Electronic Job Search Tips Rules for Creating and Sending by garrickWilliams


									Rules for Creating and Sending                     reading certain formats and fonts. It’s
Electronic Resumes                                 best to remove any special formatting
                                                   to prevent the chance of your text
              Listed below are a few tips          being misread by the scanner.
              and rules to remember as
              you prepare your resume for      o   Use dashes for bullets and create lines
              the electronic job search:           with asterisks. When creating a text
                                                   resume, you will also need to
                                                   eliminate any symbols like bullets the
o   As a general rule, do not send resume          scanner may misread.
    as an attachment. Unless instructed to
    do so it is a good idea to paste the       o   Avoid using slashes or parentheses
    resume in the application (or body of          The scanner may read the slash mark
    the email) versus attaching it to an           as a character and add letters. It is
    email. Email attachments are often the         best to avoid any markings that touch
    breeding ground for computer viruses.          letters or numbers.

o   Limit each line of resume to 72            o   Replace objective statement with
    characters. Most programs wrap                 keywords section
    words after 72 characters of text.             Keywords make it possible for the
    Limiting your lines to 72 characters           computer to search the database for
    may prevent your resume from                   your digital resume and match it with
    looking jumbled after being sent.              job openings that meet your
o   Always showcase your strong points
    first. A busy personnel office may only    o   Use all caps for major headings. An
    have a few moments to try and                  electronic resume can still be
    identify the most qualified applicants.        aesthetically pleasing by typing your
    Having relevant information upfront            major headings in all caps.
    may keep your resume out of the
    “circular file”.                           o   Align all text to the left margin.
                                                   Scanners read from left to right and
o   Remove all special formatting (ie.             they look for text on the first line they
    bold, italics, etc.). Electronic or text       encounter. Aligning all text to the left
    resumes are often requested so they            margin will prevent lines from being
    can be entered into a scannable                shifted when your resume is sent
    database. Although we’ve entered the           electronically.
    technology revolution, scanners still
    need a little help from the user.
    Scanners tend to have difficulty
o   Change the file type to text version      to an employer and as such, you need to
    and save as (.txt). This is important,    ensure all correspondence is done in a
    especially if you are simply converting   professional manner. Avoid the usual
    an existing resume to text format. You    internet abbreviations and word spelling.
    should use “save as” and indicate .txt
    under file type.                          Follow up
                                              Just as with your hard-copy resume,
o   Always proofread what you are             follow up is important when sending an
    sending. You can’t rely on spell check    electronic resume. Some job
    to catch your errors. It’s a good idea    announcements will ask you not to call. In
    to print out a copy of your document      those cases, don’t but you may chose to
    and read through it before sending it     follow up with a hard copy of your resume
    electronically.                           after sending it electronically.

Helpful Tips
Before You
Begin Your
Job Search

                                              Grammar and Punctuation
Search for yourself.                          Remember the employer cannot see you
                                              online. They can however read what you
It is important to know what is out in        have written. Your email is their first
cyberspace, especially if it’s something      opportunity to critique your writing ability.
about you. It may be worth your time to       Make sure you pay attention before you
take a good look before a potential           hit send and use complete sentences that
employer does.                                have correct grammar and punctuation.

Use an appropriate e-mail

There is a time and a place for everything.
Your resume is not the place to display
your creativity. An employer interested in
interviewing you for a position is unlikely
to send an email to HotMomma. The best
thing to use is your actual name or some
variation of it.

             Job Search Etiquette

             Remember your audience.
             You are sending your resume

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