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									Malaria kills over a million
  people a year and is
      second only to
                               After years spent bringing
tuberculosis in its impact     the disease under control,
    on world health…           the number of people
                               dying from malaria is now
                               higher than it was 30
                               years ago and has spread
  Worldwide, a child dies      to new countries…
  of malaria every 30
The places circled, are the places where people,
are most likely to be infected with malaria.
Millions of people die from Malaria each year.
Malaria is spread by
mosquito's who suck
the blood of victims
and at the same time
injects plasmodium
                        There is a feeling of
Depending on the type   intense cold which
of protozoan involved   gives way to hot
the first symptoms      flushes and a high
will appear about 10    fever and delirium,
days to 6 weeks after   with nausea, dizziness
the mosquito bite.      and delirium

                          These symptoms
 As the parasites         include tiredness,
 multiply the             headache, muscular
 symptoms become          pains and a slight
 more severe.             temperature
     A Transmission Index is how a disease is spread.
     The diagram below shows how it happens.


As you can see one infected person passes on the infection to
three others as a result of this the three new cases each pass it
on to another three making nine and so on
Possible ways to reduce the amount of MALARIA
in humans

We found out three possible solutions to the problems of
Malaria and Mosquitoes
1) Draining out as many swamps as possible to prevent
Mosquitoes from breeding
2) Use pills to limit cases of Malaria
3) Develop a vaccination to limit cases of Malaria
• At the moment malaria is restricted to a
  reasonable level but each time new drugs
  are tried the disease develops a
  resistance and the number of cases rise
• The newest and latest treatment is called
  Artimisinin developed in China.
  Malaria Kills an African Child Every 30 seconds.

Most of the 1.3 million who die each year from
             malaria are children

 Children below the age of 5 years, particularly
  infants, the disease tends to be atypical and
                   more severe.
                      FROM MALARIA…
There are two options that are available

 Kill all mosquito's
Some drugs that are available right now that could
be used to help many people but at the moment
the drugs cost money which most people can not
afford making these drugs free will help save the
lives of hundreds
If you travel abroad…..

        Be Aware of the risk of malaria.
        Prevent or avoid Bites from an infected mosquito.

        Use appropriate Chemoprophylactic drugs
        (preventive medication).

        Prompt Diagnosis following any symptoms of
        malaria (e.g. flu-like symptoms) and obtain
        treatment quickly.
A new treatment called Artemisinin Combination
Therapy, or ACT, has been introduced and is slowly
replacing the obsolete anti-malarial drugs.
In some countries, the disease
accounts for as much as 40
percent of public health
expenditure, 30-50 percent of
hospital inpatient admissions, and
up to 50 percent of outpatient
                      And remember
Thank you for
                      Malaria is one of
watching this short
                      the most infectious
but hopefully
                      diseases in the

                       So think
                       yourself lucky!!!
                       It’s not here

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