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					ISSUE FB 34-08: Community College of the Army

The Soldiers of the United States Army are increasingly concerned with
civilian education, both as a way to advance through the military
ranks as well as prepare them for service outside the Army should they
elect to leave when their period of service is complete. These
Soldiers are required to work with an education advisor to find a
usually online college curriculum in an attempt to earn an accredited
degree, with varying degrees of success. They work very hard to
convert a military education transcript to civilian education credit
through these online programs, sometimes paying out of pocket in order
to earn credit by “buying points” toward promotion. The United States
Air Force noticed similar concerns almost 40 years ago, and
established the Community College of the Air Force in 1972. This is
an accredited College that issues college credit and Associates
Degrees for military courses to include basic training and technical
school (Army Advance Individual Training). Further information can be
found at

RECOMMENDATION: Establish an accredited, degree issuing program
similar to the Community College of the Air Force
                                                              1 October 2008

                              INFORMATION PAPER

SUBJECT:      Issue FB 34-08, Community College of the Army

1. PURPOSE.       To provide information on subject of a Community College
of the Army.

2.   FACTS.

    a. In the past all services were offered the opportunity to have a
community college. At that time all services except the Air Force
declined the option because we have an education services organization
and accredited colleges and universities at each installation and most
deployed areas to provide individual and group counseling and referral
services for Soldiers, RC on AD, family members, DACs and contractors.
At Ft. Bragg we have eArmyU Education Center, Bldg. 2-1105, Macomb and
Reilly Road, Wing A.

    b. Postsecondary schools offering programs on-post include
Fayetteville Technical Community College, Central Texas College,
Methodist University, Webster University, Liberty University, Campbell
University, Fayetteville State University, Troy University, University
of North Carolina at Pembroke and East Carolina University. There are
numerous distance learning institutions that also provide college
credit courses leading to Certificates and Associate, Baccalaureate
and Masters degrees.

3. STAFF POSITION. At the present time there is no initiative to
establish a Community College of the Army. This issue would need to be
referred to Army Continuing Education Headquarters for assistance.
Congressional legislation is necessary for an issue like this.     At
this time current education center staff will provide these services
to ensure Soldier needs are met.

                                                  Ms. Patricia Davis-Mullins
                                                            DFMWR, Education
                        2008 FORT BRAGG AFAP CONFERENCE
                                        Issue Disposition Paper

Work Group: Family Services
Issue Number: FB 34-08           Issue Title: Community College of the Army

Subject Matter Expert
   Name: Bettye Jones, Education

Did the workgroup prioritize this issue as a critical
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   Service Member Education
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