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									                                                                            Name: __________________ class:__________Date____/____/_____

                                                                            Teacher : Vanessa Buanavides         8 série       2 trimestre

                                                                            Objetivo: Revisar os verbos auxiliares do, does,did.

                                                                            - Avaliar conhecimentos gramaticais sobre conteúdos abordados no
AUXILIARY VERBS (Do / Does) are also known as helping
                                                                                     Did the past tense of Do / Does is used to say
                                                                            período: Present Simples, 0 condicional, passado simples.
verbs. They are used with the main verbs to show view, mood,
                                                                                     action that happened in the past.
tense, and etc. They are placed before the main verb in a verb

clause.     They are also used to make questions.

Fill in the blanks with “don’t” or “doesn’t” and label the pictures.

1.   We ________ have a table in the room.

2.   My sister __________ like to draw.

3.   Maria and Stella _________ like swimming.

4.   Julie _________ have a Barbie doll.

5.   Pitty __________ like dog food.

6.   Natalie _________ know how to solve the maths problem.

7.   Grandma _________ like to watch TV.

8.   My dad ___________ like to eat french fries.

9.   Baby Tina _________ know how to crawl.

Use “didn’t” / “doesn’t” and “don’t” for the sentences.
                                                                       Use Did / Didn’t,              Do / Does,           Don’t / Doesn’t.
1. The Sharks _________ win the race but The Lakes                     1.      When ________ they take dinner last night?
     did.                                                              2.      My mother _________ not always drive to work.
2. Aunt Sheena _________ cook lunch yesterday.                         3.      We _________ have a swimming pool in the
3. We _________ order any roast ribs steak.                                    garden.
4. Kitty _________ play with her friends during the                    4.      He ________ not go to school yesterday.
     break, she was alone in the classroom.                            5.      ________ you how to play baseball?
5. His parents ________ allow him to play cards.                       6.      What ________ he want for dinner?
6. Wilson and Winston _________ tidy their rooms.                      7.      The girls _________ want to go to the party.
7. Donovan _________ like to go to school, he prefers                  8.      _________ Miss Bush like children?
     to stay at home.                                                  9.      June and Amy __________ watch TV on weekdays.
8. Marcus ________ give the waiter bellboy any tips.                           But they _________ watch on weekends.
9. Lily ___________ have time for her family.                          10. _________ your mother scold you if you sleep late.
10. Eva and Kate _________ have any black T-shirts at                  11. Samantha ________ like to eat mashed potatoes.
     home.                                                             12. ________ you pack the desk last night.
11. I ___________ walk my dog last night.                              13. It _______ not like to play with us.
12. Sandy __________ like her new class mate.                          14. Mrs. Smith _________ punish us for being late.
13. Sarah _________ finish her breakfast.                              15. The         engineer ________ not                   bring     along   his
14. Emma and Sam __________ take care of their                                 blueprint.
     sister.                                                           16. He ________ have enough cash to pay for the book.
15. Debbie _________ go to her pottery class yesterday.                17. Carol _______ go shopping with her friends.
16. My uncle, George _________ marry his friend.                       18. ________ you borrow the spade from Mr. Boston.
17. Jeff _________ like to collect stamps.                             19. They _________ like to go canoeing.
18. Roy __________ take the bus to school today.                       20. I __________ have a magnet with me.

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