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									Villa Maria Academy
    2006-2007 Annual Report
Dear Friends,

      As you enter Villa Maria Academy, you are greeted by a stellar mosaic that reflects the IHM
Charism of mission. The mosaic was designed as a lasting reminder of that which fuels our passion
for Catholic Education. Daily, the artist who installed the mosaic, painstakingly put in each piece
of glass. In the beginning, visitors entering the building didn’t even notice that something was
evolving. Until, one day, a first grader exclaimed, “Sister, I can see the picture now! All the pieces
are fitted together.”

      This annual report is like a mosaic. Although different from the mosaic that graces the front
entrance, the concept remains the same. The picture is only revealed when all the pieces are fitted
together. Reflected in these pages is a passionate response to putting the pieces together. A response
to the mission of Villa Maria Academy: to provide a vibrant quality Catholic Education for girls in
the IHM Tradition of leadership and service.

      You may notice that our annual appeal has significantly increased in participant donors thus
resulting in an increase in contributions. Our two additional major fundraisers the Auction and the
Golf/Tennis Classic, provided us with the time to enjoy the company of friends, while raising monies
to implement our strategic plan.

      Since our founding in 1872 until the present time, the mosaic that is Villa Maria Academy
has been slowly emerging with clarity and brilliance. The IHM mission of preparing our students
to become Christian women assuming leadership and service roles within the family, the local and
global community and the universal Church takes shape daily in the hearts of our students as we
fit the spiritual, academic, emotional, physical and social pieces together

      Your generosity and love for our girls is remembered daily in the prayers and apostolic works of
the IHM Sisters and their lay colleagues. We cherish the work that God, the Master Artist, has entrusted
to our care. Together we are creating a beautiful masterpiece of educational opportunity that touches
our world through the graceful and energetic presence of Villa Maria Academy graduates making a
difference in the global mosaic of life.

With respect,
     Sister Mary Ellen Tennity, IHM                  Sister Stephen Anne, IHM
     Principal                                       Assistant Principal
                                                                     Catherine Mullen ........Villa Maria Academy
                               THE CLASS OF 2007                     Ellen O’Brien ..............St. Pius X High School
                                                                     Lauren Radie ..............Villa Maria Academy
                                                                     Melissa Radie ..............Villa Maria Academy
We wish the best to all of our alumnae
as they begin their high school careers.                             Erin Recker ................Bishop Shanahan High School
Elizabeth Anderson ......Villa Maria Academy                         Meghan Reif ................Bishop Shanahan High School
Elise Bendinelli............Villa Maria Academy                      Cristina Rosano............Academy of Notre Dame de Namur
Makenzie Bennett ........Academy of Notre Dame de Namur              Margaret Saylor ..........Harriton High School
Christy Campli..............Villa Maria Academy                      Natalie Schumann ........Villa Maria Academy
Kelly Chambers ............Villa Maria Academy                       Kelly Stock ..................Bishop Shanahan High School
Emily Coady ................Villa Maria Academy                      Kristen Veneziale..........Downingtown Area High School
Taylor Cranage ............Downingtown Area High School              Christina Zecca ............Villa Maria Academy
Natalie DiCocco ..........Merion Mercy Academy                       Scholarship Winners:
                                                                     Theresa M. Rodichok Memorial Scholarship
Adrienne Dolce............Villa Maria Academy                        Natalie Schumann, Christina Zecca
Caitlin Fazio ................Villa Maria Academy                    Academic Scholarship at Villa Maria Academy High School
Sophia Ferullo ............Villa Maria Academy                       Christina Zecca, Natalie Schumann
                                                                     Music Scholarship at Villa Maria Academy
Ryann Fiascki ..............Archbishop Carroll High School           Jenna Mackrides
Skylar Frederick ..........The Agnes Irwin School                    Music Scholarship at Sacred Heart Academy High School
Katelyn Frustillo ..........Country Day School of the Sacred Heart   Kaitlin Frustillo, Caroline Lewis
Catherine Hamilton......Phoenixville Area High School                Academic Scholarship at Notre Dame Academy High School
                                                                     Christina Zecca
Joanna Holleran ..........Villa Maria Academy
Claudia Kriza................Villa Maria Academy
Victoria Lamina............Villa Maria Academy
Meredith Lawler ..........Bishop Shanahan High School
Caroline Lewis ............Country Day School of the Sacred Heart
Taylor Lynch ................Villa Maria Academy
Jenna Mackrides..........Villa Maria Academy
Olivia Martin................Villa Maria Academy
Lauren McGrath ..........Villa Maria Academy
Lindsay McLaughlin ....Villa Maria Academy
Laura McTear ..............Villa Maria Academy
Heather Mazur ............Villa Maria Academy
                                                                                                ANNUAL APPEAL REPORT
                                   Total Annual Appeal: $70,152.40            Jennifer & Mark Krumenacker       Stephanie N. Deviney
The following donors are gratefully acknowledged for their generous support   Kimberly & Stephen Lamb           Maria DiBernardi
                                                                              Dianne & Robert Lamina            Hope Giamboy
of Villa Maria Academy Lower School’s 2006-2007 Annual Appeal:
                                                                              Shelby & Brian Mackrides          Kelsey Gula
Above & Beyond                     Katherine & Kirk Oates                     Olga & Daniel Mahon               Nancy & Joseph Kraft
Frederick Jansen                   Michele & Matthew Reber                    Gail & Ronald Masayko             Helen & Cesar Kuroki
The Radie Girls                    Tracy & Richard Riegel                     Paula & Gerard McCrory            Moiya Murphy
                                   Elizabeth & Mike Rudy                      Barbara & Paul McGarry            Elizabeth Robbins
Stick Your Neck Out
                                   Katharine Ryan-Tadley                      Meg & Michael McGinn              Halle Ruane
Christine & G. Joseph Bendinelli
                                   Diane & Donald Shoemaker                   Amy & Mike McGrath                Meghan & John Stacey
Patricia & John Ciervo
                                   Jennifer & Stephen Sulkowski               Wendy & Joseph McManus            Madeline Tortorice
Patti & Charlie Cramer
                                   Mary Taverna                               Margaret McQuaid
Dyan & Peter Draper                                                                                             Gifts in Kind
                                   Margaret Wenke & Anthony Totorice           in honor of Grace McManus
Pat & John Gattuso                                                                                              Anonymous
                                   Nancy & Edward Westlake                    Lynn & Joseph Milliken
Wendy & Michael Gavin                                                                                           G. Joseph Bendinelli
                                   Blue/White Spirit                          Olivia Mucha                      Leonide DelGatto
Lisa & Richard Gentile
                                   Ana Maria Beninati                         Maureen & Michael Murphy          Louis DiCocco
Patricia & Jerome Heppelmann
                                   Emanuel Bosio                              Anne Marie Murray                 The Dolce Family
Helen & Cesar Kuroki
                                   Isabelle & James Burke                     Phyllis & Kevin O'Brien           Willam Gleason
Carol & Stephen Lewis
                                   Valerie & David Campli                     Marianne & Robert Picinich        Veronica Godshalk
Maria McCool
                                   Lisa & Nicholas Capparelli                 Joanna & Michael Pietrafitta      Edmond Lynch
Maureen & Robert McHugh
                                   Mary Frances & Nicholas Casale, Jr.        Michelle & Timothy Porreca        Mellon-Ryan Advertising Design
The Minuto Family
                                   Kristine & Nicholas Coppa                  The Reavill Family                Denise & Brian Papiernik
Kelly & Joseph Mullen
                                   Susan & Chuck Davis                        Kim & Donald Riley Jr.            Maryanne Parsons
Roberta & Bill Nelson
                                   Kimberly & Fred DiBona                     Sylvester Rudolph                 Frank Quinlisk
Carol & Tom O’Brien
                                   Victoria & Louis DiCocco                   Maria San Miguel & Alex De Jong   Wendy & Robert Simenson
Maryanne & Leo Parsons
                                   Shelley & David Dinehart                   Jan & John Sloat                  Eileen Stec
Patricia & William Reilly
                                   Helene & Frederick Eissler                 Allison Spada                     Venture Programs, Inc.
Mega Heart                                                                    Janet & David Spaulding
                                   Phyllis Meyer Fear                                                           Willistown Contracting
Laura & Anthony Fiorenza                                                      Jackie & Dave Spurlock
                                   Veronica & Robert Godshalk
                                                                              Gale & Paul Stimmler              Matching Funds
Stand Tall                         Mary Beth & Brent Guenthner
                                                                              Danielle & Anthony Valerio        BTG International
Anonymous                          Tina & Jim Gula
                                                                              Cheryl & Jeffrey Wirth            Exelon
Karla & Timothy Atkins             Joanne & John Harkins
                                                                              Paul Zeits                        GlaxoSmithKline
Andrea & Kenneth Connors           Kristin Hogue & Chris Metcalf
                                                                              Megan & Robert Zoba               LandAmerica Foundation
Michele & John Dickinson           Michelle Hynes & Matthew Kenney
                                                                                                                Vanguard Group
Jennifer & Cee Jay Frederick       Mr. & Mrs. Louis Kahl                      Power of One                      Wyeth
Minette & Rick Lubker              Anne & Brad Kenney                         Marian Blake
Gretchen & Joe Martino             Shannon & Arlen Klinger                    Catherine & Lawrence Brooks
Anna & Ulderico Milani             Santa & Charles Kraft
                                                                     S T A R R Y, S T A R R Y N I G H T
                                                   Committee Chairs:            A Very Special “Thank You” To…
Starry, Starry Night                                                            • The Hogue Family and Carnival
Villa Maria Academy Lower School                   Communications:
                                                   Jen Hardy                      Cruise Lines for the fabulous donation.
Development Office and Parent Guild
                                                   Decorating:                  • Craig McDonald “Alayna’s Dad” for the generous
Annual Dinner Dance, March 10, 2007
                                                   Linda & Doug Siana             donation of his time and talents in the
Total Income: $62,000.00                                                          production of the Mirrors for the Class Projects.
                                                   Janie Wermuth                • Tom Mann, “Shannon’s Dad,” for providing the
Gold Sponsors           Committee                  Mary Salinas                   tables and easels to display our very special
The Rodden Families     Members:
                                                   Frank Quinlisk                 auction items
The Parsons Family      Dave and Lisa Ballard
                                                   Solicitation:                • Mrs. Sturm, Kate Connors and Mary Anne
The Bendinelli Family   Janet Coady                Lisa & David Ballard           McDonald for their talent and dedication to
                        Rachel Becker              Lisa Gleason                   the Class Projects
Silver Sponsors
The Quinlisk Family     Michelle Clark             Tracy & John Brignola
                                                                                • Janie Wermuth for the invitation design and Frank
                        Stephania DiGiallorenzo    Student Photos:                Quinlisk and Mary Salinas for production of
The Shafer Family
                        Meg Quinlisk               Trish Ciervo                   the invitations
Bronze Sponsor                                     Janie Wermuth
                        Barb O’Keefe                                            • Trish Ciervo and Janie Wermuth for the
The McGinn Family                                  Tuition Raffle:
                        Dana Lewis                                                “VMA Star Photos”
Star Sponsors                                      Mary & Dave Salinas
                        Lionide DelGatto                                        • Mary Mason for the autographed sports photos
The Atkins Family                                  Shooting Star Raffle:
                        Christine Osisek-Robbins                                • Michelle Kennedy, Rachael Becker and
The Bozzi Family                                   Janie Wermuth
                        Pat Gattuso                Jen & Dave Hardie              Dot Manieri for the amazing and
The Calversi Family     Patricia Reilly                                           creative “Theme Baskets”
                                                   Class Art Projects:
The Dickenson Family    Kim McLaughlin                                          • Lisa Ferrie, Maureen McHugh, Karen Reavill
                                                   Kate Connors
The Godshalk Family     Maria DeJong               Mary Beth McDonald             and Maria San Miguel for coordination of
The Kennedy Family                                                                “The Balloon Game”
                        Maggie Oyler               Class Art Projects Raffle:
The McHugh Family       Mary Kruger                Trish & John Ciervo          • Linda Siana for her creative vision
The Salinas Family      Marianne Picinich          Theme Baskets:               • Mrs. Connelly and the Video Crew
The Wirth Family        Jackie Funk                Michelle Kennedy             • Mrs. Rafter, Mrs. Lamb and Mrs. McDonald
                        Maureen McHugh             Balloon Game:                • Sr. Mary Ellen and Sr. Stephen Anne for Leading
                                                   Lisa Ferrie                    with Enthusiasm and Love the Creation
                        Karen Reavill
                        Dot Manieri                Auction:                       of Tonight’s Masterful Event
                                                   Lisa Gleason                   “Starry, Starry Night”
                        Rachael Becker             Tracy & John Brignola
                                                   Maureen & Harry Seifert
                                                  ELEVENTH ANNUAL GOLF & TENNIS CLASSIC
                                                   GOLD SPONSOR:                      TEE SPONSORS:
Villa Maria Academy                                Creative Financial Group           Charles Becker & Bros
Eleventh Annual                                                                       Normand S. Boucher DDS
                                                   40-LOVE SPONSORS:
Golf & Tennis Classic                              Communications Test Design, Inc.   The Connors Family
Monday, May 7, 2007                                                                   Duffy Connors LLP
                                                   BRONZE SPONSORS:
White Manor Country Club                                                              J B Funk Construction
                                                   The Calvaresi Family
The Villa Family sincerely thanks all those who                                       Immaculata University
                                                   The Jansen Family
participated behind the scenes to make this                                           Kelly Sports
                                                   The Denbigh Family
a wonderfully successful event.                                                       Krapf Bus Companies
                                                   The Draper Family
Total Raised: $56,457.50                                                              Malvern Federal Savings
                                                   The Godshalk Family
                                                                                      Mita Leasing & Sales
                                                   The Hardie Family
TOURNAMENT SPONSORS:                                                                  The Oates Family
                                                   Hershey’s Mill Golf Club
A.P. Lubrano and Company, Inc.                                                        The Reilly Family
                                                   LandAmerica Commercial Services
Broadcast Cable Media, Inc.                                                           The Satriale Family
                                                   Lubker Distributions
                                                                                      Southern Power Systems
                                                   The Manieri Family
                                                   Recognition Products               COURT SPONSOR:
                                                   Securitas                          Suzanne & John Young

                                                                                      HOLE-IN-ONE SPONSOR:
                                                                                      Lexus of Chester Springs

                                                                                      ADVERTISING SPONSORS:
                                                                                      Bosio & Capetola
                                                                                      Brady Orthodontics
                                                                                      Exelon Nuclear
                                                                                      Flowers ’n More
                                                                                      Immaculata University
                                                                                      Kelly Sports
                                                                                      Main Line Turf
                                                                                      Peterson Service Company
                                ELEVENTH ANNUAL GOLF & TENNIS CLASSIC
DONORS:                          Initial Designs                   COMMITTEE MEMBERS:
ACAC                             The Leiman Family                 Chairs:
Antoinette, the Day Spa          Lilly Pulitzer, King of Prussia   Jacqui Basso & Ronnie Godshalk
Apple iTunes                     Long Neck Wines                   Nancy & Steve Buck
Baxter’s Restaurant              The Lubker Family                 David Campli
Café Winberie                    SaraJane & Anthony Lubrano        Tricia Ciervo
Exelon Invitational              Bill McElroy                      Kate & Kevin Connors
The Basso Family                 The Metcalf Family                Lisa Gleason
Bonefish Grill                   The Mullens Family                Jen Hardie
The Buck Family                  The O’Brien Family                Dot Manieri
Calista Grand Salon & Spa        Paoli Nails                       Chris Scott Metcalf
Campli Photography               The VMA Parent Guild              Kelly Mullen
Cavan Construction Company       The Nappi Family                  Terri Nappi
The Chambers Family              Penn Oaks Tennis & Fitness        Kirk Oates
The Ciervo Family                The Percarpio Family              Barbara O’Keefe
The Connors Family               Philadelphia Cricket Club         Linda Percarpio
Delaware Building Corporation    Philadelphia Phillies             Patty Reilly
The Desmond Hotel                The Putaway Shop                  Cyndy Ryan
Doublestar, Inc.                 Radley Run Country Club           Mary Salinas
Duffy, Connors, LLP              The Reilly Family                 Maureen Seifert
EmotionKayaks                    Ricoh Business Solutions          Linda Siana
The Flag Lady                    Rita’s Water Ice, Frazer          Carroll Valente
Flynn & O'Hara                   The Salinas Family
The Godshalk Family              Springton Tennis & Racquet
Golf Galaxy                      Vera Bradley
Golfdom                          Villanova University
Goshen Nails                     VMA School Store
The Hardie Family                The Young Family
Hassis Men's Shop                White Manor Country Club
Hershey’s Mill Golf Club         Whitford Country Club
Holts Cigar
To All Our Volunteers,
Thank you to all our volunteers who
continuously and generously give their time
and talent to help our school community.
Parent Volunteer Committees include:
     Book Swaps
     Book Fair
     Cafeteria Aides
     Christmas Bazaar
     Computer Aides
     Costume Committee
     Dinner Dance
     Family Mass and Picnic
     Father-Daughter Swim
     Golf & Tennis Outing
     Graduation Social
     Grandparent’s Tea
     Homeroom Parents
     Kindergarten Events
     Library Aides
     Mission Day
     Mother-Daughter Social
     Mother’s Tea
     Spring Show
     Sports Programs
     Weekly Communication
     Women’s Day

So numerous, so helpful, so generous,
so giving, so appreciated.
Many thanks to the Parent Guild Executive Board
who supports the faculty, parents, and students
and willingly give their time to provide the many
social activities that our community so enjoys.
          Mission Statement
        Villa Maria Academy, a Catholic
  private day school, located in Immaculata,
    Pennsylvania, was established over 130
   years ago by the Sisters, Servants of the
 Immaculate Heart of Mary to prepare girls
    to become Christian women assuming
    leadership and service roles within the
   family, the local and global community,
           and the universal Church.
       While integrating spirituality with
      academics, the school-wide goals of
Villa Maria Academy call for the inculcation
      of a love for life-long learning, the
    development of critical thinking skills,
   and the nurturing of creativity, aesthetic
appreciation, and reverence for the person as
           a unique creation of God.
     The educational program encourages
   students to perceive and maximize their
 capabilities, to develop positive self-images,
  and to use these gifts in service to others.

Villa Maria Academy
1140 King Road, Immaculata, PA 19345
 610-644-4864 •

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