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									   Build Your Own Rain Barrel
  “Train the Trainer” Workshop
    Become a trainer, learn how to build a rain barrel,
             and take a rain barrel home!

      Tuesday, October 30, 2007  1 to 4 PM
   Location: Piedmont Soil and Water Conservation District
                                Farmville, Virginia

Registration Fee: $35. Open to volunteers & staff of nonprofit groups who
will plan a “Build Your Own Rain Barrel” workshop in the future for citizens.
                                              Why Rain Barrels? Rain Barrels can
                                              be attached to down spouts to capture roof
                                              runoff. The water stored in the rain barrel
                                              can be used to water gardens or lawn. Rain
                                              barrels can also help control stormwater
                                              runoff, which causes erosion and degrades
                                              our streams.

                                              Program Benefits. Although rain barrels
                                                are available at retail and mail-order garden
                                                and home stores, they are not cheap! Through
                                                the popular “Build Your Own Rain Barrel”
                                                workshop program, your organization can host
                                                a workshop, and offer rain barrels at a reduced
cost to citizens. In addition to learning how to install and maintain their rain barrels,
workshop attendees will learn about their role in water conservation and water quality
protection. They will learn how they impact the Chesapeake Bay and other waterways.

What’s My Commitment? As a trainer for the “Build Your Own Rain Barrel”
workshop program, you commit to assist with one rain barrel workshop for citizens in the
next year. Trainers will learn tips on planning, budgeting, promoting, etc.

How do I sign up? Send the attached Registration Form to Clean Virginia
Waterways, Longwood University, 201 High Street, Farmville, VA 23909 along with a
check for $35 (one barrel) or $70 (two barrels). Questions? Call 434-395-2602 or send
an email to cleanva@longwood.edu. Limited enrollment — sign up today!

               This Train-the-Trainer Workshop is sponsored by:
        Clean Virginia Waterways (a program of Longwood University in Farmville, VA)
 Virginia Water Monitoring Council (through a grant from VA Dept of Environmental Quality’s
                           Citizen Water Quality Monitoring Grant)
                       Piedmont Soil & Water Conservation District

     Train-the-Trainer workshops are made possible by a grant from the Chesapeake Bay
   Restoration Fund, thanks to the sales of Chesapeake Bay commemorative license plates.
Rain Barrel Workshop – Registration Form
  Tuesday, October 30, 2007 at the Piedmont SWCD office in Farmville, VA
  1 to 4 PM      $35 per barrel

__ Yes! Sign me/us up for the Rain Barrel Workshop on Tuesday, October 30

I/we wish to make __ rain barrels during the workshop @ $35 each (One person
can sign up to make more than one barrel, or two people can sign up to make one

Name(s):             __________________________
Organization:        _________________________
Address:             _________________________
Phone:               __________________________
Email:               __________________________

Checks for $35 per barrel should be made payable to: Longwood Univ. (CVW)

Mail to:
       Katie Register, Executive Director

       Clean Virginia Waterways
       Longwood University
       201 High Street

       Farmville, VA 23909

CVW will send you a confirming email with directions to the workshop site. Thank

Questions? Call 434-395-2602 or email: cleanva@longwood.edu

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