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[University Name] King’s College
[Program Director Name, Program Director Title] Joseph P. Lyons Sc.D.
[Program Name] Public Health Certificate and Master’s Degree programs
[Address] King’s College, McGowan School of Business
[Address] Wilkes Barre
[Address] Pennsylvania 18711
[Phone] 570 208 5900 x 5697
FAX: [Fax] 570 208 5989
E-mail: [Email]
Website: [Website]

Program Title
           Public Health Administration Certificate and Master’s Degree programs
Program Information
King’s offers a 15 credit Certificate program in Public Health Administration. King’s also offers
a 15-credit graduate certificate program in Executive Leadership in Health Care Administration
both on and off campus locations. Students who complete the graduate certificate program and
choose to enter the master’s program may transfer certificate courses into the degree program.

Length of Program
Public Health Administration Certificate- 5 courses, 1 year part-time, evening and week ends
Master’s Degree programs- 15 courses-3 years part-time
Degree Requirements/Learning Mechanism Description (Optional)
Program courses are offered on main campus during the fall and spring both in the evening in
traditional 15-week semesters and on Saturday mornings in an accelerated format. Summer
courses are offered in an accelerated format, either in the evening or on Saturday mornings.
Certain graduate courses are now available to be taken entirely on-line through Web CT. Some
courses are also offered as a mixture of traditional in-class instruction and on-line study (“brick
and click”). The courses are offered in accelerated seven-week semesters on Saturday mornings
throughout the year.
Admission Procedures and Requirements
The Graduate Admissions Committee is concerned with each applicant’s interest, aptitude, and
potential for achievement in graduate studies. The structure of the programs lends itself to both
recent college graduates and professionals who have delayed their graduate studies.
   All applicants should possess a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university.
Before an applicant will be evaluated, he or she must submit:
   • A completed application form
   • An official transcript from all undergraduate and graduate institutions attended
   • A professional resume, if applicable
   • Scores from the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or the Graduate Management
      Admission Test (GMAT), if required
  • Letters of recommendation from instructors or supervisors
  • A non-refundable application fee of $35
   The application form and all supporting documents should be submitted to the Director of
Graduate Programs at least three weeks prior to the date of final registration in the session or
semester in which the applicant seeks to enroll.

The tuition charge for graduate programs in business and education as of Fall 2004 is $590 per
credit hour.

Curriculum Information (Optional)
The curriculum is designed so that students develop a solid foundation in core business
disciplines including Finance, Accounting, Quantitative Methods, and introductory health care
courses before they explore the relevant applications of these disciplines to problems of the
health care industry in more advanced/specialized courses. The Program’s collaboration with
several local and regional health care organizations provides access to many projects for the
faculty and students.

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