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 PT.Harapan Mulia Mandiri
                                Company Profile

    PT. Harapan Mulia Mandiri
            Sole Agent of SM Protech
  President Director   : Y K Kong
- Office               : Bank Panin Center Lt14
  Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav. I Jakarta Pusat 12170
- Telephone No         : 62-21-574-0888
                       : 62-21-720-6422
- Fax No               : 62-21-720-1177
    Home Page       :
-   E-mail          :
                                Factory Location

                Factory Location
Indonesia Factory Tangerang   South Korea , Kim Po - si
                                   Company Profile

 Product            Plants
    Korea Factory
-    Coating Line           :   2Line
-    Cutting Line           :   4Line
-    Rewinding Line         :   1Line
-    Reverse Coating Line   :   1Line
-    Aging Room             :   1Line
Indonesia Factory
-    Coating Line           :   1Line
-    Cutting Line           :   3Line
-    Aging Room             :   1Line
    Capacity
-    Korea                  :   1,000,000m / Month
-    Indonesia              :     500,000m / Month
                       Company Introduction

 SM PROTECH established itself a quality
  company keen to meet the requirements of its
  rapidly growing customer base.
With carefully focused investment and innovative
  and innovative product development, especially
  concentrated on industrial adhesive tapes, the
  company grew quickly.
As an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, we will
  continue to improve our products quality and as a
  leading supplier of industrial adhesive tape.
SM PROTECH will do our best to support, to satisfy
  by providing high quality all kinds of industrial
  protective film.
                                                  Table of Contents
          Stainless & Colored Steel Surface Protection Tape

          The adhesive tape surface protection keeps the surface of steel in the best
          condition, and also never leave different thing

Usage     Steel Panel, Stainless Panel, Acrylic Panel, Paint Panel

                 Construction Material Protection Tape

          The tape is used for the protection of construction material, such as plastics,
          glasses and sashes

Usage     General surface protection of sash, window frames

                           Screen Protection Tape

          This tape is used by protection of the surface of brauntube and liquid tabloid

Usage     Surface protection of brauntube
                                                        Table of Contents
                      Automobile Bumper Protection Tape

Feature     This tape is used for anti-scratch of bumper protection during process

Usage       Car bumper protection

                               Carpet Protection Tape

            Protects  carpets against : spills, staining, paint, plaster, oil, grease, traffic and
            tracked dirt
Feature &
            Gentle adhesive on bottom keeps it in place
            Removes easily with no residue or damage to carpet
            For use with on synthetic carpets

                                  Self Adhesive Film

            Self adhesive film use for dust remover that can apply to industry field ,
Feature &   manufacturing process of PCB, LCD, BLU.
Usage       It removes dirt easily due to adhesive film it designed cut line for easy peeling
            off dirty film.
                                                                 PE Protective Tape
                 Materials                               Size             Elong                Purpose
                                  Adhesion                                ation
ITEM No                                      Thickness   Width   Length
          Film        Color                                                (%)    Division               Usage
                                               (mm)      (mm)      (m)

SM-1010                                                                                          CRT.PVC Name plate
                      Blue          10g        0.04        50      100
                                                                          150        High         Polish plastic plate
SM-1020   PE          Clear          ~           ~         ~        ~
                                                                          Over      Polish           Acrylic plate
                     Emboss         60g         0.1       1650    2000
SM-1030                                                                                          Glassware, Bumper

                                                                   100                           CRT,PVC name plate
                       Blue          60g       0.04
SM-1120                                                    50       ~     150                     Aluminum sheet
          PE           Clear          ~         ~                                   Polish
SM-1210                             250g       0.12
                                                           ~      2000    Over                     Stainless sheet
                                                          1650                                    Color steel sheet
                                                                   100                             Painted Aluminum
SM-1320                Blue          90g       0.04        50
                                                                    ~     150      Medium          sheet, Color steel
          PE           Clear          ~         ~          ~
SM-1330                                                           2000    Over     Polish         sheet, Coated Acryl
                    Black/White     450g       0.12       1650                                   plate, Aluminum sash
SM-1710                                                           100                            Onyx Bathtub, Mabel
                                    400g       0.04        50                                   ware, Lusterless paint
SM-1720                Clear                                       ~      150
          PE                          ~         ~          ~                      Lusterless    plate, color steel sheet,
                    Black/White                                   2000    Over
SM-1820                             800g       0.12       1650                                   sheet for car interior,
                       YKK                                                                               carpet
SM-2000                                                   50~     10~                             Metal, Glass, Plastic
          PE         Emboss       15g~30g    0.04~0.12
Emboss                                                    1650    2000                            surface, Brauntube

                                   900g~                  50~     10~
SM-2010   PE           Clear                 0.05~0.10                                              Carpet Masking
                                   1200G                  1650    2000
                                              Introduction Products

Pe Protection Tape                  PANEL                      PE Color            Plate_Protective_Tape.

Stainless_Steel_Protective   Stainless_Steel_Protective   Carpet_Protective_Film      carpet masking
                            List of Customer
   PT.YKK AP Indonesia
   PT.Kepsonic Indonesia
   PT.Samick Indonesia
   PT.Sunshine & First People Indonesia
   PT.Surya Multi Industri
   PT.Shinsung Electronics Indonesia
   PT.Sung Woo Plastics


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