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									                                                          a kitchen comPrised of three
             Philippe Starck designs things for
             everyday use. Intelligent designs that
             are full of human properties: televisions,
             toothbrushes, pasta, furniture, lamps,
                                                          elements. highly flexible, highly
             luggage, hotels, kitchen utensils, but
             also watches, windmills and boats –
                                                          functional, highly individual.
             virtually everything we encounter in         toWer.
             the course of our lives. Philippe Starck
             has been presented with many prizes
             and awards worldwide. Among these
             are the title of »Creator of the Year«,
             the Grand Prix du Design Industriel,
             the Red Dot Best of the Best and the iF
             Design Award.

Well-knoWn designer
PhiliPPe starck
joined forces With
Warendorf to develoP
a collection that uses
versatile elements                                        Each takes up just one square metre of
                                                          floor space but offers space for either
                                                                                                      Warendorfer Küchen GmbH
                                                                                                      A company in the AFG

to create a kitchen
                                                          stocks or – as a »Hot /Cold Unit« – large   Arbonia-Forster-Holding AG
                                                          kitchen appliances. Hidden behind one
                                                          of the handleless doors: Conventional
                                                          and steam ovens, which are integrated

that forms the                                                                                                                     the starck collection
                                                          out of sight and complete the entire
                                                          kitchen design to functional perfection.    Mielestrasse 1
                                                          Hidden behind the other doors: shelves.     48231 Warendorf
                                                          The blackboard turns the back of the        Germany

central focal Point
                                                          tower into a huge notepad. A light touch
                                                          of the hand and the towers revolve 360      For queries
                                                          degrees, easily taking up just the posi-    T +49 (0)2581 59 13 13
                                                          tion needed at that particular moment       F +49 (0)2581 59 13 00

of everyday life.
                                                          in time.                          
a kitchen that is sometimes                                         a kitchen that exudes the                                            a kitchen With a tWo-facetted
futuristically straightforWard,                                     atmosPhere of a library. a Place                                     aPPearance. reserved, yet
sometimes romantically baroque.                                     for nourishing body and soul.                                        imPressive. a menu featuring
comPact, self-sufficient, unique.                                   library.                                                             class and Personality.
Primary.                                                                                                                                 duality.

                         This compact kitchen is characterised                                The shelves surrounding the kitchen                                 »Duality« gets its name from its two-
                         by the pure white and black laminate                                 units and the surrounding library ladder                            facetted utilisation that combines living
                         elements and a white glass bistro table                              are characteristic of »Library«. Whether                            and cooking, design and function with
                         with polished chrome trumpet foot.                                   classically stocked with cooking                                    storage space on both sides. With
                         The central working area with niche                                  utensils or with books: the transition                              just three base units, it is beautifully
                         provides all the basic functions of the                              between cooking and living becomes                                  compact and even fits into small living
                         kitchen. The niche shelf provides addi-                              fluid. The opaque white niche offers                                areas. The white niche is beautifully
                         tional storage space, while the recessed                             two shelves for storage purposes,                                   accentuated by the surrounding niche
                         lighting strip illuminates the 6 cm pure                             both with integrated light sources that                             frame. With its integrated grip handle,
                         white Solid Color worktop with inte-                                 provide both upward and downward                                    it accentuates the niche, which is de-
                         grated sink and hob. The niche at the                                illumination. The look of a professional                            signed as an open pass-through in
                         centre of the black block of tall units                              kitchen: the trumpet table and stain-                               this instance. The Trumpet Table with
                         is lined in white, drawing attention to                              less steel worktop, flush-recessed                                  polished chrome trumpet feet and
                         the oven. The surrounding polished                                   hob and sufficient space. It also offers                            Solid Color worktop houses a surface
                         chrome niche frame spotlights all of                                 sufficient storage space behind the                                 mounted stainless steel sink unit. The
                         the elements.                                                        olive pull-out fronts.                                              adjoining eating area is supported by
                                                                                                                                                                  polished chrome trumpet feet.

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