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					      Players’ Meeting Notes Fall 2008
 Introduce ourselves
 Loss of APA members: Ricky Cotter passed away 7-23 and Daniel Cain
  was killed in car accident yesterday – both 3+ year members (moment of
 Congratulate Vegas Folks – Farmville team 65th in 8-ball team event – 9-
  ball doubles teams finished 3rd and 9th!
 Valley Forge teams (5 of the 8 finished in the money – 9-ball team
  finished 2nd by one ball)
 Explain that football fans (Steelers in particular) are here today – if too
  loud, hold up on shot. If they are making announcement – hold up.
 We tried to avoid race conflict, but we can‟t forecast weather – sorry if
  anyone had to miss playoffs as a result.
 No particular order to notes for this meeting – they are added as things
  come to mind
 Teams should be at their matches on time - the 15 min-grace is only for
  emergencies. If only one person there, that person needs to be playing at
  match time and then play is continuous.
 Please don‟t say to other players that they are underrated and that they
  will be “going up!” No player in our league, including Reps has that
  knowledge and shouldn‟t act as if they do. Plus, it‟s certainly
  discouraging to a player who especially is new to the league and having a
  good night, doesn‟t even know what you‟re talking about.
 Folks who have been “locked in” – (i.e. have an NLA – National Lowest
  Attainable) skill level do have a process for appealing it. You are not
  locked in forever. If you believe you have an NLA and it is not
  indicative of your current ability, please contact our office for info on the
  appeal process.
 Important Dates:
     - Session starts tomorrow and & the days of the week to follow –
         Monday & Tuesday packets have already been delivered and
         schedules for those are already on site.
     - Sept 20 & 21 is the US Am event here at The Field for those who
     - Tricup is October 17-19th – was originally scheduled for Oct 3-5
         but that is date of Sing Reg – apologize for any inconvenience
 Tricup info:
     - Teams getting the wildcard to the Tricup will ONLY be posted on
         our site ( There will be a deadline
         to email us once listed on our site if you are accepting or not. We
         will respond to your email letting you know we got your
         acceptance email. Otherwise, we will contact runner-up teams in
         an effort to eliminate wildcard “no shows” in the event.
     - We will also list on our site the match times for all Tricup teams,
         once available.
     - Note that if you have someone under 21 on your Tricup or Vegas
         Qualified team, you MUST notify our office prior to the event. We
         will notify The Field as to who those players are and they will be
         allowed to stay in the building as long as their team is still in the
         event. We would like to thank The Field for their concession on
     - Otherwise, The PF does have a dress code and does not allow
         anyone in the building under the age of 21 after 7:00 p.m.
 Be sure all new players complete and app and pay their $20 the 1st night
  they play! This helps ensure that you, as the captain, don‟t get stuck with
  the bill! And, all memberships must be paid by week 4 or lose points –
  refer to by-laws.
 Note that annual dues will be going up in 2009 to $25.00 – this was a
  decision made by the National office. The annual dues are paid to the
  National office and no part of that money is ours. This is the 1st time
  dues have gone up since I‟ve been a member.
 Local dues are going up to $10.00/person. Of the $50.00 collected, $12
  will go to the location for table time, so they are getting a raise, and $38
  will go to your packet. You will see the $3 increase to your packet go to
  payouts for Tricup, Vegas Cup, and/or Valley Forge. This amount is still
  one of the most inexpensive, fun nights out you can have!
 Bounced check fees will be $25 and bye points are $17
 To help offset some of these fees, we will be adjusting the following:
      1st late will be: no penalty (was before $10)
      2nd late will be: $15 and (1 point in 8-ball, 15 points in 9-ball) –
                points are the same but fee was $25 before
      3 late will be: $30 and (2 points in 8-ball, 30 points in 9-ball) –

                points are the same in 9-ball, but only 2 in 8-b vs. 3 and fee is
                $30 vs. $45
 Our office hours will be changing to 9 am until 5 pm Mon – Friday
 In accordance with National rules, we will not allow headsets (ipods) –
  whatever to be worn during your individual league match – if you would
  like to wear them - and clear it with your opponent before starting the
  match, so be it – fine with you all, fine with us – but if asked not to wear
  it – can‟t wear it – even if after you may have originally agreed to it.
 New by-laws will include that cell phones should be kept on vibrate and
  players involved in a match should not be talking on the phone – good
  sportsmanship & should help speed up matches
 Heard a few complaints this past year from the open 8-ball doubles teams
  about money earned to go to Vegas. The complaint was that the open 8-
  ball doubles teams got less money in 2008 than they did in 2007 – and
  this is true! And here‟s why and what happened:
      - In 2007, the 8-ball doubles teams got the money raised from the 8-
          ball doubles tournaments only! And the 9-ball doubles teams got
          the money raised from their tournaments only, which was much
      - We had fewer doubles qualifying tournaments in 2007 than we did
          in 2008 (this means more people showing up for lesser # of
          tournaments which allows more money for fewer people going to
      - So, prior to running any qualifying doubles tournaments in 2008,
          we announced that we would like to divide equally amongst all pre-
           registered teams going to Vegas the travel fund (open 8 and open 9
           teams would share the fund) and no one had a problem with it.
        - That is until when the average # of teams in all the doubles
           tournaments was 32. So, the per/person money received to go to
           Vegas for the 8-ball folks was less than the prior year. From the
           itineraries we received for all members going to Vegas, on the
           average, the money received from us was still $100 over the cost of
           travel and hotel accommodations.
        - This info gets us to this: How do you all want to handle the
           Doubles events?
               - Do you want us to request fewer slots to Vegas?
               - Do you want 8-ball money separate from 9-ball?
               - Do you want each tournament money separate from another?
               - These events are something special we do for you and we
                  want you to be happy – not upset! Tell us what you want and
                  when possible, we‟ll do it!
 Also heard complaints that we don‟t treat all teams equally (i.e. play
        - Tell of story of friend of mine (name not mentioned) whose team
           lost spot in playoffs „coz they lost points for not turning in packet
           on time. He left APA - blamed us for cheating him – took some
           time off – he eventually came back to APA with statement of – I
           quote - “I thought we were friends, so I couldn‟t believe you did
           that to me!” “I hated playing in the ______ (other league) and was
           just waiting for someone to ask me to play on their APA team.” “I
           didn‟t like what happened, but I have a lot of respect for you for
           doing it.”
        - Folks, this is a business and regardless of the personal relationships
           we have, we have to treat everyone fairly, and we do!
 Remind of positives of our area:
        - all division total point winners get awards & buy-in option
        - all session patch winners get recognition on weekly scoresheets and
           patches and pins/session
        - high payout for Vegas – one of the highest in the APA!
        - Used to be: Local teams played off w/ other another area for 2
           spots in 8-b and 1 spot in 9-ball for Vegas for $1,500!– Now, five
           8-ball spots and three 9-ball spots just locally – with funds to get
           you there ($5,000.00 each)
       - Singles qualifiers
       - J & J and Open 8 and Open 9-ball doubles Vegas qualifiers
       - Eight teams to Valley Forge
       - Hosting of as many Singles Regionals as we can and now yearly
           hosting of the US Amateur event
       - Listed last, but know that your local LO‟s are previous Rookies of
           the Year, Lo‟s of the Year and in the top 20 overall (of over 275
           LO‟s) for APA membership and in the top 5 of the Metro Region‟s
           APA memberships
       - We‟d like to think that thanks to you all – we‟re doing something
   When a division has enough teams to warrant the buy-in option, the team
    winning TP WILL buy-in to the Tricup unless they nofity us, in writing,
    prior to or on their final regular session‟s scoresheet – even if the final
    week is a BYE. Why would a team not want to buy-in? Go over this.
   Patches from final week of session and playoffs will be sent within the
    next couple weeks.
   New rulebooks are being sent in week 1 packets. They are in effect once
    received. New local by-laws will soon be forthcoming and until they are,
    existing by-laws will be in effect, with the exception of the financial
    changes – as they are effective starting wk 1. All team captains will
    receive one rulebook and bylaws free of charge – anyone else who wants
    a set can request them for $5.00.
   Past dues & credits from this past session will be carried over within the
    next few weeks (obviously after the playoffs are over and calculated).
    DJ Richmond – multiple teams in playoffs from one location – might
    move to one location – may eliminate home field advantage for a team
    but obviously a team can‟t be in two places at once.
   Little things:
       - don‟t leave rulebooks in packets – they jam box
       - carry rulebook/by-laws with you on league nights
       - packets are delivered by 8:00 pm evening before your match
       - packets must be turned in by 8:00 pm the evening following your
           match to a secure APA lock box located @ ML, ML II, BR & PF
           (heavy metal, blue box with APA logo).
       - penalties for lates are clearly outlined in by-laws & are non-
          negotiable for points lost.
       - Reminder: If you play in an in-house division where a drop-box
          exists, you are required to drop off your packet the night you play.
       - If you question the number of matches played by one of your
          players, or question a patch you think you earned that wasn‟t
          received, you MUST question it the week of the supposed error.
       - *‟s next to your team name indicate # of times your team has been
          late turning in DUES AND/OR scoresheets that session. Note: to
          not be late, BOTH are to be received on time.
       - Money next to a players name means that player owes money for
          either being on a team that ended owing money that is no longer
          playing or for bad checks, etc. That money must be paid and rec‟d
          on time the same night that player plays or points will be lost
          (please refer to by-laws). Monies owed from teams that owed
          money at the end of last session will also not appear for a couple
   Remind that scorekeepers are to put their initials next to matches they
    score and that a line to be drawn through defensive shots section when
    none are played! This helps us recognize where problems may exist –
    don‟t just copy and agree!
   Sandbagging is a hard word to be used and a hard one to prove, so the
    word should not be used loosely. If you believe someone is intentionally
    missing shots, that would be a defensive shot and should be marked as
    such. Each match should be scored as you see it and doesn‟t necessarily
    have to agree with the opponent‟s. If as a scorekeeper you are unsure if
    the player played a defensive shot, feel free to ask.
   We are looking for volunteer ref‟s for tournaments (Tricups/Vegas
    Cups/Singles Regionals, etc.) Please call us or send us an email if
    interested – no glory – lots of hard work, long hours wearing the orange
    vest, BUT your meals are covered!
   All teams have been given a copy of the schedule in their week 1 packet
    as well as a copy to give to your home location if applicable – please
    give to them if requested by us!
   Reminder to Div Rep‟s: you are to carry your rulebook/bylaws and
    capt/co-capt phone # lists with you on league nights and have your cell
    phone on and be available on your league nights from 7 until 10:00 p.m.
    You can print the capt/co-capt phone list for your division from our
    website once available.
   Not all holidays are given off during league schedules – check schedules
    early to see if scheduled to play on a day you want to reschedule & check
    by-laws or get with us to see how to do so! Rescheduled matches CAN
    be played before the scheduled date – doesn‟t have to be after!
   The dues for today are as follows: $7/player needed to win the match to
    your packet which MUST be dropped here today in the lock box as soon
    as your match is over. There is no table time today.
   First team to win 3 in 8-ball is the winner and the 1st team to reach 51
    points (or 50 point with 3 individual matches won in 9-ball) wins. There
    is no requirement today to go to two tables and no sudden death is
    enforced today. Upon match completion, winning teams should check
    the scoresheets to verify your division name before dropping packets
    here, in the APA lock box. Winning teams will need to know their
    division name in order to collect the correct trophies.
   Best of luck to everyone – any questions?

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