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					Unit 2 Vocabulary Level F Quiz

1. Aplomb                           6. Intrinsic

   a.   Perfection                     a.   essential
   b.   Poise                          b.   shattered
   c.   Coalition                      c.   captured
   d.   Corruption                     d.   horrifying

2. Ex Officio                       7. Occult

   a.   By virtue of office            a.   Meritorious
   b.   For the sake of the group      b.   Spoiled
   c.   In perpetual turmoil           c.   Obvious
   d.   Never good enough              d.   Supernatural

3. Drivel                           8. Millenium

   a.   Joke                           a.   Irritation
   b.   Hint                           b.   Responsibility
   c.   Drool                          c.   Golden Age
   d.   Stare                          d.   Bad news

4. Exhort                           9. Surmise

   a.   negotiate                      a.   Infer
   b.   urge                           b.   Complete
   c.   intercede                      c.   Surprise
   d.   conclude                       d.   Pause

5. Epitome                          10. Permeate

   a.   violence                       a.   Deny
   b.   pretentiousness                b.   Transcend
   c.   decoration                     c.   Penetrate
   d.   archetype                      d.   Review
Antonyms                      16. Interloper

11. Lassitude                    a.   Rightful participant
                                 b.   Imitator
    a.   Disapproval             c.   One with merit
    b.   Burden                  d.   Strong presence
    c.   Confusion
    d.   Liveliness           17. Stringent

12. Inveigh                      a.   Slick
                                 b.   Permissive
    a. Aggravate                 c.   Complicated
    b. Perpetuate                d.   Gruff
    c. Relegate
    d. Glorify                18. Precipitate

13. Ingratiate                   a.   Corrupt
                                 b.   Commended
    a.   Condemn                 c.   Aloof
    b.   Alienate                d.   Cautious
    c.   Approve
    d.   Repress              19. Ameliorate
14. Infringe                     a.   Aggravate
                                 b.   Become shy
    a.   Stay within bounds
                                 c.   Bore
    b.   Decay
                                 d.   Warm up
    c.   Perpetuate
    d.   Terrorize
                              20. Bombastic
15. Callow
                                 a.   Refreshing
    a.   Commonplace             b.   Noisy
    b.   Original                c.   Corny
    c.   Mature                  d.   Unadorned
    d.   Soothing
Vocabulary Unit 2—Quiz—Sentence Completions

These are VERBS—change the endings as appropriate.

    1. I cannot be sure, but I __________ that she would not accept my apology even if I made it on my knees!

    2. The rain __________ all of my clothing and reduced the map in my pocket to a pulpy mess.

    3. A hot meal can __________ the discomforts of even the coldest day.

    4. The teacher __________ the students to study harder for the next test.

    5. The student attempted to __________ himself to the teacher with gifts of apples and pencils.

    6. If you continue to __________ so rudely on my personal space, I will be forced to leave this social situation.

    7. Some people __________ against the proposed legislation in a spirited way.

Ameliorate                                Ingratiate                                 Surmise

Exhort                                    Inveigh

Infringe                                  Permeate

    8. One of the more __________ rules is that you must be in your seat before the bell rings, with your book and
       notebook open and your pencil ready to write with.

    9. Many ideas that in the middle ages were considered scientific fact are now discounted as __________

    10. I admit that my outburst was __________ ; it could not have been predicted.

    11. The Vice President of the United States, the Secretary of State, and the Secretary of Defense are __________
        members of the National Security Council.

    12. It had been my father’s favorite book when he was my age, but for me it held little __________ interest.

    13. He delivered a __________ speech that did not even address our problems.

    14. They entered the army as __________ recruits and left as seasoned veterans.

Stringent                                 Intrinsic                                  Callow

Precipitate                               Ex officio

Occult                                    Bombastic
15. Considering the awkwardness of his ex-wives’ presence, he handled himself with great __________.

16. To me, my dream made perfect sense, but when I told it to my friend it sounded like __________.

17. There are times in a teenager’s life when a parent in the room is considered a(n) __________.

18. On some days I am overcome by __________ at the thought of so many more years of schooling.

19. Admitting when you have been fairly defeated is the __________ of good sportsmanship.

20. Archeological evidence shows that humans and domestic dogs have lived together for as long as 35







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