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					     June 1, 2004 in Anderson,N.C a scientist who will

soon be called “The Pink Lantern” was testing a

substance called the “glow” It is a substance that is solid,

but transforms like liquid. “The glow” is a substance

that can protect, shield, lift or catch anything you want it

to. But the unique thing is the color. Its pink and smells

like a rose.The most unfortunate thing happened. He

dropped his ’74 class ring and absorbed “The

Glow” like a sponge. But the ring can control the flow of

the substance.

     On the other side of the United States, in

Beverly Hills, California a kid soon to be called Pink Boy

had come up with almost the same thing, but his had a
different effect and was more liquidy. He tripped and spilt

it on his brand new PHAT FARMS that hadn’t been worn

outside. The shoes gained powers that made the shoes as

fast as light and thay grew wings so he could fly.

     Back in North Carolina the professor was about to

be Evicted because of all the biohazardous chemicals that

were in the hallway. There was a guy who jumped off

the edge of a building, but before he hit the ground the

pink Lantern caught him. He now found what he could

use the power of the ring for. He now had to design a

custom Costume that would make him fly.

     Pink Boy on the other hand was on the police force

and was soon to move to the special services and then to

the FBI.
    The Pink Lantern was saving lives all over the world

and then he got a letter from Pink Boy that was about

them getting together and being business partners but he

turned it down. Pink Boy was on a joy flight when he saw

The Pink Lantern falling and he did all he could to save

him and he did. Later that week, Pink Boy got a call and

was going to work with the Pink Lantern.

    And this is how the Pink Partners were born.

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