The Sigma Chi Legacy

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					             Epsilon Tau Chapter                                                         Murray State University

             The Sigma Chi Legacy
Volume 1, Issue 3                                                                                               March 2010

                                  Spa n n i n g t h e Le g a c y
   Upcoming Events
                                                                                        As Epsilon Tau continues to progress
 Derby Days March 30th                                                                forward leaving behind many rich
   through April 1st                                                                    memories that we will all cherish
 April 25th Epsilon Tau cele-                                                         throughout our lives, it is important
                                                                                        that each of us reflect on our under-
   brate it 51st year
                                                                                        graduate years to remind ourselves
 Graduation May 8, 2010                                                               of what Sigma Chi means to each of
 Ceremonies May 15, 2010                                                              us. Epsilon Tau has evolved over its
                                                                                        50 years on Murray State’s campus.
                                                                                        It has seen several generations cross
                                                                                        over its threshold, spanning from
                                                                                        Baby Boomers to the current Millen-
                                                                                        nials. Each group of men that en-
                                                                                        tered made its mark in the history of
                                  Epsilon Tau to help create the chapter which we all cherish. Epsilon Tau has seen the
                                  transition from Murray State College into Murray State University which we know to-
                                  day. It has seen its share of triumphs as well as failures, and it has seen times of celebra-
                                  tion as well as sadness. As we reflect on our time as undergraduates in Sigma Chi, we
                                  cannot overlook the silver cord that links each of us together and spans each generation
                                  and that is our great Ritual.

                                  Each of us have our great memories of our days as an undergraduate in Sigma Chi, but
                                  without our Ritual none of those memories would exist today. Our ritual has stood the
                                  test of time and has bound us each together in an enduring brotherhood that has never
                                  failed. Due to this strength Epsilon Tau continues to build on the strong Legacy of each
                                  brother that has called her home. I ask that each of you reflect on your days in the un-
                                  dergraduate chapter and endeavor to retain your Spirit of Youth.

                                  Our Co m m o n Bon d s
                                  Alumnus David Snellen

Letter to the Editor :            Initiation into Sigma Chi was a milestone in the lives of most of us. Initiation is the
                                  gateway through which all of us have entered into the bonds of our brotherhood. As
Feel free to write your com-
                                  pledges, we spent months anticipating initiation as the end goal, only to find that it was-
ments and suggestions to the
                                  n't the end, but only the beginning. Over the nearly twenty-five years since my own ini-
Editor by email
                                  tiation I have been present for any number of initiation ceremonies. As a Sigma Chi          legacy and as an alumnus some of these occasions have created strong memories. Three
                                  in particular stand out in my mind.

Or by mail                        The first was my own initiation as a member of Beta Zeta pledge class of Epsilon Tau in
                                  the Spring of 1986. I am sure that all of us have certain memories of our initiations.
432 Lynn Dr Nashville, TN
                                  For myself, as a legacy, the defining moment of my initiation was having my father pre-
                                  sent. After months of pledgeship this was a surprise. I am sure that other brothers who
                                  received this honor from a father, uncle or brother remember that moment well.
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PAGE 2                                           T HE S I G MA C H I LEGA CY                               V OLU ME 1 , I SSUE 3

Our Co m m o n Bon d s
                                                                 Newly Initiated Brother Dylan Gerlach
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                                                                As pledgeship has finally come to an end and we are
The second initiation that has always stuck out in my
                                                                now newly initiated brothers, it is quite rewarding to
mind was the installation of the chapter at the Univer-
                                                                look back over the whole process. To be able to wear the
sity of Louisville. The reason that I have always re-
                                                                letters of ΣΧ around campus, it is outstanding to have a
membered this particular ceremony was the demonstra-
                                                                feeling of working so hard in order to achieve our goal of
tion that Sigma Chi brotherhood was a universal bond.
                                                                initiation. Having my brother present on Initiation Day
Sigs from many different chapters and many different
                                                                was one of the proudest moments of my life and was a
eras came together to initiate the first pledge class of
                                                                very fortunate surprise. It is exciting to see what the
the Iota Lambda chapter. The feeling when hundreds of
                                                                chapter future holds and to see all of the things that my
diverse brothers gather to vouch for a group of young
                                                                eight pledge brothers and me are capable of accomplish-
men that most of us had never met was inspiring to say
                                                                ing in the future. Being fresh out of pledgeship we see
the least.
                                                                improvements that can be made and are all extremely
Finally, the initiation of the pledge class last spring         determined to make sure that the chapter prospers and
here at Epsilon Tau will always be a favorite of mine.          reaches its full potential.
This pledge class was lucky enough to have its initiation
                                                                DylanGerlach, Delta Zeta
coincide with the celebration of the 50th anniversary of
the founding of Epsilon Tau. Hundreds of alumni were            Pledge Nick Archer Delta Eta
present to vouch for these young men. For me this par-
ticular initiation and the rest of that weekend was rep-        Being a pledge isn’t easy, but it is one of the most
resented as we greeted each other as brothers. Many of          worthwhile tasks I have ever undertaken. Everyday is
us had not seen each other since our college days, but          filled with classes, studying, house duties, meetings,
we were able to greet each other with a warmth that             and organizing various events put on by my pledge
showed the timelessness of our bonds.                           class. So far it has seemed like the most stressful, hectic
                                                                time of my life, but so many lessons and life-skills have
In summation, I would hope that each new initiate into          been learned because of it. Everyone told me, while I
Sigma Chi understands the honor and the bond that               was rushing, that Sigma Chi would change me. I didn't
they have entered into. It is a bond of brotherhood that        believe them, and I thought I was already the person I’d
is both universal and timeless.                                 be for the rest of my life. But I have changed, and for
                                                                the better. I cannot explain exactly what has changed
David Snellen, Beta Zeta                                        about me in words, but I know I am a different person
                                                                than I used to be.
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Brother’s Day
Thanks to the initiative of the undergraduates, the             to come with every Brother’s Day, all the events were
chapter held another successful Brother’s Day on March          held. With a solid showing and the help of MVP Adam
13th.Brothers representing                                                            Perry team “Gamma Xi” lead by
pledge classes going as far                                                           team Captain Eric Geissler
back as Gamma Lambda came                                                             swept every competition from
returned to Epsilon Tau to                                                            washers to material and was the
compete in the days events.                                                           Brother’s Day 2010 Champion.
Under the leadership of Corey
Grissom, Tribune, the chapter                                                          Brother’s Day concluded with all
implemented several new com-                                                           the brothers finding there way to
petitions and retained several                                                         the Big Apple Café for a time of
of the old for all brothers to                                                         food, spirits, and fellowship. Con-
participate. Despite the cold                                                          gratulations to the Chapter for
and wet weather, which seems                                                           another successful Brother’s Day.
PAGE 3                                                  T HE S I G MA C H I LEGA CY                              V OLU ME 1 , I SSUE 3

Our Co m m o n Bon d s                                                 Letters t o th e Edit or
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                                                                       As you reflect on your days as an undergraduate in
I am just learning what it means to be a Sigma Chi and                 Sigma Chi, please take the time to share your thoughts
I have not yet learned the Sigma Chi Ritual or the deep-               and experiences with all of your brothers. Write a letter
est meaning of the White Cross, but I do have faith that               to the editor describing what memories you cherish re-
all the time and effort put into pledging will be well                 garding your time as an undergraduate and as an alum-
worth the reward if I do get initiated. The friendships                nus in Sigma Chi.
and bonds I have already made with my pledge brothers                  IN HOC
s proof of what Sigma Chi has to offer me except on a
much larger scale.                                                     Charles Westerfield

Nick Archer Delta Eta                                                  Editor

Active Brother Seth English

As a newly initiated Brother, the process of Initia-
tion is a fairly new concept for me that opened                                       3 0 0 Ca m p a ig n
many doors and provided many different opportu-
nities that would not have occurred otherwise. Ini-                     300                             Join the group of 300 and
tiation provided not just the one of a kind brother-                                                    help continue and secure
                                                                                                        the legacy of Epsilon
hood that Sigma Chi is based upon, but it also im-                                                      Tau.
proved me as a man in all aspects. The Initiation                       200
into Sigma Chi provided a pathway to success,
which has led me to better myself, and in return                        100                             $20 per month
those around me. Sigma Chi can only act as a
                                                                                                        5 year pledge
guide to success if the man is willing to return the
favor.                                                                                                  A Legacy for Generations
                                                                                                        to come.
Seth English                                                               0

 Newly Elected Officers                          “ Be it yours, then my brothers, in
                                                 laboring for the advancement of all
 Consul                                          that the Sigma Chi Fraternity
                                                 stands for, to do all in the right
 Andrew “Corey” Grissom                          spirit and from the right motives,
 Pro Consul                                      so that you may hand down our
                                                 Fraternity to those who come after
 Aaron Griffith                                  you with its strength undimin-
                                                 ished, its beauty untarnished; and
 Questor                                         may it continue to advance in all
                                                 that is good and true, until time
 William Cartwright
                                                 itself shall be no more!”
 Rush Chairman

 Anthony Kelley
                                                 Daniel William Cooper– Address
 Magister                                        during the Semi Centennial Cele-
                                                 bration June 28, 1905
 Kyle McClary

                                                      Keep within the Circle

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