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									Open Day 2011
      Parents’ Session

Eric Cooke
Senior Tutor, ECS
Rising to
the challenges
We are introducing innovative
changes to our student support to
attract the best students from all

           Professor Debra Humphris
         Pro Vice-Chancellor, Education
New challenges
– UK higher education has moved from
  direct government funding to graduate
– Tuition fees across universities in England
  are rising for 2012.

                           This means challenges for
                          both universities and future
Tuition fees and student support
  – From 2012 our standard fee will be £9,000.1
  – Over 90% of this fee will be replacing the
    funding cuts.
  1   Subject to approval from the Office of Fair Access

                                             Increasing our tuition fees
                                            will enable us to continue to
                                                invest in our learning
Comprehensive support package
We are offering one of the most generous support
             packages in the sector:

                    Fee waivers

              Southampton Entitlement

                  Bursary support
Fee waivers
Graduate contribution (£k)

                             5      21%*       15%*         64%*
                             2                        * predicted numbers
                                                       of students that will
                             1                        fall into each bracket
                                 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 70
                                           Household income (£k)
Southampton Entitlement

– Each student will receive a £300-per-year credit.
– For services such as sports membership, access to
  campus arts venues and local public transport.
– Unique in the UK.

                             Our sports facilities are
                             among the best of any
                                  UK university
   Bursary support
– Access to Southampton Bursary: 300 bursaries of
  £1,000 each.
– For students with household incomes below
  £25,000 who are recruited through our Access to
  Southampton programme or from Hampshire and
  the Isle of Wight.

                            A range of low-cost
                            services on campus
                            helps our students‟
                           money go even further
 Bursary support

• Flexible bursary support: focused bursaries for
  specific financial problems.

• £200,000 in 2012/13; £500,000 by 2014/15.

• Includes care leavers’ bursary: £1,000 per year
  for students who have left care.

                                We are committed to
                            attracting talented students
                                 of all backgrounds
Repayment of tuition fees

• Graduates only start to repay their loans when
  they earn more than £21,000 a year.
• Loan repayments are 9% of income.
• A graduate with a starting salary of £25,000
  would repay around £30 per month.
• Monthly repayments are the same irrespective of
  the total loan amount.
• Repayment level is linked to salary.
• Can be repaid fully when you wish.
Find out more
• Fees and finance information stand (building 40)

• Fees and finance talks (building 34)

• www.southampton.ac.uk/feesandfunding

                               Learn more about living and
                                learning at Southampton
                                 with our undergraduate
                                 prospectus iPhone app
What can we offer?
       World-class Education
               in a
World-class Research Environment
 Solid history of achievement over 60 years at the forefront of
 education, research, and enterprise

 World-leading academics – 97 per cent of our research of world-
 leading or international standard

 Students whose skills and expertise is recognized by leading
 graduate employers

 A student community that is lively, vibrant and welcoming

 International student community – students from all over the
 world want to come here (18% of students from outside the UK)

 Outstanding facilities for undergraduate students - offering
 opportunities to undergraduate students in project work            13
       Academic status (2)

 Top rankings for teaching and outstanding praise from
  accreditation bodies (BCS and IET) for our degree
  programmes, research input to teaching, and support for
  graduate careers.
 Ranked 2nd in the UK for Electronics and
  Electrical/Electromech; 4th for Computer Science/ITO in
  The Times Guide and Guardian Guides 2010
 Excellent careers prospects among best in Russell Group
 A student community that is lively, friendly, and supportive

Project work
• All our degree streams
  involve an increasing amount
  of project work as students
  progress through their
  course, enabling them to
  gain valuable life skills, such
  as teamwork, project
  management, client focus,
  communications, and
  presentation skills.

Team Tarka – 2nd place in World
   Collegiate Solar Boating
Championships, Arkansas, 2010     16
     Support in the School

 Senior Tutor: Eric Cooke (and Student Advisory Team)
 Director of Undergraduate Studies: Dr Andy Gravell
 Personal Tutor
 ECS Helpdesk: Toby and Andy
 Student societies: Electronics and Computer Science
  Society, ECSWomen, IEEE, cslib, SOWN etc
 Support facilities for disabilities – assistive technologies in
  Learning Societies Lab

   Support in the University

 Two GP surgeries on Highfield Campus

 Student Wellbeing Service, including counselling,
  advice and support

 Students’ Union provides a huge range of clubs and
  societies – sports, ethnic/national groups, interests

 Students’ Union Advice and Information Centre

 Halls of Residence Wardens
       The Graduate Passport is an achievement record, recognising and rewarding
         students who wish to reach their full potential by undertaking an active
     programme of personal development over the course of their degree programme.

Activities can be undertaken at any time and it is open
 to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. A
  menu of over 60 possible activities is provided with
     scope for you to suggest further activities for
   assessment, in order to build an interesting set of
experiences to complement your academic study and
            Web - www.southampton.ac.uk/graduatepassport
             E-mail - graduatepassport@southampton.ac.uk
  Career Destinations
• Located Centrally within Student Services Centre
• Able to provides targeted careers activities for all programmes of study.
• Central Events Calendar covering a
  wide range of talks & workshops
  CV and Interview Workshops
  Finding Work Experience
  Business Simulation
  Mock Interviews
  Career Panels
  Four High Profile Careers Fairs etc
• Information Resources
  Vacancy database
  Information on a wide range of graduate careers
  Details of summer work and placement opportunities
  Resources to help students with all aspects of the job selection process
  (Applications, Interviews, Assessment Centres, Aptitude Testing)

• Meet Career Destinations Staff Today in the Exhibition Area in Garden Court
The basis for a great future!
Learn from world-
class researchers
 who are creating
 the future now!

  Create the future yourself! - Great
careers in Research and Development!    21
Careers: Companies attending ECS Careers Fair 2011
  Accenture, Aplos Systems, Atmel, BAE Systems, Bank of America
 Merrill Lynch, BetGenius, Bloomberg, Captec, Centrica, Corefiling,
  Credit Suisse, Deloittes, Dstl, Ernst & Young, e-on, FactSet, FDM,
      GradCracker, Graduate Jobs South, Goldman Sachs, IBM,
  Imagination Technologies, Invensys Eurotherm, Invensys Rail, JP
 Morgan Chase, MacLaren Applied Technologies, M&G Investment,
 MatchTech, McKinsey, Mendeley, MicroFocus, National Air Traffic
  Service, National Grid, NDS, Network Rail, nPower, Ocado, Open
 Bet, PG Drives Technology, Rohde Schwarz, Roke Manor Research,
     Rolls Royce, Royal Navy, Selex Galileo, Sperry Rail, Telesoft
    Technologies, Thales, Transport for London, Tuenti, Wolfson
                         Microelectronics …..

             In demand
          by employers
Recent industrial
vote of confidence

“Thank you again for organising
  these fairs and giving us an
opportunity to meet the best of
            the best.”
                     At our ECS Careers Fair
                Tuesday 2nd February 2010
Find out all you can about ECS

Degree streams in ECS

   • Computer Science & Software Engineering
   • Electrical & Electromechanical Engineering
   • Electronic Engineering
   • Information Technology in Organisations

 Bachelors Programmes: BEng, BSc

 Masters Programmes: MEng, MComp

Keeping up with ECS!

        Our Web site:


Keep in touch –
Read our student blogs!

 „The lab machine hardware is starting to become too
  good to be true: Quad-core CPUs, dual-screens, 3D
  screens and 12GB of RAM anyone?‟

 „Being here almost feels like being part of a club‟

 ‘New beginnings are exciting, but also intimidating’

 „Lots of interesting things happen on campus every
  day, many interesting persons walking around as well.
  Tons of things to learn every day.’

 Join us!

Have fun!


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