2008-2009 Student Regent by garrickWilliams


									                       2008-2009 Student Regent
                                          The University of California
                                            Application Form

The Student Regent                                               Duties of The Regents
The student Regent is a full voting member of the Board of       The Regents establish policy in areas such as personnel,
Regents of the University of California, attending all meet-     campus development, student fees, admissions, and fi-
ings of the Board and its Committees and serving a one-          nancial aid. The duties of The Regents include overseeing
year term commencing July 1. From the time of appoint-           the financial management of the University, its invest-
ment as a student Regent in July 2007, but prior to the          ments, and its property holdings as well as appointing the
commencement of service as a member of the Board in              President of the University, the ten campus Chancellors,
July 2008, the appointee holds the title “Regent-designate”      the Directors of the major Department of Energy research
and is invited to participate in all meetings of the Board and   laboratories, and the Officers of The Regents. The Re-
of its Committees, but without a vote.                           gents have delegated a broad range of authority and
                                                                 responsibility to the President of the University and have
The Regents of the University                                    delegated authority to the faculty in matters relating to
of California                                                    educational programs including the establishment and
                                                                 supervision of all courses and curricula.
The University of California was founded in 1868 with the
passage of the Organic Act. Under this Act, the organiza-        Student Regent Qualifications
tion and governance of the University were entrusted to
an independent corporation known as The Regents of the           At the time of application, a candidate for student Regent
University of California. The Regents are vested with the        must be an undergraduate, graduate, or professional
legal and corporate authority to ensure that the mission of      student in good standing at one of the University’s ten
the University is carried out, and in doing so, are account-     campuses. During the time a student Regent serves as a
able to the citizens of the State of California.                 Regent-designate and as a Regent, he or she must be
                                                                 enrolled as a student in good standing at a campus of the
California voters amended the State Constitution in No-          University of California for each regular term. An individual
vember 1974 to provide The Regents of the University of          who holds the position of a student body president, or an
California with the option of appointing a student to serve      equivalent office, or who serves on the Board of Directors
as a member on the Board of Regents. Every year since            of the University of California Student Association is not
1975, a University student has served as a member of the         eligible for appointment as a student Regent unless he or
Board of Regents. The Board of Regents appoints the              she resigns from the position at the time the Board appoints
student Regent on the recommendation of its Special              him or her to the position. A student who holds any other
Committee to Select a Student Regent.                            appointed or elected student government position must
The Board of Regents consists of 26 members: 18 are              resign that position at the time of assuming the position
appointed by the Governor for 12-year terms; one is the          of voting Regent in July. A student Regent is not eligible for
student appointed by the Regents to a one-year term; and         reappointment.
seven, including the President of the University, are ex
officio members. The State Constitution provides that            Remuneration
Regents shall be persons broadly reflective of the eco-          The student Regent is reimbursed for expenses incurred
nomic, cultural, and social diversity of the State.              for attendance at meetings of the Board and its Commit-
The Board of Regents operates through 8 standing com-            tees. The student Regent shall have the option of receiv-
mittees. There are also a varying number of subcommit-           ing either a fee waiver or a scholarship in an amount
                                                                 equivalent to the student’s total mandatory University
tees and special committees. The Board and its Commit-
                                                                 fees and tuition during the two academic years in which
tees meet six times a year, every other month, in two-day
                                                                 he or she serves as a Regent-designate and as a Regent.
meetings. Some committees hold additional meetings.
                                                                 Commencing at the time of appointment, the student
                                                                 Regent is provided with a furnished, equipped office at his
                                                                 or her home campus.

              (For additional information about The Regents see its website on the Internet at
                                  www.university of california.edu/regents)
                               Student Regent Selection
                                  Application Process
Selection Process
Each application for student Regent will be reviewed        The Southern Commission will select 5 semifinalists and
initially on Saturday, March 10, 2007 by a regional         the Northern Commission will select 5 semifinalists who
nominating commission. There are two commissions:           will be interviewed in person in May 2007 by the Board of
the Southern Regional Nominating Commission, which          Directors of the University of California Student Associa-
is comprised of five undergraduate and five graduate        tion. References named by the ten semifinalists will be
students representing the Irvine, Los Angeles, Riverside,   asked to submit letters of reference prior to the interview
Santa Barbara, and San Diego campuses, and the              with UCSA. UCSA will select three finalists whose
Northern Regional Nominating Commission, which is           names are forwarded to the Secretary of The Regents.
comprised of five undergraduate and five graduate           The three finalists’ Chancellors will be contacted to
students representing the Berkeley, Davis, Merced,          comment on their qualifications. The finalists will be
San Francisco, and Santa Cruz campuses. Applicants          interviewed later in May by The Regents’ Special Com-
selected by the commissions will be interviewed in          mittee to Select a Student Regent, which will recom-
person on Saturday, April 14, 2007.                         mend appointment by the Board of Regents at its July
                                                            2007 meeting.
                                                            The Regents pay the in-state travel expenses of appli-
                                                            cants who are interviewed in accordance with University
                                                            travel reimbursement policy.

                Selection Timeline
                Application due in Chancellors’ Offices             Thursday, February 22, 2007
                Applications reviewed by Regional
                Nominating Commissions                              Saturday, March 10, 2007
                Interviews conducted by Regional
                Nominating Commissions at UC Berkeley               Saturday, April 14, 2007
                or UCLA; 10 semifinalists selected
                References named by semifinalists are
                contacted by the Secretary of The Regents           Monday, April 16, 2007
                Ten semifinalists interviewed by the
                Board of Directors of the University
                of California Student Association at
                UC Santa Barbara                                    May 4-6, 2007
                Three finalists interviewed by The
                Regents’ Special Committee to
                Select a Student Regent                             May, 2007
                Student Regent Appointed by the
                Board of Regents at UC Santa Barbara                July 18, 2007
Application Process

All Completed Applications are Due in the Chancellor’s Office No Later Than 5:00 p.m.
on Thursday, February 22, 2007.
Please answer all the questions on the application form,           person or by mail. The application, along with your re-
which is included as part of this brochure. Do not include         sponses to the essay questions, and your resumé must be
letters of recommendation with your application. When the          in the Chancellor’s office no later than 5:00 p.m. on Thurs-
application is completed, submit 2 copies of this this             day, February 22, 2007. Following are the Chancellors’
application form to the Chancellor’s office on your campus,        office addresses; in parentheses are names, phone num-
either by mail or in person. The application is also available     bers and email addresses of the coordinators for student
on-line at www.universityofcalifornia.edu/studentreg.html;         Regent recruitment on each campus. Please contact your
however the completed application must be submitted in             campus coordinator for more information.
Chancellor Robert Birgeneau                  Acting Chancellor Rod Park                 Chancellor J. Michael Bishop, M.D.
200 California Hall                          Kolligian Library, Room 311                126 Medical Sciences Building
University of California                     University of California                   University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720                           Merced, CA 95344                           San Francisco, CA 94143
(Alisha Parrish – 510/642-6740               (Jane Lawrence/Lisa Perry –                (Barbara Smith – 415/476-4318
adparrish@.berkeley.edu)                     209/228-4490                               bsmith@osl.ucsf.edu)
Chancellor Larry N. Vanderhoef               jlawrence@ucmerced.edu and                 Chancellor Henry T.Y. Yang
567 Mrak Hall                                lperry@ucmerced.edu)                       Cheadle Hall—Room 5221
University of California                     Chancellor France Córdova                  University of California
Davis, CA 95616                              4148 Hinderaker Hall                       Santa Barbara, CA 93106
(Tammy Hoyer – 530/752-3000                  University of California                   (Joe Navarro – 805/893-4467
tahoyer@ucdavis.edu)                         Riverside, CA 92521                        navarro-j@sa.ucsb.edu)
Chancellor Michael Drake, M.D.               (Susan Allen Ortega –                      Acting Chancellor George Blumenthal
510 Administration Building                  951/827-4595                               200 Kerr Hall
University of California                     susan.allenortega@ucr.edu)                 University of California
Irvine, CA 92697                             Chancellor Marye Anne Fox                  Santa Cruz, CA 95064
(Rameen Talesh – 949/824-5182                107 University Center                      (Cyndi Edinger – 831/459-2789
rtalesh@uci.edu)                             University of California, San Diego        cyndi@ucsc.edu)
Acting Chancellor Norman Abrams              La Jolla, CA 92093
2147 Murphy Hall                             (Christopher Terry – 858/534-4451
University of California                     cterry@ucsd.edu)
Los Angeles, CA 90095
(Terry Saunders – 310/825-7045

Please Print or Type
(Application deadline is Thursday, February 22, 2007 at 5:00 p.m.) Please submit two copies of everything.

                                      Application Form for
                                   2008-2009 Student Regent
Personal Information

1. Name ______________________________________________________ 2. Campus ___________________
3. Student Identification No. _________________________________________________________________
4. Campus Mailing Address __________________________________________________________________
5. Campus Telephone No. ____________________________________________________________________
6. Mailing Address ____________________________________________________________________________
    (The address where you will receive your mail during spring break and during the summer.)

7. Telephone No. __________________________ 8. Email address _______________________________
    (Number where you can be reached during spring break and during the summer.)
Educational Background
9a. Please check your class standing for spring term 2007
    □ FRESHMAN         □ SOPHOMORE           □ JUNIOR       □ SENIOR □ GRADUATE              □ PROFESSIONAL
9b. Will you be enrolled as a student at the University of California continuously through the 2008-2009
    academic year?
    Yes _____ No _____              10. What is your major? ________________________________________
11. Please list all colleges or universities you have attended, including UC; indicate the dates you attended and
    any degrees you were awarded.
Institution attended                                               Dates attended                          Degrees
     a. __________________________________________________________________________________________
     b. __________________________________________________________________________________________
     c. __________________________________________________________________________________________
12. Please list below the names, titles, addresses, and telephone numbers of three references. Please notify your
    references at the time you submit this application that, if you are selected as a semifinalist, they will be asked
    the second week in April to submit a letter of reference by April 28, 2007. The three finalists’ Chancellors will
    be asked to comment on the qualifications of their candidates, so you may wish to make your accomplish-
    ments and interests known to your chancellor if you are selected as a finalist.
     NAME/TITLE                ADDRESS                        email ADDRESS  TELEPHONE
     1. _________________________________________________________________________________
     2. _________________________________________________________________________________
     3. _________________________________________________________________________________

On additional paper, please answer questions 13, 14, and either 15a OR 15b. Label each essay with the question
number. Answers to questions 13 and 14 should be limited to approximately 500 words each. Every page must be
numbered and should have your name and question number on it. Also please include your resumé with this
13. Regents, as trustees of the people of the State, do not represent any one interest group, but must consider
    the viewpoints of many constituencies as they make decisions. Select one issue that is of current relevance
    to The Regents and present arguments from at least two points of view.
14. Describe the mission of the University of California and what you see as the role of the Board of Regents in
    fulfilling that mission.
15a. Why did you choose the major or course of study you are in? Describe where you see yourself in five years?
15b. What do you believe you would be able to contribute to the Board of Regents if you were appointed as a

Signature of Applicant ______________________________________________ Date ___________________

Please submit an original & one copy of this application and all its attachments.

      How did you learn      □ from newspaper/other advertising         □ campus website
      of the position of     □ from student organizations               □ from student services office on campus
      Student Regent?
                             □ from Regents website                     □ career center
                             □ email                                    □ other________________________

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