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					                                            Waterfall Tour

                eel the Rush! Seven of Grey                 Inglis Falls                                                                           Eugenia Falls
                County’s waterfalls are fea-                At Inglis Falls, the Sydenham River bursts                                             This 23 m falls is one of the highest in
                tured on this self-conducted                from its narrow confines to become a fan-                                              Ontario. The Beaver River drops straight
                tour. Many are former mill                  shaped falls cascading over a number of                                                over the escarpment into a steep-sided
                sites and were important in                 rocky ledges. The falls is 18 m in height                                              rocky gorge. Unfortunately for maximum
the early settlement of Grey County, while                  and rewarding in any season. Extensive                                                 impact, the natural flow is usually reduced
others are pristine natural features. Take                  all season trails lead south to Harrison                                               by hydroelectric power development up-
the whole tour, with a driving distance of                  Park, connect to the Bruce Trail and pro-                                              stream. However this is compensated by
about 150 km (100 miles) or visit one or                    vide many interpretive features of the ar-                                             spectacular views across the valley.
more at your leisure (see map, pg. OS                       ea’s natural and settlement history.                                                   Directions. From the north: Follow Grey Rd. 40 east to
16&17). The following descriptions fol-                     Directions: Inglis Falls Rd. intersects with Grey Rd. 18                               Grey Rd. 7, turn south through Epping, past Talisman
low a north to south progression.                           (the “bypass”) 1.3 km west of the stoplight on Hwy.                                    Resort to Grey Rd. 13, continue south through Kim-
                                                            6/10 at Rockford near Grey Roots Museum & Archives.                                    berley to Eugenia. From the south: Follow Grey Rd. 13
Indian Falls                                                Turn south and look for the conservation area entrance                                 north from Grey Rd. 4 east of Flesherton. In the vil-
A classic plunge waterfall, with a slightly                 on the right (east). Parking charge applies May to Sep-                                lage of Eugenia, the Conservation Area sign is visible
horseshoe-shaped 15 m drop, this falls is                   tember. Year round washrooms, picnic pavilion.                                         across from the Eugenia Falls Emporium. Free parking
named after the local Nawash people. In                                                                                                            is available. Pit privies, picnic area.
spring or fall when Indian Creek has a
strong flow, this is one of Ontario’s finest                                                                                                       Hoggs Falls
cascades, but summer typically brings a                                                                                                            One of Grey County’s best kept secrets,
lower flow.                                                                                                                                        Hoggs Falls is tucked away a mere two
Directions: From central Owen Sound, follow 3rd Ave.                                                                                               minute walk from the Lower Valley Rd.
W. northbound until it becomes Grey Rd. 1, watch for                                                                                               near Flesherton. Although Hoggs Falls is
the sign for Indian Falls Conservation Area. The 0.8                                                                                               smaller than Eugenia, the Boyne River flow
km trail begins at the end of the parking area near                                                                                                is more reliable and the setting is unspoiled.
the washrooms. The trail follows the river until a stair-                                                                                          Directions: From the stoplight in Flesherton on Hwy.
case elevates you to a path along the top of the gorge.                                                                                            10, turn east on Grey Rd. 4. After 1.6 km, turn left
Be careful! There are no barriers or protective fenc-                                                                                              (north) onto East Back Line. Turn right after 0.9 km
ing. Washrooms: May to October, playground.                                                                                                        onto the Lower Valley Rd. After a further 0.9 km, yel-
                                                                                                                      WALTERS FALLS, TELFER WEGG

                                                                                                                                                   low steel posts on the west side of the gravel road
Jones Falls                                                                                                                                        mark the starting point of the broad and easy trail to
This is a 12 m cascade waterfall on the                                                                                                            the falls. Small parking lot, no washroom facilities.
Pottawatomi River. Located in the
Pottawatomi Conservation Area, there are                                                                                                           McGowan Falls
extensive hiking trails including a Bruce                                                                                                          Within the Durham Conservation Area,
Trail sidetrail. The 1 km trail to the falls                Walters Falls                                                                          the Saugeen River cascades on a wide
                   leads over the river to an               This waterfall is on private property, The                                             front over a 2-3 m high limestone out-
                    elevated vista of the falls             Falls Inn, but visitors are welcome to view                                            crop. A walkway across a dam immedi-
                     and surrounding coun-                  the falls from the viewing platform or stop                                            ately upstream of the falls leads to a trail
                      tryside.                              in for a great meal or overnight stay. It is                                           through cedar woods across the river. The
                       Directions: Follow Hwy. 6 (10th      one of Ontario’s few twin falls. The two                                               falls are portrayed in one of several scenic
                       St.) westward out of Owen            14 m cataracts plunge into a rocky gorge                                               murals that adorn buildings nearby in
                        Sound toward Springmount            just below the remains of pioneer mills.                                               downtown Durham.
                         and turn north on Hwy 6.           Directions: Turn east from the stoplight on Hwy. 6/10                                  Directions: Turn east onto Grey Rd. 4 at the stoplight
                         Entrance is on the immediate       at Rockford onto Grey Rd. 18. After 10 km, turn right                                  on Hwy. 6 in Durham. Turn left onto either Albert St.
             right behind the OS Transportation Com-        onto Grey Rd. 29 and proceed through the community                                     or Elgin St., then right onto George St. which leads
pany offices and Tourist Information Centre. Follow         of Bognor and on to Walters Falls. Once in the village,                                eastward to the falls and a parking area. The main
the 1 km trail from rear of parking lot. Picnic area,       turn north onto Front St. (across from the store), fol-                                entrance to the Conservation Area itself is from Grey
washrooms in Tourist Centre.                                lowing it to parking areas beside the falls and hotel.                                 Rd. 27 (Durham Rd.) on the north side of the river.

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                                                                                                         | 2007 GUIDEBOOK 53
                   Welcome to Southgate
                 estled in the southeast           The A Bar K Ranch at Holstein comes          brand. This well-liked sport begins as
                 corner of Grey County,         alive on the weekend of July 13-15 as the       soon as the snow is off the greens and car-
                 Southgate Township in-         Dodge Rodeo harnesses up for another            ries through to fall.
                 vites friends and visitors     riding and roping action packed event.             The Optimist Maple Syrup Festival at
                 to stopover and enjoy.         Mid-Season Championships are up for             Love’s Sugar Bush near Holstein on April
Largely agricultural, Southgate has sce-        grabs and Sunday tells the tale when points     7 & 8 invites one and all to experience pan-
nic backroad drives, particularly in the fall   are tallied and winners announced. Friday       cakes and fresh syrup, fun family activities
when the hardwood trees colour the land-        evening entertainment features local art-       and a handcraft show. Outdoor enthusi-
scape and the fall harvest blends into the      ists Megan Morrison and Gord Bamford,           asts can enjoy a variety of campgrounds all
mix. Stop into a general store and take a       with Nashville names Aaron Lines and            summer, and winter’s snowfall brings hun-
step back in time.                              Amanda Wilkinson, followed by our own           dreds of snowmobilers enjoying the trails,
   2007 is a year of celebration, beginning
with the 50th Annual Canadian Open
                                                “2007 is a year of celebration – from the Canadian Square
Square Dance, Step Dance and Clogging
Competitions June 22 & 23 in the Vil-           Dance, Step Dance and Clogging Competitions and Dundalk
lage of Dundalk. The early days of the
competition will be recalled with photo         Homecoming to the ever popular Dodge Rodeo.”
displays and special events. Saturday com-
petitions lead off with a big parade and        Bernard and Brohm on Saturday’s card. A         often with wildlife viewed nearby. Then
conclude with a dance in the evening.           cowboy steak dinner, clowns and more            come indoors at the Olde Towne Hall in
Then as August approaches, Dundalk              make this a weekend to remember.                Dundalk, or the Holstein Community
gears up for the Village’s Homecoming              The horsepower of stock car races at         Centre, for amateur theatre that will have
August 3-5. Kicking off the festivities is      Varney Speedway hits the paved high bank        you rolling in the aisles.
a giant welcome home party complete             oval on Saturday nights May through Sep-           Come to Holstein on December 15 to
with the fun of a Dundalk Idol Contest.         tember each year. Excitement reigns su-         see Ontario’s first non-motorized Santa
Saturday activities include a giant parade      preme with features like train races and the    Claus Parade. All the floats are drawn by
and a hometown dinner and dance. The            win-a-bike night for young fans.                horsepower – from heavy horse to mini-
reunion closes Sunday with a church serv-          Golfers can indulge their passion at         ature pony, with a sprinkling of mules in
ice and a nostalgic “Back to School” event.     several courses, all with their own special     between.

                                                                                                                                               LEFT, HOLSTEIN DODGE RODEO • RIGHT, FALL COLOURS, TELFER WEGG

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                                                                                               SUGGESTED TRAILS

                                                                                                                                                 TELFER WEGG
                                                                                               On the Bruce Trail

  Outdoor Adventure                                                                            • Osler Bluff Side Trail to Metcalfe Rock, 8
                                                                                                 km, 3 hours, moderate, access Grey Rd. 19
                                                                                               • Inglis Falls to Harrison Park, 5 km, 2 hours,
                                                                                                 easy to moderate, access Inglis Falls Rd. off
                                                                                                 Grey Rd. 18, Owen Sound
Hiking                                          spectacular look-outs across the Beaver
   Grey County is a great place to bring        Valley, including “Old Baldy.” From            Trails to Hike or Cycle
your hiking boots and camera. Premier sce-      Blantyre to Wiarton, the trail is under the    • Georgian Trail, 32 km, Meaford to
nic lookouts offer panoramic views atop         stewardship of the Sydenham Club, and             Collingwood, access along Hwy. 26
the Niagara Escarpment, while rolling hills     passes through hardwood forests and            • Georgian Bluffs Trail, 16 km, Owen Sound
                   provide natural scenery      farms, past wetlands, several waterfalls          to Park Head, access at Kelso Beach, Ben
                   and solitude amongst our     including Walters Falls and Inglis Falls,         Allen, Shallow Lake or Park Head
                    treed forests.              through Owen Sound and on towards              • Hanover Community Trail, 11 km, access 7th
                        The Bruce Trail is      Wiarton.                                          Ave. North, Hanover
                     Canada’s oldest marked        These clubs are passionate ambassadors      • Trout HollowTrail, 14 km, Meaford, access at
                      footpath, stretching      and organize lots of outings as well as pro-      Beautiful Joe Park
                      from Queenston in the     viding detailed information on hikes. Join
                                                                                               In Conservation Areas
                       Niagara region to        them for an introductory hike or consider
                                                                                               • Old Baldy in Kimberley
                       Tobermory at the tip     becoming a member to support the con-
                                                                                               • Bognor Marsh just south of Owen Sound
                      of the Bruce Peninsula.   tinued protection of the Bruce Trail. For
                                                                                               • Feversham Gorge in Feversham
Over 250 km of the Bruce Trail, more            more information, call the Bruce Trail
than 1/3 its total length, follow the           Association at 1-800-665-HIKE or visit         In Grey County Forests
Niagara Escarpment across Grey County.                            • Kolapore Uplands, 4.4 km, parking area on
Three member clubs maintain this incred-           Community trails offer spectacular             Grey Rd. 2 in Kolapore
ible trail in our area. The Blue Mountains      views of Georgian Bay and farmscapes
                                                                                               More Information
Club maintains the trail from Lavender          throughout the county. The Georgian
                                                                                               • 1-877-SEE-GREY or
to Craigleith, including the highest eleva-     Trail from Meaford to Collingwood, the
                                                                                               • Grey Sauble Conservation, 519-376-3076
tion on the Bruce Trail (540 m) at Osler        Georgian Bluffs Trail from Owen Sound
Bluff Lookout. This section features high       to Park Head, and the Grey County CP
                                                                                               • Saugeen Conservation, 519-364-1255 or
bluffs and deep wide valleys. The Beaver        Rail Trail from Owen Sound to Dundalk
Valley Club looks after the trail from          are rail trails that are most notable. Many
                                                                                               • Bruce Grey Trails Network,
Craigleith to Blantyre, through forests like    communities host local trails, notably
Loree and Kolapore and includes many            Hanover, Meaford and Owen Sound.

    There are two Conservation Authori-        gling opportunities. Distances range from        through 200 year-old oak trees, up 50 feet
ties in Grey County that maintain large        6 to 15 km. Access is available at Grey          above the ground, on a suspended plank
tracts of land, many with great trails. Grey   Road #13 north of Kimberley, Epping              bridge. Excellent natural and historical
Sauble Conservation owns and manages           Side Road and at Heathcote.                      interpretation, combined with kid-
over 11,000 hectares (27,000 acres) of sce-        The Saugeen River canoe route begins         friendly activities like gemstone mining,
nic and environmentally sensitive lands.       in the Town of Hanover and heads west            mini-golf and a picnic area, make this a
Saugeen Conservation owns over 8,498           to Lake Huron. Though it flows through           must-see for all ages. For self-guided ex-
hectares (21,000 acres) of conservation        agricultural areas, these are only visible       ploration, visit Bruce’s Caves near
areas and lands comprised of important         occasionally through the forests which           Wiarton or Duncan Caves Nature Pre-
wetland complexes, managed forests and         line the river banks. River conditions           serve. More technical caving is available
recreation parks throughout Grey and           range from wide placid stretches to areas        at Metcalfe Rock and contacting a climb-
Bruce. Conservation areas provide a vari-      with eddies and rapids, making the               ing professional is recommended.
ety of hiking, walking, mountain biking        Saugeen ideal for family canoeing. Sec-             For climbers, the challenges range from
and nature interpretation activities.          tions range from 20 to 43 km, but the            beginner climbs to full-length expert
    Lastly, Grey County itself owns more       ambitious can make a real trip of it by trav-    grades. Located in the Blue Mountains,
than 8,000 acres of forest and a large         elling from Hanover to Southampton, a            Metcalfe Rock is the unofficial centre of
number of the forests are open to the pub-     distance of 102 km! The Saugeen is an            the action. Introductory courses are avail-
lic and have marked trails. Most of these      angler’s mecca, with trout, bass, chinook        able from the outfitters listed below. Old
properties also permit snowshoeing, and        salmon, northern pike and muskie.                Baldy in the Beaver Valley is a 152 m
a few support cross-country skiing.                Lake Eugenia is Grey County’s larg-          drop-off the Niagara Escarpment that
                                               est inland lake and provides excellent pad-      allows climbing for the experienced but
Cycling & Mountain Biking                      dling. The Durham Conservation Area              by permit only. Contact Grey Sauble
   Grey County is ideal for two wheel ex-      also has a day use area featuring a mill         Conservation Authority.
ploration. Hundreds of kilometres of sec-      pond or overnight camping along the
ondary and county backroads wind               banks of the Saugeen River. Many other
through some of the most spectacular           lakes and rivers provide a plethora of pad-
countryside, quaint hamlets and valleys in     dling opportunities across Grey County.
Ontario. Visiting cyclists can check in with       For the more adventurous, sea kayaking
experienced bike shops in the area for tour-   on Georgian Bay is a great way to hug
ing suggestions, route maps and tips.          the shoreline, but is a very weather-de-
   Off-road mountain bikers have plenty        pendant sport. Colpoy’s Bay near Wiarton
of choice in many Grey County Forests          or Owen Sound Bay are good places to

                                                                                                                                                  LOUISE LAKE, TELFER WEGG
or conservation area properties that per-      start. Try it with an outfitter, or on your
mit mountain biking. At Blue Mountain,         own, but inform someone of your route
the new gondola lets you save your en-         and stay tuned to the weather.
ergy to explore the many kilometres of             Be prepared for your paddling experi-
trail on the ride down. The converted rail     ence. Select a route that matches your skill
lines of the Georgian Trail and Georgian       level, check out current water conditions
Bluffs Trail provide a more leisurely ride.    and take all necessary precautions for a           PADDLE, CAVE OR CLIMB!
   Whether it’s climbing, crawling,            safe trip.                                         More Paddling Information
pedaling or speed, Grey County has the                                                            • Request Canoe & Kayak Routes – Saugeen,
experience you’re looking for at a level you   Caving & Climbing                                    Rankin & Beaver Rivers, a detailed guide to
can be comfortable with.                          The Niagara Escarpment with its lime-             the river systems, access points and
                                               stone rock and “karst” topography, com-              outfitters in Grey Bruce.
Paddling                                       bined with the remains of glacial activity,        • Saugeen Conservation, 519-364-1255,
   The gentle flow of the Beaver River,        have created many caves and climbs         
navigable from Kimberley to Heathcote,         throughout Grey County. One of our top             • Grey Sauble Conservation, 519-376-3076,
is a perfect place for beginners. Named        natural attractions is Scenic Caves Nature 
for the many beaver found along its 40         Adventures at the top of Blue Mountain,            More Caving & Climbing Information
km, this river was used as a transporta-       where caves plunge hundreds of feet.               • 1-877-733-4739,
tion route during the 19th century. Three      Saunter across Ontario’s longest suspen-           • 1-866-832-2554,
sections on the Beaver feature rugged          sion footbridge that reaches heights of 25         • 519-599-2268,
scenery, wildlife including great blue         metres above the valley bed below pro-             • 705-446-0256,
heron, great horned owl, white-tailed deer     viding unparalleled panoramic vistas of            • 519-376-3076,
and of course, the beaver, as well as an-      Georgian Bay. Or try treetop walking

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                                                                                  | GC57

  Contact us for your official
       West Grey Map!
                                        West Grey Municipal Office
                                        Phone: 519-369-2200 Toll Free 1-800-538-9647
The Four Seasons of West Grey
                        est Grey, centred at   tival that takes place at the three dams in    and experience the family fun of their Cut
                        the junction of        Durham along the Saugeen River. Don’t          Your Own Tree Farm. Community Cen-
                        Highway 6 and          miss Welbeck’s Wood Expo in August cel-        tres in Ayton, Durham, Neustadt and
                        County Road 4,         ebrating the woodworking heritage of the       Elmwood host all types of activities
                        represents the ulti-   area with three days of seminars, demon-       throughout the changing of the seasons
mate in rural and urban culture. Sharpen       strations and water-powered shingle mill       from skating, hockey and roller skating
your appetite for a West Grey adventure        tours. Then, catch the Fabulous Fringe Fes-    to fall fairs.
with the flavour of maple syrup. You can       tival of Film at the Durham Art Gallery           Looking for that perfect camping spot?
sample this sweet harbinger of spring and      August 9-19 and later, the Spoken Word         Go no further. Choose yours from one of
shop locally at Magwood’s Maple Treats         Festival from November 2-4. Lastly,            the many campgrounds in West Grey and
and Uncle Richards Maple Syrup for the         Ayton offers amateur drama with the            sit back and enjoy. Ranging from RV to
best in gifts and natural products. Stream
fishing season soon follows and anglers
can try their luck in our coldwater streams
                                               “West Grey hosts varied, unique events throughout the year.
where you get more than you expect. Then       Try your luck at our Annual Fish Derby, pique your palate at
spring wildflowers arrive, brightening the
roadsides and woodlots. Come back in           Neustadt’s Lobsterfest and don’t miss Welbeck’s Wood Expo.”
May on Victoria Weekend for the Annual
Fish Derby at Varney Pond, a popular           Murder Mystery Theatre Dinners series.         tent and trailer, many families spend
event organized by the Durham Activity            Artisans of every creative genre come       whole summers parked in one of these
Centre that draws families from far and        together the weekend before Thanksgiv-         forested riverside retreats where relaxation
wide.                                          ing for three days to stage the Autumn         is the key activity.
   West Grey annual events are varied,         Leaves Studio Tour set against the back-           West Grey enjoys a modern hospital
unique and staged throughout the year.         drop of stunning fall colours. Marvel at       facility in Durham offering 24 hour emer-
Begin in April and take in a dash of cul-      the panoramic view from high on the hill       gency service. Numerous parks and trails
ture with the Black History Event in Dur-      at the award-winning Garlan Stained            provide residents and visitors alike with
ham. Arouse your palate at Neustadt’s          Glass Studio Gift Shop. Earthen Vessels        areas to explore, relax, picnic and play.
Lobsterfest in May; visit Durham’s Herb        Pottery invites you to drop in – especially    Come, visit for a day or stay for a lifetime
Fair in June; and July brings A Dam Fes-       at Christmas time – to sip hot chocolate       in West Grey, your natural choice.

                                                                                                                                             LEFT, GOING FISHING • CHRISTMAS IN THE COUNTRY, TELFER WEGG

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                        2007 All Inclusive Package

                                  2007 EVENTS
                                  April 28           Grey County Black History Event
                                  May 19-20          Durham Fish Derby
                                  June 9             Country Garden Herb Fair
                                  July 14            A Dam Festival
                                  Aug. 9-19          Fabulous Festival of Fringe Film
                                  Aug. 10-11         Welbeck Wood Expo
                                  Aug. 31-Sept. 1    Durham Fall Fair
                                  Sept. 28-30        Autumn Leaves Studio Tour
                                  Nov. 2-4           Words Aloud 4 Spoken Word Festival
                                                                                              Shopping in Durham
                                  Nov. 23-25         Christmas in the Country
                                  Nov. 28            Durham Bridge Lighting
                                  Dec. 1             Durham Santa Claus Parade
                                  For more information, contact: West Grey Chamber of
                                  Commerce, 625 Garafraxa St. South, Durham, Tel/Fax            Business Improvement Association
                                  519-369-5750, E:, Web:           of the Town of Durham

                                                                                            Nature in the Country
                                                                                             Ontario Seal of Quality pure maple
                                                                                              products. Visit our showroom,
                                 519-369-9982                                                sugar house & extensive gardens.
                                                                                            493168 Glenelg Sideroad 49, Priceville

                                                                                          Public Fishing
                                                                 WILMER TROUT PONDS

                                                                    Open May to October • No Limit • No Season
                                                                No License Required • Brook, Brown & Rainbow Trout
                                                                         #313706 Highway #6, 1 km North of Durham

   Take time to discover McGowan’s            Snowmobiles Unlimited right on the
Falls in Durham, one of Grey County’s         B11 main trail at Varney. A myriad of
featured waterfalls on their official wa-     B&Bs, Varney Inn and nearby Home-
terfall tour. Hike a short distance along     stead Resort offer year round accommo-
the trails past two river beaches and play-   dation.
grounds to the Heritage Bridge walkway           Drop into the Chamber Information
over the Saugeen and explore the many         Centre at 625 Garafraxa Street South in
shops, restaurants and services along         Durham and pick up your free map of
Durham’s historic Garafraxa Street.           the area along with local and regional
   Winter’s white gold brings its own         brochures. The Centre is located in the
magic – hundreds of snowmobilers travel       front of the Empire Meat store in Dur-
the many kilometres of snowmobile trails      ham home to our own Scottish butcher

                                                                                                                                     ALLAN PARK, TELFER WEGG
that wind their way through fields and        famous for his imported British treats
forest in West Grey. Groomed and              and of course, the famed haggis. Call or
signed, an OFSC permit is required to         check our website (
use these trails. Permits and maps are        dadcoc) for events with up to-the-minute
available at several locations including      dates and times.

 9 Hole Golf Course and 9 Hole Chip & Putt Course
 Enjoy Our                                          Owner:
 Covered Patio                                   Gary Burns

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                                                                            | GC61
                             Historic Neustadt has its claim to fame   gallery, antiques and much more. The           nine hole course overlooking the lake. We
                          as the birthplace of Canada’s 13th Prime     massive Neustadt Springs Brewery, built        also have several equestrian farms that en-
                          Minister, the Honourable John                in 1869 with cooling caverns underneath,       able horse lovers to follow their passion
                          Diefenbaker. The town was named as one       still produces handcrafted beer and ale.       while visiting.
                          of Ontario’s prettiest villages by           Tours can be arranged by contacting the           Explore Saugeen Conservation prop-
                          Harrowsmith Magazine. Old world stone        brewery. Noah’s Inn, housed in yet another     erties year round and experience the na-
                                                                                            lovely restored stone     ture of West Grey. Four season trails
                                                                                            building, tempts          abound in the Allan Park hills, and the
                                                                                            your taste buds with      pond plays double duty hosting fishing
                                                                                            superior cuisine with     in summer and skating in winter. Strap
                                                                                            a local flavour. Fes-     on your cross-country skis or snowshoes
                                                                                            tivals are a hallmark     for an invigorating day on the trails. A
                                                                                            of this charming vil-     fun place to visit is the Saugeen Conser-
                                                                                            lage from lobsterfest     vation Headquarters with picnic areas and
                                                                                            and strawberry teas       ponds teeming with fish and waterfowl.
                                                                                            to pork and sauer-        Each year on the last full weekend in

                                                                                            kraut suppers.            November, SVCA hosts Christmas in the
                                                                                                West Grey is a        Country, an extravaganza of lights, music,
                                                                                            magnet for golfers        crafts, horse drawn rides and displays to
                                                                                            where they will find      delight all ages. Camping is offered at the
                                                                                            a large assortment of     Durham Conservation Area, complete
                          architecture, lovely gardens and intrigu-    courses – come and work on that elusive        with 200 serviced sites, a picnic pavilion,
                          ing churches grace this village. Explore a   perfect drive! New this year for Townsend      public washrooms, two river beaches with
                          myriad of shops, a general store/post of-    Lake is the nine hole par three course of-     playgrounds, lots of trails and riverbank
                          fice, several eateries, an outstanding art   fering family fun adjacent to their regular    fishing.

                                                        Fine Dining at its Best
                                                         Baked goods are our specialty.
                                                             Licensed by AGCO.
                            527 Mill St. 519-799-5662. View our menu at

                                                                                                              Custom & Restoration Work • Church,
                                                                                                               Residential & Commercial • Artisan
                                                                                                              Courses & Supplies • Large Picnic Area
                                                                                                            519-986-3814, #503617 Grey Rd. 12 West
                                                                                                                (6 km from Hwy 6, 10 km from Hwy 10)

                          GC62 EXPERIENCE GREY 2007 GUIDEBOOK
                          62 GREY BRUCE ESCAPE | COUNTY | 2007 GUIDEBOOK
                                                                                                RIDE GREY BRUCE!
                                                                                                 Some Points of Interest
                                                                                                 • The Village at Blue Mountain, Scenic Caves
                                                                                                   Nature Adventures
                                                                                                 • Talisman Resort/Conference Centre, Epping Look-

Motorcycle Touring                                                                                 out, Eugenia Falls, Grey County Waterfall Tour
                                                                                                 • Grey Roots Museum & Archives, Harrison Park
                                                                                                 • Bruce Coast Lighthouse Tour
                                                                                                 • Sauble Speedway, Sauble Falls
                                                                                                 • Bruce’s Caves, Wiarton Willie, Tobermory

                 rey County is a perfect      way to Grey Rd. 2 and head south or left           More to Explore...
                 day ride destination from    to Grey Rd. 31. Turn right and it takes            1) Sauble Beach to Lions Head Route (Bruce Rd.
                 most of southern Ontario.    you back to Grey Rd. 13 at the top of the
                                                                                                 13 & 9). Sauble is the Daytona Beach of the
                 Tight, twisting, open,       Beaver Valley.
                                                                                                 north. Where else can you ride your bike on the
                 flowing roads are what
                                                                                                 beach for 11 km? 2) The Lake Huron Shore Route
make Grey Bruce famous. Staying off pro-      Walters Falls (Grey Roads 18 & 40)
                                                                                                 from Point Clark to Southampton (Miramichi Bay
vincial highways is easy since there is an       This route is free of traffic and has lots
                                                                                                 Rd., Lake Range Rd., Bruce Rd. 15 & 23). Home
abundance of paved county roads. Listed       of open vistas across several valleys. From
                                                                                                 to some of the best sunsets in the world, this
below are some suggested tours in Grey        Owen Sound, take Grey Rd. 18 at the
                                                                                                 shoreline is perfect for cruising.
County. To explore further, spend the         junction of Provincial Hwy. 6 & 10 east
night and head over to the Lake Huron         toward Bognor and Walters Falls. Stop              For more information: Detailed route maps, bike-
shoreline and up the Bruce Peninsula.         in for a bite to eat at ‘The Store’ or gas up      friendly accommodations, eateries, bike shops,
Catching the Chi-Cheemaun ferry in            and make sure you check out the water-             visit or pick up a copy
Tobermory is a treat for bikers because       falls. Just east of town, turn left onto Grey      of the Ride Grey Bruce Motorcycle Map or the
you’re first on and first off!                Rd. 40. This takes you across the Beaver           new Grey Bruce Visitor Map.
                                              Valley, and you can either head north and
Beaver Valley & The Blue Mountains            loop through Meaford (Grey Rd. 12 or             or turn right, and then immediately right
(Grey Roads 13 & 19)                          7) and Thornbury or head south towards           again as soon as you cross over the river
   Starting in Flesherton, this route heads   Kimberley and Talisman Resort (Grey Rd.          (harbour) onto Grey Rd. 1. Follow this
east on Grey Rd. 4, then north on Grey        7) or head straight through to Hwy. 26.          route all the way to Wiarton, stopping at
Rd. 13 through Eugenia, Kimberley, past                                                        Big Bay for ice cream and at Bruce’s Caves
“Old Baldy,” Clarksburg to Thornbury,         Owen Sound Scenic Route                          to stretch your legs. Once in Wiarton af-
then east on Hwy. 26 to Blue Mountain         (Grey Roads 15 & 1)                              ter you take your picture at the
(Grey Rd. 19). Turn right and cruise past        Cruise around Owen Sound, literally!          Wiarton Willie statue,
the new Village at Blue Mountain before       From the east side of town take Grey Rd.         head back to
heading up the escarpment to Scenic           15 off Hwy. 26 to Leith and head south           Owen Sound on
Caves Nature Adventures and check out         into Owen Sound past the ‘Bayshore’ to           Grey Rd. 17 or
the view from their awesome suspension        10th St. East. Straight ahead leads to           continue on up
bridge. Continue on Grey Rd. 19 all the       Harrison Park, a recommended rest-stop,          the Peninsula.

                                                                                             1-877-733-4739 | 2007 GUIDEBOOK 63
                                                                                 | GC63

                                                    Golf Grey County
                                                    Golf keeps getting better and better in Grey. With five new courses opening in the last few years and
                                                    existing courses upgrading their facilities, there are a variety of courses, layouts and skill levels to
                                                    choose from. Many courses provide packages and promotions – check out

                                  LOCATION           COURSE                                CONTACT                                                 HOLES
                                  Blue Mountain/     Monterra Golf Club                    (705) 445-0231                     18
                                  Thornbury          Georgian Bay Club                     (519) 599-9949                 18
                                                     Raven Golf Club at Lora Bay           (519) 599-1900    18
                                  Durham             Homestead Golf & Spa                  (519) 369-3771                  18
                                  Dundalk            Dunadel Golf                          (519) 923-9616                          9
                                  Hanover            Buck’s Crossing                       (519) 364-3673                9
                                                     Whispering Hills Golf Club            (519) 364-2738         18
                                  Hepworth           Northern Dunes                        (519) 935-3000                   18
                                  Holstein           Mount Forest Golf & Country Club      (519) 334-3322                                            9
                                  Kimberley          Talisman Mountain Resort              (519) 599-2520                          9
                                  Markdale           Markdale Country Club                 (519) 986-2690                    9
                                                     Townsend Lake Golf Club               (519) 986-4889                                            9
                                                     The Ferns Golf and Country Club       (519) 986-3500                        18
                                  Meaford            Meaford Golf & Country Club           (519) 538-1400                     18
                                  Owen Sound/        Cobble Beach Golf Links               (519) 370-2173            18
                                  Georgian Bluffs    Owen Sound Golf & Country Club        (519) 376-1961                           18
                                                     Scenic City Golf Course               (519) 376-4649                 18
                                                     Stone Tree Golf & Fitness Club        (519) 376-7899                     18
                                  Priceville         Highland Glen Golf Club               (519) 924-4653                         18
                                  Wiarton            Wiarton Golf & Country Club           (519) 534-0498                  9

                                 GC64 EXPERIENCE GREY 2007 GUIDEBOOK
                                 64 GREY BRUCE ESCAPE | COUNTY | 2007 GUIDEBOOK
                  Gardens & Shopping
Rural Gardens                                  visitor facilities to the smaller “sharing      not to miss some of their exclusive, high-
   It’s been said the eyes are windows to      gardens” that are open according to the         end shops that offer anything from toys,
the soul. If that’s true, gardens must be      availability of the property owner. Admis-      to jewelery, house wares, beauty products,
the landscape of the soul. No two are alike,   sion is usually $2-3 per person.                home-made sweets and souvenirs.
and each is as unique as the gardener who         You can identify many of the rural gar-          As you make your way through Hano-
created it.                                    dens on the tour by the yellow daisy sign       ver and Neustadt, you’ll come across some
   Eight years ago, some of the many gar-      displayed by the owner. A brochure is           of the neatest stores. Hanover’s main street
deners who live in the Grey Bruce area         available at local tourism outlets and a        is lined with quality stores offering cloth-
began sharing their masterpieces with the      printable version can be downloaded from        ing, shoes, gifts, books and much more.
public. For some of them gardening is a, the Rural Gardens          Neustadt’s old-town
hobby; for others it is a passion.             of Grey Bruce Tour website.                     feel is something
                                                                From the website, you can      unmistakable as
                                                             also visit the websites of in-    you stroll along the
                                                             dividual gardens if you’re        main street and
                                                             looking for more detailed in-     shop for anything
                                                             formation.                        from antiques to
                                                                                               tools, and home-
                                                            Shopping in Grey                   made pies to kitchen
                                                               Grey County offers lots of      utensils. With something for everyone, it’s
                                                            unique shopping experiences        a great way to spend your day.
                                                            complete with “grey’t” value           Owen Sound’s historically restored
                                                            and small town appeal. Our         downtown core also provides a shopping
                                                            towns and villages are packed      environment that shouldn’t be missed.
                                                            full of one-of-a-kind shops        With several streets lined with exclusive
                                                            and charming stores carrying       stores, shops and galleries, it’s nearly im-
                                                            the latest styles and trends.      possible not to find that perfect gift for
                                                               In Thornbury-Clarksburg,        yourself or that special someone. Herit-
   The Rural Gardens Tour has grown to         streets are lined
include more than 36 gardens. They range       with fascinating,

                                                                                                                                              LEFT, KEPPELCROFT GARDENS • RIGHT, DOWNTOWN MARKDALE, TELFER WEGG
from small, manicured, extensively             luxurious store
planned plots to large, natural, near-wil-     fronts you can’t find
derness areas. Most of them are constantly     anywhere        else.
evolving, and some have taken 10 years         Among these shops,
or more to create.                             you can find hand-
   Among their unique features, some of        crafted gifts, chic
the gardens offer hiking trails; many of-      fashions, classy art
fer plants for sale; a number have organic     galleries and trendy
produce; and one has a miniature               home décor.
stonehenge. Others feature arts and crafts;       The Village at
some specialize in peace and quiet; yet        Blue offers its own
another is a traditional aboriginal medi-      distinctive shop-
cine wheel; and many, many others are an       ping atmosphere
extravagance of flowers.                       with numerous out-
   It is important to have a brochure to       fitters for the outdoor enthusiast and          age Place Shopping Centre on the east end
plan your personal garden tour because         trendsetters alike. Walk along the scenic       of the city is also a great place to browse,
gardens range from the larger “key” gar-       streets where you can get the latest sport-     with an indoor mall setting and many op-
dens with regular hours of operation and       ing gear or update your wardrobe. Be sure       tions within walking distance as well.

                                                                                             1-877-733-4739 | 2007 GUIDEBOOK 65
                                                                                 | GC65

      Sports. Culture. Recreation – it’s all here in Hanover. Enjoy exciting harness racing and our
      gaming facility or Hanover’s magnificent Civic Theatre. If your stride is leisurely or
      brisk, hike Hanover’s beautiful and picturesque community trails. For a great time,
      visit our Sights and Sounds Festival, July 27th & 28th, 2007. Whether for an
      afternoon, weekend or extended vacation – winter, spring, summer or
      fall – escape to our picture-perfect hideaway. Hanover will win you
      over, time and again.

                              Town of Hanover
                              341 10th Street
     Hanover, The Place To Be
                 he Town of Hanover in-         quality coupled with old-fashioned home-       music garden, an amphitheatre, and a her-
                 vites you to picture your-     town service. Large department stores in       itage promenade. Benches, trees and gar-
                 self in Hanover, The Place     the outlying malls add to the mix, draw-       dens add to the charm. Crowds gather
                 To Be! Here you can expe-      ing shoppers from a wide circle.               here for Canada Day Celebrations. It is
                 rience a wide variety of          Recreation is important to today’s life-    truly a people place.
events and services, hospitality second to      style, and Hanover has a wide choice of           Hanover Park, just off 7th Avenue, is
none, and the excitement of a gaming fa-        indoor and outdoor recreational activities     15 acres of quiet space where you can
cility and horse racing all offered up with     to choose from. Enjoy a walk around the        camp, picnic and kids can burn off en-
small town flavour.                             11 km of the community trail system,           ergy skateboarding. There is a spot to
    Hanover’s Civic Theatre in the heart
of town hosts many cultural events in the
century old building. The facility provides
                                                “Experience a wide variety of events and services, hospital-
a year round source of excellent entertain-     ity second to none, and the excitement of a gaming facility
ment, including Grey Bruce Singers’ con-
certs, dance recitals and theatrical            and horse racing all wrapped up with small town flavour. ”
productions both professional and ama-
teur. It has the right ambience for a spe-      which includes the new pedestrian bridge,      launch your kayak or canoe on the
cial night out.                                 18 m (60 ft) above the Saugeen and take        Saugeen River. This is the start of the 102
    Adjacent to the theatre is the Hanover      in the magnificent view. You’ll meet all       km canoe and kayak route that finishes at
Library, located in the Carnegie Greek          sorts of recreationalists, walking, biking     Southampton on Lake Huron. Sports
Revival building. Open seven days a week,       and even cross-country skiing or               fishermen try their luck here and are rarely
the library is a hub of activity, providing a   snowshoeing depending on the season.           disappointed.
high level of library service, internet ac-     The Hanover Coliseum and Regional                 Dining out is easy in Hanover, as your
cess, facsimile service and tourist infor-      Aquatic Centre has a myriad of ameni-          choice ranges from fine dining in a ro-
mation. Pick up area maps and                   ties from the new swirl pool and sauna to      mantic atmosphere to the more boister-
information at the tourism counter before       the pool, as well as regularly scheduled       ous sports bar. We have lots of fast food
heading out to explore.                         family skating sessions.                       outlets, a 50’s diner, ethnic menus and
    Shopping is truly an experience in             Hanover’s Heritage Square, located          family style restaurants.
Hanover with many charming shops in             across from the Civic Centre, features a          Golf is a popular sport, and there are
the downtown area offering variety and          community recognition labyrinth, sunken        many area courses to lure from early spring

                                                                                                                                              LEFT, WINTER HIKING, ALLAN SHIFF • RIGHT, HANOVER PLAYGROUND, TELFER WEGG

                                                                                             1-877-733-4739 | 2007 GUIDEBOOK 67
                                                                                 | GC67
                                                                      to late fall. Take in a movie at the theatre or relax in your car at
                                                                      the outdoor drive-in, one of the few left in Ontario. For a change
                                                                      of pace, arrange a sightseeing flight at the Saugeen Municipal
                                                                      Airport for an unsurpassed view of the surrounding country-
                                                                      side. Flying lessons and charter flights are available as well.
                                                                         Annual events in Hanover include the Streetiques Car Show
                                                                      in the spring, a pipe band competition, a garden tour, Canada
                                                                      Day Celebrations, the fall fair, sports tournaments and craft
                                                                      shows. The Sights and Sounds Festival, July 27-28 this year, fea-
                                                                      tures a battle of the bands, music trivia, a musical variety show
                                                                      and more. This family fun event is held at various venues
                                                                      throughout the town, including Heritage Square.

               Play pool. Enjoy our casual menu. Licensed by AGCO.

               Open daily 11:30 am to 1 am. 11 am Sunday Breakfast.

                     2007 SEASON OPENS
                           Saturday, May 5th
                     LIVE RACING

                                                                                                                                         HANOVER CIVIC LIBRARY, TELFER WEGG
 Every Saturday from May 5 - Sept. 29 ~ Post time is 7:25 pm

                     LIVE RACING
 Every Wednesday Night in July & August ~ Post time 7:20 pm
  $100,000 Dream of Glory Stakes Championship
           Elimination July 28th, Final August 4th
32nd Annual Walker Memorial Trot & HR’s All Trot Card
                   Saturday, August 11th
                                                                         Hanover enjoys excellent healthcare facilities, including a
 Year Round Simulcast Restaurant 100 Slot Machines
                                                                      modern hospital with 24 hour emergency service, and a com-
   Sun to Thurs 9 am to midnight • Fri & Sat 9 am to 2 am
                                                                      plete medical clinic next door. Education is well served with
                                     Phone: 519-364-2860              three public schools and the John Diefenbaker Secondary
                                                                         Bluewater Radio (CFBW 91.3 FM) broadcasts to Hanover
                                                                      and area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The station provides a
                                                                      wide range of programing, including a daytime mix of easy lis-
                                                                      tening with local news, community announcements and com-
                                                                      ing events.
                                                                         Hanover Raceway had its beginnings many years ago when
                                                                      horse races were an integral part of each township’s fall fair.
                                                                      The Townships of Bentinck and Brant and the Town of Hano-
                                                                      ver joined together to make a bigger and better fair, and in the
                                                                      early sixties developed the present raceway and a regular card of
                 Across from the
      Aquatic Centre, Race Track, Coliseum,                           racing. This provided the impetus for local interests to invest in
     Hanover Slots, Adjacent to Bowling Lanes                         horses and training, and a new industry developed for the area.
                                                                      The facility grew to include pari-mutual betting and now fea-
        Reservations 1-800-801-8398                                   tures the simulcast lounge, a licensed restaurant and the Hano-
        244-7th Avenue, Hanover, ON                                   ver Raceway slots. It has all come together to provide a great
     Tel 519-364-1911 Fax 519-364-2931                                entertainment centre for one and all, not just in summer, but
                                                                      now year round. Come visit, stay awhile and enjoy life in Hano-
                                                                      ver, ……The Place To Be!

Fall Colours & Apple Harvest
                he fall season in Grey
                County presents the most
                spectacular time of year to
                get out and take a drive.
                Nestled in the heart of the
Beaver Valley, the Niagara Escarpment
boasts vibrant reds and golds. Meaford
and Thornbury with their apple orchards
and roadside stands highlight local har-
vested delights. The rolling countryside
in the southern portion of the county
demonstrates the beauty of our rural en-

                                                                                                                                                                                 THE ROCKY SAUGEEN, TELFER WEGG
   Take one of Grey County’s recom-
mended fall tours. Photogenic land-
scapes and countr yside guarantee
scenery that will look like autumn post-
cards. No experience would be complete
without stopping at one of the fruit and
farmers markets along the way to sam-
ple locally grown apples, fresh baked                     with a more leisurely pace. Take in all the                 Visit for a complete list
goods and warm cider. Then you have                       natural wonders the area has to offer,                   of orchards, fruit stands, restaurants and
truly enjoyed the full autumn essence of                  browse the artists studios or indulge in                 to receive a free detailed trip-tic and map
Grey County.                                              our local culinary delights and discover                 of the tours for your travelling convenience.
   These tours can easily be experienced                  why harvest is the most popular time to                  Don’t miss our webcam in autumn to verify
in one day or extended into a two day trip                experience Grey County.                                  the status of the fall colours in Grey.

1) Waterfalls & Fall Colours                              off the Niagara Escarpment, on to Thornbury, where       • Grandma Lambe’s Fruit Market, Hwy. 26 east of
Length: 2.5 hours with stops, 100 km round trip           fall is the perfect time to see salmon jumping up the      Meaford (apple orchard, baked goods, gifts)
This tour heads north from Owen Sound on Grey Rd. 1       fish ladder on the Beaver River. Heading west brings     • Vail’s Orchards, Hwy. 26 west of Meaford
(the “scenic route”) incorporating several waterfalls,    you to Meaford, Grey County’s apple harvest central        (September to December, apples, apple products)
scenic lookouts like Skinners Bluff and Bruce’s Caves     and home to many fruit stands. To complete the tour,     • Barbetta Orchards, Hwy. 26 west of Meaford (July
Conservation Area. This tour can be enjoyed anytime       head south and then west to Walters Falls, to see a        to November, apples, other fruit)
of the year but is exceptionally beautiful during the     magnificent waterfall and then through to Bognor
fall season.                                              Marsh and on to Owen Sound.                              3) South Grey Historic Mills
                                                                                                                   Length: 2-3 hours
A Taste of Grey County                                    A Taste of Grey County                                   This tour follows the Saugeen River from its headwa-
• Owen Sound Farmers Market, open Saturdays,              • Fresh Gourmet, County Rd. 4, Flesherton (local         ters near Markdale, downstream to Durham and on to
   downtown Owen Sound (local produce, meats,                organic produce, gourmet meals to go)                 one of the prettiest villages in Canada, historic Neustadt.
   arts and crafts)                                       • Flesherton Farmers Market, Hwy. 10 outside             Unique stone architecture, picturesque mills and local
• Keady Market, every Tuesday year-round in down-            Flesherton (open in summer)                           history are waiting to be discovered on this tour.
   town Keady (local produce, meats, gifts).              • Honey House, 204 Marsh St., Clarksburg (local
                                                             honey, beeswax candles, gifts)                        A Taste of Grey County
2) Scenic Beaver Valley & Meaford                         • Goldsmith’s Orchards, Hwy. 26 west of Thornbury        • Neustadt Springs Brewery, 456 Jacob St.,
Length: 3-4 hours, 160 km round trip                         (June to November, apples, fruits, vegetables)           Neustadt (local micro brewery)
Starts in Flesherton and includes Eugenia Falls, Kim-     • Almond’s Farm Market, Hwy. 26 east of Meaford          • West Grey Premium Beef, Hwy. 6, north of
berley and a drive past “Old Baldy,” a huge outcropping      (apples, fruits, vegetables)                             Durham (local meats)

                                                                                                                 1-877-733-4739 | 2007 GUIDEBOOK 69
                                                                                                     | GC69
    Performing Arts &Events
               xperience the performing                as their inspiration, the                                   In the quaint village of
               arts in stunning surround-              Georgian Theatre Festival                                Dundalk, the annual Square
               ings with that small town               is dedicated to continuing                                Dance, Step Dance and Clog-
               feel throughout Grey                    the tradition of providing                                ging competition held on the
               County. Many of our towns               theatre to a diverse general                               last weekend in June every year
and villages stage a variety of events and             public. For more information                                draws thousands of people
productions for you to enjoy year round.               on their summer schedule,                                   from across Ontario and be-
   Summerfolk, one of Canada’s most suc-               including all youth theatre                                 yond. The picturesque town of
cessful and longest running folk festivals,            sessions, contact us.                             Hanover is also home to the Civic
takes place every summer along the shores                 If jazz is more your style, join the Town    Theatre which features many community
of scenic Georgian Bay in Owen Sound.                  of Thornbury every Sunday in July and           musical and theatrical productions.
This outdoor music and craft festival draws            August from 7-9 p.m. where you can en-             For more information or tickets for the
thousands of tourists and locals to the                joy the fantastic sounds of jazz at Bayview     Georgian Theatre Festival, visit www.geo
open-air ampitheatre at Kelso Beach.                   Park. They welcome different bands and or call 1-888-541-4444. For
   The Georgian Theatre Festival has                   performers each week, rain or shine. The        more information on the Performing Arts
become one of Ontario’s premiere sum-                  Annual Harbourside Art & Jazz Festival          in Grey County, visit or
mer stock theatres. With small town life               also takes place in Thornbury in July.          call 1-877-SEE-GREY.

 EVENT                                                LOCATION                                CONTACT                      DATE
 You Look Good Rider’s Cup                            Badlands Terrain Park                   1-877-445-0231               March 3, 2007
 Pepsi March Break Students’ Week                     Blue Mountain Resort                    1-877-445-0231               March 6, 2007
 Triple Challenge Ski & Snowboard Festival            Blue Mountain Resort                    1-877-445-0231               March 6, 2007
 Thornbury Winter Antiques Show                       Beaver Valley Community Centre          (519) 599-5017               March 10&11, 2007
 Volvo AWD Ski Series + Head Demo                     Talisman Resort                         1-800-265-3759               March 15, 2007
 Surprise Gourmet Evening for Aspiring Food Critics   Talisman Resort                         (519) 599-2520               March 31, 2007
 Fox Chrysler Trivia Challenge                        Owen Sound                              (519) 376-4440 ext. 225      April 7, 2007
 Holstein Maplefest                                   Holstein                                (519) 334-3490               April 7&8, 2006
 Winemakers Dinner Europe vs. The New World           Talisman Resort                         (519) 599-2520               April 20, 2007
 8th Annual “Get Growing” Garden & Home Show          Meaford                                 1-877-848-5831               April 21&22, 2007
 Grey County Black History Event                      Durham                            April 28, 2007
 Holstein Spring Play                                 Holstein                                (519)-334-3436               April 28&29, 2007
 Annual Neustadt Craft, Hobby & Garden Show           Neustadt                                (519) 799-5342               May 5, 2007
 The Village Vibe Canadian Series                     Village at Blue Mountain                (705) 445-0231               May 18 to Aug 31, 2007
 Blues, Brews and BBQ’s Festival                      Village at Blue Mountain                (705) 445-0231               May 19, 2007
 Tour of the Arts                                     Thornbury, Clarksburg & Beaver Valley   (519) 599-6863               May 19-21, 2007
 Neustadt Crab, Steak and Lobsterfest                 Neustadt                                (519) 799-5342               May 26, 2007
 Billy Bishop Heritage Days                           Billy Bishop Museum                     (519) 371-0031               June 2, 2007
 Blue Mountain Film Festival                          Village at Blue                         (705) 445-0231               June 2&3, 2007
 Doors Open Owen Sound                                Throughout Owen Sound                   (519) 371-9833               June 2&3, 2007
 Grey Sauble Conservation’s 50th Anniversary          Arboretum, Owen Sound                   (519) 376-3076               June 9, 2007
 County Garden Herb Fair                              Durham                            June 9, 2007
 Rocklyn Classic Car Show                             Rocklyn                                 (519) 538-1640               June 17, 2007
 Hanover Streetiques Show & Shine                     Hanover                                    June 18, 2007
 Dundalk Square, Step & Clog Dancing Festival         Dundalk                                 888-560-6607                 June 22-24, 2007
 Children’s Aboriginal Festival                       Village at Blue                         (705) 445-0231               June 23&24, 2007

EVENT                                            LOCATION                                CONTACT                          DATE
7th Annual Mary Gingrich Memorial Garden Tour    Kemble & Area                           (519) 376-1304                   June 30, 2007
Canada Day Celebrations                          Various locations in Owen Sound         (519) 371-9833                   June 30 to July 1, 2007
Meaford Canada Day Celebrations                  Meaford Harbour Pavilion                (519) 538-1640                   July 1, 2007
The Blue Mountains Annual Chilli Cook-off        Village at Blue                         (705) 445-0231                   July 7, 2007
Markdale Ice Cream Festival                      Markdale                                (519) 986-4612                   July 7, 2007
A Dam Festival                                   Durham                                  (519) 369-1130                   July 7, 2007
Holstein 6th Annual Dodge Rodeo                  Holstein                                  July 13-15, 2007
Markdale Street Frolic                           Markdale                                (519)-986-4612                   July 13, 2007
Eugenia Gold Rush Days                           Eugenia                                 (519)-924-1515                   July 14&15, 2007
Street Beat Festival                             Village at Blue                         (705) 445-0231                   July 14&15, 2007
Neustadt Horticultural Society Show              Neustadt                                (519) 799-5342                   July 20&21, 2007
Neustadt Strawberry Supper                       Neustadt                                (519) 799-5342                   July 24, 2007
Owen Sound’s Homecoming 2007                     Various Locations                       (519) 371-9833                   July 27 to August 5, 2007
Sights & Sounds Festival                         Downtown Hanover                        (519) 364-5777                   July 27&28, 2007
Hottest Yard Sale Under The Sun                  Owen Sound                              (519) 376-9225                   July 28, 2007
145th Emancipation Celebration Festival Picnic   Harrison Park                           (905) 331-0020                   August 3&4, 2007
Electric Eclectics                               Meaford                                 (519) 538-4400                   August 3-5, 2007
Dundalk Homecoming                               Dundalk                                 1-888-560-6607                   August 3-5, 2007
Collingwood Horse Show                           Thornbury                               (519) 599-3223                   August 8-12, 2007
32nd Annual Summerfolk Music & Crafts Festival   Kelso Beach                             (519) 371-2995                   August 17-19, 2007
Hanover Fall Fair                                Hanover                                        August 17-19, 2007
Thornbury Summer Antique Show                    Thornbury                               (519) 599-3223                   August 17-19, 2007
Village Wakeboard Festival                       Village at Blue                         (705) 445-0231                   August 18&19, 2007
Markdale Fall Fair                               Markdale                                (519) 986-4612                   August 24-26, 2007
Owen Sound Salmon Spectacular                    Owen Sound Marina                       (519) 376-7177                   Aug 24-Sept 2, 2007
Walters Falls Art Show                           Walter’s Falls                          (519) 794-3509                   August 25&26, 2007
Durham Fall Fair                                 Durham                                Aug 31 to Sept 1, 2007
155th Owen Sound Fall Fair                       Victoria Park                           (519) 371-1720                   September 6-8, 2007
Beaver Valley Fall Fair                          Beaver Valley Community Centre          (519) 599-5289                   September 7&8, 2007
Dundalk Fall Fair                                Dundalk                                 1-888-560-6607                   September 7&8, 2007
9th Annual Celtic Festival                       Owen Sound                              (519) 371-0103                   September 14&15, 2007
137th Neustadt Fall Fair                         Neustadt                                (519) 799-5342                   September 15, 2007
Flesherton Community Split Rail Festival         Flesherton                              (519) 924-1515                   September 21-23, 2007
Rocklyn Fall Fair                                Rocklyn                                 (519) 986-4612                   September 22, 2007
Markdale Fall Fair                               Markdale                         September 24-26, 2007
Meaford Scarecrow Invasion                       Meaford                                 (519) 538-1640                   September 28, 2007
Autumn Leaves Studio Tour                        Durham & Area                         Sept 28-30, 2007
Escarpment Studio Tour                           Thornbury to Walters Falls              (519) 794-0365                   October 6&7, 2007
Artists Around the Sound                         Owen Sound                              (519) 534-3222                   October 6&7, 2007
Tour of the Arts                                 Thornbury, Clarksburg & Beaver Valley   (519) 599-6863                   October 6-8, 2007
The Festival of Northern Lights                  Downtown Owen Sound                     (519) 371-9833                   Nov 16, ‘07 to Jan 20, ‘08
The Santa Claus Parade                           Downtown Owen Sound                     (519) 371-9833                   November 17, 2007
Christmas in the Country                         Hanover                                 (519) 364-1255                   November 23-25, 2007
Hanover Santa Claus Parade                       Hanover                                        December 1, 2007
Durham Santa Parade                              Durham                                December 1, 2007
Neustadt Santa Claus Parade                      Neustadt                                (519) 799-5342                   December 8, 2007
Holstein Non-Motorized Santa Parade              Holstein                                888-560-6607                     December 15, 2007
                                                                                                      See page OS10 for all Owen Sound events!

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                                                                                   | GC71

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