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					                                            CAREER LADDERS
Exploring Careers in Health Care:
Your Guide to Exciting Opportunities in Health Care

Workers in the Laboratory job category are responsible for collecting and analyzing bodily fluids to help diagnose and treat health
issues. Employees work with physicians to perform tests, analyze and record results, and maintain the cleanliness and sanitation
of the labs and equipment.

Clinical Lab Scientist                                                          Medical/Clinical Lab
Clinical Lab Scientists aid doctors in diagnosing                               Technician
illnesses by conducting lab tests and maintaining lab
                                                                                Medical/Clinical Lab Technicians maintain lab equip-
tests and equipment.
                                                                                ment, conduct blood and urine tests, and analyze the
Employment in NJ: Not Available                                                 results to detect disease.
Average NJ Salary: Not Available                                                Employment in NJ: 2,670
Educational Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Clinical
Laboratory Sciences or Medical Technology required; must obtain Clinical        Average NJ Salary: $59,520
Laboratory Technician certification.                                            Educational Requirements: Associate’s degree in Medical
                                                                                Laboratory Technology required, with a Clinical Laboratory
                                                                                Technician certification.

Clinical Lab Technologist
Clinical Lab Technologists analyze bodily fluids                                Phlebotomy Technician
that may reveal the nature of a patient’s illness.
                                                                                Phlebotomy Technicians collect, store, and transport
Employment in NJ: 4,440                                                         blood samples for testing and analysis.
Average NJ Salary: $59,520                                                      Employment in NJ: Not Available
Educational Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Clinical
Laboratory Sciences required, with Clinical Laboratory Technician certifica-    Average NJ Salary: Not Available
tion.                                                                           Educational Requirements: High school/vocational-tech-
                                                                                nical degree and completion of training program required; after perform-
                                                                                ing 100 venipunctures and 25 skin punctures, must pass Phlebotomist
                                                                                Technician certification exam.

Preferred Educational Degrees:
                                                                                                              High School/
Graduate and/or
                                             Bachelor’s                        Associate’s                    Vocational-Technical
                            Selected Colleges in the Central New Jersey
                              Region Offering Health Care Programs
                                           2-Year Colleges

      Institution                      County                                Description
County College of Morris                  Morris     Offers programs in Nursing, Biology, Radiology, and Respiratory Therapy. Also
                                                     offers a Paramedic program.

Mercer County Community College           Mercer     Offers an Associate’s degree in Medical Laboratory Technology that is accredited
                                                     by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences. Also offers
                                                     an Associate’s in Nursing program.

Middlesex County College                 Middlesex   Offers Associate’s in Applied Science degrees in several health care areas.
                                                     The Physical Therapist Assistant program is accredited by the Commission
                                                     on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education of the American Physical
                                                     Therapy Association. The Dietetic Technology program is accredited by the
                                                     Commission on Accreditation for Dietetics Education of the American Dietetic
                                                     Association. The Radiographic Education program is accredited by the Joint
                                                     Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology and the New
                                                     Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Radiologic Technology Board
                                                     of Examiners. Also offers programs in Health Science, Nursing, and Medical
                                                     Laboratory Technology.

Raritan Valley Community College         Somerset    Offers many health care degrees and programs. Has a generic RN program as
                                                     well as an LPN-RN bridge program that is accredited by the National League
                                                     for Nurse Accrediting Commission and the New Jersey State Board of Nursing,
                                                     National League for Nursing. Offers Associate’s in Science degrees in General
                                                     Science/Pre-Health Professional, Pre-Medical Professional, Pre-Pharmacy,
                                                     Respiratory Care, Exercise Science, and Health Science. Also offers programs in
                                                     Health Information Technology-Medical Coding and Medical Assistant.

Union County College                      Union      Offers several Associate’s degree programs in the health care field, including
                                                     Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Nuclear Medicine Technology, Radiation
                                                     Therapy, Medical Technology and Therapeutic Sciences, Emergency Medical
                                                     Technician, and Physical Therapist Assistant. Also offers an RN completion
                                                     program for Licensed Practical Nurses as well as a cooperative program in
                                                     Professional Nursing.
                             Selected Colleges in the Central New Jersey
                               Region Offering Health Care Programs
                                            4-Year Colleges

        Institution                   County                                  Description
College of Saint Elizabeth               Morris     Offers both undergraduate and graduate health care degrees. Examples of
                                                    offerings include both a B.S.N. and M.S.N. in Nursing, a B.A. in Allied Health
                                                    Studies, and an M.S. in Health Care Management. Also offers a program for a
                                                    combined B.S./M.S. in Food and Nutrition.

DeVry University                        Middlesex   Offers a variety of Associate’s, Bachelor’s, and Master’s degrees in health
                                                    care-related fields. Undergraduate degrees include an Associate’s in Health
                                                    Information Technology and Electroneurodiagnostic Technology. Bachelor’s
                                                    degrees are offered in Clinical Laboratory Science, Health Information
                                                    Management, and Health Services Management. Graduate degrees include
                                                    Master’s in Health Services and Health Care Management.

Drew University                          Morris     Offers several health care-related programs such as Pre-Med, Neurosciences, and
                                                    Public Health. Also offers a dual-degree program in Medicine.

Fairleigh Dickinson University           Morris     Offers several degrees and certificates in the health care field. Examples include
                                                    Associate’s of Science in Radiology, B.S.N. in Nursing, Emergency Medical
                                                    Services Administration Certificate, and Bachelor’s of Science in Clinical
                                                    Laboratory Sciences (B.S.C.L.S.). Also offers a Bachelor’s of Science in Allied
                                                    Health Technology. Within this degree are several concentration options such as
                                                    Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Nuclear Medicine, and Respiratory Care.

Kean University                          Union      Offers a variety of degrees in the health care field, including a B.A. in Biology,
                                                    which features several different tracks such as Physical Therapy, Occupational
                                                    Therapy, and Physician Assistant. Also offers a B.S. in Medical Technology with
                                                    different concentration options as well as a B.S.N. in Nursing. Offers joint degrees
                                                    such as B.S./M.S. in Occupational Therapy with the Nathan Weiss Graduate
                                                    College at Kean University, a B.A./D.P.T. (Physical Therapy) with UMDNJ, and
                                                    a B.A. in Biology/M.S. in Physician Assistant, also with UMDNJ. Many graduate
                                                    degrees are also offered, such as Master’s of Science in Nursing (M.S.N.) in
                                                    Clinical Management with an emphasis in Transcultural Nursing Concepts, M.S. in
                                                    Management Information Systems, a Master’s of Science in Nursing, a Master’s of
                                                    Public Administration, and an M.S. in Occupational Therapy.

Princeton University                     Mercer     Offers extensive educational opportunities in health care-related categories.
                                                    Students may earn undergraduate degrees in Chemistry, Physics, and Molecular
                                                    Biology. Certificate programs include Neuroscience, Engineering Biology,
                                                    Biological/Life Sciences, and Molecular Biology.

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Rider University                                      Mercer             Offers programs in Pre-Med and Health Administration. Also has a Pre-Allied
                                                                         Health Program in partnership with Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia,
                                                                         which includes Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Diagnostic Imaging,
                                                                         Nursing, Medical Technology, and Emergency Medical Services.

Rutgers University                                  Middlesex            Offers a wide and robust array of health care and/or science-related education
                                                                         programs. Specifically, Rutgers offers programs in Pre-Med, Nutritional Sciences,
                                                                         Biology, Medicinal Chemistry, and Public Health. Also offers a six-year Pharmacy
                                                                         program and Nursing programs at both the undergraduate and M.S.N./Ph.D.

The College of New Jersey                             Mercer             Offers many health care-related degrees such as a B.S.N. in Nursing and a B.S. in
                                                                         Health and Exercise Science. Also offers graduate degrees for Nurse Practitioners
                                                                         with different concentrations such as Family Nurse Practitioner, Adult Nurse
                                                                         Practitioner, Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Nurse Leader, and bridge to the

Thomas Edison State College                           Mercer             Offers a variety of Associate’s degrees in Science in Applied Science and
                                                                         Technology and Bachelor’s degrees in Science in Applied Science and Technology.
                                                                         Both A.S.A.S.T. and B.S.A.S.T. degrees are offered in Clinical Laboratory Science,
                                                                         Medical Imaging Technology, Nuclear Medicine Technology, Radiation Therapy,
                                                                         and Respiratory Care. Also offers a B.S. in Human Services for Health Services,
                                                                         Health Services Administration, Health and Nutrition Counseling, a B.S.N. and
                                                                         M.S.N. in Nursing, and professional certificates for health care.

University of Medicine & Dentistry of               Middlesex            UMDNJ includes several different schools and offers many degree programs. The
New Jersey                                                               School of Health Related Professions offers degrees, including Medical Imaging
                                                                         Sciences, Clinical Laboratory Sciences, Nutritional Sciences, Health Informatics,
                                                                         and Primary Care. Also offers graduate programs, including Clinical Laboratory
                                                                         Sciences, Nutritional Sciences, Health Informatics, Primary Care, Rehabilitation
                                                                         and Movement Sciences, and Medical Imaging Sciences. Other health care-related
                                                                         programs include Basic Sciences, Medicine, Nursing, and Public Health.

                     Important Considerations when Choosing a Health Care Education Program
1.      Make sure the program is licensed by the State of New Jersey.
2.      Take a look at New Jersey’s Consumer Report Card (, the online guide to education and training opportunities in the
        state. This resource allows users to compare education and training programs based on cost, program duration, and employment and
        earnings outcomes of graduates.
3.      Visit the education and training provider and get a feel for the atmosphere and the facilities to ensure they are of high quality.
4.      Verify the school has some form of career services for helping graduates find jobs with reputable employers.
5.      Explore the types of financial aid opportunities that are available to help cover the cost of training and related support services.
6.      Think about the cost of the training and the type of salary you can expect in the first few years after completing training. Is the invest-
        ment wise? Will you be able to pay off the training costs within a reasonable amount of time?
7.      Ask the education and training provider for references and follow up with them to find out about others’ experiences at the school.
8.      Ensure the program articulates to higher-level training for higher-wage jobs in the same job category.
9.      Confirm the credentials you will earn are standardized and valued by employers in the region and that they comply with existing and
        planned government requirements.
10.     Choose your desired career first, and then select your education and training provider. Look at more than one provider before making
        your decision.

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