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					                 Sunbury Pony Club

           General Information for Members

                            Club Purpose
   Have fun with horses while learning to ride safely and skilfully.
Develop good sportsmanship, citizenship and respect of both people and
                    animals with our members

Sunbury Pony Club Inc. is part of the Pony Club Association of Victoria
Inc. (P.C.A.V.), which comprises over 200 clubs that are allocated into
geographical regions called "Zones". Sunbury Pony Club Inc. is part of the
Central Zone of Pony Clubs Inc.
Pony Club is an international youth organization that shares a common
interest in horses.
We aim to: -

         Encourage young people to ride and to learn to enjoy all approved
          types of sport connected with horse riding.
         Provide instruction in horsemanship and riding and to instil in the
          members the proper care of their animals
         Promote the highest ideals of sportsmanship, citizenship and
          loyalty, thereby cultivating strength of character and self-

Attendance at Pony Club is attained by participating at club Rallies. At
Sunbury Pony Club Inc. we hold a rally on the first Sunday of each month
with the exception of January. Rallies are mostly run by our District
Commissioner (D.C.)

District Commissioner (DC)
The DC is appointed each year by the club's Committee, and is responsible
to the Committee, the Central Zone of Pony Clubs Inc. and the P.C.A.V.
The DC's role is to co-ordinate rally requirements with help from others
including the Instructors. This includes activities, set-up, instructor
recruitment and programs of instruction. Further, the DC is responsible for

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                 Sunbury Pony Club

            General Information for Members
grading of all riders and their horses (combinations) in consultation with
instructors if necessary.

Cancelled Rallies
No rally will be cancelled. Rain, hail or shine the rally will proceed so that
attendance can be recorded. This is to allow riders to maintain their
qualifying requirements for competition. If it is very wet or cold, riders
should wear rainproof coats with uniform underneath. If the weather is
extreme, the rally may be shortened or there will be unmounted activities in
the clubrooms.

Rally Day
You should aim to arrive at the club-grounds in time to have your horse
saddled and be ready for gear check at 9:30 am. Horses should not be ridden
before an instructor or committee member has completed a check of the
horse and saddlery. If members ride to rallies, they should dismount at the
gate and await a gear check before mounting again.

Gear Check
At the gear check, the checker will: -

     1.   Check the safety of the saddlery, rider's helmet and boots
     2.   Check the cleanliness of the horse and saddlery for the horses
     3.   Record attendance

The horse should be free of mud (especially under the saddle and the girth
area, and where the bridle sits) and free of Bot eggs. The hooves should be
trimmed but not necessarily shod, and can be painted with hoof oil (not hoof
black). Mane and tail should be brushed. The saddlery should be clean
(especially the bit) and well fitted, and the stitching on the stirrup leathers,
bridle, reins and girth points should not be frayed. Stirrup irons should be
the right size for the rider.

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                 Sunbury Pony Club

            General Information for Members
Gear Check missed or late to rally
Any rider who misses the 9.30 a.m. gear check may not be scored for
presentation. However, a gear check is still required before riding. Late
riders must present themselves to the D.C. before attending any activity. The
need to inform the DC is a matter of, not only courtesy, but also importantly,
safety and satisfaction of insurance requirements. Also, the attendance may
be recorded if eligible. Permission will then be given to join an activity at a
safe time. Riders are encouraged, as a matter of courtesy, to apologise to the
instructor for being late

What do I wear?
The rider must be wearing as ASA approved helmet (Australian Standard
3838, ASTMF1163, EN1384) and elastic sided boots with smooth soles.
The rest of the uniform can be purchased as your budget allows, but it is
expected the rider will be wearing it within 2 - 3 months. Some second hand
items are usually for sale in the clubrooms.

Rally Uniform

         Approved Safety Helmet
         Fully soled jodhpur boots
         White shirt
         Royal Blue tie
         Royal blue 'V' neck woollen jumper with a yellow sash. Beige,
          Fawn, or Banana Jodhpurs or Moleskins Medical Armband
         PCAV Member Badge
         Medical armband
         Pony Club saddlecloth with “SPC” on nearside rear (optional) or
          royal blue saddle blanket with “SPC”.

*Jumpers must be worn at the start of rally days and at competitions. If it is
a hot day, the DC or event organiser will give permission for riders to
remove their jumpers. Coats may be worn over the uniform for inclement
weather. However, more stringent rules may apply at competitions such as

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                 Sunbury Pony Club

            General Information for Members
no coats allowed and jumpers remain worn, unless permission is given to
remove as advised by the competition chief steward.

No earrings may be worn, except sleepers which should be taped over.

Medical armbands must be worn during competition and Rally days.

What do I do when I arrive at pony club?
Before lining up at 9:30 am, riders should go to the notice board in the pony
club rooms and check what group they are in, and what activity their group
has first. There are four to five groups and each group does five activities for
the day.

Riders then go back and bring their horses to line up for gear check near the
same / similar colour flag as their group colour. The groups are based
loosely on age and ability. Riders should hand their attendance card to the
person performing gear check. The card will be signed by the Card
Secretary during the day. (To get an attendance for the day and to have your
card signed as 'present' riders need to attend all five activities; special
permission can be given in some circumstances for fewer activities to be

The rally day program times are as follows: -

    9:30 am        Line up for gear check & announcements by the DC & .
    10:00 am       1st lesson
    10:55 am       2nd lesson
    11:50 am       3rd lesson
    12:40 pm       Lunch
    1:30 pm        4th lesson
    2:25 pm        5th lesson
    3:15 pm        End of Rally

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                 Sunbury Pony Club

            General Information for Members
While emphasis will be given to providing a solid foundation in the basic
areas of flat work and jumping, the aims of Sunbury Pony Club Inc. are to
provide broad experience, skill and enjoyment. Pony Club is not solely
about instruction and certainly not about focussing on one area of riding.
Consequently, all riders are expected to participate in all activities. Pony
Club is not designed for riders who want to specialise in one or two
equestrian disciplines alone.

Activities can include the following, with riders doing a minimum of four
each rally: -

    Dressage
    Show Jumping (or grid)
    Cross Country
    Games and Novelties
    Team Riding
    Pony Care
    Theory
    Handy Mount
    Show Ring Craft
    Natural Horsemanship
    Guest Speaker e.g. farrier, horse dentist, saddle fitter

Can I buy lunch?
Food is available for purchase at the canteen in the clubrooms from 9am, or
families can bring their own. All members are requested to place their lunch
order during the morning to ensure that adequate food is available. It is
requested that everyone come to the clubrooms at lunchtimes as there may
be an address by the District Commissioner or President. Buying your lunch
is also a way of supporting the club's fundraising efforts. A raffle is drawn
each lunchbreak.

Are there public toilets?
The toilets are located next to the clubrooms, and beyond the “Off Leash”

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                 Sunbury Pony Club

            General Information for Members
Where do I tie my horse?
Members are permitted to tie their horses in the corrals.. You are also
welcome to tie your horse to your float (provided it is attached to a car).
Your horse should be tied up short enough that he cannot get a foot over the
lead rope, and should be tied to a piece of hay band so if he does pull back
strongly it will give way and release him. The tie up knot should be quick

Corrals and the area around your float must be cleaned of hay and manure
before you leave and the club has a wheelbarrow and pooper scooper for this
purpose. When full, the wheelbarrow is emptied onto the bins near the
bullring, the electric pole near the clubrooms, or by the tree stump near the
gate at the entrance to the cross country area..

What if I don't have a horse for one rally?
If your horse is lame or cannot be brought to the rally for some reason, the
rider is still most welcome. The rider should wear full uniform and report to
the DC who will direct them to follow their group around and assist the
instructors.. The rider is eligible for an unmounted attendance.

Where do we park at rallies?
Cars and Floats must park to the left of the entrance gate, and should not be
driven further onto the grounds unless specifically involved in the loading or
unloading of horses, delivery of canteen supplies or as the towing vehicle
for equipment set up. For your first rally, you can ask for assistance on
where to park or simply 'line-up' next to another float.

Parents' role and responsibilities

A parent/guardian is expected to attend the rally with their child. If this is
not possible, parents should appoint a guardian for the day (usually another
parent) and notify the DC of this prior to the rally.

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                  Sunbury Pony Club

            General Information for Members
Parents/guardians will be asked to sign-in on arrival to ensuretheir insurance
coverage for the day.

To help with the smooth running of the rally day, parents are rostered on to
do a periodic 'tour of duty' helping set up and bring in equipment or help in
the canteen. Please do your turn or swap with another parent for a more
suitable day. Two parents or adult supporters per family need to be
nominated for roster duty. We also have a list of jobs, which parents with
appropriate skills may wish to nominate e.g., teaching a theory lesson,
repairing equipment. The Sunbury Pony Club also holds working bees
periodically, especially before competitions are run at the grounds. All help
is appreciated, especially with the annual Hickstead in May, Combined
Training day in August, and Gymkhana in November.

Parents and Instructors
Young riders may be led during lessons. Parents who lead children are
encouraged to let the rider do as much as possible for themselves as they
follow the instructor's requests, rather than just doing it for them (e.g. try
and let the rider steer).
Parents are welcome to watch lessons but are asked to not call out
instructions or advice to their children. If parents need to talk with their
child, they should ask the instructor who would call the child out from the

The instructors at rallies are selected with care by the DC to teach riders the
correct riding and horsemanship methods.
If you are not happy with an instructor / lesson content, please tell the DC,
and the reasons for your complaint. Likewise, if you find an instructor is
doing a great job, let these people know. The DC cannot be everywhere and
your comments are valuable feedback for future rallies.

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                  Sunbury Pony Club

            General Information for Members
Kicking horses
If your child's horse kicks, you should tie a red ribbon in its tail to warn
other riders to keep clear.

Committee Meetings
These monthly meetings are held the 2nd Wednesdays before the rally in
various venues. All parents are welcome to attend. Consider nominating for
the committee; it is a good way of knowing what is going on and having
input into your child's sport.

The Committee is elected at the April Rally each year. The Office Holder
positions are:

         President
         Vice-President
         Secretary
         Treasurer

In addition, there are up to 4 general committee members. Copies of the
monthly minutes are available to all members.

The Club tables a newsletter on the day of the rally. This gives details of the
rally, reports on competition results, coming competition dates, information
from committee meetings, puzzles and games and more. Contributions are
always welcome.

Club Photos
Each year the Club arranges a club photo for the clubroom wall and
members have the chance to have individual photos taken. Information on
which rally will be noted on the newsletter.

Club fees and insurance
The annual fee includes rally fees and PCAV insurance for the rider. The

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                 Sunbury Pony Club

            General Information for Members
fees are due and payable on joining and then in May each year. Riders are
unable to attend the July rally if they have not paid because they are not
covered by insurance (the PCAV year runs from July 1 to June 30). Fees are
set each year by the committee, with reduced rates for second and third
members in the one family.

Efficiency certificates
Riders have the chance to study for certificates as they progress through
pony club. The D certificate is a test of very basic horse knowledge and is
usually sat by riders when they turn eight years. This is followed by D Star,
C, C Star, K, B, A and H certificates.
An Award of Merit is the highest service award, presented when warranted
to members who display good citizenship in their club and wider

Club awards
At the end of the year, the club holds a presentation night where awards are
presented. Awards include:
      President’s Cup
      DC's Award
      The Brian and Ann Jones Cup
      100 % Attendance award
      Highest scoring “gear check” award
      “Flying our Colours” award
      For each discipline
           Enthusiasm award
           Encouragement award
           Best PC mount award

Grading for competition
To participate in pony club competitions at a show, gymkhana, or other
event, riders must be graded on their horse. If riders have more than one
horse they need to be graded on each.
Grading takes place during a rally, by the DC and / or the instructors. If you
wish to be graded you must let the DC know prior to the rally, or at least at

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                 Sunbury Pony Club

            General Information for Members
the very start of the day.
Grading is carried out for:

         Dressage (Grades 1 to 5, 1 is highest)
         Show jumping (Grades A to E, A is highest) (Minimum age eight
         Combined Training (Grades 1 to 5, 1 is highest)
         Horse Trials (Grades 1 to 5, 1 is highest) (Minimum age eight

You can be graded for one discipline, or all of the above.

Representing the club in a competition
To ride at an event as a member of the Sunbury Pony Club, a member must

         Two rallies in the past 12 months on the horse in question
         The rider must have 50 per cent attendance at rallies in the past 12
          months. (Attendance can be mounted or unmounted, and some
          may be on another horse)
         The rider must take their up to date attendance card (and the
          preceding one) with them to the competition
         The rider must be graded on that horse.
         Entry forms must be signed by the DC.
         Rider must wear their medical armband.
         Rider must wear the Sunbury Pony Club uniform

There are several annual events in which we participate as a club and riders
can earn not only individual ribbons but also a pennant for the club, by
riders scoring points for their club. These include:

         The Lowden Shield (show events, handy mount and games)

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                 Sunbury Pony Club

            General Information for Members

         The Fimister Shield (show jumping)

State championships
Each year the PCAV holds state championships in:

         Horse trials
         Show jumping and dressage
         Games and flat teams (team dressage)

To qualify to ride at the state championships riders must be selected at zone
championships. To get to the zone championships, riders must be nominated
by their club and need to have achieved a certain certificate level (i.e. C
Certificate if over 13 years). Some of these events are for individuals and
some for teams. This will all be explained by the DC as each zone
championship event approaches.

Code of Behaviour
All members are expected to abide by a code of behaviour as accepted by
the committee. Basic Codes of Behaviour for Riders, Parents and Spectators
follow on from here.

Code of Behaviour - Riders

     1.   Play by the rules.
     2.   Never argue with an official. If you disagree, have your captain,
          coach or manager approach the official during a break or after the
     3.   Control your temper. Verbal abuse of officials or other riders,
          deliberately distracting or provoking an opponent is not acceptable
          or permitted in any sport
     4.   Work equally hard for yourself and/or your team. Your team's
          performance will benefit, so will you.
     5.   Be a good sport. Applaud all good riding whether it is by your
          club or the opposition.

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                 Sunbury Pony Club

           General Information for Members
    6.    Treat all riders, as you would like to be treated. Do not interfere
          with, bully or take unfair advantage of another rider.
    7.    Co-operate with your coach, team mates and opponents. Without
          them there would be no competition.
    8.    Ride for the fun of it, and not just to please parents and coaches.
    9.    Treat all horses with respect and avoid using cruel, rough handling
          and mistreatment at all times.

Code of Behaviour - Parents

    1.    Remember that children ride for their enjoyment, not yours.
    2.    Encourage children to participate, do not force them.
    3.    Focus on the child's efforts and performance rather than winning
          or losing.
    4.    Encourage children to always participate according to the rules.
    5.    Never ridicule or yell at a child for making a mistake or losing.
    6.    Remember that children learn best by example. Applaud good
          riding by all riders whether they are your club or the opposition.
    7.    Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from
          sporting activities.
    8.    Respect officials' decisions and teach children to do likewise.
    9.    Show appreciation of volunteer coaches, officials and
          administrators. Without them, your child could not participate.
    10.   Treat all horses with respect and avoid using cruel, rough handling
          and mistreatment at all times.
    11.   To facilitate a complete grounding, education and the smooth
          running of rally days, your child is expected to participate in all
          designated activities, unless medically/physically incapacitated.
          Kilmore and District Pony Club Inc. does not permit children or
          parents to select only some of the activities or equine disciplines.
    12.   Under the club constitution Parents and Children must comply
          with the decisions of the PCAV, Central Zone, Kilmore and
          District Pony Club Inc. committee, District Commissioner,
          Instructors and Team Coaches.
    13.   Parents must fulfil duties as Rostered, in the Canteen and
          Equipment Set Up of rallies.

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                Sunbury Pony Club

          General Information for Members
    14. Where children cannot attend a rally, the D.C. should be informed
        as early as possible prior to the rally day so that any necessary
        adjustments to the program can be made.
    15. All parents/guardians and children are expected to become
        familiar with the "Code of Behaviour" as displayed in the
        clubrooms and conduct themselves accordingly.
    16. All parents/guardians must remain in attendance with their
        children at club rallies and events. Where there is an inability to
        attend, a replacement consenting guardian must be nominated and
        recorded with the secretary.

Code of Behaviour - Spectators

    1.   Remember that children play sport for their enjoyment, not yours.
    2.   Applaud good performance and efforts from each team.
         Congratulate all participants upon their performance regardless of
         the outcome.
    3.   Respect officials' decisions and teach children to do the same.
    4.   Never ridicule or scold a child for making a mistake. Positive
         comments are motivational.
    5.   Condemn the use of violence in any form be it by spectators,
         coaches, officials or riders.
    6.   Show respect for your opponents. Without them there would be no
    7.   Encourage players to follow the rules and the officials' decisions.
    8.   Do not use foul language or harass riders, coaches or officials.

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                 Sunbury Pony Club

            General Information for Members
Pony Club Association of Victoria - Policies

Smoke Free Policy
The PCAV requires that the clubrooms be smoke free. Competitions,
dinners, and fundraisers should be smoke free. Coaches, trainers, volunteers,
and officials are to refrain from smoking while acting in an official capacity.
Riders must refrain from smoking while in uniform.

Sun Safe Policy
While the PCAV will endeavour to assist in sun protection when at
meetings, rallies, training and competitions, it is recognised that ultimately
the responsibility is that of each individual.
PCAV encourages the use of high SPF broad-spectrum sunscreen by
members. (The club has some available on the counter in the clubrooms for
riders who wish to 'top up' their sunscreen. Long sleeve shirts should be
worn at rallies.)
Wide brims are available from saddleries for use over riding helmets.
Parents are asked to provide sunscreen for their child, promote sun
protection behaviour and provide correct 100 per cent UV filtered
sunglasses for their child if providing eye protection.

Alcohol Policy
The PCAV is a youth movement and is obliged not to encourage the
consumption of alcohol. Coaches, officials, and parents should be aware of
the example they set.
The consumption of alcohol by riders is prohibited for eight hours prior to
and during a ridden event.
The consumption of alcohol by others at an event is not encouraged.
Underage drinking is not permitted.
Alcohol may be consumed at the completion of the day's activities, or at
club functions e.g. break-ups, by legally entitled persons, but with due care
in regard to responsible behaviour.

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                 Sunbury Pony Club

            General Information for Members
Other safety and health issues

Back protectors
The Sunbury Pony Club has a limited number of these available for
members to use whilst jumping at rallies. If members wish to borrow them
to compete in, they need to see the DC and pay a $50 deposit, refundable
when the vest is returned in good condition.

There is some drinking water available in the clubroom fridge for riders, just
ask a parent on duty or bottles of drink may be purchased

In running a club, it is hard to please everyone all of the time, and we
recognise that complete harmony does not always occur. If you find yourself
with a gripe about instruction or grading, for the sake of maintaining
harmony, we would encourage you to discuss any concerns directly with the
DC and refrain from 'talking around' any problems, as this only perpetuates
gossip and undermines the efforts of the club.
If after a discussion with the DC, you are not satisfied, then feel free to
direct your concerns to the committee in writing. If your gripe is about the
administration of the club, and that covers everything except grading and
instruction, you should attempt to resolve it directly, and like adults, with
the parties involved. Failing that, take it to the President. If you are not
satisfied, direct your concerns to the committee in writing.
Failing a satisfactory result, an independent grievance officer may be

Unsure About Anything
If you are unsure about any club matter, the Secretary or President should be
your first port of call. However if it is specifically about riding issues the
District Commissioner is the person you want.

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