Volles Bridal _amp; Boutique Bridal Gown Measurement Form by dfgh4bnmu


									                     Volle’s Bridal & Boutique
              Bridal Gown Measurement Form

Brides’ Name_________________________________________________________


City_______________________ State___________ Zip Code ___________________

Home Phone (____) ________________Work Phone (____) ____________________

Cell Phone (_____) _________________Wedding Date_________________________

Vendor # _______Computer #___________Color_________ Recommend.Size ____

Bust______________________________            Hollow to Natural Waist_____________

Waist_____________________________            Natural Waist to Hem_______________

Hips______________________________            Hollow to Hem____________________

Height____________________________            Top of Gown to Hem_______________

Usual Dress Size____________________          Shorten Hem________________Inches

Measurements By ___________________

Extra Size_________________________Manuufacturers Charge Extra for over size

Extra Length Yes_______No_________Manufacturers recommend Extra Length for
anyone 5’ 9” or taller wearing 2” heels

Measurements are taken to order the closest standard size. Gowns are not cut to
specific measurements. Adjustments may be necessary.

Size change due to weight loss or gain after the gown has been ordered, will incur extra

I hereby authorize Volle’s to select the proper size to be ordered.


I hereby authorize Volle’s to order the specific size I have requested. I
understand the fit of this size will be my responsibility.

Size Requested________Signature___________________________Date_________

     A Deposit of 60% is required before your gown can be ordered!

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