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VHS crowns Homecoming King and Queen


									Volume 16, Issue 3                                                                               

  Vienna, IL                                                     Vienna High School                                                               January 2010

 What you                                 VHS crowns Homecoming King and Queen
 can find in                                 Page by Kelly Fitzgerald

                                                                                                                                    On Friday, December 4th, 2009,
 this month’s                                                                                                                   Ethan McGinnis and Kayla Loyd
                                                                                                                                were crowned Vienna High School
 Talon...                                                                                                                       Homecoming King and Queen.
                                                                                                                                The Coronation was followed by a
 Nerd Day-Page 2                                                                                                                dance that lasted until 11:30 p.m.
                                                                                                                                     Homecoming week took place
                                                                                                                                from November 30th through
                                                                                                                                December        4th. VHS students
                                                                                                                                dressed up differently each day
                                                                                                                                according to the theme. Each
 Trot the Globe with                                                                                                            day there were points given out
 Mr. Giffin on Page 3                                                                                                           to whichever class had the most
                                                                                                                                students to dress up. Classes were
 Madrigal Magic-Page 4                                                                                                          also able to get points at activities
                                                                                                                                during lunch and at the class lip
 Lip Sync Pics on Page 8                                                                                                        syncs.
                                                                                                                                    Monday was Pajama Day and
 Skits and lip syncs-
                                                                                                                                students got to enjoy the comfort of
                          Page 9                                                                                                their pj’s on their day back from the
                                                                                                                                    Tuesday, the school was
                                                                                                                                overtaken by suspenders and big
                                                                                                                                glasses on Nerd Day. Also on
                                                                                                                                this day, students from each class
                                                                                                                                were involved in playing 4-corner
                                                                                                                                volleyball at lunch time, and the
                                                                                                                                Sophomores came out victorious
 ViHi Opinion                                                                                                                   with first place.
                                                                                                                                      On Wednesday, it was class
 on Page 16                                                                                                                     distinction day. Each class had a
 Valentine’s Shout Outs                                                                                                         different color to support their class.
 Page 18                                                                                                                        The Seniors had black, Juniors had
                                                                                                                                red, Sophomores had pink, and the
                                                                                                                                Freshman had green. Juniors came
                                                                                                                                out on top with having the most
                                                                                                                                people dress up for this day. The
                                                                                                                                lunch activity for Wednesday was
                                                                                                                                the relay race. The Seniors easily
 Talon Wish List                                                                                                                took the win by walking to the finish
 on Pages 21-22                           Homecoming Queen Kayla Loyd and King Ethan McGinnis. VHS Homecoming took              line during the 3-legged race.
                                          place on December 4th, 2009.                                                           Continued on page 18

The 2009 VHS Homecoming court from left to right. Carley Childress, Blake Gray, Kasyn Moore, Chris Ditterline, Taylor Hoffmann, Brayden Leeds, Cassandra Martin, Retiring
King Bobby Hoffmann, Retiring Queen Allison Bean, Queen Kayla Loyd, King Ethan McGinnis, Laeytn Field, Shane Carlton, Kelsey Harper, Drake Sanders, Emily Horn,
Andrew Kirby, Kelly Fitzgerald, Kyle Loyd, Keeley Harper, and Dominic Tedeski.
Page 2                                          The Talon                                                                    January 2010

         VHS gets nerdy during Homecoming Week
                                                     Page by Kari Robertson

                                        Mrs. Palmer expressing her inner nerd.               Brent Goines showing Zack Akins exactly where
                                                                                             nerds belong.

Dillon Hall, nerdy and proud.

                                        Peyton Smith and Rebecca Waller having nerd pride.

Brayden Leeds showing his nerdy side.   Serena Kotter, Cain Taylor, and Kassey McDonald take a break from chillin’ in the lockers to pose for a
 Page 3                                                                             The Talon                                                             January 2010

 W.Y.S.E. Team prepares for lift off
   By Joe Myers
     Have you ever wondered what             of W.Y.S.E. is the University of            state champions or, as stated by            available online, making it easier
 it would feel like to win a trophy          Illinois. W.Y.S.E. is intended              Mr. Jones, “At least make it further        to prepare for events.
 for taking a written test? It’s pretty      to increase students’ interest in           than Anna-Jonesboro.”                           All of the schools are divided
 hard considering that the closest           mathematics and science.                        The first of the W.Y.S.E. events        into divisions based on the size of
 thing that you can come to the shiny,            Since 2004, Mr. Jones, who             takes place at Shawnee Community            there student body. Vienna is part
 gold-plated statuette of plastic is a       inherited the team from Mr.                 College on February 4th. Every              of the 700 division. This is the
 capitol letter on a piece of paper.         Reichert, has been watching over            member takes two tests. The tests           second to smallest division, only
 This is where the W.Y.S.E. Team             this surprisingly competitive               are in computer science, English,           larger than the 300 division, and
 comes into play. W.Y.S.E. stands            activity.                                   chemistry, mathematics, physics,            smaller than the 1500 division, and
 for World Wide Youth for Science                 Mr. Jones and all his W.Y.S.E.         biology, and engineering graphics.          even larger, the Unlimited division.
 and Engineering. The headquarters           Team members hope to become                 This year, more test content is

Several members and the coach of the W.Y.S.E. Team at a meeting. Pictured left to right are Iris Rutherford, Ethan McGinnis, Kirsten Trambley, Cody Hosfeldt, Austin Bain,
Austin Leal, Joe Myers, Mr. Jones, and Christina Faith.

 Passports Ready! VHS
 Students Travel the Globe
                                                                                             New Arrival
                                                                                             By Samantha Daum
 Submitted by Mr. Giffin
     This year the Globetrotters will        Langston.
 once again be going on “holiday,”                Drake Sanders, Senior, attended
 as the Brits would say it. However,         the 2008 Greece trip he said “I had
 this spring break, London is not on         alot of fun in Greece. It was worth
 our schedule like last year. This           all the money spent. It was good
 year’s group will be traveling even         being able to go overseas in my high
 farther east and starting our trip in       school years. It was a great cultural
 the capital of Bavarian Germany;            experience being able to see all
 Munich. Before going home we will           the islands and temples. I would
 have traveled through Germany,              recommend it for anyone looking for
 Austria, Italy, and Switzerland.            fun and adventure.”
     A few of the stops include                   If you are not globe trotting
 Neuschwanstein castle, home of              this year, maybe next year’s spring
 the “Mad” king and model for                break trip to Scotland and Ireland is
 the Sleeping Beauty Castle at
 Disneyland; the Black Forest; WWII
                                             for you. Any student can go; bring
                                             a parent, grandparent, or friend if
                                                                                                     Easton Grey Lawrence
 concentration camp at Dachau; snow          you like. We will be traveling to the                                 Easton was born on
 capped Alps and alpine meadows;             Scottish highlands, visiting castles,                                 November 14, 2009
                                                                                                                      at 2:48 A.M.
 Venice, home of Marco Polo, canals,         cruising Loch Ness (maybe Nessie                                          He weighed
 gondolas, and gondoliers; and Romeo         will make an appearance), touring                                   6 pounds and 10 ounces
 and Juliet’s “fair” Verona. If all this     the beautiful St. Patrick’s cathedral,
 sounds like great adventure, it is.         day tripping to the Waterford Crystal                      Easton is the son of VHS teacher
     “This is my first year to go on         factory (look but don’t touch),
                                                                                                       Drew Lawrence and his wife, Kara.
 the Globe Trotters trip, and I am so        romping around bogs and ancient
 excited! I can’t wait to fly across         ruins, and maybe even kissing the
 the Atlantic Ocean and see part of          Blarney Stone at Blarney castle.
 Europe. I am a little nervous about
 being so far away from home and
                                                  If this adventure through Scotland
                                             and Ireland sounds like fun, join us.                       Congratulations
 my parents for nine days, but it
 will be worth it!” says Junior Paige
                                             It is not too late to sign up. See Mr.
                                             Giffin for details.                                         Mr. Lawrence!!!
Page 4                                                                           The Talon                                                                January 2010

Madrigal finally returns, after a year of rest
Page by Chelsie Racey

    For years students in our school       of about thirteen people, with each         characters.                                  The audience is served a meal and
have been a part of the Madrigal.          performing a unique character                   Also, among the cast of                  watches the performance while
But, with all the changes in band and      who are in a comical, quirky                Pirates, Arrrg!, were three student          eating. It’s fabulous food, and
choir teachers, having a Madrigal          situation.                                  from Vienna Grade School: Seth               laugh-so-hard-you-almost-choke
has been nearly impossible for the             Not only Vienna students                Holoman, Noah Jackson, and                   entertainment!
past few years. Because of a having        participated in the Madrigal this           Matthew Williams, who played the                 If you didn’t come see the
a lasting director, the Madrigal has       year. Tara Garrett, who is a                trumpet fanfare.                             Madrigal this year, cross your
finally returned!                          student at Shawnee Community                    A Madrigal is a Christmas                fingers, because it might be coming
    This year’s Madrigal consisted         College, played one of the female           tradition and is similar to a play.          back in 2011!

Top: Katie Morris (The Queen), Tara Garrett (Lady Renolds), Autumn Goines (Hic),       Top: Jessie George (Hook), Corey Ferrel (Stinker), Ethan McGinnis (Bob Bados),
‘Tink’ Board (Page). Bottom: Rebekah Waller (Madam Klepto), Christina Faith            Jazmine Henry (Lion), Daisha Wathen (Jester).
(Maiden China), Seth Holoman (A trumpeter).                                            Bottom: Matthew Williams (A trumpeter), Melanie Oliver (Captain Kidd), Kirsten
                                                                                       Trambley (Dame Helga), Noah Jackson (A trumpeter).

                                                                                       From Left: Rebekah Waller, Katie Morris, Christina Faith, and Autumn Goines look
Autumn Goines and Christina Faith relax in costume before the show begins              towards the pirate intruders in horrified shock at their lousy table manners.

Kirsten Trambley, playing Dame Helga, is   Katie Morris, as the queen, is practicing   Jazmine Henry, playing Lion, relaxes after   Jessie George dressed up as his character,
teaching the ladies how to ‘fence.’        the ‘fencing skills’ learned from Dame      being a pirate with her pirate companions    Hook, who is in the pirate Trio ‘Hook,
                                           Helga.                                      Hook and Stinker.                            Lion, and Stinker.’
Page 5                                                                               The Talon                                                         January 2010

Music students show off their hard work in Christmas Concert
By Chelsie Racey

    Once again, on December                  for a choir piece without musical
17th, the music classes have had             accompaniment), and Gospel piece
a stellar performance with their             called “Follow That Star.”
Christmas concert. The students                  And last but definitely not least,
have been working hard since the             the third group that performed was
beginning of the year, and their             Vienna High School’s band. They
hard word has paid off.                      performed songs including “Clash
    The guitar class started off the         of the Carolers,” and “Sleigh
night by playing some Christmas              Ride.”
favorites. For most of the students,             All the students performed
it was their first year of playing,          their best and earned a heartfelt
and they did an excellent job of             standing ovation from the crowd.
showing how far they have come               This being the third year that
in playing the guitar.                       Mr. Newbold has taught here at
    Choir was the next performing            Vienna High School, he has done
group, continuing their tradition            an absolutely amazing job with all
of an Acappella (an Italian term             of the music classes.                         Addie Travillion and Bobby Tanner practice their music during guitar class.

The sopranos and altos enjoy their time singing in choir class, preparing for the Spring   Sahara Veach, Dominick Tedeschi, Andrew Williams, and Donald Craig all prepare to
concert of 2010 that will be held sometime in April.                                       play some music during band.

  Cookies, quilts and letters sent to American heroes
   By Jared Johnson
                                             are doing for our country, it means
     In December of 2009, Mrs.               a lot to me. I know it’s hard on you
 McGinnis’ class wrote letters and           on the holidays because you can’t
 baked cookies for the soldiers              go home and see your family. But
 who are in, or have been to, Iraq,          they know this is something you
 fighting for our country. Many              want to do to help our country out.
 students participated in the letter         So they just have to deal with it, I
 writing and cookie making. They             am sure they miss you a lot and
 were successful in mailing the              they want you to be safe. I know
 letters, and they also had great fun.       some of my friends and family are
 Here are a few examples of the              over there where you guys are, and
 letters that were written and               I miss them to deal and can’t wait
 sent out to the American heroes.            to see them. Be safe. - Amber

 Thank you to a Hero,                        Dear Solders,
 Your willingness to serve our               Thank you for your service to our
 country by putting your life on             country. It is thanks to you that
 the line is greatly appreciated.            my family can live safely from
 The job being done for us is a              day to day. My name is Keeley.                Taylor Jackson, Cassandra Martin, Samantha Morrisette and Brittany Dixon making
 prime example that your actions                                                           cookies to be sent to the soldiers.
                                             I am a freshman at Vienna High
 speak louder than words. Once               School. I’m so excited to finally             Ms. Judy Fosse, a quilt maker at
 again, your unselfish character             be in high school, also I’m excited           Calico Corners, has been making
 is greatly appreciated and do               because I was voted by my class to            quilts for the soldiers. To the right
 not go by unheard of. Behind a              be a homecoming attendant. our                is an example of one of the quilts
 mother and father, my respect               homecoming is December the 4th                that Ms. Fosse has made. Along
 for you is greater than any other.          and I can’t wait for it to be here.           with make beautiful quilts, she is
 Lots of love and thanks.                    Our school has a huge celebration             also the person who actually sent
                           -Drake            for it is the week of coming and              off the letters and quilts. She has
                                             each day we have a different                  done many things for the soldiers
 Dear Solders,                               theme to dress up to. Hope this               and we, Americans, should look at
 Thank you for doing what you                brightened your day.        -Keeley           her examples and do the same for the
                                                                                           defenders of our country.                      A quilt for the soldiers by Ms. Judy
   Page 6                                                                      The Talon                                                      January 2010
         Talon Staff
                                          Been wondering what the Betas are doing?
                                          Page by Sarah Nelson and Elizabeth Korb
       Editor-in-Chief                         This year has been very busy for the Beta Club.           the assisted living center. The Betas can bring
          Paige Langston                                                                                 in full or travel sized bottles of lotion, shampoo,
                                           One of the Beta club sponsors, Mrs. Bradley, said it
       Assistant Editor                    has been “Much, much busier, with our officers choos-         conditioner, etc.
         Maggie Bradley                    ing to complete a service project every month.” With            Also for the month of February, the Beta Club
                                           a new project every month, Betas have had more op-            is hosting an 1980’s themed Valentine’s dance,
         Bookkeepers                       portunities for service hours than ever.                      starting after the basketball on February 12th and
           Tyler Harner                       In December, for instance, there were many differ-         ending at midnight.
           Sarah Nelson                    ent activities, including raising money to buy gifts for
                                           less fortunate children. For each five dollars students
                Staff                      brought in they earned one of their twenty required ser-
         Vanessa Canada
                                           vice hours to attend State convention. On December
         Stormi Crippen
                                           10th, several members went to Mrs. Bradley’s room
         Samantha Daum
                                           to sort out the toys that Mrs. Bradley purchased with
           Ashley Dunn
                                           the money that was raised. They were able to sponsor
         Kelly Fitzgerald
                                           over 20 children with the gifts that were bought.
          Jared Johnson
                                              Betas are also selling flower certificates from This-
          Kaylee Knight
                                           N-That Flower Shop. For only twenty dollars, the
          Elizabeth Korb
                                           card allows buyers to receive a bouquet of flowers
         Geoffory Kramp
                                           each month. The flowers incorporate a theme from the
        Jessica McMahon
                                           time of year. Half of the money that each Beta sells
            Joe Myers
                                           goes towards each Beta member’s cost for State Con-
           Chelsi Racey                                                                                  Kirsten Trambley and Mellisa Maze contemplating what
                                           vention.                                                      to buy for the children.
         Kari Robertson
                                             The Beta lock-in was a huge success. Many students
           Tyler Russell
                                           attended, and with the entertainment provided, there
                                           was no way for Betas to get bored. Little sleeping
             Advisor                       was involved since there was a ping-pong table, sev-
        Mrs. Joan Clayton                  eral video games such as Sing Star for the Wii, and
        Vienna High School                 Halo for the Xbox.
         601 N. 1st Street                   Yet another project that Betas are working on this
         Vienna, IL 62995                  January is collecting toiletry items for Autumn Ridge,
       Phone (618) 658-3011

          The Vienna High School
     Talon is a publication of the
     Desktop Publishing Class.
     Unless otherwise stated,
                                                                                                        Ryan Meyers, Drake Sanders, and Shane Carlton relaxing at the
     all articles and writings
     featured are the work of
     the students in the class.
     If you would like your ad
     to appear in The Talon,
     contact Joan Clayton at
           658-4461 x218.
     The Talon is on the web at
                                           Katie Morris, Montana Craig, Bergandi Johnson, and Tyler
                                           Harner getting tied up.

                                                                                                          Lance Duer, Marissa Ross, and Cain Taylor playing one of
                                                                                                          the many games during the lock-in.

Kate Mullins, ashamed of Shane
Carlton’s singing.

                                          Dashia Wathen, Ethan McGinnis, Kaleigh Grant, and Christina               Would someone please explain the game to
Victoria Pearl showing off her reindeer
                                          Nelson wrapping themselves in toilet paper at the lock-in.                Clayton Smith?
from the ornament exchange at the lock-
Page 7                                                                              The Talon                                                              January 2010

 It’s swine time in Mr. Hight’s room
By Jessica McMahon & Vanessa Canada

Mr. Height showing the class how to make the incisions
into the pig.
    Mr. Hight’s Biology class dissected
pigs and learned about all twenty
nine organs.     In order to dissect the
pigs, there were three main cuts.
    To make the Y-cut you first cut the mid                 Dylan Lammers looking at the hard and soft palates, and
                                                                                                                       Tyler Harner cutting into the pigs liver, which is located
                                                                                                                       under the heart and lungs, but above the intestines.
stomach down to the back legs. Then you                     the epiglottis.
cut up to chest and down the sides by the                   the chest to expose the heart, lungs,                      the internal organ. For example, if you
front and back legs, revealing all the organs,              thymus, thyroid glands, and larynx,                        laid a person and an adult pig on their back
    The second cut is the mouth cut. To                     which is also known as the voice box.                      and looked at their insides, all the organs
make this cut, you cut the corners of the                       This project was simply for the                        would be in almost the same exact places.
mouth back to and through jaw bone,                         educational purpose of discovering and                         Male pigs are called boars, the
and     pull the mouth open to expose                       examining a pig’s organs, and how the pigs’                females are called sows, and the baby
soft pallet, hard pallet, and epiglottis.                   insides highly resemble a human. They                      pigs (as dissected) are called piglets.
    The third and final cut opens                           both have the same sizes and positions of                  The average pigs dissected were male.

Haley Hand and Maggie Bradley examining the pig before the big test.         Drew Walsh putting a sleeping spell on the pig as Marissa Ross pokes and prods the spleen.

Kelly Fitzgerald, Victoria Pearl, and Brooke Childress studying the pig and its organs.    Dillon Hall, Cady Ross, and Tyler Langley getting in the pig for the second day.
Page 8       The Talon              January 2010

              S S
           L P
         C    I
            L      S
              N  C
              e by
Page 9                                                                   The Talon                                                                 January 2010

Class Lip Syncs & Homecoming skits
Page by Tyler Harner

                                                                                  Sophomores, Chrissy Glass, Marley Ayyad, Kari Robertson, and Heather Nance
                                                                                  perform a Spice Girls routine.

       Ethan McGinnis, Brandon Tanner, and Shane Carlton play back-up
       with guitars during the Senior Lip Sync.

                                                                             Dashia Wathen, Ryan Meyers, and Cody Hosfeldt show their support for homecoming
                                                                             king candidate Ethan McGinnis.

       Freshmen, Keeley Harper, Mikayla Stokes, Maria Botello, and Racheal
       Sullivan lip sync along with the Beatles song,” Yellow Submarine”

                                                                                       Jacob Lane, Heather Nance, Tyler Harner, and Cody Evans perform a variety
                                                                                       of raps for Queen candidate Laeytn Field’s homecoming skit.

      Marissa Martinez, Clarissa Court, Hannah McGinnis, Kirsten Trambley, and
      Emily Horn show off their basketball skills in the Junior lip sync.
                                                                                          For Queen candidate Kelsey Harper’s skit, Keeley Harper and Dashia
                                                                                          Marr get in touch with their gangster roots.
Page 10                                                        The Talon                                             January 2010

Class Distinction Day
 Page by Kari Robertson

The Class of 2010 expressing their Senior pride after taking first place in Class Distinction Day during Homecoming Week 2009.

Pictured above is the Junior Class proudly showing their VHS spirit during Class Distinction Day of Homecoming Week.

                                                                                 Johnson County
                                                                                  State’s Attorney
                                                                                     Tricia Shelton

                    Residential Wiring
                       P.O. Box 431
                     Vienna, IL 62995                                                 Johnson County Courthouse
                      618-658-9774                                                          PO Box 1257
                       Scott Wright                                                        Vienna, IL 62995
                                                                                        Phone: (618) 658-9318
                                                                                         Fax: (618) 658-9339
Page 11                                                        The Talon                                                January 2010

Above is the Sophomore Class taking time out of the Homecoming Activities of 2009 to show their class pride on Class Distinction Day.

Shown above is the Freshman Class enjoying their first year of Homecoming Week 2009 during Class Distinction Day.

                                               Banking with local style
                                                    402-04 Court Street - Vienna, IL 62995
                                                            Phone: (618) 658-2011

                         25 locations                37 ATMs             Member FDIC                          31 locations                 37 ATM’s                     Member FDIC
Page 12                                                                        The Talon                                                            January 2010
Page by Stormi Crippen and Tyler Russell

      Jonathan Gearing
                                              Senior Spotlights
                                                   Michael Goines                            Sabrina Wilson                               Erica Evers

If you could re-live one day If you could re-live one day If you could re-live one day If you could re-live one day
in high school, what day in high school, what day in high school, what day in high school, what day
would it be?                 would it be?                 would it be?                 would it be?
That’s a hard one, it would probably be    The day I started playing football. It’s    Homecoming week because it was            The skits and lip syncs during
one day in FFA week because that’s the     the best sport ever and Coach Rude is       fun.                                      homecoming week.
best week of the year.                     awesome!                                    What is one thing you would               What is one thing you would
What is one thing you would                What is one thing you would                 change about yourself?                    change about yourself?
change about yourself?                     change about yourself?                                                                I wouldn’t change anything about
                                                                                       I would lose some weight.
Nothing. I am pretty pleased.              I wouldn’t get mad as easily.
                                                        If you were given a million                                              myself.
If you were given a million If you were given a million
                                                        dollars what would you do If you were given a million
dollars what would you do dollars what would you do                                     dollars what would you do
                                                        with it?
with it?                    with it?                    Buy a house, a car and, pay for with it?
I would buy a farm and equipment to farm   Buy a 4x4 diesel truck, buy a house,        college.                                  I would buy a house on Kentucky
with because that is what I love to do.    then do whatever else comes to mind.
                                                                      What are your future plans                                 Lake. It’s my favorite place to be.
What are your future plans                 What are your future plans after high school?               What are your future plans
after high school?                         after high school?         I plan on becoming a Junior High after high school?
I’m not completely sure yet, but it will   Go to college to be a mechanic and spend    Special Education teacher.                I plan on going to Shawnee College to
probably involve agriculture.              time with my amazing girlfriend Amber.
What actor do you think What actor do you think What actress do you think
                                                                                                                                 become a Health Information Tech.
                                                you’re most like?                                                                What actress do you think
you’re most like?       you’re most like?       Dakota Fanning                                                                   you’re most like?
I have no idea. I do not watch TV.         Burt Reynolds. He can be funny, but
What is your favorite thing                mostly he is straight-foward with things.
                                                                                       What is your favorite thing               Julia Roberts because Stormi said so.
                                                                                       about winter?                             What is your favorite thing
about winter?                              What is your favorite thing
                                                                                       I love Christmas time because its such    about Winter?
Absolutely NOTHING! I hate winter with     about winter?
a passion! It should be summer all year                                                a beautiful time of year, and of course   Christmas, because I love giving gifts.
                                           Of course the snow!
long!                                                                                  the snow is great!
 Phone: (618) 658-3191                                   Fax: (618) 658-5007

                     Goddard’s                                                                    Title and Abstract
                    Auto Body Inc.                                                                              Rick Wiggs
                                865 Old Rte, 146 Loop
                                Vienna, Illinois 62995
                                                                                                                Sherri Ross
                            24 Hour Towing
                                 Tires                                                                        504 W Main St.
                               Auto Sales                                                                     Vienna, IL 62995
  Family owned and operated since 1974

  Real Rehab & Fitness
  Physical                                                     Full Fitness
  Therapy                                                        Center
                                                                                        Locally Owned!
                                                                                                   Harmon Autoglass
  Water Aerobics                                         Swimming Pool

                            811 N. 1st
                           Vienna, IL                                                  1-866-838-GLASS
Page 13                                                                     The Talon                                                          January 2010
Page by Stormi Crippen and Tyler Russell
             Freshman                                             Sophmore                                                 Junior
               Tyler Wright                                         Dylan Baker                                           Nick Mott

What was the scariest moment of                      What was the scariest moment of                   What was the scariest moment of
your life?                                           your life?                                        your life?
My sister’s birth.                                   The Driver’s Ed test.                             One day I was stuck at the house and phones were down.
What is your idea of a perfect Valen-                What is your idea of a perfect Valen-             All of our neighbors were gone and I was fully con-
tine’s Day?                                          tine’s Day?                                       vinced that I was the last guy on the face of the earth.
A bunch of women around me with beef jerky and       Chilling in a hot tub with Megan Fox.             What is your idea of a perfect Valen-
Mountain Dew.                                        Who was your favorite superhero as a              tine’s Day?
                                                                                                       Valentine’s Day isn’t really “celebrated” when you are
Who was your favorite superhero as a                 child?                                            single, soo... I guess the ideal Valentine’s day is sitting
child?                                               Superman because he is the bomb.                  around playing love songs on my guitar.
Batman, because he is almost as awesome as me.       If you could spend one day with a                 Who was your favorite superhero as a
Plus, I dig the cape.                                celebrity who would it be?                        child?
If you could spend one day with a                    Tiger Woods, because we both play golf.           Spiderman, first off the web spinning thing is pretty
celebrity who would it be?                           What is your New Year’s resolution?               sweet, and he has one of the few “super suits” that actu-
Michael Phelps.                                      To play better golf.                              ally looks really cool. (Especially the black one)
What is your New Year’s resolution?                  What is your favorite thing about                 If you could spend one day with a
Try not to super glue anything to my body.           VHS?                                              celebrity who would it be?
What is your favorite thing about                    FFA week because of muddy truck day.              Megan Fox, do I really have to say why?
VHS?                                                                                                   What is your New Year’s resolution?
The ladies and Christian Stafford because he is as                                                     To prepare for the 2012 apocalypse.
awesome as me. P.S to all the single ladies Tyler-
                                                                                                       What is your favorite thing about
                                                                                                       It is so diverse, there are a lot of unique people that go
                                                                                                       to this school. This ensures that anyone can find good
                                                                                                       friends if they look hard enough.


         Home Center
     418 E. Davie St.                                                       505 E. Vine St. P.O. Box 6
     Anna, IL. 62906                                                                  Vienna, IL. 62995
     Phone: 618-833-2101                                                           Phone: 618-658-3761
     Fax: 618-833-4166                                                               Fax: 618-658-9152

                                                                                               Johnson County
                                                                                                Farm Bureau
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                                                                                                         Carol Hall

                             Vienna, IL
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Page 14                                                                    The Talon                                                           January 2010

  Page by Stormi Crippen and Tyler Russell

                                                                     Freshman                                               Junior
          Heather Nance                                                Tori Page                                   Makesha Pritchett
             Heather Nance
                                                                                                                     Makesha Pritchett

What was the scariest moment in your                    What was the scariest moment in your                 What was the scariest moment in your
life?                                                   life?                                                life?
I’d have to say it was Halloween night. My              Probably the first tornado I had ever been through   When me and Jessica went 4- wheeler riding and
friends and I tried to stay the night at a church and   when I was 8!                                        I hit a tree and I saw my life flash before my eyes.
everybody bailed. You guy’s know who you are!           What is your idea of the perfect                     What is your idea of the perfect
What is your idea of the perfect                        Valentine’s day?                                     Valentine’s day?
Valentine’s day?                                        Even though I’m not into that holiday, I would       Going out to eat at a nice restaurant with Conner,
Just being with Mark. Oh maybe Valentine’s Day          have to say the perfect Valentine’s Day would be     then go to some place romantic because I love
could be our movie night! :)                            having a great time with your “Valentine” and        being with him.
Who was your favorite superhero as a                    add some chocolate and pretty flowers in there.      Who was your favorite superhero as a
child?                                                  Who was your favorite superhero as a                 child?
Batman. I always thought his voice was sexy.            child?                                               Catwoman.
Sort of like Clint Eastwood’s!                          Spiderman. When you grow up with a brother           If you could spend one day with a
If you could spend one day with a                       things tend to rub off.                              celebrity who would it be?
celebrity who would it be?                              If you could spend one day with a                    Taylor Lautner because he is gorgeous and he
Taylor Lautner! WOO BABY                                celebrity who would it be?                           could be my Jacob.
What is your New Year’s resolution?                     Hayley Williams. She’s my favorite celebrity         What is your New Year’s resolution?
Bring up my grades and keep my room clean for           and being around a lead singer sounds pretty         It was to get back with Conner and not fight and
a change.                                               awesome to me.                                       argue with him anymore. We are back together.
What is your favorite thing about VHS?                  What is your New Year’s resolution?                  What is your favorite thing about VHS?
I love all the people. I love the atmosphere and        To keep my grades up and to be a better person.      The classes and the teachers, because the teachers
most of all the teachers.                               What is your favorite thing about VHS?               are nice and if you need any help they will and
                                                        There are constantly activities going on.            the classes are easy if you listen!

      Dahncke Pharmacy                                                                   Jon A. Simmons
           Free Daily Delivery in Vienna

       803 1/2 North 1st St.                                                                        Auctioneer
        Vienna, IL 62995

                           Mon-Fri 8:30-5:30
                            Sat 9-Noon
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                                                                                                      J.R. Evers, Owner

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                                                                                              30 years experience
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              Bobby Collins, Owner                                                            Fax: 634-2605
Page 15                                                                      Talon                                                                    January 2010

Page by Stormi Crippen and Tyler Russell
                                               Mystery Spotlights

Where can we find you at                   Where can we find you at              Where can we find you at                     Where can we find you at
lunch?                                     lunch?                                lunch?                                       lunch?
Usually in the commons or in the           Probably at Dairy Queen with my       At the same table everyday with some         In the old commons.
media center.                              friends.                              of my close friends.                         What is your phobia?
What is your phobia?                       What is your phobia?                  What is your phobia?                         Snakes, because I almost got bit by
Don’t have one.                            Mr. Waters, he freaks me out.         NEEDLES!!! I almost cry every time           one.
What store do you shop at                  What store do you shop at             I get them. They are very scary!             What store do you shop at
the most?                                  the most?                             What store do you shop at                    the most?
Hot Topic and Wal-Mart.                    Wal-Mart and Gander Mountain.         the most?                                    Gander Mountain.
What is your favorite ice                  What is your favorite ice             American Eagle. It’s my new favorite         What is your favorite ice
cream?                                     cream?                                store.                                       cream?
Chocolate.                                 Chocolate.                            What is your favorite ice                    Rocky Road.
What is your most prized                   What is your most prized              cream?                                       What is your most prized
possession that you can’t                  possession that you can’t             Chocolate.                                   possession that you can’t
live without?                              live without?                         What is your most prized                     liv0e without?
My video games.                            My Mossy Oak Duck Blind coat.         possession that you can’t                    My Ibanez guitar because I love to
                                                                                 live without?                                play.
                                                                                 My friends and family. Without
                                                                                 friends there is no one to make you
                                                                                 laugh and have great memories with.
                                                                                 Family is always there for you.

                                                                                                                                        3. Montana Craig 4. Alex Ross
                                                                                                                                        1. Cody Pender 2. Mark Stram

               Student ID days                                                                                (618) 658-9597
                  Vienna, IL                                                                              6685 U.S. Highway 45 N.
                                                                                                               Vienna, Illinois
                         Get $1 off a footlong                                                 
                         or $.50 off a 6 inch
          When you show your valid student ID                                                  Professional Quality Graphics,
                                                                                                Murals, Lettering, & Signage
                                                                                                        Fall Is Here!!!
     Norris Auto Body                                                                                 Register to Vote!!
                                                                                     If you are 18 or goIng to be 18 by february 2nd, 2010 you can regIster and vote!!!

             298 May Ave
             Buncombe, IL
             (618) 658-2800                                                                                  Robin Harper-Whitehead
                                                                                                               Johnson County Clerk
Page 16                                                                  The Talon                                                January 2010

 Page by Jared Johnson

                                            Vi-Hi Opinion
                                           We asked a few VHS students on their opinion of a certain question.

                                           What is your favorite movie and why?
                         Elizabeth Korb                                     Brittany Barkley                     Travis Dodson
                         “I have many                                       “Rose Red,
                                                                                                                 “The Waterboy,
                         favorites but the one                              because it has
                                                                                                                 because my mama said
                         I like the most right                              paranormal
                         now is Labyrinth                                   activity, though
                         because of its 80’s                                it is not real.”
                         cheesiness and
                         awesome sound

                         Josh Wiltermood                                    Eddie Botello                        Ethan McGinnis
                         “Never Back                                        “I would have to                     “A Clockwork
                         Down, ‘cause                                       say that I don’t                     Orange, it
                         it’s amazin’                                       really have a                        expounds upon
                         and fits me....                                    favorite, but I like                 the subject of
                         YO!!!! Fo                                          comedies       with                  moral choice and
                         shizzle d-                                         Will Ferrel and the                  humanity. And it
                         good.”                                             House Bunny.”                        has an amazing

   Lawrence &                                                                                      S A M ’S
                                                                                            H ig hw a y 45 N o rth
                                                                                                 V ie nna, IL
  “Contact us
  for all your
                                                                                   John Huckelberry
     needs”                                                                           Tax Service
                                                                                 315 North 3rd Street
          “On the Square”                                                        Vienna, IL
      Box 126, Vienna, IL 62995                                                  (618)-658-9252
           (618) 658-9121

          A Tradition in Service Since 1981
                                                                                 We have Electronic Filing!
Page 17                                                        The Talon                                                                   January 2010

                    Valentine’s Heart Grams
Page by Kaylee Knight and Samantha Daum

                                                                                                                    Jose Ruiz
                       Alexis                                                                               I think your absolutely
                    I love you!                                                                         gorgeous! You’re an amazing guy,
                                                       Happy Valentines                                 any girl would be so lucky to be
                Happy Valentines Day                     Blake Grey                                      able to call you their guy. One
                      Love Sissy                          I <3 You                                      day myself I hope to make you
                                                                                                                     mine. :)
                                                       Anastasia April                                      Love Your Secret Admirer

                  Dear Drew K,
             Your ride is sweet. Those
          jeans you wore yesterday are
           absolutely amazing on you.                                                                                      Dear Bubbles,
          I love your hair and watching                  Kaylee and Aleasha                                            You are loud, crazy, a
              you at your locker :)              I love you guys so much! We’ve been                                nutcase but you are indeed
                    Your love,                         through so much together                                       my best friend ever, even
                   Shaniqwah                    and I hope we continue to go through                                 though you’re the biggest
                                                 many more things together. You guys                                 goober I’ve ever met. Eye
                                                are like my sisters, I’ll be there for you                          Love Yew wif all my heart!
                                                                                                                          Jessica Capron
                                                whenever you need me. Hope you have a
                                                        Happy Valentines day!
                                                            Hugs n Kisses

               Dear David Hill,
                (a.k.a bestfriend)
                                                                                               To All Girls,
             :) Best teacher EVER!
                                                                                               I LOVE YOU!
                 I love you! (:                                                              Love A Freshman
             p.s you know who this is

                                                         Ms. Sherwood
                                                        To the best dance
                                                           partner ever.                                                Mrs. Goines
                              Sky,                                                                                   You are amazing!
                        I think you are a             From Clayton Smith
                                                                                                                       I Love You :)
                        little plum :-)                                                                             Love Kaylee Knight
                         Love Rascal

       This -N- That                        Flower and Gift Shop
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    Plush Animals
                                                Vienna, IL
                                                Look for the
                                            multicolored building
                                            at the intersection!

                 Tuxedo                                              Also specializing in
                 Rentals                                           Zoppini Charm Bracelets
Page 18                                                                  The Talon                                                               January 2010

Attention Book Worms: Your Club Is Here
Page by Vanessa Canada & Geoffory Kramp
                                         better. The club chooses the books
                                         they read. Either the students will
                                         suggest one or they get to vote
                                         on the book they want to read.
                                             The club plans on reading the
                                         book, The Lovely Bones, and then
                                         going to see the movie. The book
                                         and movie, The Lovely Bones, is
                                         about a girl who was murdered and
                                         comes back to watch over her family
Mrs. Bradley and Mr. Giffin, book club
sponsors.                                to get vengeance on her killer and
                                         help her family heal from her death.   Andrew Williams, Ethan McGinnis, and Cody Hosfeldt sitting looking at their books.
    VHS has a new club and it                This is just one of the many
has had a great turn out so far.         great books you will be able to
The sponsors of the club are Mr.         read. It’s not to late to join book
Giffin and Mrs. Bradley. They            club. So go find Mrs. Bradley
are deeply honored to be the club        or Mr. Giffin and join now!
sponsors. “It is very important for
students to read because it helps VHS Homecoming
them develop their vocabulary Continued from page 1
and it generally improves reading
                                         It was crazy day on Thursday
comprehension,”      stated   Mrs.
                                     and students dressed up as random
Bradley and Mr. Giffin.              and wild as possible. Clothes clashed Members of the book club discussing their book.
    Both Mr. Giffin and Mrs. and mismatched as untamed hair The Freshmen pulled out the win class lip syncs are displayed after
Bradley thought of starting a book and make-up made eye brows rise. for the obstacle course and left the lunch and until the end of the day.
club. The club is planning to read The Juniors managed to take the win crowd impressed over their victory.                 The class lip sync theme this year
approximately one book every three for the most dressed for Thursday.         As Friday rolled along, blue and was a little different. Each class had
weeks. It doesn’t cost anything to       An obstacle course was the orange flooded the halls throughout a different music genre. Freshmen
join the book club. The only cost is Thursday’s activity. This course the school as people expressed their were classic rock, Sophomores
that you buy your own books.         involved crawling under mats, VHS spirit. Traditionally, Friday were hip-hop, Juniors were Rap,
    They meet once a month to carrying a ball with a dinosaur has always been spirit day and and the Seniors were country. The
discuss the books they would like grabber toy, spinning in circles VHS is definitely keeping it alive. Sophomores prevailed over the
to read. The club is a great way then dribbling a basketball, jump This day has been claimed to be the other classes in order to take home
to meet new friends and get to roping, and rolling people on most entertaining day of the week. first place in the class lip syncs.
know your fellow students a little scooters through cones blindfolded. Homecoming candidate skits and

    Mot t Excavat ing
                       Mor r is a n d D a n e l l M o t t
                                                   P.O. Box 61 3
                                                Vienna IL, 62995
                                             H o me: (61 8) 652-2605
                                              C ell: (61 8) 771-2692
                                              Fa x: (61 8) 658-321 4

    Fr e e E s t i m a t e s
                    General Contracting
                  For all your dirtwork needs!
Page 19                                                       The Talon                                            January 2010
Page by Kaylee Knight, Sarah Nelson, and Paige Langston

                     Straight from the Heart
                              You Caught Me                                              Morning Fire & Midnight
                               By Kaylee Knight                                                   Mist
Everything was falling,                                                                         By Anthony Bible
                               We flew up to the clouds,
                                                                        From the darkness of the night,
It was falling so fast.        And over the sea.                        Emerges rays of morning light.
No one to catch me,            Around the world,                        Dispelling Moon and Midnight’s mist,
I shattered like glass.        It was you and me.                       Engulfing Earth in Sun’s warm kiss;
Then you came out of no where, You never let me fall,                   ‘Tis the gift of Morning’s Fire, to burn
Straight from the sky,         You held my hand,                        the night and spark desire.
Grabbing my hand,              Straight through it all.                 To give us warmth along with life,
You taught me to fly.                                                   and light the path away from strife.
                                                                        But like all things,
                          Red-Letter Day                                the day must end, at twilight,
                           By Dylan Latham
                                                                        night once more begins.
 A s we approach the red-letter          somewhere war m and sandy.
                                         Some though don’t care where
                                                                        The moon returns for all to see,
 We are reminded of couples as           the are as long as they ’re    and turns the tides in gentle ease.
 they laugh and play.                    together.                      A wolf now howls as others rest,
 T hey look as though they could         T hey k now they ’ ll go far,  It hunts for prey, survival’s test.
 go ‘t il they ’re g ray,                Like seeing a shoot ing star.  However, the sounds will cease,
 L aughing and en joy ing each           Tr uly g reat and unique,      As sun rises in the East.
 other.                                  On this day they ’re any thing
                                                                        Midnight mist and morning fire;
 Some act like sister and brother, but weak .
 Like they cannot get enough of          Although there are those who Moon’s calm grace and sun’s desire,
 one another.                            g ive this day cr it ique,     Both essential to creation,
 Red and pink cards and hear t           W ho say that it ’s a day they For life and love and inspiration.
 shaped candy.                                   hate.
 T he mere thought is really quite               But even they k now this day is
 dandy.                                          great ,
 A lot of couples would like to be               So enjoy it now, no need to wait.

      Secret Talon advisor
                                                                   Vienna Times
                                                                      PO Box 457
                                                                      Vienna, IL

                       Love, Your Editors!<3

          Wetherell                                                                  Danell L Mott
                                                                      Johnson County Supervisor of Assessments
          Dentistry                                                           Office Located in Courthouse Annex
          805 N. 1st Street                                               658-8010

             Vienna, IL                                                   Residence

                      658-8361                                            Fax
                                                                                Have a safe and prosperous year!
Page 20                                              The Talon                                                January 2010
Poetry by Kaylee Knight
                              Straight From The Heart Continued
Friends                                       I Wanna Be
We all have that special                      I wanna be your sunshine to your rainy day,
friend                                        the color of your paper that takes away the Grey.
who listens to our                            I wanna be the last person you think about at night,
problems and difficulties.                    your favorite star that you say shines the most bright.
Who makes life a bit                          I wanna be the first person you think about at dawn,
easier by just being there                    the girl that you’d die for if the next day i was gone.
Reaching out                                  I wanna be that girl you point at and say that’s her,
Sharing doubt                                 the girl you can see yourself with forever and be for sure.
When life gets you down                       I wanna be that girl that you say means the world and more,
Having that special bond                      the girl you’re willing to tell yours friends I’m yours.
between friends                               I wanna the that girl that you’d love forever,
A bond that time                              the girl you want to marry and nothing means never.
cannot break.                                 I wanna be that girl you’d be willing to call in the middle of the night,
We all need someone                           just to say you’re sorry if at one point we would fight,
To talk to in our life,                       I wanna be that girl that you’d hug to show the love you make,
A friend to whom we run                       the girl you’d do anything for just to show me what we have ain’t fake.
In times of stress or strife                  I wanna be that girl who you’d hold your hand with tight,
When I am angry,                              just to make me feel like we can be one, that you’ll love me with all your might
you are there to soothe                       I wanna be that girl that you’d write a song for even if you can’t sing,
my aggression.                                just to show me that you’re worth it to what you willing to bring,
And when I am sad,                            I wanna be that girl you show that you’re always going to care,
you are there to cheer me up.                 that you’d run a thousand miles just to show you’d always be there,
For everything                                I wanna be that girl you can talk to because you can,
and all that you do,                          just to show me you can open up and can act like a man,
I want you to know                            Boy, I wanna be that girl you say is your one in one million,
I’ll do the same for you.                     the girl you’d say is your one in one billion,
You’ve been a true friend                     All I really want to be is your beautiful everything..
I hope you stay                               but I know you just see me as just an ordinary girl.
I would be so very empty
If you ever went away.

    J.W. Reynolds Memorials                                 Bailey Funeral Home
                                     you’ve heard
                                     about all your                      705 N. First Street
                                                                         Vienna, IL 62995
                                                                           (618) 658-2311
          Phone: 658-2911 or 1-800-526-9180
                                                                           Brian Bailey
                          Vienna, Illinois
                                                                          Brent Williams

  PO BOx 125                                                         Ben Adams              Randy Spurlock
  VIeNNA, IL 62995                                                        809 N. 1st Street, P.O. Box 335
                                                                                Vienna, IL 62995

  888-346-6065                                                   Office Phone:
                                                                 (618) 658-2881
Page 21                                                         The Talon                                                      January 2010

 Mix-N-Match Talon Wish List
By Kari Robertson and Stormi Crippen

One day, while the Talon was hard at work, a genie came and granted each Talon member two wishes. See if you can match the members with
their wishes!

       1. Elizabeth                    A. All the seasons of                 10. Joe                      J. A cookie and those
                                         Family Guy and Mr.                                                  purple shoes
          Korb                           Chow in my trunk                       Myers
                                                                                                          K. An X-Box 360 Elite
2. Sarah                               B. Another snake and a          11. Jared                             and a unicorn
                                          pool of nacho cheese
  Nelson                                                                  Johnson
                                                                                                          L. More non-Verizon
                                       C. A puppy and for                                                    text messages and a
       3. Kari                            people to stop making              12. Paige                       toaster
          Robertson                       fun of Rudolph
                                                                                 Langston                 M. A Rottweiler and
                                       D. Contacts and a fire
                                                                                                             Jacob Black
4. Tyler                                  extinguisher                 13. Maggie
   Harner                              E. A Cannon Rebel T 1i             Bradley                         N. A South Park DVD
                                                                                                             box set and The
                                         and a white tiger
       5. Stormi                                                             14. Chelsie
                                                                                                             Nobel Peace Prize
         Crippen                       F. Gas money and a life
                                                                                 Racey                    O. Lemon Girl Scout
                                          time supply of                                                     Cookies and my own
6. Kelly                                  Squeeze Pops
                                                                       15. Kaylee
                                                                                                             Emmet Cullen
   Fitzgerald                          G. Another tattoo and a            Knight                          P. To grow 2 inches and
                                          donkey                                                             a pet rock
    7. Jessica
                                                                             16. Geoffory                 Q. A laptop and a
      McMahon                          H. A PS3 and a pot of
                                          gold                                   Kramp                      Certificate of
8. Tyler                                                                                                    Ownership for Burger
                                       I. A bunch of scary                                                  King
   Russell                                movies and Channing          17. Ashley                         O, 13-P, 14-L, 15-M, 16-K, 17- J

    9. Sam Daum                           Tatum to be my Santa             Dunn
                                                                                                          6-A, 7-I, 8-H, 9-E, 10-N, 11-Q, 12-
                                                                                                          Answers: 1-D, 2-C, 3-F, 4-B, 5-G,

                    The Secret Garden
                                             “We Deliver”
                                            209 N 1st Street
                                           Vienna, IL 62995
       Monday - Friday 9:00 - 4:30                                                             Telephone:
          Saturday     9:00 - 1:00                                                             658-9215

                                           Owner: Shelia Harper
Page 22                                                                         The Talon                                                              January 2010

    Art Class comes out with yet another amazing project
    Page by Maggie Bradley and Geoffory Kramp
                                              This year Mr. Palmer’s Art class created ornaments to place
                                         onto their Christmas tree in the classroom. Students from other
                                         classes voted for their favorite, the student who won received a cup
                                         of candy!
                                             Congratulations to all who won!

                                                                                      The Christmas House was made by
                                         Fourth place went to Sophomore Eddie         Ashley Dunn. Below is the inside of this   Third place went to Senior Autum Goins
Second place went to Senior Deanna       Botello for his creation of Feliz Navidad.   ornament.                                  for her black dress angel.
Morris for her Santa Stuck in Chimney.

                                                                                                                                 Above is the inside of The Christmas
Dear Santa was created by senior                                                                                                 House by Ashley Dunn.
Brandon Tanner.                          First place went to Heather Nance for        Sophomore Elizabeth Korb was dreaming
                                         her interpretation of the Peanuts classic    of a white Christmas when she created
                                         character Snoopy.                            this beautiful snow angel.

                                                                                               707 E Vine St.
                                                                                               Vienna, IL 62995
                           323 E Vine Street                                                   (618) 658-7086
                           Vienna, IL 62995
                           (618) 658-9218
                            Bob Harper
                            Kelly Harper

        Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
          Saturday: 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Page 23                           The Talon              March 2009

                    200 N 1st Street, Vienna, IL 62995
               Drive-up Open
                                                CALL US AT
            7:30 AM - 5:00 PM
          Sat 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

                          NG d        Lobby Open
                  C HEC ing an     Monday-Thursday
            F REE bank            8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
                 ne l pay
           O n-li bil          Friday 8:30AM - 5:00 PM
                                Saturday 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

 Member FDIC
Page 24                  The Talon             October 2009

    Blizzards                              Novelties

                      soft serve

                    studeNt special
                cheeseBurger, fries, aNd
 royal treats           a driNk            suNdaes

          “DQ Something Different”

                Come in and see
                  your friends
                    at DQ!

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