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Socialization through training and education to develop one's mind or manners
  560 students working with
  Approximately 45 community partners and
  29 faculty and staff on
Faculty, staff, and students also presented
  Service-Learning Best Practices at the 7th Annual
  Conference on Service-Learning hosted by
  Doane College on October 2, 2010.
  Service-Learning WSC Program founder Jean Karlen
  and Service-Learning Budget Manger Dawn
  Hirschman were honored at the conference with the
  Service-Learning Administration Commendation.
   430 students working with
   Approximately 50 community partners and
   23 faculty and staff on
In addition, Service-Learning @ WSC earned the rank
   of third in the state of Nebraska for Learn and Serve
   America participants.

                     WSC is awarded the
President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll
  One of only eight Colleges/Universities in Nebraska
Graphic Design students enrolled in Pam
Fiedler‟s Production and Media problems class
created pocket maps for the Wayne Chamber
and potential campus organization.
        *Chamber maps on each table
Students from Pottery and Ceramics II under
the direction of Marlene Mueller designed and
created bowls for an “Empty Bowl” event in
Sioux City (bowls were made in the fall class
for the 2011 February event).
Pam Fiedler‟s Digital Imaging students continued a photo
restoration project for Northeast Nebraska Public Power.
The restored photos have been matted and framed and
are on display at NNPPD. Exhibition later TODAY!
Students from Pearl Hansen‟s Art Curriculum and
Secondary School Art courses piloted a Black Light
exhibit. Fall 2011, the Black Box Theatre will feature a
special Black Light event featuring more black light ART!
Under the supervision of Barbara Hayford students
from her Environmental Concerns class, Wildlife
Society, and Biology Club worked with Wayne 3rd
grade children to monitor water quality and plant life
at Izaak Walton Lake

Mark Hammer and students in Advanced Plant
Biology worked on tree identification and mapping
for the Wayne Community Greenwood Cemetery
Students enrolled in Professor Laura
Dendinger‟s Business Communication
course collaborated with upper level
Managerial Communications students in the
fall. The students continued a long-standing
tradition of working with an area community
partner to develop a publicity plan. The
Cedar County Historical Society received a
new website, a logo, brochure, and
newsletter ideas just to name a few of the
items created by the students.
For more information see the S-L newsletters
cover story.
Rich Murphy‟s Small Group Communication
and Public Relations Writing classes worked
with local business and agencies to create
media kits and awareness campaigns
Student enrolled in Randa Garden‟s
Organizational Communication course
worked with area non-profits and businesses
to help asses emotional process in the
workplace. Students spend time interviewing
personnel and then report their findings in a
class presentation.
Keith Willis‟s students enrolled in Introduction to Human
Service Counseling classes have participated for several
years in Service-Learning agency placements. As
students beginning their academic programs in
counseling these service opportunities help them to
explore career plans and aspirations. Throughout the
academic year many community partners are served by
these students.
                    Criminal Justice
   Emergency Management students under the
direction of Jason Karsky provided emergency Table
Top Exercises for the WSC Crisis Management Team
and Dakota County Emergency Responders.
The Table Top Exercises included emergency
scenarios with video news injects, time-line updates,
and consequences. Exercises are created to help
determine responder readiness. Approximately 60
responders were in attendance at the South Sioux
event in November 2010.
One of the largest majors at WSC involves
education courses.
Professors of various education courses,
Marilyn Mudge, Judy Moeller, Barbara Black,
Jan Dinsmore, and Sherry Dorman all
completed projects in the 2010-2011
academic year. The projects involved
providing literacy assessments, teaching
packets, a Leadership Conference for area
4th, 5th, and 6th grade students, and a
long-standing Family Math Night hosted by
Marilyn Mudge and her students at
Wakefield Community Schools in May.
Students enrolled in Literary Editing and Publishing
under the direction of Cynthia Black and Chad
Christensen helped organize a poetry workshop hosted
at the Wayne Public Library and featured nationally
known Cave Canem poets. In addition, to the workshop
a Plains Writers Series event featured music, an art
show, and a poetry slam. Participants had the
opportunity to have their work published in a booklet
created by the WSC Press.
This spring a record number of schools and
students attended the 7th Annual Language Arts
Festival. WSC students enrolled in Lori
Newcomb‟s Young Adult Literature and Content
Area Methods courses help organize the day-
long event. The day is filled with workshops,
speakers on poetry, literature, and publishing.
 A writing contest for 7th-12th grade students is
also included, WSC students help to evaluate
the submissions, the best stories from each
grade are then published in an anthology which
is given to the participants.
Educated Perspectives and Family Consumer Science
   Greg Worner‟s and Pam Langlie‟s classes collaborated
  over the two semesters to work on a outdoor classroom
  for children enrolled in the WSC Kiddie College
  preschool. Greg‟s students worked to design and build
  structures and toys made from recycled wood and
  Pam‟s students developed curriculum for outdoor
  learning. For more information see the S-L newsletter
  or our web page.
         Family Consumer Science
Students enrolled in both Introduction to Early
Childhood Education and Early Childhood
Programs under the direction of Pam Langlie
worked with community partners Head Start
and Rainbow World. Students developed
learning activities promoting social and
emotional development for Head Start and a
language and literacy day for Rainbow World.
In November 2010, explorers young and old were
able to walk across Asia, and they didn't even have
to leave Wayne. Over 100 people from the campus
and community dropped by the Frey Conference
Suite to see and walk on the map. In addition,
nearly 100 local children ranging from grades K-6
were brought in by their teachers to experience
games and activities led by students from World
Regional Geography Honors class who had been
training to host the campus and community to
experience the largest map of the continent ever
produced by National Geographic.
 According to Randy Bertolas, “The brightly colored,
smooth vinyl surface accurately illustrates Asia's
oceans, seas, rivers, mountains, countries and
                                  Did someone need hot air?

Each student received their own
globe, a pencil, and cookie !

                                                     National Geographic‟s
                                                     giant traveling map of
                                                     ASIA . Opening night
                                                     is well attended by
                                                     community members
Students enrolled in Tami Worner‟s
Mathematics for Elementary School
Teachers course worked with community
partner Rainbow World to provide math
assessments for children attending the pre-
school/daycare. The assessments were
developed as interactive games so the
children had fun completing math problems.
In past semesters, Professor Worner and
her students have worked on several
projects for Rainbow World and the Wayne
Elementary School. Thanks for making math
              Physical Education
In 2006, Leadership Development students
under the direction of Barbara Engebretsen
began an awareness program to promote
bicycling and healthy lifestyles. Students
enrolled in Engebretsen‟s 2011 Leadership
Development class continue to work toward the
goal of increasing biking on campus and in the
community, as a means of promoting health
and environmental benefits. This spring, in
conjunction with Earth Day activities,
Engebretsen‟s students instituted a Green Bike
Patrol who gave out wristbands imprinted with
this year‟s theme ‘Burn Calories- Not Gas‟ to
everyone they witness riding a bicycle. They
continue to „catch‟ bicyclist these last few days
of classes.
Earth Day Bike Ride

                      Leadership class photo
    Students enrolled in Lifespan Development
   under the direction of Jean Karlen worked with
   community partners to provide assistance for
   newly developed programs at the Wayne
   Community Activity Center. In addition, some
   students facilitated a town and gown opportunity
   at Elderfest. Students were able to visit with
   community members and assit them in a variety
   of ways.
An Elderfest Volunteer made a comment to the effect - that so many
   times the stereotypes of college students are not very good but
   those students working the Elderfest were great....I know there
   are many more like them at WSC. This person went on to note
   that it was a pleasure working with the students- “they were
   great helpers.”
                 Gross and some
                 of Dr. Karlen‟s

Elderfest 2011
Last but certainly not least, students in Todd
Greene‟s Social Welfare class continued Jean
Karlen‟s tradition of „Cram the Van‟ a food and
supplies collection for the local food pantry
during the week of Hunger and Homelessness
Awareness a national event each November.
                     Co-Curricular Projects
American Red Cross- Animal „manikins’ and CPR-May19th
Catholic Newman Center- Alternative Spring Break Trip
(students will present)
The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi- Wayne Library program
SHAPE Club – Health and Wellness Fair

             SHAPE Club officers

                                    Phi Kappa Phi Officers and Julie
                                    Osnes Wayne Public Librarian
The Service-Learning Team @ WSC sincerely
appreciates your dedication to enhanced student
learning and the opportunity to build campus and
community partnerships Serving and Learning Together.

             THANK YOU

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