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									                    Wayne Window
                                         Summer Edition 2010

                            INVITATION TO ALL RESIDENTS
EVENT:                     TOWN HALL MEETING

WHEN:                      WEDNESDAY 7:00 PM
                           JUNE 23, 2010

WHERE:                     PARISH HALL
                           LITTLE HOME CHURCH

Your Village President, Board of Trustees, Village Treasurer and Chief of Police cordially invite all residents to join us for
what we hope will be an informative meeting.

We are looking forward to having an open two-way forum where the Village will present a recap of its financial status and
our friends and neighbors can share their thoughts and comments as to what is important to them.

As part of the Village’s presentation, we will address the challenges of finding alternative revenue sources while maintaining
the current sources we have and will explain steps we are taking to reduce or delay expenditures.

We will also address questions we have received regarding:
        • Public vs. private roads,
        • The cost of maintaining open space and lower density housing,
        • Why property taxes are not reduced when the value of your home decreases,
        • The need for 24-hour police protection and
        • How long road resurfacing can be deferred without incurring heavy maintenance costs.
You can request other issues to be addressed at this meeting by emailing questions to our Village Clerk at
clerk@villageofwayne.org or by calling Village Hall (630-584-3090).

As you are all aware, the Village of Wayne, like many other municipalities, is experiencing a reduction in revenues while
trying to maintain currently provided municipal services. The dictionary says a “dilemma” applies to a choice between
evenly balanced alternatives, most often unattractive ones. Well – your elected officials have a “dilemma” and we need your
input in addressing it.

Therefore, we will also discuss our logic for asking for an increase in tax revenues by referendum last February and talk
about cost reductions considered but not yet implemented. These are related issues we particularly want your input on, espe-
cially if you voted against the tax increase. It would be very helpful if each Homeowner Association or area within the Vil-
lage sends a representative to the meeting for this discussion.

Your participation is important – the decisions we make in the coming year will have a significant effect on the future
of Wayne.
                                            Community News
Letter to Village Residents
By Village Trustee Rob Reed

I would like to thank those of you who have expressed your concerns to the village board regarding the failed referendum.
We greatly appreciate your thoughts and input.

Many of your responses referenced the budget of the Public Works Department, and roads in particular. As the Trustee in
charge of the Public Works, I would like to address this issue and, hopefully, answer some of your questions and concerns.

Currently, the village public works department maintains the village’s main arterial roads and the historic district. These are
the roads that bring emergency services, police protection, and deliveries to village residents. They are also the roads that
get us to work, shopping, schools, entertainment and friends once we leave the private roads of our individual residences
and developments. The village realizes that maintenance of the roads (with a limited budget) is critical to the residences in
order to maintain property values and for all critical services to reach its residents. Specifically, the roads maintained by
the public works department include Army Trail Road (Powis Road through the village to just south of Smith Road), Smith
Road (Rt. 59 to Powis Road), Munger Road (Smith to Army Trail), Country Club Road, Peterson, and the historic district.

Most of the questions and concerns we received were from homeowners who are required to pay for maintenance of pri-
vate roads. Some questioned the Trustees’ understanding of the expenses and issues faced by these residents. First of all, I
want to assure you we do understand and appreciate your concerns. In fact, most of your village Trustees also live on pri-
vate roads and contribute to the maintenance of those roads. Secondly, as much as we might wish otherwise, the limited
budget of the public works department does not allow for maintenance of private roads. A number of years ago, the vil-
lage Trustees made a very astute decision to require all new developers to have private roads and to maintain them. They
recognized that, with our small tax base, the village and its residents could not afford to maintain all roads without a signifi-
cant increase in taxes.

Your Public Works Department is responsible for much more than resurfacing roads. Currently, all the work is provided by
two dedicated, hardworking, concerned part-time staff. Each has a full-time job in addition to their part-time work for the

Following is a limited list of what they accomplish:

•   Snowplowing and salting all public roads;
•   Mow grass, weed whipping and weed maintenance along all public right of ways, park areas and village properties;
•   Pot hole patching and maintenance of the shoulders of roads with gravel, and weed kill of all public roads;
•   Storm damage prevention and maintenance including cutting of dead trees and branches along all public right of ways;
•   Cleaning of garbage and road kill on or near public roads;
•   Maintenance of all public works equipment;
•   Maintenance of village property;
•   Maintenance of all signage on public roads; and
•   Purchasing materials and supplies for public works projects.

What are our plans for the next four to five years? We have had over the past years an established systematic plan to re-
surface the roads over a 16 year period. Unfortunately, the failed referendum has mandated budget reductions for all vil-
lage departments and we will not be able to maintain our current 16-year plan. Some of the roads scheduled for resurfac-
ing will need to be delayed and completed at a future date. We are applying for grants and funding for road maintenance
and resurfacing from the Federal and State governments whenever it is available. Fortunately, we have been awarded a
State grant to resurface Smith Road in 2010. If the State completes the funding, the project will be completed this summer.
The 16-year plan had set resurfacing Army Trail Road from the railroad tracks on the west side of the village to the Kane
County border to begin this summer. Currently, we have delayed that project for four years and are planning to patch
Army Trail and possibly other roads using our funding available through MFT or the Motor Fuel Tax. There is a possibility
that, should the Smith Road project costs come in under the State’s approved dollar amount, the remaining funds may be
allocated for some, or all, of the Army Trail Road project.
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                                           Community News
 Letter to Village Residents (continued)
 By Village Trustee Rob Reed

 Our mission is, and has always been, to accomplish the maximum benefit for all residents with the resources available. The
 budget reductions created by reduced revenues, higher costs and our failed referendum will undoubtedly impede our abil-
 ity to complete projects in as timely a manner as previously projected. However, we will do everything we possibly can to
 keep the roads in relatively good shape. Regrettably, they may not be to the same standards we desire or have experi-
 enced in the past.

 We look forward to your thoughts and input.

                                                     2010 Census

Thank you to everyone who completed and mailed their Census Questionnaire. As of May 7, 2010, Wayne has an impressive
84% participation rate. The Census Bureau has begun to send out Census Bureau Enumerators, or Census Takers, to visit each
household that did not mail back a questionnaire. Unfortunately, if you obtained a replacement form and mailed it in, it is
possible that it has not been processed prior to the initial Census Takers being dispatched. The Census Bureau will continue
to update the information given to their Census Takers but, in the meantime, The Village of Wayne strongly encourages resi-
dents to cooperate with the verbal questionnaire if visited. The object is to BE COUNTED. Thank you for your cooperation.

                                             Village of Wayne
                                   Flag Day Parade and Ice Cream Social
                                             Sunday June 13th

           Parade starts at 4:00 PM (we go rain or shine!)

           3:30 PM        Meet at the Wayne Village Hall/Police Station parking lot
           All Kids are Welcome to Participate – bring your Decorated Bikes, Trikes, Wagons
           and Strollers!

           Parade starts at 4:00 from Army Trail Road at the General Store
           Ends at the Little Home Church for Ice Cream Social, Homemade Cake and Dixieland

           Please bring a picnic dinner and enjoy the party!
           Donation to the Ice Cream Social is $2.00

           Any questions? Please call Ann Tigges at (630) 513-1747 or email at

           All you bakers:
           Please bring a homemade cake to the Little Home Church hall before the parade…
           the delicious treats are a big part of the celebration!

                            Building & Zonin g News

                 Building Permits: General Information and How to Know if You Need One!
                 By Mike Gricus

Village residents planning to build or install an accessory use or structure on their property, or make improvements to their
home or property need to contact the Building and Zoning Department prior to the start of the project. The Building and
Zoning Department is staffed with certified, trained and State of Illinois licensed personnel who will be able to determine
the various codes, requirements and permits involved with the construction of a specific type of project.

Common projects that require a building permit include, but are not limited to:

Fences           Decks              Patios           Fireplaces          Driveways        Water Heaters
Sheds            Porches            Gazebos          Furnaces            Sidewalks        Siding
Room Additions                      Basements (Finished)                 Air Conditioning Units
Kitchen Remodeling                  Lawn Sprinkling Systems              Swimming Pools (Above & In-ground)
Roofing (Repairs and re-roofing)    Garages (Attached and Detached)
Electrical Work                     Plumbing work                        Window/Door Replacements

The Building and Zoning Department provides informational packets which outline the basic requirements for these types
of projects. Although these packets provide the basic requirements, each project is unique and residents should consult
with the Building and Zoning Department prior to the start of the project. Information packets are free of charge.

Residents of the Historic District may need to consult with Historic Sites for a Certificate of Appropriateness. Also, some
Homeowners Associations require a review of plans prior to homeowners applying for a permit.

If a contractor is being hired to perform the work on a project, it is advisable that certain precautions are taken prior to
signing a contract or work agreement. The precautions listed are recommended and not limited to:

· Check at least three references of the contractor’s work, preferably work you can see and verify that the contractor
   actually performed the work. If possible, request to speak with the owner of the property where the work was per-
   formed to ask about the project and their working relationship and experience with the contractor.
· Verify that the contractor has adequate insurance coverage specific to the proposed work to be performed (i.e. but not
   limited to: Products-Completed Operations, Contractual Liability, Underground Hazard Coverage, Personal Injury, Ex-
   plosion Hazard Coverage, Collapse Hazard Coverage, Worker’s Compensation and Employer’s Liability, Bodily Injury
   and Property Damage).
· Verify that the contractor is licensed to perform the proposed work (i.e. roofing, electrical, plumbing, mechanical,
   alarm installer, etc.).
· Verify who will be responsible for obtaining the required permits.
· Check with the Better Business Bureau for any information or history on the contractor. Contact the Better Business
   Bureau at 1-312-346-3313.

Residents may be unaware that their project may potentially cause drainage problems for themselves and their neighbors;
that their proposed project is located in a public easement; that ordinances may prohibit certain types of projects; or that
the project encroaches upon a neighbor’s property. In addition, for some projects, the Building and Zoning Department will
ensure that the design plans include the proper construction information and, during construction, will conduct an inspec-
tion(s) to verify permit compliance.

Once a Building Permit is secured, the yellow permit card is to be clearly posted either in the front door or
window of the building or structure, or in a location clearly visible from the street.

For more information, please visit the Village Hall or call 630-584-7760.

                           Building & Zonin g News

Spring/Summer Maintenance Tips For Your Home
By Mike Gricus

Protect your home and family from fire and other hazards. These simple and easy tasks will help provide for a safe home
environment during the spring and summer months:

•   Review your fire escape plan with your family. Always have a multi-purpose fire extinguisher accessible.
•   Review what to do and where to go during severe weather. Determine the safest room in your home to go to during
    severe weather, typically a room with no windows interior to the home and on the lowest level.
•   Check sump pumps for proper operation. Check the sump pit for any debris that could impede pump operation. To
    test, fill the pit using buckets of water to make sure the pump turns on and the system operates properly. Consider
    installing a battery back-up sump pump if power outages are frequent in your area.
•   Check all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors for proper operation. Utilize the test buttons on the detec-
    tors to check that they operate. Replace batteries annually and clean dust from detectors. Detectors are to be installed
    per manufacturer’s specifications and Village Code.
•   Check the exterior of your home for damage/deterioration (roofing, siding, trim, windows and doors). Check for proper
    operation of window and door locks.
•   Clean out gutters and downspouts. Failure to maintain gutters and downspouts lead to rain water backing up into your
•   Have a professional air conditioning contractor inspect and maintain your system as recommended by the manufac-
    turer. Replace or clean furnace filters. A dirty filter can decrease equipment efficiency including air conditioning equip-
    ment operation.
•   Check your water heater for any signs of leakage or rust. Flush if recommended by the manufacturer.
•   All chimneys and flues (i.e. fireplace, water heater, furnace) need to be checked to insure that gases are properly
    vented. Have a qualified technician check all chimney and/or flue piping to insure there are no blockages (bird or insect
•   Clean the clothes dryer exhaust duct, damper and space under the dryer. Poor maintenance allows lint to build up in
    the exhaust duct and may cause a fire.
•   Clean bathroom exhaust fan fixtures. Poor maintenance allows dirt and dust to build up on the exhaust fan motor, and
    light if it is a fan/light combination unit, and may cause a fire.
•   Clean the kitchen exhaust hood and air filter. Keeping hood and filters clean of cooking grease will help keep a stove-
    top fire from spreading.
•   Check water hoses on the clothes washer, refrigerator icemaker and dishwasher for cracks and bubbles. Replace hoses
    that show signs of leaking.
•   Familiarize responsible family members with the location and operation of the main water supply valve for the home
    at the well tank and water supply valves at all plumbing fixtures. In case of a water pipe leak or break, or overflowing
    plumbing fixture, water can be turned off before flooding occurs.
•   Test all ground-fault-circuit-interrupter (GFCI) receptacle outlets. These should be tripped and reset once a month us-
    ing the colored test buttons on the face of the receptacle outlets. If they do not trip or reset, have the receptacle outlet
    changed by a qualified electrician. These types of receptacle outlets are required around wet areas like bathrooms,
    kitchens and the exterior of the home to provide for protection against shock or electrocution.
•   Check all exterior electrical fixtures for bird and insect nests. Failure to remove nests from electrical fixtures may cause
•   If you have a swimming pool, insure safety fencing is secure and all gates are self closing and latching, with lock, to
    keep children and unauthorized individuals from the pool area. Check all equipment for proper operation and electrical
•   Contact the Building and Zoning Department at 630-584-7760 should you have any questions.

                                              Community News
Wayne Historic Preservation Society                                    Our next concert, May of 2011, will feature violinist Rachel
By Karen Armbrust                                                      Barton.

                                                                       Donations are always appreciated and fully deductible, the WHPS
For the past two months, Society members have had the
                                                                                    is a 501(c)3, not for profit organization.
pleasure of working on their primary focus--preserving arti-
facts relevant to the history of Wayne. As of June 1, 2010, the
City of St. Charles will officially close down the Dunham Hunt
Museum on 3rd and Cedar Streets and the entire Dunham
                                                                       From the Wayne Historical
collection will be in the care of the WHPS, albeit in storage.         Preservation Society collection
The moving process has been fascinating, starting with deci-           Did you know?
phering Jane Dunham's inventory method to ultimately wrap-
ping the beautiful objects that once belonged to her family            …that "America's foremost soldier during World War II who
and taking them to the storage facility. We now have two               served as Chief of Staff from 1939-1945, building and direct-
large units full of some of the most interesting and beautiful         ing the largest army in history" (nobelprize.org) actually lived
things imaginable. There are items that date back to the               in Wayne for two years during the early 1930's?
Revolutionary War, as well as clothing, books, furniture and
paintings belonging to the Dunham family.                              George C. Marshall, who was later to become America's first
                                                                       five star general, was sent to Chicago in 1933 as the senior
Never before have we felt such an urgent need to finish the            instructor to the National Guard by General McArthur. Our
Depot. The Dunham collection is closer now to home and                 contact at the DuPage History Museum tells us that Marshall
needs to be put on display for everyone in the community to            hated city living so much that he searched for a rural area
enjoy!                                                                 with wide-open spaces where he could live quietly with his
                                                                       wife, commuting to Chicago every day.
To this end, as we continue to investigate ways to raise
money to complete the project, we have been issued a chal-             After his short stay in Wayne, George Marshall went on to
lenge by the Driehaus Foundation. If we are able to find two           distinguish himself not only as a commander in World War II,
other organizations willing to partner with them, they will be         but also later as a diplomat. He was instrumental in the crea-
a part of the association to fund the renovation. We are con-          tion of what became known as the "Marshall Plan", putting
fident that the finished project will be a valuable asset to the       Europe back on its feet after a devastating war.
community, so we boldly continue to solicit the funds to ac-
complish this worthwhile goal.                                         The Marshall Foundation was looking into plaquing the home
                                                                       that the then-obscure colonel rented in Wayne to memorial-
Please consider the Preservation Society in your giving!               ize his time in the western suburbs of Chicago. Unfortu-
                                                                       nately, with the development of Royal Fox, the old Haskin
                         **********                                    farmhouse (where Marshall lived) was torn down. But, two
                                                                       small posts, remnants of the gate that once protected the
The concert on May 2nd that we presented in conjunction                entrance to the property, were amazingly overlooked when
with the Little Home Church was another tremendous suc-                the town homes were built and surrounded by a modern iron
cess! Our piano soloist, Inna Faliks, was delighted with our           fence. We are hoping these two posts will suffice for a plaque
enthusiastic audience and the warm reception she received.             that will remind us and future generations, of George C. Mar-
The afternoon was warm and sunny, the music was beautiful              shall, who, like many of us, searched out this quiet rural com-
and dinner at Dunham Woods was the end to a perfect day.               munity for the peace and tranquility it afforded him.

                              The Wayne 2010 Christmas ornament is in and available for $25.00.
                     This unique ornament of the Wayne Country Store will be a special keepsake as it in-
                                        cludes the Coca Cola sign which is now gone.
                     Previous ornaments (The Little Home Church, 2008 and the Horse Show, 2009) will be
                                reordered when we can make a minimum order of 25 of each.

                                Call Karen at 630-377-1876 to make a purchase or place an order.

                                          Community News
Wayne Park Commission News                                                         Wayne Countryside
                                                                                     Garden Club

                                                                                    A Gift : Garden Club

                                                                “Yesterday is History. Tomorrow is a Mystery.
                                                                Today is a Gift; that is why they call it the Pre-

                                                                Every day is a gift when you have an interest or
                                                                a hobby or belong to a special group.
Arbor Day
Arbor Day was a great success!! The Wayne Park Com-             The Wayne Countryside Garden Club is just such
mission gave away 300 Bur Oak Trees. The Wayne                  a group. We are members of the largest volun-
School received 75 Bur Oak Trees for their Third Grade          teer garden organization in the world, the
classes so every student brought one home to plant.             “National Garden Clubs of America,” whose mis-
This is a program we have been sponsoring for almost
                                                                sion it is to provide education and promote civic
15 years.
                                                                and environmental responsibilities. Our members
On Friday and Saturday trees were given out at the Post         promote love of gardening, beautification of our
Office along with our tote bag. This year we actually           community and, of course, friendship, which is
had people driving up just to get a tree. Thank you to          very important to all of us. We welcome anyone
everyone who helped make Arbor Day a success.                   interested in gardening, “experienced” or
                                                                “novice”! Gardening adds zest to anyone’s life,
                Rose Muenzenmay will be offering ten-
                                                                whether you garden in a few containers on your
                nis lessons this summer at Wayne Park.
                Private and semi-private lessons will be        deck, a corner of your grounds, or a large plot on
                available for students 5 years and              your acreage. By joining our garden club you’ll
older, according to age and ability level. Contact Rose         make new friends, share knowledge and ideas,
at 630-776-8359 or by e-mail at tennisfan-                      and get to know your neighbors and have a great
rose@gmail.com for more details.                                time.

                                                                We would love to have you join us at a meeting or
We also want to thank all the community members who             one of our outings. If this interests any of you,
have come on Saturdays to help keep Wayne beautiful.            please call Val Star at 630/496-8993.
Thank you all volunteers!!

                                         Your Contributions Appreciated

   The Village of Wayne has two very special events each year—Flag Day in June and Wayne Day in October. Both are
   unique and make us proud to live in Wayne. These events, however, require money to put them on. As money tight-
   ens within the Village’s budget, you can help by donating to one or both of these events. Checks may be made to Vil-
   lage of Wayne, P.O. Box 532, Wayne, IL 60184.

                                                  Community News
Wayne Area Conservancy Foundation and                                       St. Charles Countryside Fire
Equestrian News                                                             Protection District
                                                                            112 North First Avenue
Community Trail Ride                                                        P.O. Box 4132
                                                                            St. Charles, IL 60174
                                                                            (630) 762-3900
             It’s a great day on horseback! Please join us for              www.sccfpd.org
             the Annual Wayne Area Conservancy Foundation
             Trail Ride. We have a group for those who just                                       Summer Newsletter
             want to walk and trot their horses, a group that
             is a little more daring will trot and canter (or               State of the District – 2009 in Review
             lope) and finally a group for the wild and crazy
(excuse me, highly skilled and experienced equestrians) –                   The District had 1059 emergency response calls in 2009. The
who will gallop and jump. Whether you ride English, western                 vast majority (704) were for emergency medical service. Other
or bareback, an Arabian, quarter horse or thoroughbred…                     major incident groups were fires (26), hazardous conditions
everyone is invited. No special attire is required although                 (55), service calls (38), good intent calls (98), and false alarms
                                                                            (131). The District contracts with the city of St. Charles to re-
safety helmets are recommended.                                             spond to these calls. Of all the calls responded by the city’s
                                                                            fire department, 21.3% were for the District. 435 calls were
Sunday, August 15, meet at 2PM south of the Dunham                          responded in less than 7 minutes. However, 624 calls were
Woods Farm show barn. A potluck will follow at the Cement                   responded in 7 minutes or more. Average response time for all
Shed. Any questions, call Kathie Connolly 630-513-5570.                     calls was 7.5 minutes.

                                                                            In addition to meeting its obligation to respond to emergency
Calendar of Equestrian Events                                               calls, the District has actively pursued an education and train-
                                                                            ing program. Quarterly newsletters, web site postings and
6/12                WACF Countryside Care/Trail Clearing                    CPR training have been offered to the community.
7/8-11              Maui Jim Horse Trials
                                                                            Financially, the District remained sound in 2009, but the ex-
7/10                WACF Countryside Care/Trail Clearing                    penses of the District for the first time are outpacing its reve-
8/13-15             Wayne DuPage Horse Trials                               nues. This trend has no end in sight. Since the District con-
8/14                WACF Countryside Care/Trail Clearing                    tracts for fire and emergency medical care to serve its resi-
8/15                Community Trail Ride - Wayne Area                       dents, it has no control over the operating expenses. Reve-
                    Conservancy Foundation                                  nues increase by about 2% per year, where expenses are
                                                                            increasing 13%. It is projected that if revenues or expenses do
9/11-12             76th Annual Dunham Woods Farm Horse
                                                                            not change, the District will not be able to meet its financial
                    Show                                                    obligations by 2012. The District is exploring other revenue
9/11                WACF Countryside Care/Trail Clearing                    sources, such as grants and federal funding.
10/3                Wayne-DuPage Hunt Opening Meet
                    “Blessing of the Hounds”                                Summer Preparedness
10/9                WACF Countryside Care/Trail Clearing
11/13               WACF Countryside Care/Trail Clearing                    Please go to www.sccfpd for tips on summer safety.

                                               The Academy of Cultural Enrichment and
                                                  Little Home Church by the Wayside
                                                    Will be hosting children’s classes
                                             in the Guild House 31W128 Army Trail Rd

Verano en Español Summer Camp                                               Music/Theater Appreciation: Clowning with the Classics
Intro to Spanish Language/Cultural Immersion Program! Your child            Explore meanings and methods of various genres of music in fun
will learn Spanish and appreciate the diversity of another culture.         and creative ways.
Language, Customs, Songs, Games, Projects.                                  Performance on last day!
June 8, 9, 10, 11; 1-3pm                                                    July 6, 7, 8, 9; 4-6 or 6-8pm

Play Around The World: World Customs and Global Out-                        Classes are $59 per class, $49 early bird.
                                                                            Call Jen Gatsch 630-587-0840
Kids will have a blast touring the world. We will explore 2 countries
through geography, language, games, songs, stories, dress, art, and
customs as well as explore ways to serve the global community.
June 15, 16, 17, 18; 1-3pm
                                            Community News
Village Board Actions
Resolution No. 10-R-07, A Resolution Opposing
                                                                                  It’s mosquito season again. The Village of
Reduction of The Local Government Distribu-
                                                                                  Wayne has entered into a contract with
tive Fund                                                          Clarke Environmental Mosquito Management, Inc. for the
                                                                   2010 season at a cost of $12,640. In an effort to balance the
On April 6, 2010 The President and Board of Trustees ap-           Village’s budget, it was deemed necessary by the Board of
proved Res. No. 10-R-07 expressing the Village’s opposition        Trustees to reduce the truck sprayings for nuisance mosqui-
to Governor Quinn’s proposed reduction in what is known as         toes in Kane County to two for the season, at a savings of
the Local Government Distributive Fund. The Governor has           $5,276. Rest assured that we will continue larval site moni-
proposed reducing the 10% municipal share of State income          toring and treatments to control the West Nile Virus.
tax revenues by 30%. This $300 million amount is proposed
to be used to balance the State’s budget. For the Village of       Here are a few helpful tips to help control the mosquitoes in
Wayne, this would mean an annual reduction in revenue of           your backyard:
nearly $50,000 or approximately 3.5% of the Village’s cur-
rent annual revenue. Copies of Resolution No. 10-R-07 was          •   When outdoors between dusk and dawn, wear shoes
sent to Governor Quinn, the legislative leaders of both                and socks, long pants and a long-sleeved shirt. Loose-
chambers of the Illinois General Assembly, Senator John J.             fitting, light colored clothing is best.
Millner, and Representative Randy Ramey.                           •   Use mosquito repellent containing 25 percent to 35 per-
                                                                       cent DEET when it is necessary to be outdoors, applied
                                                                       sparingly to exposed skin or clothing, as indicated on the
                                                                       repellent label.
            VILLAGE HALL WILL BE CLOSED ON                         •   Check for and repair any tears in residential screens,
                   THE FIRST FRIDAY                                    including porches and patios. Eliminate stagnant water
                    OF EACH MONTH                                      in bird baths, ponds, flower pots, wading pools, old tires
                                                                       and any other receptacles in which mosquitoes might
            NEW!!! SEND YOUR QUESTIONS,                                breed.
                GENERAL MAILBOX AT                                 To be put on the Clarke Mosquito Resident Notification List,
              mailbox@villageofwayne.org                           call Clarke’s Hotline at 1-800-942-2555 or go to
                                                                   www.clarke.com. They will call you when they plan to spray.
                                                                   This Hotline also offers a variety of information regarding
                                                                   their services.

Garbage Trucks vs Wayne Roads

The Village currently has six licensed waste haulers who service our residents. Road wear and tear could be reduced if only
one waste hauler serviced our Village, traveling on the roads once or twice a week. Below is a brief questionnaire. Your input
is appreciated. Please detach and mail to Village Hall, PO Box 532, Wayne, IL 60184 or send an e-mail with your comments to

                                        WASTE HAULER QUESTIONNAIRE



    Name ___________________________                   Address ______________________________________

                                 Wayne Window
                 ~ A newsletter of the President and Board of Trustees of the Village of Wayne ~

    Wayne Village Hall                       Wayne Building and Zoning Department
    5N430 Railroad St., PO Box 532           5N430 Railroad St
    Wayne, IL 60184                          Wayne IL, 60184           Director: Mike Gricus
    630-584-3090 phone                       630-584-7760 phone        Secretary: Gay Stroede
    630-584-0259 fax                         630-584-0259 fax
    Hours:                                   Monday-Friday, 8am-12pm
    Monday-Friday, 8am-12pm

    President: Eileen Phipps
    Village Treasurer: Bill Sheehan          Wayne Police Department - Dan Callahan, Chief
    Village Clerk: Patti Engstrom            5N430 Railroad St
    Deputy Clerk: Laura Shepard              Wayne, IL 60184
    Director of Acctg: Nancy Harris          630-584-3031 non-emergency
                                                                        Emergencies: 9-1-1
                                             630-584-7603 fax
    Trustees:                                                           Emergency calls from outside
    Mike Anastasio, Pete Connolly,           Lobby Hours:               the Village of Wayne:
    Ed Hull, Howard Levine, Rob Reed,        Monday-Friday, 8am-2pm     630-232-8400
    Ann Tigges

The Village of Wayne                                                                    PRESORTED
P.O. Box 532                                                                            STANDARD
Wayne, IL 60184                                                                         U.S. POSTAGE PAID
                                                                                        WAYNE, IL
                                                                                        PERMIT NO. 2

                                           POSTAL PATRON
                                      WAYNE, ILLINOIS 60184

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