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MLA Format Writing an essay


									Writing an essay in MLA format:

                                                                               Last name 1                                                                                  Last name 2
                          ^ margins 1 inch from all sides ^                                                            ^ margins 1 inch from all sides ^
                                                                   Page number on ALL
                                                                   pages just like this
  Martha Student (your name)
                                                                                                   Now I have moved to my third paragraph, and it will be about the second
  Mrs. Wisdom (your teacher’s name)
                                                               Heading appears on first      sub-topic I am discussing in this paper. I will say what is convincing and clear,
  1A (the block)                                              page ONLY
                                                                                             and then I will support that with evidence from the text, and then I will add a
  10 October 2006 (the date – in this format)
                                                                                             quote to prove that what I am saying is right. I will remember to use third
           (Do not put it in quotation marks or make it bold or larger than 12 pt.)          person and not first person (I, me, my, mine). I will also remember not to use
     This is where your writing begins. Use twelve point font and always double-             the second person pronoun you in my writing. After I give the quote I will
   space. Use only Times New Roman or Times font in black ink on white paper.                explain why it proves my point.
   Your first sentence should be a broad, introductory sentence that sets the stage              This is the fourth paragraph, and it will be about the third sub-topic I am
   for your essay. The second sentence should narrow the information to include              discussing. I probably need to look back at my introduction to make sure I am
   the specifics of what you are going to be discussing. The final sentence in your          still on topic. I certainly do not want to re-tell the plot, so it is important to
   introduction should be your thesis statement in which you actually introduce              check my thesis. I should also read back over my paper to make sure I have not
   what you will be discussing in the essay.                                                 used any contractions and that my MLA in-text citations are correct.
     Your second paragraph must be indented and focus on the first item your                      Finally I have come to the fifth and last paragraph and it will be the
   paper will discuss. Continue in this way with each paragraph until you come to            conclusion. In this paragraph I will summarize what my paper has been about
   the conclusion. So let’s pretend this is an essay and these words are actually            so that I finish with a strong statement that convinces my reader I know what
   discussing something. Of course, in a paper I would never say So. To get a good           I’m talking about. I will never say anything like So if you ever…or I have
   grade, I would have to include a quote from the text. “This is the quote I am             shown you…
   pretending is to give support for something I just said,” (p. 64). Notice where I

   put the page number and how the period for the sentence comes after the last

   parenthesis mark. Then I would need to put a sentence that explains why that

   quote helps to explain my topic.

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