use Law in                                              Spahr Andrews & Ingersoll, is
                                                                       Association, Burlington
Risk, for Protecting Intellectual             New Jersey,” spon-                                           co-chair of the American Bar
                                                                       County Charter Chapter. He
Property Rights, for Manage-        sored by Lorman Education                                              Association’s 26th annual
                                                                       also presented a legal semi-
ment.”                              Services.                                                              Forum on Franchising. MARK
                                                                       nar titled “Preventing
                                                                                                           SHAPIRO, also with the firm,
PATRICK J. DWYER has joined                   ANNE HAMMILL, of         Harassment in the Law
                                                                                                           was a featured presenter at the
Smith, Stratton, Wise, Heher                  Capehart Scatchard,      Firm,” at the ACE Center in
and Brennan.                                  participated in “Five    Lafayette Hills, PA.
                                              Most Common                                                             ROBERT T. LEWIS, of
           VICTOR S. ELGORT, of                                                  PETER D. HUTCHEON,
                                              Injuries in Workers’                                                    Capehart Scatchard,
           Norris, McLaughlin                                                    of Norris, McLaugh-
                                              Compensation in                                                         has been selected to
           & Marcus, spoke on                                                    lin & Marcus, was
                                    New Jersey,” a seminar spon-                                                      lead the firm’s new
           choice of business                                                    appointed adjunct
                                    sored by Lorman Education                                                         federal practice
           entity in New Jersey                                                  professor at Rutgers
                                    Services.                                                                         workers’ compensa-
           as part of the con-                                                   School of Business
                                                                                                           tion practice. He also partici-
tinuing legal education pro-        DENNIS J. HELMS, of                and was listed in the latest edi-
                                                                                                           pated in “The Fundamentals
gram of the National Business       Flaster/Greenberg, was reap-       tions of Who’s Who in Ameri-
                                                                                                           of Workers’ Compensation in
Institute.                          pointed chair of the Trade         can Law and Who’s Who in
                                                                                                           New Jersey,” sponsored by the
                                    Dress Image Library Subcom-        America.
                       STEPHEN                                                                             Council on Education in Man-
                                    mittee of the International
                       FANNON                                          PAUL P. JOSEPHSON, who for the      agement.
                                    Trademark Association. The
                       and                                             past eight years has served as a
                                    subcommittee is selecting and                                          PATRICIA NACHTIGAL, of Inger-
                       ROBERT                                          senior legal advisor to Gover-
                                    summarizing the leading trade                                          soll-Rand, was elected to a
                       HICKEN, of                                      nor James McGreevey, has

                                                                                               BAR COMMUNIQUÉ | VOL. 3 | NO. 2             17
one-year term as chair of the       MICHAEL A. RAMBERT, of Archer       was selected for his work in       Leading Business Lawyers
Rutgers Board of Trustees.          & Greiner, was selected by the      adoption law; PETER R. SPIRGEL     Directory.
                                    U.S. Department of Com-             for corporation, partnership
          RICHARD A. NORRIS, of                                                                                        M. KAREN THOMPSON,
                                    merce’s Minority Business           and business law; STEPHEN M.
          Norris, McLaughlin                                                                                           of Norris, McLaugh-
                                    Development Agency to serve         GREENBERG for healthcare law;
          & Marcus, was select-                                                                                        lin & Marcus, spoke
                                    as business plan evaluator at       MARKLEY S. RODERICK for Inter-
          ed by the Somerset                                                                                           on customer service
                                    its second annual Equity Capi-      net law/e-commerce; ALAN H.
          County Bar Associa-                                                                                          from the profession-
                                    tal Access Forum.                   ZUCKERMAN for internal review
          tion as the recipient                                                                                        al’s point of view at
                                                                        service practice; ALLEN P.
of the 2003 Professional                      ARMANDO RICCIO, of                                           the annual seminar of the
                                                                        FINEBERG for pension and prof-
Lawyer of the Year Award.                      Capehart Scatchard,                                         Hunterdon County Chamber
                                                                        it sharing and WILLIAM S. SKIN-
                                               addressed a group of                                        of Commerce, and participat-
MARK J. OBERSTAEDT, of Archer                                           NER for securities law.
                                               business profession-                                        ed in a litigation services con-
& Greiner, was elected presi-
                                               als on the funda-        JAMES J. SHRAGER, of Norris,       ference sponsored by the New
dent of the Haddonfield
                                               mentals of employ-       McLaughlin & Marcus, spoke         Jersey Society of Certified Pub-
School of Performing Arts.
                                    ment at-will in New Jersey as       at a litigation services confer-   lic Accountants.
JILL OJSERKIS, of Fox Roth-         part of a seminar sponsored by      ence sponsored by the New
                                                                                                                      THOMAS WALLS, of
schild, addressed the Associa-      the Institute for Professional      Jersey Society of Certified Pub-
                                                                                                                     Capehart Scatchard,
tion of Healthcare Internal         Development. He also partici-       lic Accountants.
                                                                                                                     was appointed to
Auditors at the organization’s      pated as a panelist addressing
                                                                        MICHAEL W. SOZANSKY JR. and                  the Hamilton Town-
annual conference.                  various legal topics at the
                                                                        MICHAEL K. LIGORANO, of Norris,              ship Planning
                                    Municipal Clerks’ Association
STEPHEN P. PAZAN, of Dilworth                                           McLaughlin & Marcus, were                    Board, and spoke on
                                    of New Jersey’s Annual Fall
Paxson, was a presenter at a                                            listed in the latest edition of    “Five Most Common Injuries
seminar titled “Discovery in                                            Who’s Who in American Law.         in Workers’ Compensation in
New Jersey Bad Faith Litiga-        MARKLEY S. RODERICK, of                                                New Jersey,” a seminar spon-
                                                                        STEVEN W. SUFLAS, of Ballard
tion.”                              Flaster/Greenberg, served as one                                       sored by Lorman Education
                                                                        Spahr Andrews & Ingersoll,
                                    of three judges for BizEd, a Rut-                                      Services.
ELLIOT D. RAFF, of Flaster/Green-                                       spoke at the Tri-State Human
                                    gers University-Camden School
berg, spoke at The Tri-State                                            Resources Management Asso-         ALAN H. ZUCKERMAN, of
                                    of Business program designed
Human Resource Management                                               ciation’s Human Resources          Flaster/Greenberg, was
                                    to introduce students to colle-
Association’s breakfast program                                         — Business Partners &              installed as the 2004 chair of
                                    giate business education.
titled “HIPAA Problems Facing                                           Beyond 17 Annual Confer-           the Burlington County Cham-
Employers and the Answers –         Several Flaster/Greenberg           ence. He was also chosen as        ber of Commerce Board of
What Every Employer Needs to        lawyers were named top              a leading U.S. labor and           Directors.
Know” at the Clarion Hotel in       attorneys of South Jersey by SJ     employment attorney by
Cherry Hill.                        Magazine. STEVEN B. SACHAROW        Chambers USA, America’s

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18     BAR COMMUNIQUÉ | VOL. 3 | NO. 2

Brian Abbey               Jessica Battaglia      Kenneth Cabot         Kendall Collins         Marcia Denbeaux
  West Orange               Princeton              Norwood               Mount Holly             Westwood
Leena Abraham             Glenn Bell             Donald Campbell       Joseph Colucci          Sydney Denny
  South Plainfield          Brooklyn, NY           Hackensack            Hackensack              Newark
Alma Abrams               Sarah Benhabib         Katrina Campbell      Kelly Conroy            Gira Desai
  Belle Mead                Woodbridge             Hampton               Woodbury                Edison
Olan Abrams               Eric Berg              Sarah Campbell        William Cook            James DeSantis
  Chatham                   Succasunna             Howell                Haddonfield             Englewood
Gregory Acquaviva         Stuart Berger          George Campion        Hope Cooper             Rhonda DeStefano
  Middletown                Newark                 Chatham               Franklin Park           Caldwell
Ashish Advani             Joseph Bevis           Sophia Canosa         Ryan Cooper             H. William Devitt
  Scotch Plains             Lambertville           Absecon               East Newark             Summit
Judie Ahn                 Jodyann Blagrove       Esther Canty-Barnes   Doreen Coppes           Neji Dhakouani
  Cleveland Heights, OH     Phillipsburg           Newark                Linden                  Union City
Victoria Airgood          Frederick Blakelock    Anthony Capasso       Concetta Corsentino     Dianne Dichter
  Pitman                    Collingswood           New York, NY          East Norwich, NY        Haddonfield
Nicole Albano             Evan Blaker            Suzanne Carelli       Dawn Costa              N. Janine Dickey
  Roseland                  Cherry Hill            Pennsauken            Cherry Hill             Martinsville
Geri Albin                Shaun Blick            Marilyn Carreras      Christina Cowell        Michael Dinger
  Matawan                   North Brunswick        Windham, NY           Highlands               Union Beach
Charlene Alexander        Diana Bloise           Melanie Carroll       Donald Cox              Joseph Dolan
  Montclair                 Vineland               Montclair             Princeton               Morristown
Geoffrey Alexander        Marsha Bloom           Jeffrey Casazza       Nicole Crifo            Elizabeth Dollin
  Monmouth Junction         Fanwood                East Brunswick        Glen Rock               Newark
C. Regan Almonor          Jonathan Bodner        Ashley Cass           Jennifer Critchley      Jeffrey Dollinger
  Edison                    Syracuse, NY           Westfield             Roseland                Livingston
Brian Aloia               Adrienne Bonds         Patrick Cerillo       Marc Cunningham         Matthew Doonan
  Parsippany                East Orange            Flemington            Lebanon                 Marlton
Robert Alspach            Tracy Bookhard         Robert Chambers       Richard Curley          Dana Dorgan McCarren
  Hoboken                   Newark                 Chatham               Claymont, DE            New York, NY
Patrick Anderson          Teresia Bost           Yvette Chang          Timothy Curtin          Charles Dortch
  Wayne                     Newark                 Newark                Newark                  Burlington
Michael Anger             Patricia Bradley       Franck Chantayan      Sean Cutshall           Eva Marie Dowdell
  Hawthorne                 Somerset               Lafayette             Metuchen                Brooklyn, NY
Diane Araujo              Douglas Bramley        Mary Ann Chase        Daniella DaCunzo        Alexander Drago
  Elizabeth                 Tinton Falls           Oradell               Princeton               Hackensack
Jacob Archer              Joanna Brick           Jay Chatarpaul        Eileen Daly             Cornelia Dude
  Linden                    Springfield            Bayonne               Hoboken                 Newark
Dale Ardizzone            E. Drew Britcher       Shereen Chen          Susan D'Angelo          Kerry Duffy
  Charlotte, NC             Glen Rock              Voorhees              Long Valley             Parsippany
Jodi Ann Argentino        Brandon Broderick      Karen Cherrington     Darren Dapas            Joseph Dumanov
  Morristown                Wilmington, DE         Jersey City           Collingswood            Sparta
Alla Ashkinazi            Albert Brondle         Jean Chetney          Margaret Davino         Brenda Eady Stafford
  Englishtown               Brown Mills            Salem                 Holmdel                 Orange
Joyce Atkins              Elizabeth Brophy       Sang Choi             Christina Davitt        Marcia Eagle
  Wenonah                   Whitehouse Station     Union                 Glen Ridge              Hackensack
Cynthia Augustine         Daniel Brown           Henry Chou            Anthony DeFoe           Keli Edwards
  Montclair                 Upper Saddle River     Princeton             Hoboken                 Newark
Abed Awad                 Matthew Buckley        Deborah Chow          Paul DeGrado            Renee Edwards
  Clifton                   Wyckoff                Newark                Hackensack              Plainfield
Balin Baidwan             James Burke            Ehsan Chowdhry        Frank DeGrim            Jacqueline Eisenstadt
  Montclair                 Hoboken                Toms River            Randolph                Cliffside Park
Nikeva Baily              Steven Bury            Joseph Ciccia         Sandra Dehogues         Martin Eisenstein
  Newark                    Tenafly                Northvale             Edison                  Secaucus
Alina Bankowski           Felice Busto           Jeanine Clark         Anthony Del Piano       Brian Elliott
  Cranford                  Ocean Grove            Merchantville         Bridgewater             Montclair
Robert Baratta            Glenn Butash           Steven Cocchi         Shane DeLeon            Shannon Engelman
  Hackensack                Morristown             Linwood               Morristown              West Orange
Michael Barbiero          Darlene Butler         Karin Coger           Linda Dellacroce        Alissa Epstein
  Haddonfield               Roseland               Wyncote, PA           Howell                  Roseland
James Barrett             Arleen Caballero-      James Coleman         Julie Demaree           Mara Epstein
  Flanders                Gonzalez                 Scotch Plains         Westfield               Princeton

                                                                                BAR COMMUNIQUÉ | VOL. 3 | NO. 2   19
David Esposito         Salvatore Giampiccolo   Allison Herron         Susan Kamenitz       Patricia Lee
  Manahawkin             Ridgewood               Newark                 Marlton              Roseland
Lisa Evans             Brian Giblin            Ronald Hewitt          Ronald Kaniuk        Mitchell Levine
  Camden                 Oradell                 New York, NY           New York, NY         Hasbrouck Heights
Jill Fallows           Craig Gilgallon         Frank Hickman          Charles Kapalin      Elina Leviyeva
  Moorestown             Morristown              Clinton                Maplewood            East Brunswick
Asteris Fanikos        Michael Gilleece        Kelly Anne Hicks       Harold Kaplan        Feng Li
  Englewood Cliffs       Morristown              Princeton              Cherry Hill          Parsippany
Felicia Farber         Edward Glynn            Anthony Higgins        Michael Kaplan       Caroline Linares
  Wayne                  Phillipsburg            Livingston             Robbinsville         New York, NY
Karen Fasano-Scales    Jeffrey Gold            Theodore Hilke         Payal Kapoor         Robert Little
  Red Bank               Cherry Hill             Morristown             Plainsboro           Maplewood
David Fenkel           Seth Gollin             Larry Hines            Linda Kassekert      Howard Loeffler
  Westfield              Hackensack              Newark                 Atlantic City        River Edge
Anthony Fernandez      Bertram Goltz           Natalie Hiott-Levine   Simon Kaufman        Melissa Longo
  Chatham                Clifton                 Millburn               Freehold             Jersey City
John Fetterly          Antonio Gonzalez        Christopher Hogan      Ruth Kavanagh        Hiram Lopez Nater
  Green Village          North Bergen            Atlantic City          Ramsey               Newark
Jennifer Fetterman     Richard Gonzalez        Edward Hogan           Maral Kazanjian      K. Arlette Lowe
  Bloomfield             Staten Island, NY       New York, NY           New York, NY         Ocean City
Dion Findley           Yolanda Gonzalez        Paulyn Holandez        Shari Keiser         Kristin Luebke
  Hackensack             Kearny                  Belleville             Highland Park        West Orange
Kathryn Flicker        Dennis Gooding          Andrew Holland         Deborah Kelly        Richard Luke
  Skillman               Piscataway              Haledon                Newark               Montville
John Fojut             Andrew Gosline          James Holloway         Peter Kelly          Timothy Lyons
  Roseland               Loch Arbour             Greenville, NC         Lawrenceville        Middletown
Adam Fontana           Dara Govan              Ronald Horn            Jamie Kennedy        Joseph Maceri
  Sparta                 Morristown              Cape May               Parsippany           Wayne
Keith Ford             Jeffrey Grafone         Tunc Hoscan            Shmuel Klein         Margaret MacGregor
  Jersey City            Princeton               Morganville            Mahwah               Manchester
Linda Forman           Jason Gratt             Chanta Howard          Kathleen Klenk       Lavell Malloy
  Parsippany             Hackettstown            Morristown             Lafayette            Belleville
Jennifer Forrest       Richard Green           Matt Howdershell       Christine Kozenski   Dino Mantzas
  Princeton              Cherry Hill             Woodbury               New Brunswick        Cherry Hill
Kimberly Forrest       Kimberly Gronau         Jin Hu                 Richard Krieg        Daniel Marchese
  Bloomfield             Morristown              Jersey City            Mendham              West Orange
Richard Foster         Rick Grossman           David Hunt             Esther Kuchipudi     Toni Ann Marcolini
  Northvale              Secaucus                Cranbury               Bridgewater          Woodbridge
Wanda Foster           Linda Marie Guecia      Karen Hunt Flippen     Angelique Kuchta     Jean Markey
  Mount Laurel           Morristown              Franklin Park          Pleasantville        Trenton
Sharon Fox             Rio Guerrero            Tonya Husbands         Nicole Kuykendall    Lyndon Marquez
  Tenafly                Brooklyn, NY            Newark                 Bloomington, IN      Branchburg
Karen Foxman           Fatih Gurk              E. Philip Isaac        Cary Kvitka          Elizabeth Martin
  Jersey City            Philadelphia, PA        Newark                 Princeton            Morristown
Theresa Frank          Adam Haberfield         Jill Isacson           Nicole LaFerriere    Jason Marx
  Parsippany             Roseland                New York, NY           Toms River           West Caldwell
Terri Jane Freedman    Mary Hahn               Andrew Jacobson        Alison Lam           Keith Massey
  Morristown             Marlton                 Red Bank               Plainsboro           Jackson
Chanin French          Baaba Halm              Steven Janove          Michael Landis       Stacey Mathiesen
  Newark                 Atlantic City           Cherry Hill            Doylestown, PA       Ridgewood
Mark Galdieri          Lara Hamb-Jett          Thomas Jardim          Todd Landis          Jessica Mayer
  Morristown             Yardley, PA             Morristown             North Arlington      East Brunswick
Seth Galkin            Thomas Hand             James Jardinella       John Langan          Philip Mazur
  Colonia                Morris Township         North Arlington        Teaneck              Roseland
Patrick Galligan       David Harmon            Joseph Jasaitis        Michael Lapolla      Robert McAnanly
  Morristown             Newark                  Sea Girt               Westfield            Chatham Township
Margaret Galvin        Hal Haveson             Christian Jensen       Lenore Laracuente    Daniel McCarey
  Dumont                 Princeton               Cranford               Florham Park         Los Angeles, CA
Felicia Garland        Donna Hawley            Wayne Jentis           John LaVecchia       Owen McCarthy
  Morristown             Lakewood                Princeton              Roseland             Roseland
Joseph Garvey          Byron Haynes            Laurie Kachonick       Jesse Lawrence       Kara McCarthy Perry
  Toms River             Jersey City             South Orange           Jersey City          Morristown
Bart Gelormino         James Haynie            Rabiya Kader           Dawn Lee             Anthony McCaskey
  Rochelle Park          Hillsbourgh             North Brunswick        Princeton            Newark
Wendy Gerstmann        Janet Hefferle          Errika Kalomiris       Howard Lee           Tara McCluskey
  Newark                 Newark                  Riverdale, NY          Newark               Ridgewood
Mark Geschwer          Jamie Herkins           Carolyne Kalson        Hyun Lee             Paul McCormick
  River Vale             Lyndhurst               Brick                  New York, NY         Roseland

20    BAR COMMUNIQUÉ | VOL. 3 | NO. 2
Anthony McCurdy          Melissa Muros         Robert Pinel               Jennifer Rosen Valverde   Alon Solon
  Cape May                 Wood Ridge            Livingston                 Newark                    North Arlington
Edward McElroy           Sharon Murphy         Robert Pitkofsky           Daniel Roslokken          Loren Speziak
  Edison                   Monmouth Junction     Township of Washington     Midland Park              Morristown
Anne Marie McGinty       Sheila Mylan          Lillian Plata              Stacey Roth               David Steinberger
  Atlantic City            Verona                Woodbridge                 New Lisbon                Hackensack
Ryan McGonigle           Cristina Nascimento   Sophia Poole               Michael Rubas             Ann Stevens
  Teaneck                  New York, NY          Brooklyn, NY               Short Hills               Maplewood
John McGowan             David Nash            Denise Porter              Jany Sabins               James Stovall
  Newark                   Old Bridge            Toms River                 South Orange              West Orange
Maureen McGowan          Steven Nerayoff       David Portilla             Pamela Sackerman          Jesse Stovin
  Delran                   Union City            Newark                     Red Bank                  Jersey City
John McGuire             Rosella Nichay        Michael Posnock            John Saker                Matthew Streger
  Newark                   Morristown            Linden                     Leonia                    Washington Township
Adam McInerney           Idalia Nieves         John Poulos                Scott Saloway             Janet Subers
  Roesland                 Florham Park          Jersey City                Union                     Bethlehem, PA
Kristin McKeown          Mark Niznik           Larissa Poveromo           Rodrigo Sanchez           Jang-Suk Suh
  Washington, DC           Demarest              Jersey City                Newark                    Palisades Park
Zoe McLaughlin           Rebecca Oleksy        Priya Prakash              Laura Sanders             Mark Tabenkin
  Eastampton               Roseland              Piscataway                 Hopewell                  Lyndhurst
Gary McLean              Craig Ollenschleger   James Prysinowski          Derek Sandler             David Tancona
  Freehold                 Roseland              Morristown                 Newark                    Montclair
Jonathan McMeen          Melissa Oretsky       William Pufko              Manuel Sardo              Carl Tanksley
  Sparta                   Philadelphia, PA      Morristown                 Long Valley               Trenton
Curtina McQueen-Martin   Carlos Ortiz          Jessica Pyatt              Jose Saud                 Dana Tarquini
  Morristown               Secaucus              Princeton                  Maimi Beach, FL           Medford
Daris Meeks              Mirtha Ospina         Sharon Quinn               Mark Savage               Robert Tarver
  Herndon, VA              New Brunswick         West Orange                Englishtown               Toms River
Cathy Melitski           Evelyn Padin          Michelle Rassekh           Robert Scheinbaum         David Tawil
  Newark                   Jersey City           River Edge                 Newark                    Short Hills
Carmen Mendiola          David Pallister       Anne Raulerson             Lynda Scher               Stephanie Tettemer
  Jersey City              Red Bank              Woodbridge                 Gibbsboro                 Washington
Marc Meyer               Gregory Panayoti      David Reiner               Abraham Schmilowitz       Ruby Theivakumar
  Jersey City              Elmwood Park          Newark                     Lake Hiawatha             Princeton
Samuel Mikhelson         Joseph Paranac        Catherine Reisman          George Schneider          Elizabeth Thomas
  Fairlawn                 Newark                Cherry Hill                West Orange               Hoboken
Matthew Miller           Sheetal Patel         Christopher Rider          Jason Schoenberg          Laurie Tilghman
  Hackensack               Woodbridge            Newark                     Florham Park              Union
Pamela Miller            Michelle Patrick      Kathleen Riordan           Matthew Schultz           Stefanie Torres
  Newark                   Bala Cynwyd, PA       Florham Park               Roseland                  Elmont, NY
Michael Mintchwarner     Demetrios Pavlou      Cynthia Rios               Michael Serafino          John Town
  Edison                   Fairfield             Toms River                 Morristown                Morristown
Bradley Mitchell         Randall Peach         Anthony Risalvato          Aimee Shamie              Phong Tran
  Princeton                West Orange           Somerset                   Newark                    Mount Laurel
Thomas Molica            Robert Pearson        Marnita Robertson          Timothy Shanley           Steven Traub
  Morristown               Lawrenceville         Teaneck                    Newark                    Marlton
Melinda Molina           Russell Pepe          Monica Robertson           Alexander Sharnoff        Greg Trif
  Belleville               Hackensack            Brick                      East Orange               Lake Hiawatha
Drew Molotsky            Melaine Perez         Richard Robinson           Paul Sheehan              Matthew Tsocanos
  Cherry Hill              Belleville            River Edge                 Lawrenceville             Englewood
Roman Montes             Glenn Peterson        Alan Rockoff               Catherine Shimsky         Jason Tuchman
  Elizabeth                Clifton               Trenton                    Neshanic Station          Jersey City
Brett Moore              Alice Petizon         Brian Roemersma            J. Sullivan Siegel        Regina Urban
  Morristown               Cresskill             Phillpsburg                Springfield               Randolph
Nicole Morelli           John Petrycki         Maureen Roger              Michael Sikora            Elizabeth Valandingham
  Hoboken                  Cherry Hill           Vernon                     Hackensack                Roseland
Joseph Morris            Gabrielle Pettineo    Christopher Rollins        Deepa Singh               Maria Vallejo
  Morristown               Red Bank              Provo, UT                  Hackensack                Hillsborough
Michael Morris           Earl Pfeffer          Jose Roman                 Adam Sklar                Larry Valorozo
  Lambertville             Montclair             Old Bridge                 Kendall Park              Staten Island, NY
John Morrone             Martin Pfleger        Renee Romano-Gilani        Rachel Smith              John Van Dyken
  Mineola, NY              Colts Nek             Forked River               Paulsboro                 Wayne
James Moscagiuri         Paul Pflumm           Felip Rosario              Tracey Socher             Howard Van Ness
  Hackettstown             Roseland              Jersey City                Hoboken                   Kearny
Philip Moynihan          Douglas Phillabaum    Craig Rosen                J. Peter Sokol            Aaron Van Nostrand
  Hillsborough             Newark                Roseland                   Red Bank                  Morristown
Anne Marie Mozer         Nicole Piccoli        Philip Rosen               Kyle Sollie               Anthony Van Zwaren
  Brick                    Flemington            Westfield                  Philadelphia, PA          Ridgefield

                                                                                   BAR COMMUNIQUÉ | VOL. 3 | NO. 2     21
Aileen Ventura                       Charles Waskevich           Helaine Wexler                    Jason Witcher                  Teresa Zeigler
  Hoboken                             Warren                       Newark                            Willingboro                   Browns Mills
Lisa Vigna                           Melinda Waterhouse          Timothy Wheeler                   Vanessa Worm                   Vincent Ziccolella
  Lyndhurst                           Hoboken                      West Orange                       Haddonfield                   Newark
Scott Walter                         C. William Watts            David Wilbur                      Earl Wright                    Marc Zitomer
  Voorhees                            Medford                      Newark                            New Brunswick                 Florham Park
Stanley Wang                         Kevin Weber                 Mark Williams                     Kate Yannitte
  Philadelphia, PA                    Wayside                      Princeton                         Bound Brook
Adam Warcholak                       Teresa Weiler               Stephen Winkles                   Joe Yeager
  West Orange                         Lake Hiawatha                Hackensack                        Wilmington, DE
Daniel Ward                          Allan Weinberg              Lynne Winograd                    Sue Young
  Voorhees                            Manalapan                    West New York                     New Brunswick
Lynn Ward                            Naomi Weinberg              Jay Winston                       Joseph Youngblood
  Red Bank                            River Vale                   Chappaqua, NY                     Pleasantville

Construction and Public Contract Law Section         Bylaws Committee                                       Construction & Public Contract Law Section
Breakfast Meeting                                    Dinner Meeting                                         Dinner Meeting
2/18/04    8 a.m.    NJ Law Center                   2/25/04    6 p.m.    NJ Law Center                     3/10/04   6 p.m.   NJ Law Center

NJSBA Executive Committee Meeting                    General Practice Section                               Specialty Bar Summit
2/18/04    4:30 p.m.    NJ Law Center                Dinner Meeting                                         March 11 NJ Law Center
                                                     3/1/04    6 p.m.    NJ Law Center
Insurance Law Section                                                                                       Internet and Computer Law Committee
Insurance Issues and Legislation Facing              Criminal Law Section                                   3/11/04   6 p.m.   NJ Law Center
New Jersey                                           U.S. Department of Justice Interpretation and
2/19/04    6 p.m.    NJ Law Center                                                                          Women in the Profession Section
                                                     Enforcement of the Patriot Act
                                                     3/2/04    6 p.m.    NJ Law Center                      Dinner Meeting
NJSBA Board of Trustees Meeting                                                                             3/16/04   6 p.m.   NJ Law Center
2/20/04    9 a.m.    NJ Law Center                   Banking Law Section
                                                                                                            Diversity Committee
                                                     2003 Banking Law Update
Animal Law Committee                                                                                        Business Meeting/Election of Officers
                                                     3/3/04    6 p.m.    NJ Law Center
General Breakfast Meeting                                                                                   3/16/04 6 p.m. NJ Law Center
2/21/04    10 a.m.     NJ Law Center                 School Law Committee
                                                                                                            Elder & Disability Law Section
                                                     Business Meeting
Elder & Disability Law Section                                                                              Business Meeting
                                                     3/4/04    6 p.m.    NJ Law Center
Roundtable: An Analysis of the New Domestic                                                                 3/17/04   6 p.m.   NJ Law Center
Partner Legislation and its Impact on Elder Law      Dispute Resolution Section
                                                                                                            Product Liability & Toxic Tort Law Section
and Estate Planning                                  1st Annual Retreat
2/23/04    9 a.m.    NJ Law Center                   3/5/04    1 p.m.    Cranwell Resort, Spa & Gold Club   Business Meeting
                                                                                                            3/18/04   6:30 p.m.   NJ Law Center
Municipal Court Practice Section                     NJ Lawyer Magazine
                                                                                                            Family Law Section
Municipal Court Appeals                              Editorial Board Meeting
2/23/04    4 p.m.    NJ Law Center                   3/9/04    6 p.m.    NJ Law Center                      Family Law Section Retreat
                                                                                                            3/24/04     Monte Carlo Hotel, Las Vegas
Children’s Rights Committee                          Legal Education Committee
                                                                                                            NJSBA Executive Committee Meeting
Business Meeting                                     Business Meeting
                                                                                                            3/24/04   4:30 p.m.   NJ Law Center
2/23/04    6:30 p.m.    NJ Law Center                3/9/04    6 p.m.    Rutgers-Camden
                                                                                                            Health & Hospital Law Section
Bankruptcy Law — Pro Bono Committee                  Family Law Section
                                                                                                            Dinner Meeting
2/24/04    6 p.m.    NJ Law Center                   Executive Committee Dinner Meeting
                                                                                                            3/25/04   6 p.m.   NJ Law Center
                                                     3/9/04    6 p.m.    NJ Law Center
Minorities in the Profession Section
                                                                                                            Paralegal Committee
Black History Month Program                          Young Lawyers Division
                                                                                                            3/25/04   6 p.m.   NJ Law Center
2/24/04    6:30 p.m.    NJ Law Center                Executive Committee Meeting
                                                     3/9/04    6 p.m.    NJ Law Center

22        BAR COMMUNIQUÉ | VOL. 3 | NO. 2
NJSBA Board of Trustees Meeting                  Women in the Profession Section                 Internet and Computer Law Committee
3/26/04    9 a.m.   NJ Law Center                Dinner Meeting                                  Dinner Meeting
                                                 4/20/04    6 p.m.     NJ Law Center             6/10/04   6 p.m.   NJ Law Center
Children’s Rights Committee
Business Meeting                                 Construction & Public Contract Law Section      Elder & Disability Law Section
3/29/04    6:30 p.m.    NJ Law Center            Breakfast Meeting                               Business Meeting
                                                 4/21/04    8 a.m.     Location TBA              6/14/04   6 p.m.   NJ Law Center
Real Property, Probate & Trust Law Section
Board of Consultors Meeting                      NJSBA Executive Committee Meeting               Workers’ Compensation Law Section
3/31/04    6 p.m.    NJ Law Center               4/21/04    4:30 p.m.    NJ Law Center           Executive Committee Meeting
                                                                                                 6/15/04   2 p.m.   NJ Law Center
Insurance Benefits Committee                     Internet and Computer Law Committee
Conference Call                                  Dinner Meeting                                  New Jersey Lawyer Magazine
3/31/04    4:30 p.m.                             4/22/04    6 p.m.     NJ Law Center             Editorial Board Meeting
                                                                                                 6/15/04   6 p.m.   NJ Law Center
Young Lawyers Division and Labor and             Paralegal Committee
Employment Section                               Dinner Meeting                                  Real Property, Probate & Trust Law Section
Wine Tasting                                     4/22/04    6 p.m.     NJ Law Center             Board of Consultors Dinner Meeting
4/1/04    6 p.m.    NJ Law Center                                                                6/16/04   6 p.m.   NJ Law Center
                                                 NJSBA Board of Trustees Meeting
Insurance Law Section                            4/23/04    9 a.m.     NJ Law Center             Paralegal Committee
Dinner Meeting                                                                                   Dinner Meeting
                                                 Young Lawyers Division/Minorities in the
4/6/04    6 p.m.    NJ Law Center                                                                6/17/04   6 p.m.   NJ Law Center
                                                 Profession Section
Legal Education Committee                        Lateral Job Change Seminar                      Insurance Law Section
Business Meeting                                 4/28/04    6 p.m.     NJ Law Center             Dinner Meeting
4/6/04    6 p.m.    Seton Hall                                                                   6/22/04   6 p.m.   NJ Law Center
                                                 Elder & Disability Law Section
Workers’ Compensation Section                    Roundtable Meeting
Executive Committee Meeting                      5/3/04    9 a.m.    NJ Law Center
4/7/04    2 p.m.    NJ Law Center
                                                 School Law Committee
Legislative Committee                            Business Meeting
Conference Call                                  5/4/04    6 p.m.    NJ Law Center
4/12/94    4:30 p.m.
                                                 Women in the Profession Section
Labor & Employment Law Section                   Dinner Meeting
Executive Committee Dinner Meeting               5/18/04    6 p.m.     NJ Law Center
4/12/04    6 p.m.    LouCas Restaurant, Edison
                                                 Construction & Public Contact Law Section
Family Law Section                               Dinner Meeting
Executive Committee Dinner Meeting               5/26/04    6 p.m.     Location TBA
4/13/04    6 p.m.    NJ Law Center
                                                 Appellate Practice Committee
Diversity Committee                              Dinner Meeting
Business Meeting                                 5/26/04    6 p.m.     NJ Law Center
4/13/04 6 p.m. NJ Law Center
                                                 Paralegal Committee
Young Lawyers Division                           Dinner Meeting
Executive Committee Meeting                      5/27/04    6 p.m.     NJ Law Center
4/13/04    6 pm.    NJ Law Center
                                                 Health & Hospital Law Section
School Law Committee                             Dinner Meeting
Business Meeting                                 5/27/04    6 p.m.     NJ Law Center
4/13/04    6 p.m.    NJ Law Center
                                                 Product Liability & Toxic Tort Section
Elder & Disability Law Section                   Evidence Issues in the Product Liability Case
Business Meeting                                 6/3/04    6:30 p.m.    NJ Law Center
4/14/04    6 p.m.    NJ Law Center
                                                 School law Committee
Minorities in the Profession Section             Business Meeting
Section Meeting                                  6/3/04    6 p.m.    NJ Law Center
4/15/04    6 p.m.    NJ Law Center

                                                                                                 BAR COMMUNIQUÉ | VOL. 3 | NO. 2              23
                                   PRSRT STD
                                   U.S. Postage
                                   Permit #114
                                   Trenton, NJ
      One Constitution Square
    New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1520