III/IV B. Tech (EC)-363

              ANDHRA PRADESH
                                      LAB CYCLE


Introduction to communication


2.1 Listening Skills: Principles of Listening skills (refer to Etiquette), Interpersonal Skills
2.2 Speaking Skills: Presentation Skills, Principles of speaking (refer to Etiquette)
2.3 Reading Skills: 4 easy steps to increase reading skills (refer to Accelerated Learning)
2.4 Writing Skills: Principles of Writing
2.5 Study skills:       Accelerated Learning
2.6 People Skills:      Interpersonal Skills, stress management. Facilitation skills,Negotiation,
                        Conflict management, Decision making, Planning, Leadership
2.7 Soft skills:        Accelerated Learning, self motivation & goal setting, self awareness,
                        Communication skills, Planning & Learning.
2.8 Linguistic skills: Lessons in propowerl (ppl)
2.9 Communication skills: Presentation skills


3.1 Phonetics: Lessons and Exercises in PP1
3.2 American English: TOEFL, GRE (Kaplan's)


        4.1 Resume
        4.2 Letter writing: (Planning module) Letter writing
        4.3 Technical Write up, Writing with a purpose


        5.1 Conversation styles: Negotiation, Etiquette
        5.2 Face to Face Interaction: Etiquette, Interpersonal Skills
        5.3 Telephonic Interaction: CUP s/w
        5.4 Group Interaction: Etiquette, Interpersonal Skills
        5.5 Body Language: Etiquette


        6.1 Elocution: Write the topic
        6.2 Debate: Write the topic and your role
        6.3 Group Discussion: Do's and don't. Analysis of the Topic, view points
        6.4 Presentation: Technical seminar
        6.5 Extempore: topic


                                       Recommended Software

            Digital Language Lab Networking Software:
                       1. HiClass Software
                       2. Renet

            English Language-Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing Skills:
                      1. Alania Series-English Mastery Levels A,B(Set Of 2 Cd’s)
                      2. English Discoveries (Set Of 12 Cd’s)
                      3. Rosetta Stone English Suite(Levels 1,2 &3)

            English Grammar:
                       1. New English Grammar In Use –Cambridge
                       2. Live Action English Interactive
                       3. Tense Buster 2001
                       4. Tense Buster 5 Levels
                       5. New Churchill House Grammar

                       1. Euro Talk :Phonetics
                       2. Multimedia Pronunciation Power
                       3. Pronunciation Power 1&2

                      1.    Work Flash
                      2.    Key English Words
                      3.    VOCA
                      4.    V Tutor
                      5.    Error Terror
                      6.    Word Invaders
                      7.    Cross Word Challenge
                      8.    Beat The Clock

                       1.   Cambridge Advanced Learner’s
                       2.   Oxford Genie & Advanced
                       3.   Webster’s New World & Miriam
                       4.   American Heritage
                       5.   Reader’s Digest


                      1. Encarta
                      2. Britanica
                      3. Dk

                     1. Author Plus Tool Kit
                     2. Exercise Generator
                     3. Media Master
                     4. Power Glide

            Study Skill:
                       1. Cambridge Study Skills
                       2. Read Up, Speed Up.

                       1.   Easy Writer
                       2.   Creative Writing
                       3.   News Paper Editor
                       4.   Repeat Writer

            Professional English:
                       1. Telephonic in English
                       2. Business Roles
                       3. Mind Game 5 Levels
                       4. Business Goals
                       5. Globe Arena
                       6. Business Territory
                       7. Issues In English 1&2

            English for ETS:
                        From leading brands like Cambridge, Longman, REA, ARCO, VISU,
                        Power prep, KAPLAN, Princeton, Barron’s, Cliff’s etc, TOEFL Mastery,
                        IELTS, GRE,GMAT SAT.


                                          COMMUNICATION SKILLS LAB

            Unit 1:
            From this unit the students will learn about the elements of communication, the barriers of
            communication, barriers to communication and the types of communication. They should go
            through the theoretical aspects of the communication subject.
            Unit 2:
            After the completion of this unit, the students are acquainted with listening, speaking,
            reading, writing, linguistic, communication and soft skills by referring to the Globearena
            Unit 3:
            In this unit the students are trained in phonetics and intonations by going through the
            Propower Software. They should go through TOEFL mastery, English mastery, Telephonic
            English and Globearena software for British, American, Indian and International English.
            After the completion of this unit the students will be familiar with accent training which
            covers phonetics, intonations, British, American, Indian and International English
            Unit 4:
            After the completion of this unit the students are trained in writing resumes, different kinds
            of letters and technical write up. They should go through various exercises and assignments
            given in the class.
            Unit 5:
            After the completion of this unit the students will learn different conversational styles like
            face to face interaction, telephonic interaction, group interaction, and body language by going
            through Telephonic English and Globearena software.
            Unit 6:
            In this unit the students are exposed to debates, group discussions, elocutions, brain storming,
            interpretation and extempore. Each and every student has given an individual seminar on a
            technical topic.



        1.        Grotesque :Curvaceous::
                    A. Enigmatic: arcane    B. Garrulous: laconic   C. Blue: Sky   D. Lassitude: Libation
        2.        PothenQuiet::
        3.        Inchoate:Consummate::
        4.        Mutiny:Fealty
        5.        Gigantic:Large
        6.        Vituperation:Diatribe::
                  Mendacit}':TruthB.Garishness:DemurenessC.Laquacity:ProlixityD. Guild: Ardor
        7.        Obtreperous :Recalcitrant::
                  A.Pomade:OintmentB .Blithe: VivaciousC.Wick:CaridleD.Hay:Dried
        8.        Puerile:Trifling::
        9.        Shard:Portery::
        10.       Leaves:Tree::
                  A.Mart:EmporiuTnB.Etemal:EndCWhale:MammaID:Letter: Alphabet
        11.       Pages:Book::
        12.       Jar:Lid::
            13.   Suitcase:Luggage::
            14.   Organ:Kidney::
            18.   Sterlization:Microorganism::
            20.   Gravid:PregnantA.Microscope:SmalIB.Vigilant:AinbushesC.Phantom:SpectreD.A
            21.   baculus:tile
                  Scribble: Write::
            22.    A.MumbIe:TalkB. Log: RecordC.Pillar SupportD. Float: Swim

















            How to score in Group discussion

               GROUP DISCUSSION or GD happens to be an important dimension of the
       selection process, especially by Information Technology (IT) companies. The
       organizations are typically on the lookout for candidates who are outgoing and
       smart. During the GD, the panel members essentially evaluate the candidate's
       potential to be a leader and his/her ability to work as a team member. The skills they
       look for are:
       Leadership skills

               Ability to lead, inspire and carry the team along to help it to achieve the group's
       Communication skills

              The participant will be assessed in terms of clarity of thought and aptness of the
       language used during the course of the GD.
               Since over 90 per cent of the communication is non-verbal, the participant's body
       language such as facial expressions, gestures, postures and eye contact are closely watched
       to assess the level of confidence and his/her ability to work effectively in a group.

       Ability to be patient and willingness to accommodate others' point of view is tested by
       the listening skills.
       Interpersonal skills

              The candidate will be assessed in terms of ability to interact with other
       members of the group in the GD environment. Emotional intelligence promotes
       good interpersonal relationship.
       Problem-solving skills

              The candidate's ability to use his/her creativity and to come out with offbeat
       solutions is assessed.
       Persuasive skills

             Ability to persuade others to see the problem from several perspectives
       without hurting the feelings of anyone in the group.
       Conceptualizing skills

              The ability to grasp the situation and apply it to a macro level is considered.


       Dos and Don'ts

       *Be coot and confident.

       *Be as natural as possible.

       *Take time to organize your thoughts.

       *Seek clarification if you have any doubts regarding the subject.

       *Start speaking only after you have clearly understood and analysed the subject.

       *Always be polite.

       *Motivate the other members of the team to speak and listen to them.

       *Do not show off your knowledge.

       *Do not address the panel members.

       *Do not evaluate other members of the group.

       *Be objective.

       *Do not get into cross talk with any person in the group. Always address the group
       and make eye contact with as many members as possible.

       *Do not criticize other members of the group.

       *Do not be aggressive.

       *Do not stray from the topic.


                           GROUP DISCUSSION TOPICS

        Is Death sentence on Saddam Hussein Justified?
        Role of UN m peacekeeping.
        Position of Women in India compared to other nations.
        Environment Management.
        Is China better than India in

        Should Sonia Gandhi be the PM of

        BPOs in INDIA
        Govt contribution to IT
        Will punch lines rule the Advt.
        Premarital sex
        Is china a threat to Indian industry
        India or west, which is the land of opportunities
        Water resources should be nationalized
        Effect of cinema on Youth
        Education in India compared to Foreign nations
        Is it necessary to ban soft drinks in India.
        What is the effect of movies on youth,(is it good or

          Are studies more beneficial in India or in Abroad

        "UN's peace activities" and "America's war on Iraq".
        ”Environment-Whose Responsibility".
        About Hockey being the primary game in
          India Cricket should be banned or not

        Is China a threat to India.
        Present state of Indian Cricket team.
        Love marriage/Arranged marriage.
        Advantages of Co-education.


            Hot Topics:
        Howto deal with international terrorism.
        Should we pursue our policy of dialogue with Pakistan?
        Are peace and non-violence outdated concepts?
            Current Topics:
        A Unipolar World spells disaster for underdeveloped countries like India
        Is Globalisation Really Necessary?
        What shall we do about our ever-increasing Population?
        Corruption is the price we pay for Democracy.
        Foreign Television Channels are destroying our culture.
        What India needs is a Dictatorship.
        With media publishing and telecasting trivia, censorship is the need of the

        Beaury contests degrade womanhood
        The rise of regionl blocs threatens independent nations like India
        1s dependence on computers a good thing?
        Should the public sector be privatised?
        China and India are similar nations with contrasting ways
        1s India, a Soft Nation?
        Value based politics is the need of the hour
        Religion should not be mixed with politics
        Howto deal with high oil prices
        Our cricketers are not to blamed for match fixing
        Reserving seats for women in Panchayat has not only been a farce but has
            distracted from developing a more genuine voice of woman.
        Have the nuclear tests of 1998 benefited or harmed India?
        Voters, not, political parties are responsible for the criminalisation of
        The voters are re-quired to be well informed and educated about their
            candidates so that they can elect, the right aspirant by their own assessment.

        India should go for the presidential form of democracy.


            ECONOMIC TOPICS:
        Developing countries need trade, not aid
        Why do we lag behind China?
        Capitalism is a very flawed system but the others are so much worse.
        Flexibility of labour laws is the key to attracting more Foreign Direct
        Is the business of business only business?
        In our economic matters, there is an excessive tendency towards the
            thinking than doing.
        Every cloud has a silver lining
        Can the economy achieve an 8 percent growth rate?.
        Is disinvestments really that good for India or is a rethink in order ?
        Are co-operatives relevant in today's globalised environment?.
        Foreign aid is a dangerous drug that ean stimulate in small doses but
            become                                                                  fatally
            addictive in larger doses.

        Modern day sport in industrialised society is an industry, as anything else.
        Government should clean its own hands before pointing finger at the
            private sector for corruption.

        Is the NPA ordinance too harsh?
        Reforms have to grow up.
        The future lies with gobalisation .
        Is the consumer really the king in India?.
        Globalisation versus nationalism
        Conditional access system for cable TV watchers; boon or bane?
        If India is poorly governed, the reason is that we have designed our system
          of governance for protecting, if not encouraging, corruption?

        Commercialisation of health care : Good or Bad ?
        For globalisation to succeed in India people must be able to see what is in it
          for them.

        Is the US economy headed the Japanese economy way?
        Economic freedom not old fashioned theories of development will lead to
          growth and prosperity


        Markets left to themselves encourage greed.
        For globalisation to succeed in India people must be able to see what is in it
            for them
        Should businessmen run. the finance ministry
        Should important set-vices like transport be left to market forces?.
        Is there any point in having a business strategy when the world changes
            from month to month?
        Is the patents bill good for India? .
        Is the business of business only business?.
        Globalisation is good for developing countries
        Public sector being a guarantor of job security is a myth.
        Is industry less growth here to stay ?
        Capitalism is a very flawed system but the others are so much worse ?
        How can business get rid of the bad name tha it has earned?
        Government pumping money into the economy is not the solution for our
            economical problems
        Business ethics are no longer a luxury for corporate but a necessity?
        How should privatization proceeds be utilized ?
        Is the budgeting exercise of any use
        Should agricultural subsidies be stopped?
        Will Mumbai’s film industry ever evolve into a truly modem corporatised
        Will market reforms enrich rich states further, while poorer ones lag
        Why do we lag behind China ?
        Who says MNCs are superior to Indian companies ?
        Why not use a brand index to measure national prosperity?
        What we need to reduce scams is better regulatory bodies.
        War rhetoric is misplaced in a country like India which is trying to
            globalize its economy.

        Trade can help the poor ?
        The power ministry should cut off supplies to all the defaulting SEBs.


        Steal a few lakhs and you're a criminal. Steal a few hundred crores and you
            become an industrialist.
        Should PSUs be divested through strategic sale or public offer?
        The state is above the law?
        Managerial skills learnt in the classroom can never match those learnt from
        Democracy in hampering India progress
        MBA in India is- highly overrated
        Religion is a private affair and should be of no concern lor the state
        Decreasing defense expenditure and increasing social expenditure is the
            need of the hour
        Why cant we be world players in industry as we are in software?
        Multinational corporations; Are they devils in disguise?
        Should there be private universities?
        Does banning fashion shows and New Year parties save our culture'?
            Social Topics:

        Are Big Dams Necessary?
        Films are corrupting the Indian Youth
        A Gandhian State selling liquor is an anomaly
        Bride burning and dowry may look bad, but are an integral part of India
        Our Culture is Decaying
        We are not serious about saving Wildlife/Environment
        The education system needs serious reforms
        The impact of TV on our psyche
        Showing Violence and Crimes should not be allowed in films and on

        Let us legalise gambling
          Management Topics:

        Is managememt an art or a science?
        The Rush for MBA is really a rush for big money
        Ethics ta Business are just a passing fashion
        The objective of Management is to maximise profits
        Do professional mamagers have a chance in our famiiy run businesses?


        The Internet is an exercise in hype
        1s an MBA necessary to succeed in life?
        Family owned business vs professionally run businesses
        Smaller businesses and start-ups have more scope for professional growth.
        Dot com or doubt com?

            Creative Topics:
        The Wheel is Turning Round and Round
        1f I was the Finance Minister/Prime Minister
        There is no right way to do a wrong thing
        Group Task; How can we have Mount Everest in India?
        Do Beauty and Brains go Together?
        When I woke up in the morning I saw...
        A ship docked in harbour cannot face the storms
        Up the Down Staircase
        Just as we have smoke free zones, we should have child free zones
        Marriage is a social trap

            SOCIAL TOPICS:
        The Internet chains have come on the wings of science and technology but
          are no less restrictive for all that.

        Secularism has become a tool to justify the wrongs done by the minorities,
        Media is a mixed blessing/How ethical is media?
        To fight AIDS, stop being coy about sex education.
        What should India strive for- Westernization or modernization?
        Political parties have outlived their utility.
        Is Swadeshi relevant for India today?
        Money is required to earn more money.
        Foreign trade is necessary for any country to survive ,
        Presidential Vs Parliamentary form of government of India
        Technology: The Ism' Of the New Millennium?
        Religion And Politics Should Not Mix
        TRIPS Controversy And The Patent Act Amendment


        Export Stagnation; Causes And Cures
        Excessive Depiction Of Sex And Violence in Films
        Classical Music Heritage And the Growing Pop- Culture
        Decentralisation & The Panchayati Raj Institutions
        Should India Sign the CIBT
        State Interventions In Market Kind Or Mixed Economy
        Is science a Boon Or Bane
        Is Swapping Terrorists For Hostages An Encouragement For Plane-
        India and the political dynasties: The Nehru Family context
        Nice Guys Finish Last
        A1l Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy
        Individual Freedom and Civil Society
        Conventionalism And Modernity: the Ever going Debate
        Should There Be A Restriction On Permissiveness Being propagated by
            The MTV

        Culture And Foreign Media?
        Marxism And Its Future all over The World
        The Growing Menace Of Casteism And regionalism.
        Presidential Form Of Government Is Needed In India
        Bullet For Bullet: Is It The Right Policy?
        Capitation Fees Should Be Abolished
        Brain-Drain Has To Be Stopped
        Business And Ethics Can't / Don't Go Together
        Are women As good as Men Or Inferior?
        Nothing Succeeds Like Success
        The Malthusian Economic Prophecy Is No Longer Relevant
        Secessionism In The North-East: Who's To Blame?
        Should India Break Diplomatic Ties With Pakistan?
        Age and Youth: Experience And Young Talent
        ‘ East is East & West Is Where All The Action Is': Mark Twain
        Freedom Of Expression And the State Authority,


        Capital Punishment Should Be Abolished

        Tuitions Should Be Banned
        India Needs Gujral Doctrine For Better International Relations
        Doctor's Accountability To Improve Health-Care
        UniversaI Disarmament is A Must
        Indian Cricket Team Shonldn't Be Allowed To Play Abroad.


                                      EXTEMPORE TOPICS
                                         Just a minute

            1. Leadership
            2. Time
            3. Money
            4. Movies
            5. Plastic bags
            6. TV serials
            7. Corruption
            8. Beauty contests
            9. Student elections
            10. Suicide bombers
            11. Animation movies
            12. National games
            13. Sports in India
            14. Hollywood movies
            15. Dress code in professional colleges
            16. Euthanasia
            17. Remixes(pop albums, movies)
            18. Print media
            19. Jealousy
            20. MNC’s
            21. Ambition
            22. Terrorism
            23. Media
            24. Fashion
            25. Library
            26. Watches
            27. Passion
            28. Lockup deaths
            29. Parks
            30. Under world
            31. House/Home
            32. Temples
            33. Criminals
            34. Fitness
            35. Team spirit
            36. Museums
            37. Factionism
            38. Ragging
            39. Freshers
            40. Farewell parties
            41. Detention system
            42. Advertisements
            43. Cosmetics
            44. Gold
            45. Jewellery
            46. Brain drain


            47. Capital punishment
            48. SMS
            49. Private banks
            50. Legal system
            51. War
            52. Love
            53. Peace
            54. Friendship
            55. Success
            56. Failure
            57. Motivation
            58. Chitfunds
            59. Micro finance
            60. Shopping
            61. Rose
            62. Colors
            63. Flowers
            64. Global warming
            65. Green curtains over a brown window
            66. One in hand is better than two in bush


                      R.V.R&J.C.COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, GUNTUR-522019.
            III/IV B. Tech., (ECE)                           MAX MARKS:30
                                                             TIME: 30 MINS

                                   EC-363 COMMUNICATION SKILLS
                                            INTERNAL EXAM

            A. Write the synonyms of the following words:
                    a. Sufficient b. Dearth            c. Riddle       d, Simulate e. Zeal
            B. Write the antonyms of the following.
                    a. Accept         b. tall          c. Villain      d. Abundance e. High
            C. Write the analogies of the following.
                   a. Height: Mountain
                             a. Weight: ageb. Speed: highway           c. mineral: mine.
                   b. Song: Recite
                             a. Author: bibliography            b. Dancer: agile         c. poetry: prose.
                   c. Tall: Short
                             a. Good: bad b. Beautiful: pretty c. house: home
                   d. Ream: Paper
                         a. Carton: milk b. ink: pen                    c. tablet: clay.
                   e. Whisper: speak
                         a. Brush: touch b. request: ask                c. listen: hear

            D. Write the sentence completion.
                1. A contractual agreement_________________ disclosure of information as
                     signed with the consultant, (a. Foreboding, b. Forbidding).
                2. Don't _____________your neighbor until you have walked a mile in his
                     moccasins.(a. Criticize, b. Critique).
                3. I decided to take the statistical course this year despite my guide's
                      ________________ to take it next semester, (a. Advice, b. Advise)
                4. Most behavioral researcher do believe that any individual's beliefs, attitudes
                     and behavior can change rather _____ _____ irrespective of age (a.
                     Dramatically, b. Drastically).
                5. Please___________ that the letter is delivered to Mr. Smith this evening.
                     (a. Assure b. Ensure c. Insure).
            E. Answer all the questions (5 Marks).
            1. Define Conflict. How do you resolve conflict?
            2. What is Negotiation?
            3. What is etiquette?
            4. What is Stress Management?
            5. What are interpersonal skills?
            E. Write a Letter to your Friend.


                R.V.R &J.C. COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, GUNTUR-522019.
            III/IV B. Tech, (ECE)                     MAX MARKS:30
                                                      TIME: 30 MINS)

                                  EC-363 COMMUNICATION SKILLS LAB
                                                  INTERNAL EXAM

            A. Write the synonyms of the following words:
            a. Profusely b. nocturnal c. sufficient d. Glance                  e. Altercation
            B. Write the antonyms of the following.
            a. Illuminate b. exhale          c. dark            d. elevation    e. accelerate
            C. Write the analogies of the following.
                 a) Height: Mountain
                     a. Weight: age                    b. Speed: highway        c. mineral:
                 b) Song: Recite
                     a. Author: bibliography           b. Dancer: agile         c. poetry:
                 c) Tall: Short
                     a. Good: bad                      b. Beautiful: pretty     c. house:
                 d) Education development
                     a. Man: speech                    b. child: growth         c. exercise:
                 e) Lawyer: Court
                     a. Author: book                   b. wine-grapes           c. volume:

            D. Write the sentence completion
            1. Climbing the towering mountain seemed a very ___________ task to the
            group of
                 boy scouts, (a. Foreboding, b. Forbidding.).
            2. The village __________________ met each evening near the temple (a.
                 b. Counsel, c. Consul)
            3. It is important to understand how deforestation will _______________ the
                 in this area. (a. Effect b. Affect).
            4. Only after the cops had arrived did the crowd ____________ from the
                 Disburse, b. Disperse).
            5. The ____________________ at the entrance of the monument said that it was
                 built in 740 AD(a. Epitaph b. Epigram, c. Epigraph)
            E. Answer all the questions. (5 Marks).
                1.   Define Conflict .how do you prevent Conflict.
                2.   How do you avoid stress
                3.   What are the kinds of Decision-making.
                4.   What does Planning mean.
                5.   Explain the term Leadership.
            F. Write a letter to buy an item.

III/IV B. Tech. (ECE)                          MAX MARKS: 30
                                               TIME: 30 MINS

                     EC-363 COMMUNICATION SKILLS
                       INTERNAL EXAM

A. Write the synonyms of the following words:
         a. Adapt          b. Exception c. Pervade           d. virtually     e. Emeritus
B. Write the antonyms of the following.
         a. Good.          b. Illuminate c. Elevation d. Villain               e. Convex
C. Write the analogies of the following.
    A. Fire: Ashes
                   a. Accident: delay       b: water: waves           c: collapse: debris
    B. Carpenter: Saw
                   a. Stenographer: typewriter b. painter: brush c. lawyer; brief
    C. Helmet: Head
                   a. Pedal: foot b. gun: hand c. chain: neck.
    D. Ream: Paper
              a. Carton: milk b. ink: pen           tablet: clay.
    E. Whisper :speak
               a. Brush: touch b. request: ask c. listen: hear
D. Write the sentence completion
1. Brenda decided to _______________ the challenge of solving the problem (a. Expect
    Accept, c. Except).
2. Engineers born and often trained in India have, for years, _________ to the U.S.
     to staff the research and development labs.(a. Emigrated, b. Immigrated).
3. In a team, its important that people' skills ______________ each other (a.
     Compliment, b. Complement)
4. My manager's just back from a vacation, I need to _______________ her of all the
     work the team has done. (a. Appraise, b. apprise).
5. Problem solving is a recursive process; you must ___________ go back and forth
     between steps and do some parts again, (a. Continually, b. Continuously).
E. Answer all the questions (5 Marks).
1. Define Conflict. What are the reasons for Conflict?
2. Give tips to win Negotiation
3. Describe I-Factor in Etiquette (Integrity Factor).
4. Explain factors, which cause stress.
5. Brief on different paradigms of interpersonal skills.
F. Write a Letter to apply for a job.


                R.V.R&J.C.COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, GUNTUR-522019.
            III/IV B. Tech., (ECE)                    MAX MARKS: 30
                                                      TIME: 30 MINS

                               EC-363 COMMUNICATION SKILLS LAB
                                        INTERNAL EXAM

            A. Write the synonyms of the following words:
                   a. Restore.   b. Maintain c. Dearth              d. Deviation, e. Zealous

            B. Write the antonyms of the following.
                   a. High b. abundance c. dearth           d. affluence     e. illuminate

            C. Write the analogies of the following.
                   a. Carpenter: Saw
                           a. Stenographer: typewriter b. painter: brush c. lawyer: brief
                   b. Helmet: Head
                           a. Pedal: foot b. gun: hand c. chain: neck.
                   c. Height: Mountain
                       a. Weight: age       b. Speed: highway       c. mineral: mine.
                   d. Education: Development
                       Man: speech          b. child: growth        c. exercise: youth
                   e. Song: Recite
                           a. Author: bibliography           b. Dancer: agile        c. poetry:

            D. Write the sentence completion
            1. Despite all our questions about her new job, Tina was very ________________ .
                     (a. Allusive, b. Elusive c. Illusive)
            2. I could not find any of the references you__________________ in your
                       (a. Cited, b. Sited).
            3. John seemed rather_______________in the movie, (a. Disinterested, b.
            4. Only when the expected return meets or _______________ the required
            expense is
                 the risk considered worth taking in business, (a. Accedes, b. Exceeds).
            5. The current state of software contracting law makes it difficult to _____________
                 clients      (a. Consul, b. Council, c. Counsel)

            E.   Answer all the questions. (5 Marks).
            1.    Define Conflict. Is Conflict Necessary?
            2.    What are the stress management techniques?
            3.    What is Decision Making
            4.    What does Planning mean.
            5.    Explain the term Leadership.

            F. Write an Official letter


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