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					Free & Confidential
Counseling Centre
It is estimated that…
 About 2-5% of India's population suffers some form of mental or
  behavioural disorder. Around 1% has a serious form of mental disorder
  requiring urgent care at any one point of time.

 No less than 10-15% of those attending general health facilities have a
  common mental disorder.

 Mental health disorders account for nearly a sixth of all health-related
  disorders. Yet we have just 0.4 psychiatrists and 0.02 psychologists per
  100,000 people, and 0.25 mental health beds per 10,000 population.

 An aside - Just 2 seats for MD Psychology this year for Andhra
About SEVA
 Established in 1993

 To provide Free & Confidential Counselling

 To spread Awareness on Mental Health

 To conduct research and publish on Mental Health

 To establish multiple centres to ensure wider reach
Do U or your Close One has any of
   Anxiety
   Stress
   Depression
   Lack of Confidence
   Low Self Esteem
   Marital Problems
   Interpersonal Issues
   Suicidal, Lonely
   Addiction
   The List is Long who can Benefit out of Counseling
Situation 1
 Young Wife has been ill for some time
 All tests done and no identifiable problem
 Can’t even carry out regular work
    Can’t attend to cooking
    Difficulty in taking care of children
 Doctor suggests counseling
    Speaks out her mind
    Doubting husband (Movements Restricted)
 Husband also counseled
Situation 2
 Young married man earning decently
 Very depressed and unhappy
 Often absents from work
    Worried of losing the job
 Worried wife
    Irritation, even on his child
 Counseled
    Had lost a few lakhs believing a trickster
    Several Credit cards, compounding loans
    Contemplating ending life
Situation 3
 Young Couple
 Just can’t stand each other
 Fight every day
    On flimsy issues
    Slinging match / physical
 Counseling
    Several sessions
    Expectations
    Frustrations
    Need for working together
 Fast paced life
 Too high expectations
 Need for a Flashy Living
 Lack of patience
 Time is a premium
 List of Wishes but No Goals
 Unwilling to pay the price
 Always look outside for happiness
What is counselling?
 a chance to talk through your
    Problems
    Anxieties
    Emotions
 with a trained counsellor
 who plays a supportive role
    Shows empathy & Actively listens
   (Knowledge speaks; but wisdom listens – Jim Hendrix)
 and together work towards
    A practical solution
Talking, can't I just do that with
my mates?
 For some this is easy
    they can work through their problems this way

 Others feel more comfortable talking to a third person
    letting everything out,
    need to worry that secrets will be out
    your 'mate' may think differently of you

 It carries no preconceptions about who you are
Recommended Issues
 Low self-esteem issues
 Bereavement
 Relationship issues
 Work and study worries
 Anger
 Stress
 Mild to moderate
    Depression and Anxiety
Not Recommended
 Severe depression

 Any serious condition

 Phobias

 Compulsive disorders

 Need to be alongside other
 treatments in above cases. Just
 Counseling alone will not help
 Offers a supportive and caring relationship
    you can explore any issue at your own pace
 You are accepted for who you are
 It can improve communication
 It can help you
    see difficulties more objectively
    express your feelings
    come to terms with new or past experiences
    take control of your life and become more assertive
    to become more realistic in setting goals
 It is possible to become
 dependent upon your
 counsellor, which may hinder
 rather than help you sort
 through your difficulties.

 A Good Counselor will
 identify this and wean you
 away from Dependence at an
 appropriate time.
 Dynamic Social, Financial and
 Family Structures throw different
 situations to individuals.

 Developmental Issues in a
 Individual can throw an Individual
 Out of Gear.

 Interpersonal Relations.
 Biggest problem in the society
 Often confused as madness
 Afraid of someone knowing about it
 Scared of going to a Psychiatrist
 Scared of being seen going
 Rather would leave unattended due to
 The more one delays it gets from
    Moderate to Severe
 The stigma around mental illness
  should GO
Depression is curable
 Brain is another body part like
    Heart
    Kidney
    Liver
 It can also get unwell
    Could be just an imbalance in Brain
 Depression
    Curable when moderate
    Manageable even when severe
 Medication is like in the case of
    Hypertension and Diabetes
    Could be for lifelong
The mind is its own place, and in
itself, can make heaven of Hell,
and a hell of Heaven –

John Milton
Where are we Located?
Main Centre                                Timings
Kowtha Swarajya Vihar, 10 Padmaraonagar,
                                           Mon – Sat : 4PM to 7 PM
Secunderabad – 500 025                     Sun: 11 AM to 1 PM
Tel: 2750 4682

Panjagutta                                 Tue, Thu, Fri: 6PM to 8 PM
Shirdi Sai Baba Temple Complex
Dwarkapuri Colony, Panjagutta, Hyderabad

Gandhi Hospital, Secunderabad              Mon – Fri: 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM
Outpatient Block - Psychiatry Ward

VeerHanuman & ShirdiSai Mandir             Thursdays – 5 PM – 7 PM
Balkampet, SR Nagar, Hyderabad
Mobile: 9441778290

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