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									  American Television
Commercials of the 1950’s
 Conformity, Consumerism and Values
       through Advertisements

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During the Cold War era, television commercials
became a new way to reflect the cultural themes of
consumerism, conformity, and family values

Examples of this can be seen in selected
 advertisements for Cigarettes, Breakfast Cereal, and
 Home Appliances

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          Cigarette Advertising
• Phillip Morris advertisement
• Repetition of the words “America,” “Comfort,” and
• Presentation of the typical American man
• Many other cigarette advertisements presented a
  happy husband and wife, sharing the cigarette as a
  common joy.

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               Breakfast Cereal
• Quaker Oats Cereal
• With many insecurities about what was going on
  abroad the focus was placed on a stable home life
• Strong emphasis placed on the family
• In order promote and build upon the American
  tradition starting the day right with Quaker Oats will
  make you grow up strong

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            Home Appliances
• Overriding theme of necessity; as if to imply that
  “your American kitchen is not complete without a
• Reinforces the socially constructed role of the
  woman as a housewife
• Conformity element: product is advertised as being a
  good fit for any budget, any taste, etc.
• Aesthetic uniformity of the product is emphasized, as
  in color options to match any kitchen
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