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Collection Development Policy – Psychology

The Psychology Department at the University of Pittsburgh offers degree programs
leading to BA and PhD degrees. A total of 68 tenure stream faculty teach in the
department. Many hold joint appointments with other departments, most notably
Psychiatry and Education.

The undergraduate major is one of the most popular on campus. [EXPAND]

The graduate program numbers approximately 100 students. Admission is highly
selective. Eight program tracks are available at the graduate level: Biological and
Health, Clinical, Cognitive, Developmental, Social, and a self-designed individualized
track. Three joint programs are also offered: Clinical/Developmental, Clinical/Health,
and Cognitive Neuroscience.

Materials collected are primarily in English, but reflect the broad, international scope of
the discipline. Western European languages, especially German, may also be purchased.

The collections are focused on publications from North America and Europe.

Most new acquisitions are recent publications, but as the discipline of psychology has a
long and rich history, classic texts, reprints, and new translations are also collected. The
acquisition of older materials is typically undertaken in response to specific requests from
psychology faculty.

Types of Materials
The collection consists primarily of monographs and serial publications, both in print and
online. Dissertations completed at institutions other than the University of Pittsburgh are
normally only purchased upon request. Textbooks are also typically only acquired upon
request of psychology faculty.

Other Resources
The Health Sciences Library System houses an extensive collection of materials related
to psychiatry and the clinical practice of psychology. As a general rule, duplication
between these collections is avoided unless specific, reasonable requests have been made
to purchase duplicate titles.

Subjects and Collection Levels
       A= Basic level, selective purchases
       B=Study or instructional level – appropriate for Masters level and
undergraduate coursework
       C= Research level – supports ongoing research or likely research leading to the
       D= Advanced research/comprehensive level – supporting doctoral and post
doctoral research
       E= Intensive level – all available works are acquired

BF38-64               Philosophy. Relation to other topics.       A
BF173-175.5           Psychoanalysis                              A
BF176-176.5           Psychological tests and testing             D
BF180-198.7           Experimental psychology                     D
BF203                 Gestalt psychology                          C
BF207-209             Psychotropic drugs                          A
BF231-299             Sensation. Aesthesiology                    D
BF309-499             Consciousness. Cognition                    D
BF501-505             Motivation                                  C
BF511-593             Affection. Feeling. Emotion                 C
BF608-635             Will. Volition. Choice. Control             C
BF636-637             Applied psychology                          C
BF638-648             New Thought. Menticulture                   A
BF660-685             Comparative psychology                      C
BF692-692.5           Psychology of sex                           C
BF697-697.5           Differential psychology                     D
BF698-698.9           Personality                                 D
BF699-711             Genetic psychology                          D*
BF712-724.85          Developmental psychology                    D
BF725-727             Class psychology                            C
BF795-839             Temperament. Character                      C
BF839.8-885           Physiognomy. Phrenology                     C
BF889-905             Graphology.                                 A
BF908-940             The hand. Palmistry                         A
BF1001-1389           Parapsychology                              A
BF1001-1045           Psychic research.                           A
BF1048-1108           Hallucinations. Sleep. Dreaming.            D
BF1111-1156           Hypnotism.                                  A
BF1161-1171           Telepathy. Mind reading.                    A
BF1228-1389           Spiritualism Including mediumship.          A
BF1404-2055         Occult sciences                    A
BF1444-1486         Ghosts. Apparitions. Hauntings     A
BF1501-1562         Demonology. Satanism. Possession   A
BF1562.5-1584       Witchcraft                         A
BF1585-1623         Magic. Hermetics. Necromancy       A
BF1651-1729         Astrology                          A
BF1745-1779         Oracles. Sibyls. Divinations       A
BF1783-1815         Seers. Prophets. Prophecies        A
BF1845-1891         Fortune-telling                    A
BF2050-2055         Human-alien encounters. Contact    A

HM1001-1281         Social psychology                  D**

QP351-495           Neuropsychology                    D*

*Overlap with neuroscience
**Overlap with sociology

Revised 2010

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