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									                  Piper News
                         “Raising All Students towards Distinction”
      Principal: Mr. S. Lockhart
 Vice Principal: Ms C. Simpson, Mr. R. Gilhuly

Congratulations to the JV Boys Basketball
team for winning this year's Provincial
Championships over Glenlawn Collegiate
by 4 points. Dallas Murphy was named to
the Provincial All-star team and Boris
Zimbakov was named Provincial MVP.
Thank you for all the fan support from staff
and students; it was much appreciated.

Congratulations to the John Taylor
Cheerleading team for their recent victory
at the Manitoba Cheerfest competition
held at the University of Manitoba
February 26, 2011. The team did
exceptionally well and provided
spectators with an entertaining
performance that landed them first
place in their Cheer category.

On Saturday March 12, Science and Physics students from John Taylor Collegiate competed in the
annual spaghetti bridge competition put on by APEGM. Our students enjoyed the contest and we
had successes as well. John Taylor students won the category for grade 10, 11 and 12.
Gr. 10 Shelby C. and Meagan L. 113kg              Gr. 11 Brett J. 88kg
Gr. 12 Derek S. and Winson C. 150kg
As always, the event was well run by APEGM and a large donation was made to Winnipeg Harvest.
March                                                   NOTES FROM THE OFFICE
18 Grad Fashion Show
18 In-service – No School                      By now all grade nine, ten and eleven students should have
21-25 Spirit Week                              returned their 2011-2012 registration form to the office. The
23 Parent Teacher Interviews,                  return of these forms is important as it allows us to properly
    Early Dismissal                            staff our school and timetable students so they have a great
24 Grad Retakes                                chance to obtain all their choices for next year. If your son or
25 Gym Blast                                   daughter has not returned their form, please do so as soon as
25 Last Day of Class                           possible.
    – Spring Break
April                                          Congratulations to the JT ladies curling team which won the
04 School Re-opens                             West Winnipeg Athletic Conference championship 2 weeks
05 Staff Mtg Early Dismissal                   ago. The team of Amber Whitton, Sydney Arnal, Hayley Ryan,
08 30 Hour Famine                              Sarah Leileveld, and Meghan Ryan. The girls competed for
18-21 Production of Disney’s Mulan Jr.         the provincial championship in Dauphin..
19 Prof. Learning Mtg Early Dismissal          Our Boys Curling team also had a great year and won the
21 Senior Years Reports                        consolation championship for the WWAC conference.
22 Good Friday – No School
May                                            Congratulations to our Jr. Varsity Girls Basketball team who
03 Staff Mtg Early Dismissal                   were conference finalists in 2011. The girls competed in the
05 Heritage Fair                               provincials where they were semi-finalists and were an injury
06 MAD Canada Presentation                     away from winning the provincial championships.
17 Prof. Learning Mtg Early Dismissal          Congratulations to all players and coaches Jana Taylor, Kari
23 Victoria Day                                Bergmuller and Carol Simpson. Special mention to Chelsea
25 Piper Palooza                               McBey who was selected a provincial all-star.
31 Jazz Band and Vocal Jazz Concert
June                                           Our Jr Varsity Boys concluded a fantastic season by winning
07 Staff Mtg Early Dismissal                   the provincial championship over a very talented and athletic
08 Athletic Banquet                            team from Glenlawn. The Pipers came back from a 14 point
09 Dance Recital                               deficit(as usual) to win a thrilling 67-63 final. Thanks to the
17-23 Assessment Week                          huge numbers of JT students and parents who came out to
24 Grad Rehearsal                              support our boys.
27 Grad Ceremony
28 Grad Dinner and Dance                       Good luck to our Grade 12 students who are performing in
30 Last Day - Senior Years Reports             the Grad fashion show this Friday. From the recent
                                               performance in front of the whole school it should be a great
       PARENT TEACHER                          Good luck to our JT Badminton and Track teams which are
         INTERVIEWS                            competing in WWAC conference matches and meets. Other
The next Parent/Teacher Interviews will be     activities coming up include Rugby, Team Handball, Soccer,
held on Wednesday, March 23rd from 3:40        Ultimate and Outdoor Track and Field.
– 7:00 by appointment only. Parents can
set up their passwords now, and starting       Have a great spring break.
March 18th will use the same link to book
the appointments with teachers and
  You can go to the John Taylor website to
            find the link or go to

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                          JOHN TAYLOR COLLEGIATE
     470 HAMILTON AVE. WPG. MAN. R2Y 0H4 PHONE: 888-8930 FAX: 889-9999
                                                  For the fifth year and counting, John Taylor Physics
                                                  students were entered in the APEGM (Association of
                                                  Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Manitoba)
                                                  sponsored Spaghetti Bridge Contest in celebration of
                                                  Provincial Engineering and Geoscience Week. The contest
                                                  was held at Kildonan Place on Saturday, March 12. Mr.
                                                  Francis has been working with students in grades 9, 10, 11
                                                  and 12 to create these bridges in an effort to keep the
                                                  tradition of JT students winning championship prize while
                                                  at the same time donating to Winnipeg Harvest. APEGM
                                                  will donate pasta to Winnipeg Harvest in the amount that
                                                  each bridge holds.
                                                  Check out the website for more details:

Miss Paragg's Semester 1 Chemistry Class celebrated 2011 - The International Year of Chemistry - by
participating in the University of Waterloo's Chem 13 News Periodic Table Project. The goal of the project
was to have chemistry students from around the world join together to create an original and imaginative
version of the periodic table.

Each student in class created an original design representing the element Gold. The class selected the
design by Melissa S. to represent John Taylor Collegiate. Along with the the creative tile design, a written
explanation of why this design best represents the element was created by the class. The following tile and
write up was submitted:

"The design representing the element Gold was created by Miss Paragg’s Grade 11 Chemistry Class at
John Taylor Collegiate, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Our class first considered the properties of gold
that make it an attractive, highly valued, and desirable metal: it’s the most malleable and ductile of all
metals, it’s a good conductor of heat and electricity and does not tarnish, pure gold is soft, it has a
beautiful lustre.
We then discussed what Gold is used to represent in today’s society: strength, honour, courage,
greatness, achievement, success, and pride. The final design represents a time where Canada felt all of
these qualities – the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games."

The Chem 13 News Periodic Table project will be displayed at chemical education conferences, museums
and on the University of Waterloo campus. It will also be made into a poster to be sent to all project

John Taylor Collegiate was the only school in the province of Manitoba to participate. Well done Chem
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                           JOHN TAYLOR COLLEGIATE
      470 HAMILTON AVE. WPG. MAN. R2Y 0H4 PHONE: 888-8930 FAX: 889-9999
Graphic Tech a hit!
Graphic Tech has now been offered since last September in grades 9 through 11 and the student
response to it has been strong. After a bit of colour and font theory, the students spent the semester
creating such things as business cards, greeting cards, menus, 3 fold brochures, stop frame animation
videos and 3D house layouts. Almost all students are signing up for the next year’s course, which will
now also include grade 12 Graphic Tech.

Advanced Photography
Advanced Photography students have been very busy as well, creating strong images produced
around our school, in our new photo studio as well as from their own travels around Winnipeg and
elsewhere. The course includes everything from planning your shots to composing the image while
adjusting camera settings to cropping and editing their image on the computer. A number of JT
students are honing their skills hoping to join the proposed photography trip to Spain for next year
during March break 2012.

Check out our websites for course information, timelines, grades and more:

                  This February members of John Taylor’s band and choir sojourned to Cuba.
                  This trip was enriching both musically and culturally.

The students visited two schools, an orphanage, a community centre and attended several
performances by professional musicians and dance groups. We were inspired by grade 6 students
who played with incredible rhythm and joie de vivre. We were also overwhelmed by the generous
nature of the Cuban people.

Students raised an astounding amount of donations for the school children and orphanage. The time
in the sun was also appreciated, the jellyfish, however, were not. Many fond memories were created.

    470 Hamilton Ave              PLC WEDNESDAYS                        EARLY DISMISSAL
   Winnipeg, Manitoba             Period 1: 09:00 - 10:00                   @ 2:45
        R2Y 0H4                   Period 2: 10:05 - 11:05           APR 05         MAY 03
  Phone: 204-888-8930             Period 3: 11:10 - 12:05           APR 19         MAY 17
    Fax: 204-889-9999             Period 4: 12:05 - 01:11                          JUNE 07          Period 5: 01:11 - 02:19
                                  Period 6: 02:24 – 03:30
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                       JOHN TAYLOR COLLEGIATE
  470 HAMILTON AVE. WPG. MAN. R2Y 0H4 PHONE: 888-8930 FAX: 889-9999
                                               VISUAL ART
The John Taylor Visual Arts students have started off second
semester very well. All grades have completed an assignment
about them. It’s an introductory assignment where they use
visuals to describe themselves. I have learned a lot about my
students’ interests from this assignment and was very
impressed with the skill level in all grades.

The Grade 11’s started working on a pointillism painting
project where they study the work of the artist Georges Seurat
who worked in a very interesting style. Students will use a
series of dots to create interesting and colourful cityscapes and

As well, the Grade 12’s started their Micrography project, which
is the ancient art form of using words to create images. The
words they have chosen are loaded with meaning that will add
to or alter the meaning of their piece. Students will use text to
create the shading or values in their work.

Both sections of Grade 9’s have started off the year with a very
challenging project: their Caricatures. Students have learned various realistic drawing techniques,
such as how to shade and draw accurate facial proportions, and then have learned how to
exaggerate their own proportions. They have completed a lot of preliminary work in order to be
ready for their final piece. The work so far has been really interesting.

Twelve students from Grades 10 to 12 have been selected to attend a Visual Arts Retreat in Gimli
along with students from Westwood Collegiate and Sturgeon Heights. The students will be
working on a series of eight projects taught by the different teachers from each of the different
schools. It will be a great enrichment activity for these 12 artists.

John Taylor artwork is on display currently in the school office.

                                             Mark Your Calendars
March 17&18 Vocal Jazz at Brandon Jazz Festival
                       Please see the following website for more information.

    Scent Controlled School
    Life Threatening Scent
Due to the fact that some students at JT
have life threatening scent allergies, the
administration asks students and staff to           Anyone interested in making extra
refrain from wearing heavy perfumes,                 money and getting a free lunch
colognes or body sprays.                                   while going to school?
                                                   Call Nicki in the cafeteria @ 888-8821.
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                          JOHN TAYLOR COLLEGIATE
     470 HAMILTON AVE. WPG. MAN. R2Y 0H4 PHONE: 888-8930 FAX: 889-9999
English Language Arts
After reviewing our assessment data in grades nine, ten and eleven, the English Department felt the new
assessment task in which a video question was used resulted in detailed and in-depth literary analysis for
many students. We are pleased to be addressing another learning style.
Advanced Placement Students – soon they will be signing up for writing their English Literature exams
and/or English Language exams in May. These exams give the students an opportunity to attain a university
credit in English if they score a 3, 4 or 5 on the exam. Good luck, students!
See the Enrichment section of this newsletter for the Recycle Now Contest! details.
Young Writers – Creative Writing Contest 2011: Students can send in Creative Essays or Short Stories, which have a
chance of being published. The deadline is August 15, 2011, so we have lots of time.

J.T. Writing Group

Additionally, the J.T. Writing Group meets at lunch in room 202; all are welcome to share their writing in any form at
lunch (bring your lunch). Various writing activities are done, so all can have something to share. This group will
continue in semester 2; we will meet Thursdays.

Enrichment activities are available for students in the form of various contests for poetry and essays:
See Mr. Lewis in room 202 for more information or talk to your English teacher.

Enrichment Board
Also, we are in the process of revamping the Enrichment Board, so look for items in any academic area you may be
interested in. Ask your teacher if you have an interest in their subject area you would like to pursue. The board is on
the wall by the theatre. See Mr. Lewis for more information.

Enrichment Opportunities:
       Recycle Now Contest! – All email entries must be received by 4 p.m. on Friday, March 25, 2011. The task is
       to use a rap, poem or an essay to let the world know why it is important to recycle. An individual, group or
       class may take part in this contest. The email address is
       U of W Mini-University – students with good academic standing and attendance are able to experience
       university courses with professors teaching in areas of high interest. This is open to grade 11 students; see
       Mr. Lewis if you are interested. Students have the forms, which are due February 28, 2011. A committee will
       decide upon who can go pending attendance and academic standing. Also, there are a limited number of
       spots available.

                                             STUDENT PARKING
Students wishing to park their vehicles in John Taylor’s parking lot require a parking pass. Passes are available at the
office for $20.00 for scramble parking. Vehicles not displaying this pass will be towed away at the owner’s expense.
Students are to park in an orderly fashion. Any unsafe or unacceptable behaviour will result in the loss of the privilege
of using the parking lot.

If it is necessary to evacuate the building during inclement weather, the following procedures are in place:
       Grade 9’s and 10’s will go to the Buchannan School gymnasium accompanied by their teachers, Ms Simpson
          and Mr. Gilhuly.
       Grade 11’s and 12’s will go to the Hedges School gymnasium accompanied by their teachers and Mr. Lockhart.
       The secretaries will call the schools to inform them of our arrival.

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                           JOHN TAYLOR COLLEGIATE
      470 HAMILTON AVE. WPG. MAN. R2Y 0H4 PHONE: 888-8930 FAX: 889-9999
                                    PIPER ATHLETICS
Indoor Track is running in the Indoor High School Circuit, which is a 5 meet series and we have
competed in two meets so far this year. The team is led by Raven Cote and Graham Woo with
good results in various events.
New sports starting up are:
Boys and girls Team Handball, sign-up in the gym
Boys and girls Rugby –see Mr Johnson
Boys and girls Soccer – see Ms. Armistead
Badminton – see Mr Rodriguez
Ultimate – see Ms Kulasza
Outdoor Track – see Mr Loewen
Our annual ski trip to Assissippi was from February 28th to March 1st.
Our Outdoor Education classes went to Camp Arnes March 7th - 9th.
Spring is almost here so stay cold free and be active!

                    JT CURLING
The JT curling teams have had a great season. Both boys
teams finished the regular season with a 4 and 2
win/loss record. The JT 2 team of Greg V A., Mike C.,
Seth S., Brandon S. and Ryan H. ended up meeting the
JT 1 team of Brandon S., Brendan C., and Hugh and
Graham McF. in the bonspiel and were unfortunately
dropped out of the playoffs in a close game that could
only have one winner. The JT 1 boys team put in a
strong effort in the “B” side finals but were edged out by
a strong St. Paul’s team.

The JT girls curling team of Sydney A., Hailey R., Sarah
L. and Amber W. ended up seeded first in the regular
season with 5 wins and only 1 loss. Throughout the
playoffs, the girls won every game to go on to easily win
the zone finals against Vincent Massey 11 to 2.

                           SPORTS REGISTRATION at KWCC
                 Check for all the latest information.

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                         JOHN TAYLOR COLLEGIATE
    470 HAMILTON AVE. WPG. MAN. R2Y 0H4 PHONE: 888-8930 FAX: 889-9999
                                 GRAD FASHION SHOW
This year's grad fashion show will be on Friday, March 18 at 7:30. The theme for this year is Mardi
Gras and the students have created great decorations and toe tapping numbers on stage!

As usual, many stores in the community have supported us by donating beautiful clothing for the
grads to model. We thank all of them for their continued support.

The money raised from the Fashion Show helps subsidize the Grad Dinner and Dance tickets, so it
is helpful to have as many silent auction prizes donated as possible. We would really appreciate
grade 12 students bringing in their donations as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support! We hope to see you all at the show!

                  Graduation 2011                   Important Dates
March 18         Fashion Show                  March 24      Photo Retakes
April 6          Grad Photo Order Assist
June 27          Grad Ceremony                 June 28       Grad Dinner and Dance

                                         SAFE GRAD
We would like to thank all the parents from John Taylor for making our Bud, Spud & Steak a
successful event. Our next fundraiser will be Glenlea Greenhouses, your spring flowers, hanging
baskets, herbs and containers. The order forms went home with the Grade 12 students by Friday,
March 11th and are due back to the school on April 6th. We will have members from our
fundraising committee present at John Taylor on April 6th from 12:00-1:30 and 3:30-7:00 to
collect your order forms. We have now signed the contract with the telephone books. We will
need 100% participation from our graduating students in order to have this task completed on
time. Once we have more information, we will be holding a student/parent meeting on the
telephone book deliveries. Again, it is of the utmost importance that we have the graduating
students participate.

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                          JOHN TAYLOR COLLEGIATE
     470 HAMILTON AVE. WPG. MAN. R2Y 0H4 PHONE: 888-8930 FAX: 889-9999
Spring Break is just around the corner. Remember...

This includes not driving impaired or being a passenger in a vehicle with someone who is impaired.

Use teachable moments on a regular basis
Lock up all prescription medication in the home and store in a safe place

Discuss family values and expectations before your child has to make decisions during those “at risk” moments.

If you are concerned about your child's' use of alcohol, drugs or gambling please contact the AFM counsellor in the
Candy Burke is available on:    Mondays and Wednesday's at Westwood Collegiate
                                Tuesdays and Thursday's at John Taylor Collegiate

                                               HAVE A SAFE SPRING BREAK!

                              2011 AP (Advanced Placement) Exam Schedule
       Students taking the 42 level (AP) courses will declare if they wish to challenge the AP exam in late February.

                                                            Week 1
                                                 Morning Session                          Afternoon Session
                                                     8 a.m.                                    1:00 p.m.
              Monday, May 2                         Chemistry                                 Psychology
                                              Environmental Science
              Tuesday, May 3                   Computer Science A                             Art History
                                                Spanish Language
              Wednesday, May 4                     Calculus AB                     Chinese Language and Culture
                                                   Calculus BC
              Thursday, May 5           English Literature and Composition         Japanese Language and Culture
                                                                                            Latin: Vergil
              Friday, May 6                     German Language                           European History
                                                   U.S. History

                                                              Week 2
                                          Morning Session               Afternoon Session             Afternoon Session
                                              8 a.m.                         1:00 p.m.                      2 p.m.
               Monday, May 9                  Biology                       Physics B             Physics C: Electricity and
                                            Music Theory               Physics C: Mechanics             Magnetism
               Tuesday, May 10          U.S.Government and          Comparative Government
                                              Politics                    and Politics
                                                                       French Language
              Wednesday, May 11        English Language and                  Statistics
               Thursday, May 12           Macroeconomics                 Microeconomics
                                           World History
               Friday, May 13            Human Geography
                                         Spanish Literature

                Denotes AP exams written at JT
                                       JOHN TAYLOR COLLEGIATE
                                             CLASS OF 1986
                                             25TH REUNION
                                           JULY 22 & 23, 2011

                   Friday, July 22                             Saturday, July 23
                   School Tour                                 Family BBQ and Field Day
                   Pizza Party in the Old Cafeteria            Formal Dinner and Dance
                   Retro Variety Show                          Slide Show and Memorabilia Display

              Please go to for more details and registration information.

                           PARENTING TODAY WORKSHOPS

Monday, April 4th              ‘Positive Eating and Feeding’
                  Presented by Community Nutritionist, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority
This session will provide an opportunity to discuss ways to help children to eat the right foods, how     much a child
should eat, solutions for picky eaters, and tips on how to make meal time enjoyable. Many parents
deal with childhood eating problems at some point in time. This session will provide an opportunity to discuss ways to
help children to eat the right foods, how much a child should eat, solutions for picky eaters, and tips on how to make
meal time enjoyable.

Once registered, if you cannot attend, please be sure to cancel by contacting Shirley Gearns at #837-5886,
Ext. 230 or

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