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					                        THE GR APEVINE
    A Publication for the Employees and Friends of Eastern New Mexico University

                 ENMU-Roswell Celebrates Forty-seventh
                      Commencement Ceremony
	          A	large	crowd	filled	the	stands	of	the	Wool	Bowl	during	ENMU-Roswell’s	Forty-
seventh Commencement Convocation on May 11. More than 200 graduates participated
in the ceremony, but in total a record 416 ENMU-Roswell students completed degree and                   J     U
certificate	requirements	for	graduation	at	the	end	of	the	spring	2007	semester,	making	
this	the	largest	spring	graduating	class.	Approximately	35	bachelor’s	and	master’s	degree	
candidates from ENMU also participated in the ceremony, in addition to more than 40
bachelor’s	 and	 master’s	 degree	 candidates	 from	 the	 School	 of	 Social	 Work	 at	 New	
Mexico Highlands University. A group of cadets with the New Mexico Youth ChalleNGe
Academy	also	received	Certificates	of	Occupational	Training	in	several	fields.		
	          The	featured	speaker	was	Jose	Chavez,	a	1985	graduate	of	ENMU-Roswell	
and	a	former	member	of	the	Community	College	Board.	Chavez	said	it	was	an	honor	
to	speak	to	the	graduates,	because	he	could	identify	with	the	challenges	and	struggles	
they had to overcome. “I was you at one time and if I can be a success story, so can                              IN THIS ISSUE
you,”	 he	 said.	 Chavez	 is	 currently	 the	 owner	 of	 Bobcat	 Production,	 an	 oil	 and	 gas	
production and consulting company in Hagerman. He said ENMU-Roswell gave him the                   Graduation Pictures................................2
tools	he	needed	to	make	a	future	for	himself	and	his	family.	He	encouraged	graduates	
to	take	advantage	of	the	education	they	have	received,	whether	they	are	heading	into	              Community Festival...................................3
the	job	market	or	pursuing	even	further	education.	Chaves	also	provided	some	advice,	              ENMU-R Gets Upward Bound Funding......3
telling	graduates	to	always	be	honest,	to	keep	their	lives	simple	and	to	remember	to	be	           New ENMU-Roswell Employees..............4
humble.                                                                                            Motor Car Club Donates to ENMU-R............4
           ENMU-Roswell honors graduate, Debra Hope, who received an Associate                     Pecos Kids Visit Campus.......................4
of	Applied	Science	degree	in	Computer	Applications	and	Support,	also	spoke	during	
the	ceremony.	Hope	is	currently	working	as	an	Administrative	Assistant	in	the	Artesia	             Discovery Channel Films on Campus........4
Education	Center.	She	plans	to	pursue	a	bachelor’s	degree	through	distance	education	              Special Services Dept. Holds Luncheon.......5
at	ENMU.	Hope	told	her	fellow	graduates	to	enrich	the	world	around	them	and	take	time	             ENMU-R Sponsors Special Olympics........5
to empower and inspire someone else. “Everyone here has had value added to their                   ENMU-R Faculty Granted Tenure..............5
lives	by	having	been	a	student	at	ENMU-R.	Now	that	we	have	earned	our	certificate	or	
degree,	we	need	to	let	it	do	more	for	us	than	just	increase	our	paycheck.	I	think	we	all	          ENMU-R Chorale Performs.....................5
understand	that	knowledge	is	power,	but	with	power,	comes	responsibility.	I	believe	we	            ENMU-R to Hold Pool Party........................5
are bound by principle to share our power with the world,” she said.                               Then and Now in CDC..............................6
           The ENMU-Roswell Chorale and the ENMU-Roswell Community Band also                       What's New at the LRC...............................6
performed during the ceremony. Cadets with the New Mexico National Guard Youth                     ENMU-R Respiratory Therapy Program
ChalleNGe Academy served as the Color Guard. The ceremony was capped off with
a	colorful	fireworks	display	provided	by	the	Roswell	Fire	Department.                              Accepts Applications................................6
                                                                                                   ENMU-R Presents Kids' Kollege...............6
                   Speaker, Jose Chavez                                                            GED Students Celebrate Graduation........7
                                                                         Student Speaker,
                                                                           Debra Hope              Elementar y Students Receive
                                                                                                   CAPS Scholarships..........................7
                                                                                                   Satellite       Campus                  Ministry
                                                                                                   Established at ENMU-R....................8
                                                                                                   Owl in the News..........................................8
                                                                                                   Funder's Forum to be Held..........................8

                                                                                                           JUNE BIRTHDAYS
                                                                                             Craig C. Collins                                             6
                                                                                             Ana Mestas                                                   8
                                                                                             Paul Merryman                                               14
                                                                                             Felecia Harvey                                              16
                                                               Community College Board John	M.	Farmer																									                           16
                                                               members	attended	their	first	 Johnny	Gonzales																							                      18
                                                               graduation ceremony.          Andrew	D.	Bullock																					                      22
                                                                                             Ronald Bellomo                                              23
                                                                                             Kristy Simmons                                              24
                                                                                             Tammi Mathews                                               24
                                                                                             Diane Klassen                                               25
                                                                                             Vanessa Hendrix                                             26
                                                                                             Debbie Means                                                30
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                                                                  The Community Band played processional and recessional music.

A large audience of family and friends attended the ceremony.

                                                                               NM Youth ChalleNGe Color Guard
Calvin Buddy Brown receives the Kosa award from Christina Weir.
Not	pictured:	Joan	Arnold,	who	also	received	a	Kosa	award.

Graduates posed for pictures before the ceremony began.
                                                                     The ENMU-Roswell Chorale sang the National Anthem.

A group of ENMU graduates who participated in the ceremony
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Frances Granado and Ida Stover helped pass out frisbees and
sign people up for the IPod and scholarship drawings.
                                                                     Wilfred Brady and Susan Torres (see arrows) handed out
                                                                     toothbrushes and toothpaste to chidren and their parents.


Dr. Armstrong hands the IPod, courtesy of the ENMU-Roswell
Foundation,	to	the	lucky	winner.
                                                                             More	than	500	people	visited	the	Poe	Corn	Park.

         The Upward Bound program at ENMU-Roswell is one of several in New Mexico receiving continued federal funding. Provided
through	the	U.S.	Department	of	Education,	ENMU-Roswell	will	receive	$296,327	to	support	60	Upward	Bound	participants.	The	total	
$2.22 million grant will allow almost 500 disadvantaged youth to access educational services at colleges and universities across
the state.
	        “We	are	extremely	pleased	to	receive	funding	for	continued	operation	of	our	Upward	Bound	Program,”	said	Greg	Martinez,	
TRIO	Drector.	“Of	course	all	of	the	credit	has	to	go	to	Natalie	Martinez,	Upward	Bound	Director,	and	Ramona	Miranda,	Upward	
Bound	Program	Specialist,	for	all	of	their	hard	work	and	dedication.	The	Upward	Bound	Program	continues	to	provide	academic	
support	 services	 to	 60	 low-income,	 first	 generation	 students	 throughout	 Chaves	 and	 Eddy	 County.	 The	 program	 generates	 in	
program	participants	the	skills	and	motivation	necessary	to	complete	a	program	of	secondary	education	and	to	enter	and	succeed	
in	a	program	of	postsecondary	education,”	Martinez	said.
         Upward Bound is a college-based program that provides academic instruction for low-income, disadvantaged high school
students	who	are	the	first	in	their	families	to	consider	going	to	college.	During	the	summer,	Upward	Bound	students	live	on	the	college	
campus and are involved in an extensive academic program with an emphasis on English, math, and science. Upward Bound has
been	proven	to	significantly	increase	a	student's	likelihood	of	finishing	college.
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      NEW ENMU-ROSWELL                                          PECOS ELEMENTARY CHILDREN VISIT
         EMPLOYEES                                                  ENMU-ROSWELL CAMPUS
                                               	        Pecos	Elementary	fifth	graders	visited	the	campus	on	May	7.		They	listened	to	
Nathan Gray began                              a	presentation	on	the	future	of	technology	by	Betty	Patton.		Mike	Gomez	assisted	the	
his position as Support                        kids	with	a	Choices	evaluation	in	the	computer	lab	where	they	learned	about	different	
Specialist on May 7. He                        types	of	occupations	and	what	skills	they	had	which	best	matched	those	occupations.	  	
received an A.A.S. in                          Mike	Juliana	also	talked	to	the	kids	about	electronics	and	robotics.	The	students	also	
Electronics/Computer                           had lunch in the cafetaria and visited with Dr. Armstrong.
Te c h n o l o g y f r o m
ENMU-Roswell. He
maintained a GPA at
or above 3.5.

Arturo Bolanos began
his position as Gear-
Up site supervisor at
Mesa Middle School
on May 7. He received
a degree in HPE and
History from ENMU
Portales.                                        DISCOVERY CHANNEL FILMS ON ENMU-ROSWELL CAMPUS
                                                       A crew with the Discovery Channel was in Roswell and shot a program on the
                                               ENMU-Roswell campus Thursday, May 17 for a segment on weapons of the future.
                                               The	shoot	involved	a	mock	ambush	of	a	personal	security	detail	and	the	kidnapping	of	
Brenda Gameson                                 a	VIP.	Weapons	firing	blanks	and	limited	pyrotechnics	were	also	used	during	filming.	
began her position                             Students in the ENMU-Roswell Film Technology program provided support for the
as Salad Prep. in                              Discovery Channel crew.
the ENMU-Roswell
Cafeteria on May 7.

Carl Harrison began
his employment as
a support specialist
in the Instruction
Te c h n o l o g y
Department on April
30. Carl attended
ENMU-Roswell and
ENMU Portales.

          The Valley Vintage Motor Car Club
has once again provided needed supplies
and tools to the Automotive Technology
and the Auto Body Programs at ENMU-
Roswell. Instructors regularly order and
use	a	number	of	shop	items	like	tools,	hand	
cleaner, and lubricants. Club members
voted to pay for those supplies again this
semester. CARQUEST recently delivered
the	supplies	to	ENMU-Roswell.	Ray	Torrez,	
Automotive Technology instructor, said
he	appreciates	the	club’s	generosity.	The	
club made a similar donation in October of
last year. Club President, Shawn Alvarado
said he hopes the club can continue to
make	donations	to	the	programs	in	future	
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 ENMU-ROSWELL SPECIAL                              ENMU-Roswell Sponsors the                        ENMU-ROSWELL FACULTY
  SERVICES DEPARTMENT                                      New Mexico                                 AWARDED TENURE
HONORS LOCAL BUSINESSES                            Special Olympics Track and
      AT LUNCHEON                                      Field State Games                                  Five faculty members have been
                                                                                                 awarded tenure status at ENMU-Roswell.
           The ENMU- Roswell Special                        The New Mexico Special Olympics      Tenure is awarded after a member of the
Services Occupational Training Program            track	 and	 field	 state	 games	 were	 held	   faculty has served six years of successful
held their second annual Practicum                                                               probationary service. The following faculty
                                                  at	 the	 University	 of	 New	 Mexico	 track	   have been approved for tenure by the
Appreciation Luncheon on Thursday, May            stadium May 18 through May 20. Over 700
17, in the Campus Union Building Alcove                                                          ENMU Board of Regents:
Room. The Special Services luncheons              athletes from all over the state converged     u Dr. Nicholas Macaluso, Instructor
are	an	opportunity	to	annually	recognize	         at	Albuquerque	for	this	event.		Each	year	     of English, Division of Developmental
ENMU-Roswell partnerships with area               sponsors provide t-shirts to the athletes of   Studies
businesses.                                       the state games.                               uMs. Lorraine Miller, Instructor of Business
           Guests enjoyed a wonderful                       This year ENMU - Roswell             Education, Division of Business and
luncheon that was provided by the ENMU-           sponsored the Roswell Chapter of Special       Science
Roswell Food Services staff. Denise               Olympics. The Roswell chapter has over         u Ms. Nancy Moorhead, Instructor of
McGhee, Director of Special Services,                                                            Medical Assisting, Division of Health
                                                  100 members and had 30 athletes who            uMr. David Partain, Instructor of Aviation
thanked	the	local	businesses	for	their	vital	     participated	in	bocce,	running,	and	biking	
role in this visionary program that provides                                                     Maintenance, Division of Career and
a	one-of-a-kind	training	for	individuals	with	    events during the three-day event. ENMU-       Technical Education
disabilities.                                     Roswell	 students,	 Tim	 Harris,	 Jamie	       u Ms. Teresa Rhodes, Instructor of
	          Over	40	local	businesses	work	with	    Mendoza,	Sadie	Vick,	and	Shwetha	Alladi	       Drafting/Industrial Technology, Division of
the program. Businesses represented at            participated. All Roswell athletes and         Career and Technical Education
the luncheon included Church on the Move,         sponsors wore ENMU-Roswell t-shirts and
Spring River Zoo, Chaves County Career            an ENMU-Roswell banner was displayed
Center,	 Casa	 Maria,	 RSVP,	 Noah’s	 Ark	        representing the Roswell Special Olympics
Day	Care,	Roswell	Visitor’s	Center,	ENMU-         athletes.                                        ENMU-ROSWELL CHORALE
Roswell	 (Admissions	 &	 Records	 Office,	
Food	 Services,	 Bookstore),	 New	 Mexico	                                                               PERFORMS
Rehab Center, and Roswell Public Library.
Peter Stover, Deputy Director of Special                                                                    The ENMU-Roswell Chorale
Services, presented the businesses with                                                          presented its Spring Concert on Thursday,
a	Certificate	of	Appreciation.                                                                   May 3, in the ENMU-Roswell Performing
	          The	 busines s	 c ommunit y ’s	                                                       Arts Center. The concert was free and the
commitment	 to	 working	 with	 students	                                                         public was invited to attend.
has	 played	 a	 significant	 role	 in	 student	                                                             Members of the chorale included
successes,	as	evidenced	by	the	program’s	                                                        ENMU-Roswell students and community
80% graduate employment rate.                                                                    members. Anyone who loves to sing is
                                                                                                 invited to join the group for the fall semester.
                                                                                                 The group meets on Thursdays from 7:00
                                                                                                 p.m.	 to	 9:30	 p.m.	 in	 the	 Performing	 Arts	
                                                                                                 Center during the spring and fall semesters.
                                                                                                 The class is available for 3 college credit
                                                                                                 hours or singers can pay a $30 participation
                                                                                                 	          For	information,	contact	John	Fuss	
                                                                                                 at 622-1881.

                                                                                                     ENMU-ROSWELL HOLDS
                                                                                                    COMMUNITY POOL PARTY
                                                                                                           Area residents are invited to attend
                                                                                                 ENMU-Roswell’s	Community	Splash	Bash	
                                                                                                 on	Saturday,	June	9	from	1:00	p.m.	to	5:30	
                                                                                                 p.m. A special admission fee of only $2 will
                                                                                                 be charged per person. ENMU-Roswell
                                                                                                 students with a valid I.D. card will be
                                                                                                 admitted	free.	Hot	dogs	and	pizza	slices	
                                                                                                 will be sold for $1.25 each, with a free Pepsi
                                                                                                 product with each purchase. The party will
                                                                                                 also	 include	 music,	 games,	 and	 prizes,	
                                                                                                 including passes good for admission to
                                                                                                 the pool all summer.
                                                                                                           The ENMU-Roswell pool opened
                                                                                                 to the public on May 26. The pool will be
                                                                                                 open daily, Sunday through Saturday, from
                                                                                                 1:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. through August 12.
                                                                                                 Regular admission is $3.00 for adults and
                                                                                                 children. Children under the age of 10
                                                                                                 must be accompanied by an adult. Season
                                                                                                 and monthly passes are also available
                                                                                                 and Family Swim Nights will be held every
                                                                                                 Tuesday through August 7, from 6:00 p.m.
                                                                                                 to 8:00 p.m. Each family member will pay
                                                                                                 only $2.00 on Family Swim Nights.
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                  WHAT'S NEW AT THE LRC                                        ENMU-ROSWELL CHILD DEVELOPMENT
                                                                                  CENTER CHILDREN GROW UP

Business,               leadership,
b i o g r a p h i e s , p s y c h o l o g y,
baseball, New Mexico art, music,
dogs …                                                                                                                        THEN
These are just some of the topics
covered by a whole host of new                                                                                              1994-95,Rear	row,	
                                                                                                                            left to right: Richard
edition’s	to	the	LRC’s	collection	
                                                                                                                            Renteria; Ashley
this month. New titles include:                                                                                             Demsey; Mathew
                                                                                                                            Walsh. Front
Churchill and His Generals, by                                                                                              row, left to right:
Raymond Callahan                                                                                                            Dusten Robinson;
The	 Leader’s	 Tool	 Kit:	 Hundreds	 of	 Tips	 and	 Techniques	 for	                                                        Suzanne	 Berr y,	
Developing	the	Skills	You	Need, by Cy Charney                                                                               CDC Director;
Einstein, by Walter Isaacson                                                                                                Ashley	Franks
Come Hither, Go Yonder: Playing Bluegrass with Bill Monroe,
by	Bob	Black
The Art of New Mexico: How the West is One: the Collections
of the Museum of Fine Arts,	by	Joseph	Traugott
Alexis	deTocqueville:	a	Life, by Hugh Brogan
The	 Psychology	 Influence	 of	 Persuasion, revised edition, by
Robert B. Cialdini, Ph.D.
Baseball:	a	History	of	America’s	Game, 2nd edition, by Benjamin                                                                 NOW
The	Wal-Mart	Effect:	How	the	World’s	Most	Powerful	Company	                                                                    In May of 2007,
                                                                                                                               the youngsters
Really	Works	–	and	How	It’s	Transforming	the	American	Economy,
                                                                                                                               are graduating
by Charles Fishman                                                                                                             from       high
Descartes: the Life and Times of a Genius, by A.C. Grayling                                                                    school. Rear
Acoma & Laguna Pottery,	 by	 Rick	 Dillingham	 with	 Melinda	                                                                  r o w, l e f t t o
Elliott                                                                                                                        right: Richard
Dog	Heroes	of	September	11th:	a	Tribute	to	America’s	Search	                                                                   Renteria;
and Rescue Dogs, by Nona Kilgore Bauer                                                                                         Ashley Demsey;
Death and Dying in New Mexico, by Martin Will de Chaparro                                                                      Mathew Walsh.
Infidel,	by	Ayaan	Hirsi	Ali                                                                                                    Front row, left to
Copperheads:	the	Rise	and	Fall	of	Lincoln’s	Opponents	in	the	                                                                  right:	 Suzanne	
North,	by	Jennifer	L.	Weber                                                                                                    B e r r y, C D C
The History of the Ancient World: From the Earliest Accounts to                                                                Director; Ashley
the Fall of Rome, by Susan Wise Bauer                                                                                          Franks	

                                                                           ENMU-ROSWELL PRESENTS KIDS’ KOLLEGE
         The application deadline for the Respiratory Therapy
                                                                          	         This	summer,	the	ENMU-Roswell	Center	for	Workforce	
Program	at	ENMU-Roswell	has	been	extended	to	July	1.	Anyone	              and	Community	Development	will	once	again	be	offering	Kids’	
interested	in	this	growing	profession	can	call	624-7268	or	pick	up	       Kollege--a variety of fun and educational classes for area youth.
an	application	at	the	Respiratory	Therapy	Department	in	office	           Parents	are	asked	to	pre-register	and	pre-pay	at	least	two	days	
#116 of the Health Science Center.                                        before	the	start	of	class	in	the	Cashier’s	Office	in	the	Student	
         Employment of respiratory therapists is expected                 Services Center on campus. Scholarships are available for GEAR
to increase much faster than the average for all occupations              UP	participants.	Classes	will	be	held	in	June	and	July	with	fees	
through the year 2008. Studies predict that the incidence of              ranging from $5 to $50 to cover the cost of any materials needed
cardiopulmonary disease will increase because of a substantial            for	projects.	Class	sizes	are	limited.	Some	classes	will	meet	for	
growth of the middle-aged and elderly population. Older Americans         one,	two,	or	three	days,	while	others	will	meet	for	a	week.	Age	
                                                                          ranges vary for each class but classes are generally designed
suffer most from respiratory ailments and cardiopulmonary                 for youth 11-17.
diseases such as pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, emphysema,                	         Examples	of	classes	offered	include	Rocket	Camp,	Total	
and heart disease.                                                        Guitar,	 Scrapbooking,	 Yoga,	 Creating	 a	 Digital	 Photo	 Album,	
         Respiratory therapists are the only allied health care           Photography, Fun Science and Internet, Creating Your Own
providers formally trained and tested in the provision of respiratory     Perfume, Designing Your Own Handbag, and Auto Maintenance
care and the routine use of highly complex technical medical              for the New Driver.
equipment.	 The	 job	 market	 and	 salaries	 are	 excellent	 for	 this	   	         The	first	class	begins	June	4.	For	a	complete	schedule,	
Associate	of	Science	degree	field.		For	more	information,	contact	        click	 the	 Kids’	 Kollege	 link	 on	 the	 ENMU-Roswell	 web	 site	 at	
Gina Buldra, BS, RRT, RCP, ENMU-Roswell Respiratory Therapy      or call 624-7042 for more information.
Program Director at 624-7217.
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          The Adult Basic Education Department at ENMU-
                                                                                  ACCESS SCHOLARSHIPS
Roswell held its Eighteenth Annual GED High School Completion
Graduation ceremony on Thursday, May 10 in the Performing Arts             		        More	than	150	fifth	grade	students	at	various	elementary	
Center on campus. Major David Garcia, Deputy Administrator                 schools in Roswell received College Access Program
of the Chaves County Adult Detention Facility was the featured             Scholarships (CAPS) toward their future college education during
speaker.	For	adults	who	did	not	complete	high	school,	the	Tests	of	        graduation ceremonies. Coordinated through the ENMU-Roswell
General Educational Development (GED) provide an opportunity               Foundation,	 the	 scholarships	 will	 make	 it	 possible	 for	 these	
to	earn	a	high	school	credential.	Since	1986,	ENMU-Roswell\'s	             students to attend ENMU-Roswell after high school graduation.
GED Testing Center has issued more than 3,000 high school                  Foundation	 board	 members	 and	 Dr.	 Judy	 Armstrong,	 ENMU-
equivalency	diplomas.								                                              Roswell Provost, presented the scholarships to the students.
          Garcia is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Tony Garcia. He is a                     Students at Missouri Avenue Elementary, E. Grand Plains
1979	graduate	of	Roswell	High	School.	He	began	working	as	an	              Elementary, Washington Avenue Elementary, Sunset Elementary,
officer	at	the	Chaves	County	Detention	Center	in	1992.	He	was	             and Pecos Elementary schools received scholarships.
promoted	to	Sergeant	in	August	of	1996	and	then	Lieutenant	in	                       The Leadership Roswell Alumni Association is sponsoring
October	of	1996.		He	became	the	Deputy	Administrator/Major	in	             two students at Missouri Avenue. The Sunrise Optimist Club is
July	of	2007.                                                              sponsoring three students at East Grand Plains. The Parent
	         In	1998	and	1999,	Garcia	studied	Business	Administration	        Teacher	Organization	at	Washington	Avenue	is	funding	their	2007	
at ENMU-Roswell. In 2006, he returned to ENMU-Roswell,                     graduating	fifth	grade	class.	The	Sunset	and	Pecos	fifth	grade	
where he is pursuing an Associate of Arts Degree in Criminal
Justice.	Garcia	has	attained	numerous	certificates	of	training	in	         classes are being funded by the ENMU-Roswell Foundation.
a	number	of	areas	such	as	handcuffing/defensive	tactics,	and	              	         Each	 student	 who	 graduatedfrom	 the	 fifth	 grade	 at	
inmate transportation and restraints. He has completed pepper              these schools received an initial scholarship for $50. Through
spray and pepper ball training courses, in addition to supervisor          the scholarship program, students receive an additional $50 for
training	 courses.	 He	 also	 has	 training	 certificates	 in	 Internal	   each year of school completed until they graduate from high
Affairs	in	Jail	Investigations,	First	Responder	Crisis	Situations,	        school. The ENMU-Roswell Foundation will transfer the funds to
Continuing Care Forensic Collection, Basic Detention Supervision,          graduating seniors once those students have enrolled in classes
and Crisis Negotiation.                                                    at	ENMU-Roswell.	The	funds	can	be	used	for	tuition,	fees,	books,	
          Garcia is currently a member of the Roswell Sertoma              supplies, and tools as needed for one semester. High school
Club. He has been Chairman of the Activities Committee and                 students can use the scholarship funds prior to graduation, if
the Youth Activities Committee. He is currently a member of the            the money is used to pay for concurrent enrollment costs while
Fraternal Order of Eagles. His hobbies include riding motorcycles,         they are in high school. Interest accumulated by the combined
lifting	weights,	fishing	and	hunting.	David	has	two	brothers,	two	         fund	for	each	specific	class	will	be	divided	among	students	who	
sisters,	three	children	and	five	grandchild.                               remain in the cohort and enroll at ENMU-Roswell. GED graduates
                                         Photo courtesy of Todd DeKay
                                                                           will	not	be	eligible	to	use	the	funds.	If	a	student	does	not	finish	
                                                                           high school, the funds placed in the account will be returned to
                                                                           the scholarship program. Graduates must use the scholarship
                                                                           funds within two years of graduation, or they will be returned to
                                                                           the scholarship program. Students must graduate from a high
                                                                           school in Chaves County in order to receive the scholarship
                                                                                     “CAPS is a wonderful way to promote high school
                                                                           graduation, decrease the drop-out rate, and increase the college
                                                                           participation rate.” said Armstrong. She said other businesses
                                                                           and	organizations	are	also	being	recruited	to	join	the	program.	
                                                                           “Our goal is to eventually have all of our county schools become
                                                                           a part of CAPS,” she said. Individuals, businesses, or agencies
                                                                           interested	in	supporting	CAPS,	can	call	624-7059.


                                          Dr. Donald Burleson was
                                          e m p l oye d at EN M U -
                                          Roswell as Faculty Lab
                                          Director	from	1997	through	
                                          2005. In August of 2005,
                                          Dr. Burleson became a
                                          Mathematics instructor in
                                          the Business and Science
                                          Division. On May 11 he
                                          served as one of the Grand
                                          Marshalls at the ENMU-
                                          Roswell graduation
                                          ceremony. Burleson was
                                          awarded	with	a	certificate	
                                          recognizing	10	years	of
                                          service to ENMU-Roswell,
                                          upon his retirement.
                                                                           Dr. Armstrong and Ed David, Community College Board member,
                                                                           present	a	certificate	and	a	CAPS	cap	to	a	graduating	student	at	
                                        Photo courtesy of Bill Moffitt     Washington Avenue Elementary School.
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                                  Satellite Campus Ministry Established at ENMU-Roswell
                                                        Guest Article by James Bignell

          The Campus Ministry Satellite is an extension mission of First United Methodist Church (FUMC) Roswell, on the Eastern
New Mexico University-Roswell (ENMU-Roswell) campus. The campus ministry is intended as the progenitor of the United Methodist
Wesley Foundation. Wesley Foundations are found on a great many campuses across the United States, as well as New Mexico,
where there are “Wesleys” at UNM, ENMU, WNMU, NMSU, and even at UTEP.
          The building is located just south of the ENMU-Roswell campus, at 144 Earl Cummings Loop at the Roswell Industrial Air
Center.	It	is	within	easy	walking	distance	from	all	dorms	and	campus	buildings.		The	facility	is	leased	from	the	city	of	Roswell.					
          The governing board held their formational meeting on May 5. Eight representatives from local churches were named
to	 the	 board.	 Included	 in	 the	 organizational	 structure	 is	 a	 non-voting	 faculty	 liaison	 representative	 from	 ENMU-Roswell,	 as	
well	 as	 an	 advisory	 pastor	 from	 FUMC.	 There	 will	 be	 at	 least	 one	 more	 meeting	 held	 prior	 to	 Annual	 Conference	 in	 June.
			       The	new	director	is	James	P.	(Jim)	Bignell,	a	Certified	Candidate	for	Ordination,	and	a	Certified	Lay	Speaker	who	has	completed	
Local	Pastor’s	License	School.		He	was	hired	effective	April	9.	Bignell	has	a	B.S.	in	Biology	from	the	University	of	New	Mexico,	and	an	
M.Ed.	in	School	Administration	from	the	University	of	North	Florida.	He	retired	from	the	Roswell	Independent	School	system	in	1997,	after	
teaching	for	20	years	at	Goddard	High	School.	Prior	to	his	teaching	career,	Bignell	served	10	years	in	the	U.S.	Navy	as	a	Naval	Flight	Officer.	
          Bignell has served on the Roswell School Board and ENMU-Roswell Community College Board. He is active in
Toastmasters and the Roswell Community Little Theater, in the capacity of treasurer, play director, lights and sound guru, and
actor. He has also taught communications, drama, biology, and chemistry classes at ENMU-Roswell as an adjunct faculty.
          The Satellite Campus Ministry's email address is: and is set up with wireless internet. A web page is
in the construction process on the FUMC website, until a separate website can be established for the Satellite Campus Ministry. The
office	telephone	number	is	(505)	347-2356.		The	director’s	home	telephone	is	(505)	347-2539,	and	his	cell	is	(505)	626-2999.			
          Current programs in place at the center include lunch on Thursdays, with supper and worship on Sundays. The hours of
operation	currently	are	9:00	a.m.	to	2:00	p.m.	Monday	through	Friday,	and	Sundays	5:00	p.m.	to	9:00	p.m.	

                 SCHEDULED                                                                                                       N ow that sc ho ol
                                                                                                                                 and graduation are
	         The	Fourth	Annual	Funder’s	Forum	will	be	held	on	June	                                                                 over, the permanent
12-13	at	the	ENMU-Roswell	campus	beginning	at	9:00	a.m.	each	                                                                    tenants have returned
day. This annual event provides in-depth information about funding                                                               to claim their homes
opportunities	 through	 presentations	 provided	 by	 grant	 makers	                                                              at the Wool Bowl.
from	a	variety	of	organizations	throughout	New	Mexico	and	the	
region. Topics include “Everything You Need to Know about
Working	 With	 Funders”	 and	 “What	 Happens	 if	 You	 Receive	 a	
No.”	Confirmed	speakers	include	Rita	McCusker,	Program	Officer	
from	the	Daniel’s	Fund;		Dolores	Roybal,	Executive	Director	of	
the Con Alma Foundation; and Mary Emery, Iowa State North
Central Regional Center for Rural Development. A grant writing
workshop	 for	 beginners	 will	 be	 offered	 from	 1:00	 p.m.	 to	 5:00	                                                             "Those strangers
p.m.	on			June	13.                                                                                                                   had better not get
          The annual event is sponsored by the Con Alma                                                                              too close, or they'll
Foundation, the Community Foundation of Chaves County, and                                                                           be sorry!"
ENMU-Roswell. The conference registration fee is $10 each day.
One hour of college credit is available through ENMU-Roswell
for the additional cost of tuition and fees for one credit hour.
Program brochures and registration forms are available through                                                                       Photos by
the	 ENMU-Roswell	 Division	 of	 Health	 office.	 For	 information,	                                                                 Robert Gonzalez
contact	Jane	Batson	at	624-7235.			

The	Grapevine	is	produced	by	the	ENMU-Roswell	College	Development/Community	Relations	Office.	For	further	information,	to	contribute	to	future	issues	
of	the	Grapevine,	or	to	contact	the	Community	Relations	Office,	call Linda Whitehead at 0-2-0; e-mail
ENMU-Roswell	is	an	Affirmative	Action	and	equal	opportunity	employer.		The	University	does	not	discriminate	on	the	basis	of	race,	color,	national	origin,	
sex	or	handicap	in	its	programs,	activities,	or	employment.		Persons	seeking	additional	information	about	the	University's	nondiscrimination	policy	should	
contact	the	Director	of	Affirmative	Action,	ENMU-Roswell,	P.O.	Box	6000,	Roswell,	NM		88202-6000.

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