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									THE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG FACULTY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES Core competency course FOSS1003 Masters in Social Thought (Friday, 3 to 5 pm) Venue: Meng Wah Complex T3 (2005-2006 First and second semesters)

Lecturers: Miss Irene L.K. Tong (IT; PPA), Dr. G.H. Blowers (GB; PY), Dr. C.H. Ng (CH; SY), Dr. C.W. Lam (CW; SWSA) and Dr. Thomas W.P. Wong (TW;SY) Teaching Consultant and coordinator: Dr. Betty L. Yung (e-mail: Course description Over time, outstanding master thinkers in different social scientific disciplines have produced landmark studies and ingenious conceptual frameworks to illuminate the world we live in. This course introduces students to the works and ideas of selected ‘masters’ in social sciences, in particular how they continue to enlighten us, by applying their insights to examine the pressing social issues that surround us in the intricately globalized world of today. The basis for our enquiries will be from the works of writers as diverse as Sigmund Freud, Erich Fromm, J.S. Mill, Emile Durkheim, and Karl Marx amongst others. 1. After taking the course, students will learn the ways of thinking and major insights of selected masters of social sciences. 2. Students will also be able to make use of their insights to reflect on some of the major issues they face in life. Course assessment: 100% coursework

Class format The works and ideas of the social sciences masters will be made accessible and personally relevant to students new to the disciplines. A team of teachers from the different social sciences disciplines will collaborate to offer succinct exposition of the works of the selected masters. Students will read excerpts of the works, perform hands-on exercises to apply the insights to selected social issues and share ideas in discussions. The teaching team will also lead class discussions of the selected social issues, utilizing and expanding on the insights of the masters from the diverse perspectives of the various disciplines. References and announcements Please download the readings, reference list and check the announcements in the course website: (user: foss1003; password: thinker).

Dates Lectures Essay deadlines

1 September 9 2 September 16 3 September 23 4 September 30

Introduction (CW) J.S. Mill (IT) Karl Marx (IT) Emile Durkheim (TW) October 3 to October 7: 1st tutorial week (2 hours)

5 October 7 6 October 14

Max Weber (TW)
Sigmund Freud (GB)

October 7: Deadline for the 1st Essay

October 17-October 21: 2nd tutorial week (2 hours) 7 October 21
October 28

1st forum on a theory related topic (IT, TW, CW) Reading week Erich Fromm (GB) Feminists (CH) November 14 – November 18: 3rd tutorial week (2 hours) November 4: Deadline for the 2nd Essay

8 November 4 9 November 11

10 November 18 11 November 25

Anthony Giddens (CW) Edward W. Said (IT) November 25: Deadline for the 3rd Essay

November 28 –December 2: 4th tutorial week (2 hours) 12 December 2 2nd forum on a theory related topic (IT , GB, CW)

COURSE ASSESSMENT 1. 2. Students need to submit 3 essays (not more than 1500 words), each accounts for 25% of total course assessment. There will be four two-hour tutorials. Participation in tutorials counts for 25% of total course assessment. Students are expected to prepare for, attend and participate in all tutorials. Students who fail to attend the tutorial without proper reason will have 10 marks deducted from their total course marks for each absence.

3. 4.

The two forums are compulsory. Students who fail to attend the forum without proper reason will have 10 marks deducted from their total course marks for each absence. All papers need to be submitted both in hard and soft copies. The hard copy should be submitted to the Faculty of Social Sciences Office (Meng Wah Complex, Rm 104), and the soft copy to Students are reminded that there should not be any kind of plagiarism in the submitted essays and we may use TURNITIN.Com to check the essays for plagiarism.

September 1, 2005


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