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					                      VOCATION QUEST                                            By Brother August Schaefer, O.S.B.

                      Featuring Rev. Mr. Gary Hennessey, Archbishop George Lucas, Brother Gregory Congote, O.S.B.,
                      Mr. Zach Tucker (’08), and Brother James Pope, O.S.B.

                      T   his semester at seminary I am in an          traditional notion of vocation so as to be
                                                                       able to apply it to all those who minister
                      introductory course on pastoral ministry.
                      In this course we have been using a book         in the church. Her definition of vocation is
                      that was just written by one of the other        long and detailed, but I believe it is helpful
                      faculty members, Kathleen Cahalan’s book         for all people to consider: vocation is “the
                      Introducing the Practice of Ministry. I want     response to God’s call and the Spirit’s
                      to share just a few brief thoughts from          charisms manifest in adult life commitments
                      this book because it has challenged some         in relationship to three aspects of the self:
                      of the ways in which I think about the           (1) how I live, particularly in relationship
                      topic of vocation. (Oddly enough, in the         to permanent post-baptism commitments;
                      process of writing the book Cahalan was          (2) what I do, the service I offer to God in
                      also challenged and intrigued by the topic       and for a community; and (3) who I am,
                      of vocation so much that she has developed       the sense of self as it relates to my personal,
                      a whole course on that topic which I will        historical, cultural, and social contexts. Our
                      be enrolled in next semester—she’s already       baptismal identity and call to be a Christian
                      given me the readings and told me I have         disciple is lived out in and through the
                      a lot of work to do.) Anyway, in the second      particular callings that constitute our
                      chapter of her book, Cahalan expands the         vocation.” That’s a lot to digest.
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                           Celebrating 25 Years in Service to God                                                  Page
                      25 years in the Order of Saint Benedict:            25 years in the Priesthood:                6
                          Father Louis Sojka, O.S.B. ’81                Father Daniel Lenz, O.S.B. ’76
Volume 56, Issue 10
   Winter 2010

                 We have been fortunate this fall to have            in their prayers. They were finally rescued about
                 enjoyed spectacular weather throughout the          70 days later.
                 month of October. The cool, crisp, clear days          In an extended sense, we are all waiting for
                 have allowed area farmers to move ahead with        rescue. We are all trying to respond to God’s
                 their harvest at a comfortable pace. No worry       invitation to eternal life. God’s call to holiness
                 about rain. No worry about excessively cold         extends to everyone — to people who are young,
                 weather. Just a time to appreciate God’s bounty     and people who are old; to people who are
                 in fields of corn and soybeans.                     happy, and people who are sad; to people who
                    Of course harvests don’t happen of their own     have too much to do, and people who do not
                 accord. Someone has to make sure combines and       have enough to do; to people in love, and to
                 trucks are ready to go. Someone has to make         people who are lonely. The harvest is ready, but
   …In an        sure storage facilities are prepared to hold the    someone has to make the effort to ensure that
  extended       crops that are brought in. Someone has to make      the harvest is brought home. Those harvesters
 sense, we       the effort to keep machinery running. None of it    are individuals with whom God entrusts
                 happens without considerable effort.                a special vocation, especially as priests and
     are all                                                         religious. No one in the church is unaware that
                  At the same time Midwesterners were
waiting for                                                          there are fewer vocations to the priesthood and
               focusing on an agricultural harvest, miners in
  rescue…      South America were trying to reap a different
                                                                     to the religious way of life than there have been
                                                                     in the past. But the need for priests and religious
               harvest from the deep in the recesses of the
                                                                     has not abated. In many ways, it has grown.
               Andes mountains. On August 5, the San Jose
               gold and copper mine near Copiapo, Chile,                What might we do? The first obvious answer
               collapsed, trapping 33 miners some 2,300 feet         is that we can intercede with God to inspire
               below ground. The miners were without contact         more young men and women to consider the
               with the surface for 17 days, barely surviving        call to the priesthood and to the religious life.
               on a few tins of food below. Once a small bore        Every Thursday and Sunday, the monks in the
               hole reached the miners, food and water was           monastery make a special prayer to God for
               sent below. Though it did not receive much            vocations. A second answer is to encourage
               attention in the media, the miners survived           young men and women to consider serving
               not just because food and water reached them.         God and God’s people in the priesthood and
                       They also survived because of their faith.    the religious life. We can draw attention to
                                  Once contact was made with         the unique opportunities that are possible in
                                         the miners at the end       the service of God’s people. We try to do that
                                          of that first 17 days,     with our students in our classrooms. We also
                                            among items they         try by the example of the lives which we lead
          Christmas                              requested be        in the monastery to show that service to God
                                                                     and service to God’s people is an especially
        and New Year’s                              sent below
                                                                     ennobling way of life. A third answer is to
        mass Schedule                                religious
                                                                     demonstrate by our own lives how much we
       Christmas Eve Mass                             articles.
                                                                     appreciate and are grateful for those whose lives
      December 24th • 8:00pm                                         make it possible for us to find our way to God
       Christmas Day Mass                                            more readily.
                                                        had to
      December 25th • 11:00am                           take the       The harvest is great and laborers are few.
       New Year’s Day Mass                         role of leading   But with prayer, encouragement and effort we
        January 1st • 9:30am                     the miners in       can try to increase the number of laborers who
                                                their devotions.     devote themselves to a truly unique and special
                                          They chose one of          way of life.
                                        their own to lead them                  rt. rev. michael Liebl, O.S.B.
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                This year two of our monks celebrate                  love that cannot be appreciated until it is lived.
                jubilees—Father Daniel Lenz, twenty-five years        No doubt there are many other reasons for a
                as a priest, and Father Louis Sojka, twenty-          shortage of vocations today. I would like to
                five years’ profession as a monk. This is a good      concentrate on only one reason—family life.
                opportunity to reflect on vocations, not just to         When I was growing up I was told a vocation
                priesthood and religious life but on all of our       begins with the grandmother. That is worth
                vocations. At our Baptism we all received a call      thinking about. But family is under siege today.
                to serve the Lord as Christians—some as single        Everyone is too busy, despite all the technology
                Christians, some as married couples and some as       we have that is supposed to save us time. Sports,
                priests or religious.                                 with all the good they do, are hard on the family
                   Since we are celebrating these two jubilees        life and the time that is supposed to be spent
                I mentioned I would like to reflect with you at       together.
     …God       this time on vocations to the priesthood and the         But we cannot overlook another fundamental
   feeds the    religious life. No doubt a vocation to this way of    reason. There are a growing number of couples
                life has a divine element—a call from God. But        who are living together without the intention of
    birds of    there is also a human element to vocations. As        getting married civilly or having their marriage
the air, but    the saying goes, “God feeds the birds of the air,     blessed by the Church. That is a fundamental
    He does     but He does not put the worm in the nest.” We         flaw that certainly does not bode well for a
                have a part in vocation.                              vocation to come from that kind of union. So
not put the        So what about the human element? There             maybe all I am asking is that husbands and
  worm in       are so many obstacles to a religious vocation         wives take a look at their family life and see
 the nest…      today, so many opportunities for young people         how it may be made more conducive to having
                that a religious vocation does not seem to enter      a religious vocation come from it. And I will
                into their choices. Then there is the matter of       continue to ask all of our students to at least
                celibacy. When I was teaching I always asked my       consider whether or not the Lord may be calling
                students how many would consider a vocation           them to this kind of life.
                to priesthood or religious life. Not many hands          Here at Mount Michael we celebrate
                would go up. Then I would ask “Why not?”              the jubilees occurring during the year on
                and almost invariably the answers was “I want         Thanksgiving Day, so we invite you to thank
                to get married.” That is most understandable.         God with us for our two who are celebrating
                And I would not want a young person to                jubilees this year as we pray to the Lord for even
                pursue a religious vocation if he/she did not         more vocations.
                have a healthy respect and love for marriage as
                a vocation. But the advantages of celibacy as a
                service gives an opportunity to give and receive                 Abbot raphael Walsh, O.S.B.

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                                                 12 Knights named by the College Board as
                                                 AP Scholars

                Father Louis Sojka,                                                     Father Daniel Lenz,
                O.S.B. ’81                                                              O.S.B. ’76
                25 Years Professed                                                      25 Years Ordained
                1984 - Entered Novitiate Year                                           1979 - Made First Vows
                1985 - Made First Vows                                                  1982 - Made Final Vows
                1988 - Made Final Vows /Solemn                                          1985 - Ordained to Priesthood
                       Profession                                                       Faculties in Eastern Catholic
                1990 - Ordained to Priesthood                                             Rite
                                                                                        Helps with Spanish Mass and

     What are your primary duties here at Mount                    How do you best express your spirituality?
                                                                     I would say that I have a deeply profound love for
       Subprior, Business Manager, Liturgist, Organist               and interest in religious artwork. My priestly study
                                                                     influences my artwork. I have studied 15 plus years
     What led you to monastic life here at Mount                     spirituality in paintings and sculptures. I not only look
      Michael?                                                       at the subject, but at the life and spiritual influence
                                                                     in each piece. I write icons and do Byzantine-style
       I experienced the witness of a number of religious
                                                                     stonework, as well as teach art to Mount Michael
       growing up: the Franciscans in grade school; the
                                                                     students using stone, wood, metal and other art media.
       Benedictines in high school; the Dominicans and Jesuits
                                                                     Jesus himself was a carpenter; he made beautiful pieces
       in college. While attending Creighton University I
                                                                     from wood that he learned from Saint Joseph. My
       renewed contact with younger members of the Mount
                                                                     favorite confirmation retreat story is “Jeremiah and the
       Michael community who were also studying at
                                                                     potter;” God is the potter and we
       Creighton. Mount Michael accepted me as an “Affiliate”
                                                                     are His clay.
       after my second year of college, whereby I lived with the
       community and continued with classes. I entered the
                                                                   What has been your greatest challenge?
       novitiate between my third and fourth years, professing
       my first vows on July 28th, 1985. Graduation from             For me, I had many questions before entering the
       Creighton followed the next year with a degree in             Priesthood about family and being a father. Everyone
       German. I completed four years of theology studies at         wants to be a father and raise a family. Often I
       Saint John’s University in Collegeville, Minnesota,           wondered, “How can I be a dad if I become a priest?”
       with ordination to the priesthood in 1990.                    and “How will I deal with not having a family?” As
                                                                     I progressed in my studies and began meeting new
     What is one monastic memory you would like to                   people and entering parishes, I looked all around me
      share?                                                         to discover I was surrounded by family and my family
                                                                     reached farther than I had ever imagined. And just
       Monastic life has given me great support and
                                                                     like Saint Joseph, I act as a foster-father, guiding and
       opportunities. It has brought out gifts and talents
                                                                     teaching students skills and scripture.
       I did not know I had. An example in this regard is
       how it came to be that I am organist at daily Mass
                                                                   What are your aspirations as a priest?
       and monastic prayer. Abbot Raphael was seeking
       an organist for monastic prayer and he asked that             I want to continue my spiritual education. I want
       I consider playing. I had twelve years of piano               to keep studying early church fathers and saints.
       instruction from Miss Isabelle Micek and the organ            Renewing my energy, always learning and growing in
       was unfamiliar to me. Abbot Raphael “firmly” asked            faith and ministry. Keeping with me always, The Jesus
       that I consider this new instrument and when I                Prayer ~ “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on
       hesitated he replied, “They both [the piano and the           me, a sinner.”
       organ] have black and white keys. You’ll do fine!” I have
       been playing—and learning—the organ ever since.

VOCATION QUEST              Continued from page 1

   I think an example of this might be useful. I’m             One of the features of Cahalan’s definition of
going to use Br. Gregory (or Gregorio as we know            vocation is that it is manifest in adult life. Does this
him up here at Collegeville) because his vocation is        mean that children do not have a vocation? Of course
in the process of being shaped in a particular way          they do. All of the baptized do. That is why so many of
that is unique to him at the moment. First, part            the vocational programs that we work with are aimed
1—how he lives. He is a solemnly professed member           toward younger people—programs such as the sixth-
of the monastic community. His post-baptismal               grade vocation rally that Fr. Louis attended on Oct. 22
commitment is to Mount Michael Abbey. Then,                 with all the students from the urban Omaha Catholic
part 2—what he does. Right now he’s a transitional          Schools and Archbishop Lucas. A program such as
deacon finishing his studies in preparation for priestly    this aims to show students how some of their gifts can
ordination. In December he will return to Nebraska to       be used in a particular way in serving the community.
begin serving in a parish to complete his preparation;      All of this is a very long way of saying that you too
there he will serve our community by serving the            can help with vocation work here for Mount Michael.
local parish in which he is placed. He will practice the    Each of the monks have been given the seven aspects
skills he needs to function as a priest in community.       of discipleship in various ways, and I’m sure that you
Finally, part 3—who he is. Gregory is from Colombia;        see some monks displaying more of one aspect while
he was formed in that country and now lives in the          another monk displays more of another. You may also
Midwest. This unique combination of his birthplace          see some aspects that we as a community may want
and current residence makes him uniquely suited to          to develop, and along with that you may see some
serve some of the local communities in Nebraska that        young person who has the potential for growing into
have large Hispanic populations. More than that,            that aspect. If you do, I would ask that you consider
however, are the parts of his being that are the gifts of   suggesting that they should look into developing that
discipleship that he was given by the Spirit in baptism.    aspect of discipleship for a service to the church—and
Cahalan identified seven features of discipleship that      especially remembering Mount Michael in that
are bestowed in varying degrees at baptism—follower,        suggestion. I’m sure I’ll have more to relate on this
worshiper, witness, forgiver, neighbor, prophet, and        issue in the next Michaeleen. I will also be working on
steward. I see traces of all of these in Br. Gregory,       explaining some of the new programs that we will be
but I have especially seen him develop three of these       working on as a community in order to continue to
in his studies here at Seminary. He is a worshiper          grow our vocations and service to the church. Thank
and has learned many skills in planning and leading         you, and as always please pray for us and for myself
communal worship. He has developed the skills               and Br. Gregory as we continue our seminary studies.
of forgiver and neighbor in his work as a hospital          We will continue to offer our thanks to God for your
chaplain. Those are the three aspects of discipleship       continued support.
that I believe will drive and mold his work in a parish
starting in December.                                                    Brother August Schaefer, O.S.B.

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    fAThEr JOhN hAGEmANN, O.S.B. ’67
                  Father John Hagemann, O.S.B., Teacher of the Year Acceptance Speech

                  I n 1995, December 8th, the Feast of the                 Since the chapel is so close to the parking
                  Immaculate Conception fell on a Friday.               lot, I could hear the joyous reaction to the news
                  Our area here in Nebraska was brewing one             about getting out of classes the rest of the day
                  of those typical Nebraska snow blizzards. In          and getting a longer weekend. Soon the students
                  1995, December 8th, the Feast of Immaculate           were like ants—running everywhere—outside in
                  Conception, Mount Michael (believe it or not)         the snow. They were happy—they were grabbing
                  decided to call a snow day. Oh, I should qualify      their laundry baskets of dirty clothes and
                  that – it was actually snow hours.                    heading for their cars. One of the seniors—it
                     If any of you know anything about Mount            was Jon King—noticed that his car was cleared
                  Michael, you know that we hardly EVER                 of snow and his windshield was clean. To this
                  have snow days—hardly EVER. But…it was                day, Jon always remembers this little act of
                  a Friday!!                                            kindness—(I guess you might say). Little did I
                     We scheduled Mass the period after lunch           know that such a little thing would remain with
                  and the administration decided to allow the           this boy for the rest of his life.
                  students to go home early so that we would               Students remember—they remember—trust
                  not be stuck with them over the weekend. This         me—they remember. Sometimes they remember
                  was on a day before we had 7-day boarders!            too much—but they do remember.
                  Of course, we could not announce this news               Each of the honorees here tonight is here
                  in a public way to the students. They go a little     because he or she is being remembered for
                  “crazy” with such freedom. Instead we just            many things. I truly believe that all teachers are
                  decided that the celebrant of the day would           remembered for one reason or another, but it
                  announce the “good” news at the end of the            just so happens that the honorees tonight have
                  Eucharist. Fr. Louis Sojka was celebrant that         floated to the top.
                  day—I remember it distinctly!                            It is indeed an honor to celebrate and enjoy
                     Having already celebrated the Eucharist            being remembered this evening with: Peggy
                  earlier in the day with the monks, I got right to     Grennan, Carolyn Jaworski, Scott Olson, Sr.
                  it—I got my snow gear on and headed for the           Anita Rolenc, Laurie Majerus, Tina Schofield,
                  parking lot to get it cleared so the students could   Sara Jorgensen, and Patty Rezek.
                  get out. Then I also started clearing the students’      However, I am sure that all of the honorees
Father John       cars of snow—especially their windshields. I just     would admit that they would like the spotlight
Hagemann,         went from car to car as fast as I could. There was    taken off of them tonight and turned around
O.S.B.; Center    already a four-inch layer of snow to deal with.       and put on those who helped them, as teachers
with Archbishop
George Lucas
                                                                           Photos Courtesy of The Archbishop Dinner Photographer

    The Hagemann Family: Lois Dohmen, George Dohmen, Lyle Hoppe, John Noble (’86), Judy Hoppe, Alan Hagemann (’83),
    Fr. John (’67), Ruth Hagemann, Jim Hageman, Joyce Dohmen, Jerry Hagemann, and Paul Dohmen.
                                        NAmED TEAChEr Of ThE YEAr

The honored educators are shown with Omaha Archbishop George Lucas, center. From left: Peggy Grennan, Laurie Majerus,
Tina Schofield, Father John Hagemann, O.S.B., Archbishop Lucas, Scott Olson, Sara Jorgensen, Carolyn Jaworski, Sister
Anita Rolenc and Patty Rezek.

in their lives. So I ask all of you tonight to           To you, Archbishop George Lucas—I really
remember, to remember, the teachers in your           do not know how to explain this, but every time        ‘Educaion
lives. Many of us owe a lot to those who formed       I mention your name in the Eucharistic prayer,         es la jave
us, trained and influenced us. I want to take         it seems like I know you well. I have hardly           de le vida’
this opportunity to mention a few teachers in         had a conversation with you since you have
my life who did this for me. They would be: my        assumed your duties here in the Archdiocese
Mom and Dad—Sally and Al—all my brothers              of Omaha. You are GREAT—you ARE the                    Education
and sisters, their wives and husbands, and most       man—you ARE the priest—the fullness of the
certainly my nieces and nephews and now               priesthood—you are the Archbishop and a great          is the key
their children—most recently it would be twin         leader. I don’t want you to get a big head now,        to life
girls—miracle babies in lots of ways—Grace            but the feeling I have when I mention your
Christiana and Hope Celestine (one is never too       name in the Eucharistic prayer is how I felt
old to learn and never too young to teach), the       when I came back from Mexico in 1996.
Benedictine sisters of Sacred Heart Monastery         I did not get much news there in those days
in Yankton, SD—Sr. Adelaide, Sr. Matthias             where I lived and it was a bit shocking to me to
and Sr. Leonilla—a great uncle whom I never           find out that both Henri Nouwen and Joseph
had in the classroom, but he taught well—Br.          Cardinal Bernardin had died. I never met those
Adrian Borer a Franciscan Friar—all the               two men, but I felt I really did know them
monks of Mount Michael Abbey, especially              very well. I have the same feeling about you,
Fr. Nathanael Foshage and Killer Kane – oh!!!         Archbishop George!
Killer Kane—also Miss Jean Troy—then                     The Latin word for educate is educare—to
the professors at Creighton University—I              literally - lead out—you are leading us out of
will always have a soft spot in my heart for          our ignorance and darkness—into knowledge
Creighton U—then the professors of St. John’s         and light—you are giving us life—the Spanish-
University, Collegeville, Minnesota—the monks         speaking world has a wonderful expression
of St. John’s and the professors in Israel—then       —Educaion es la jave de la vida—Education is
the professors of UNO—especially Dr. Glenn            the key to life. You are our leader, educating us
Newkirk—in music I owe much to Abbot                  in the light of Christ!!
Gregory of Conception Abbey and Marilyn                  All of us, as Christians, have been marked
Thies, our organist at Mount Michael, and Cina        with the sign of the cross—let us be who we are.
Crisara when I was with the Omaha Symphonic           Let us teach by example and acts of kindness to
Chorus—and in actuality, I must say all the           one another.
Mount Michael students in the history of the             Amen, Alleluia! Let’s go home and teach!
school. A teacher learns much from his or
her students.
                     Mount Michael Night at the Nighthawks
      of my
  year was
    the kids
    in their
section and
seeing how
 much they
       their                                                                                              Photo by Brother Luke
                     Zach Nelson (’79), owner of the Nighthawks, with Mount Michael students.
                     S   tudents of Mount Michael Benedictine               great seats, two students were awarded passes to
                     School experienced the Omaha Nighthawks                watch the game from the sidelines.
                     UFL game Thursday, October 28th, 2010,                    Mount Michael faculty, staff and the monastic
                     courtesy of Alumnus Zach Nelson (’79),                 community were quick to jump at the chance to
                     CEO of NetSuite and owner of the Omaha                 attend this game. With the game sold out, Mr.
                     Nighthawks. Before the game, Mr. Nelson co-            Nelson gave an additional 250 tickets to Mount
                     hosted a tailgate fundraiser for Mount Michael         Michael Development Team to sell as a school
                     families, Alumni and their families, and school        fundraiser. All tickets were quickly purchased by
                     supporters. As a featured part of the evening,         current parents, Alumni and their families, and
                     Mr. Nelson hosted 10 guests in his Owner’s             members of the Mount Michael community.
                     Suite. Over $6,000 was raised from ticket sales        Excitement consumed the pre-game tailgate, co-
                     and the tailgate; all funds go directly back to        hosted by Mr. Nelson and the Mount Michael
                     Mount Michael Benedictine School.                      Alumni Association, in the VIP section of the
                        “The highlight of my entire year was visiting       parking lot before the game. Guests were treated
                     the kids in their section and seeing how much          to a cocktail and buffet reception, a visit and
                     they enjoyed their night at the Nighthawks!” Mr.       autographs from the Nighthawk cheerleading
                     Nelson was quoted at the end of the evening.           squad, as well as a meet and greet with Mr.
                     As guests of Mr. Nelson, students had their own        Nelson before the game. Proceeds reached
                     section to cheer for the Nighthawks. “What             over $6,000 from ticket sales and tailgate
                     a surprising atmosphere brought to Omaha”              sales; everything was given to Mount Michael
                     said senior Alex Engelkamp, “It was exciting           Benedictine School’s Annual Appeal Campaign.
                     to see all the energy and sportsmanship in the         This annual campaign provides over $430,000
                     stadium.” Principal Tom Ridder had this to             in scholarships each year for students to attend
                     say, “It was a very enjoyable evening for all our      Mount Michael.
     Want to         young men. All of the boys had a great time and           Mount Michael Benedictine School is a
     see more
                     we are very thankful to Zach Nelson, class of          catholic college preparatory residential/day
                     1979, for making it happen.” In addition to the        school, located in Elkhorn, for young men
     pictures?                                                              committed to academic excellence. Current
                                                                            enrollment is 196 students, student to teacher
                 To see more pictures taken at Mount Michael Night at the   ratio is 8:1, and the average ACT score is 27.6
                  Nighthawks, as well as pictures from the Kickoff Party,   in the class of 2010.
                              visit www.mountmichael.com.

                              22nd ANNUAL kNIGhTS IN TUSCANY
 C   ontinuing the tradition…event co-chairs                    the winter to prepare for this event. Their hard
                                                                work in past years has paid off with an end result
 Dr. Bill and Mrs. Deb Thomas, along with Mr.
 Brian and Mrs. Cindy Engel, announced the theme                fundraising over $385,000 in 2010.
 of the 22nd Annual Night of Knights, Knights in                   In addition to this event, parents have created a
 Tuscany, to be held Saturday, April 9th, 2011, on              “Kickoff ” party to announce the theme and start the
 Mount Michael’s campus. Current parents, school                planning process for the entire event. In January,
 board members, alumni and their families attended              the co-chairs will host an Italian-themed lunch
 the Kickoff Party at the Millard Plaza Ballroom,               for all Mount Michael students to hear the official
 Thursday, November 11th. In conjunction with this              announcement as well as sign up to work the event as
 year’s theme, the Kickoff Party was designed as a wine         bid runners.
 tasting featuring Tuscan wines paired with Italian                Tuscany is known for its beautiful landscapes, its
 foods. Wines were provided by WineStyles owner                 rich artistic legacy and its vast cultural influence.
 and current parent Bob Bolden. Introduced in the               Mount Michael, like Tuscany, is known for its
 evening’s program were the 2011 Guest of Honor,                picturesque 400 acres, its formation of Christian
 Judge Lyle E. Strom, and Honorary Chairs,                      Community, and commitment to academic
 Dr. Robert and Mrs. Susan Recker.                              excellence. Mount Michael chose Tuscany as their
    The Night of Knights Dinner and Silent Auction              theme for its 22nd Annual Night of Knights dinner
 was started nearly 22 years ago, by Mount Michael              and silent auction to showcase the timeless charm and
 parents, as a way to raise money for the school’s              alluring splendor of Mount Michael, Nebraska’s best
 improvements, tuition assistance, and operating                kept secret. Night of Knights, Knights in Tuscany, is
 budget. Since then, this small cocktail party has              set for Saturday, April 9th, 2011. Guests can expect to
 grown into an elegant occasion set to a distinctive            be transported to the Tuscan countryside right here
 theme including dinner and live auction. Current               on Mount Michael’s campus.
 parents volunteer their time and talents all through

 Co-chairs Dr. Bill and Mrs. Deb Thomas, Abbot Michael Liebl, O.S.B., Honorary
 Chairs Dr. Robert and Mrs. Susan Recker, Director of Development Mrs. Kimberly
                                  Volpone, School Board President Ms. Mary Kay
                                  Miller, Abbot Raphael Walsh, O.S.B., and
                                  Co-chair Mrs. Cindy Engel.

                                                                                  Abbot Raphael
                                                                                  O.S.B., Co-Cha alsh,
                                                                                  Brian and Mrs s Mr.
      22nd Annual
                                                                                                . Cindy

                                                                                  Engel and Dr.
                in                                        Photos by Father Dan    Mrs. Deb Thom ill and

                                      Save the DateS!
                                      DECEMBER 2010                                  JuNE 2011
                                         19    Breakfast with Santa                       3   DJ Sokol Memorial Alumni
                                                                                                Golf Classic
                                      AP Ri L 2011                                        4   Alumni Reunion
                                           9   22nd Annual Night
                                                 of Knights                          JuLY 2011
                                                                                       9-10   Mount Michael Alumni
                                           Check our website for updates!                      Service Retreat
                                           www.mountmichael.com.                                                          11
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                                                                                                                                MAIL U.S.A.

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